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    Claudette Descoteaux | Vampire [F]
    Malohry Walker | Mutant [F]

    Resic | Cyborg [F]


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    Genders played : Male, female, hermaphrodite
    Beings played : Human, demon, angel, shifter/were, vampire, cyborg/android, half-breeds
    Genres played : Supernatural fantasy, sci-fi, dark, macabre, horror, combinations of genres, fandom, erotica
    Time eras played : Victorian era, modern, futuristic, medieval, apocalyptic


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  2. Claudette Descoteaux | Vampire [F]

    Roleplay : None
    Status : Single

    Character Sheet (open)

    Face claim: Anna Zavolotskaya
    Name: Claudette Descoteaux
    Age: 37yrs
    Gender: Female
    Race: Vampire
    Height: 5'9” | 175.26cm
    Eye color: Grey
    Status: Single
    Orientation: Doesn't matter
    Occupation: Musical and sexual performer
    Origins: TBD

    Likes: - Playing the piano, violin, cello, harpsichord
    - Fast food and dining out
    - Solitude
    - BDSM, rough sex, pain
    - Concerts, shows, performances, operas, etc
    Dislikes: - Mortal family
    - Cooking for herself
    - Powdery perfumes/lotions/smells
    - Gentle lovers
    - Relationships

    Strengths: - Her telepathy
    - Her playing/music
    Weaknesses: - Being mute
    - Silver

    Abilities: - Immortality
    - Resistance to sunlight and 'holy' objects
    - Consume regular food/drink
    - Enhanced speed, agility, strength, endurance, stamina, senses
    - High pain tolerance
    - Quickened healing

    Powers: Her strongest ability is her telepathy. This is something that has been strong since the moment she became a vampire and has only gotten stronger over the years; considering she uses it all the time.
    - Telepathy: Ability to reach out with her mind and touch another; is capable of using this ability to put another into a trance so that she may feed from them with ease; can also alter their mind so they do not remember her or they believe she was nothing more than a dream; can also project her own thoughts, voice, or images into another; is capable of producing a 'blast' that can harm someone or knock them unconscious, can also cause lasting damage with this
    - Diamond gift: Teeth and nails are hard like diamonds; allowing her to tear into most surfaces and not break either
    - Mind speak: Due to her not being able to properly speak, Claudette uses her telepathy to help her speak; she will project her 'voice' into the minds of others as her lips move, making it seem as though she is actually speaking; the 'voice' she projects sounds clear and has fooled many people into believing that she is not mute at all
    - Telekinesis: Has learned that she is capable of moving objects with her mind; this is a relatively new ability so it comes in bursts or she is only capable of moving small objects for short periods of time; with practice and time, this ability will grow in strength; depending on her state of emotion, could possibly send out a blast to move an attacker from her; can keep another from moving, but only for a short time till she becomes stronger

    Weapons: Her body and fangs
    Associations: TBD

    Features: - Hair: Copper, long, wavy
    - Eyes: Grey
    - Skin tone: Pale with freckles
    - Body type: Curvy
    - Scars: Two lines down the inside of each wrist
    - Piercings: Lower lobes, single piercings
    - Fangs: Canines and central incisors are pointed and longer than average, the canines drop down further than the central incisors | image of fangs
    Claudette's Appearance (open)

    Facts: - Speaks French and English and can use sign language
    - Tried to kill herself when she was in her teens
    - Despises her mortal family and never speaks to them
    - Though she is not suicidal, she is not afraid to die and is not afraid to put herself into dangerous situations
    - When she plays, she seems to come alive and turn into a different person
    - Being mute, Claudette is incapable of making any vocal sounds such as talking or screaming

    Personality: Masochist, distant, loner, well-disposed, observant, obsessed with music

    Bio: Claudette was born mute and to a family that seemed incapable of ever understanding what happiness was to her. Each of them brainwashed by what society claimed was the 'perfect life', she watched as they all stressed over things that were unimportant. Taking note of how her parents pushed at her and her siblings to be the best in school so that they had a chance of landing a great career as soon as possible. And though she grew to hate how her parents treated her, it seemed that her siblings did not mind. All of them strained so hard to achieve the dreams that their parents put upon them. Studying all the time to get those perfect grades, dressing in clothes that were picked out for them, acting in ways that was expected of them. All of them following along like mindless animals while she stood her ground; choosing not to be like them. One would think that her inability to speak would be the only thing to separate her from her family, but that thought was wrong.

    Growing up in such a home was hard for her. While her siblings were off playing with friends or doing schoolwork, Claudette was dreaming of being a great musical master. She envisioned herself at a piano, her fingers moving about the keys with ease. Her great-grandmother had used to sit her down and play for her. Helping the little girl to fall in love with the ebony and ivory keys that seemed to hold such great magic. For what seemed like an eternity, Claudette would beg her parents to let her take piano lessons. Claiming that she would never ask for another thing again, as long as they did this for her. But it seemed that no matter how much she pleaded and fought, they would deny her something as precious as learning to play. And so, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Any time that was not spent at school, Claudette was doing any chore that she could be paid cash for. She would go to all of the houses in her neighborhood, telling the people that she was raising money for lessons and that she would be willing to do any job for the right price. It took her a long time, but eventually she was able to raise enough to start learning.

    Her piano teacher turned out to be an old man that had spent nearly his whole life playing. When he had met her, instantly he had fallen in love with her drive and enthusiasm to play. So taking what little money she had, he offered to teach her three times a week at his home. Every day that a lesson was to be had, Claudette would rush over to the old man's house, earlier than what had been decided, and wait until it was time. Eventually he just told her to come on over whenever she pleased. The two of them spent hours together; listening to music, practicing, going on walks, becoming fast friends. Over time, the old man began to see Claudette as a sort of daughter. He would take her out to eat and shopping when she finished a new piece. He had even thrown her a small birthday party one year. Though she had had no friends to invite, he still set up a party for just the two of them. When they were together, Claudette's life was perfect and filled with great joy. But like all good things, it came to an end one day.

    By now she had been taking lessons from him for nearly eight years. In just a few months she would turn eighteen and would venture out into the world, leaving behind her family. Though he was against her doing such things, he knew that there was no way to stop her. He understood what life was like for her at her home; having witnessed it one day when he had gone over to speak with her parents about her musical abilities. Both of them had told him to leave and to quit teaching her such foolish things.

    Claudette was heading over to his house one afternoon, excited to begin a new piece. But when she got to his home, she did not hear the usual sounds of the piano keys spinning their magic. Instead she came upon a dark home and a locked door. Using her key, Claudette searched the house, finally finding her only true friend dead in bed. The old man had suffered a heart attack and died in his sleep. Silently she cried as the paramedics arrived and took him away; the police gathering her up to deliver her to her parents. Once home, she locked herself in her room, refusing to emerge as long as any of them were awake or home. Days would go by before a strange man appeared at her home. Apparently he was the old man's attorney and had something for her.

    For decades the old man had been living alone, no family to speak, save for her. Knowing that his time was drawing near, the old man had apparently made up a new will that left a few things to her, as well as a decent amount of money. Along with the money was a note for her to do whatever made her happy. Claudette took the box from the man, thanked him, and then stashed it away so that none of her family would find it.

    The next few months were the quietest and coldest for Claudette. She refused to look at any of her family members. Refused to interact with them in any way, taking all meal s in her room. Any other time, her parents would have been upset and demanded that she stopped acting in such a dismal way, but with how great her grades were, and the fact that he applied to colleges to keep them happy, they allowed her to continue her grieving. Little did they know that it was all a farce. Two weeks after she turned eighteen, Claudette packed a few of her belongings and slipped away into the night. School was over, she had the money that her teacher had left her, and nothing was capable of holding her back. And so she disappeared from the place that had been like a prison to her. Going out into the world to do what her teach had told her to do: whatever made her happy.
  3. Malohry Walker | Mutant [F]

    Roleplay : None
    Status : Single

    Character Sheet (open)

    BASE NAME: Alysia from DA
    NAME: Malohry Walker
    AGE: 24yrs
    GENDER: Female
    SPECIES: Mutant
    SEXUALITY/STATUS: Unknown | Single

    MUTANT DESCRIPTION: Malohry Walker is a telepath with low-level telekinetic abilities. Her telepathic powers are the strongest and hardest for her to control. She is also unable to touch another, skin-to-skin contact. The reason for this is due to her telepathic abilities. If she touches someone, she is capable of getting into their minds instantly and learning everything there is to know about them. This part of her power she is unable to control, while she has learned to keep her mind from slipping into the minds of others as she passes by them.


    OCCUPATION: Traveller | Nomad
    LANGUAGES: English, French, German, Russian, Mandarin

    ASSOCIATIONS: Malohry no longer associates with her family due to them abandoning her when she was younger. Due to her ability, she keeps a distance from everyone. Meaning she has no friends, only people she has encountered. As for enemies, she feels that everyone is an enemy.

    APPEARANCE: Stands at a height of 5'8" and has the slender form of most modern models. Her hair is a shade of brown that is light and yet not light enough to be fully called 'light brown'; just a plain brown. Her eyes are green with a hint of brown around the pupil. As for her skin tone there are many ways to describe it: light brown, caramel, tawny, sepia, etc.
    Malohry's Appearance (open)

    WEAKNESSES - Telepathy
    - Inability to touch another, skin-to-skin

    FACTS: - Is incapable of touching another's skin
    - Was abandoned by her family when she was young
    - Travels a lot and tends to not stay in one place for too long
    - Learned martial arts on her travels and tries to follow the teachings of the monks
    - Tries to use meditation and such to help control her powers
    - Has low-level telekinetic powers

    ABILITIES: - Telepathy: Mind reading/control either by putting themselves into that person's mind or by touch; manipulate memories, take full control of their body, lock/trap them within their mind, implant thoughts/feelings/memories/etc, cause them to see things that are not there, and much more
    - Telekinesis: Ability to control objects with one's mind, this also includes people and animals
    - Omni-linguism: Know every language by learning it by studying, hearing it, or even taking it from another; Malhory can learn a new language by pulling it from the mind of one that can speak it


    Malohry Walker is a young woman best kept at a distance, unless you want her knowing all of your secrets. Though she is not outright harmful to others, she does not go out of her way to help them. She is just one of those individuals that tends to keep going even when someone calls out for help. But like mentioned before, she is not outright harmful to any. And you could not call her evil. Malhory just keeps her distance because she does not want to hurt anyone or get hurt in return. Enough heartache has been suffered by her.

    Malohry has a quick tongue and tends to speak her mind more than she should. Every day she tries her damnedest to not get involved in any sort of trouble, but sometimes it cannot be helped. That is where the martial arts comes in. When others see she is capable of taking care of herself, they will run off. But what if they do not? Then she will force them to see the power she fights against so much. A power that forces her to remain clothed from head to toe, least she touch them and know everything there is to know about them. A curse for one whose name means 'unfortunate'.


    Malohry Walker was born into a normal family and then abandoned by them when they felt she was old enough to take care of herself. Why did they do such a thing? It was because of what she could do. Her telepathic powers made themselves known when she was just a child. At first it was just little whispers here and there, nothing too frightening. Till one day when she had been playing and her brother had pushed her off of a bench, causing her to hit her head on a boulder that had been nearby. The blow knocked her out, causing a good amount of bleeding, and forced her parents to take her to the hospital. After the doctors confirmed that she had not sustained any serious injury, the opted to keep her at the hospital overnight to make sure she was okay. During her stay there she found out just what she was capable of doing.

    One of the nurses was doing a check-up on her, making sure her vitals were alright. As the nurse moved around the bed to adjust her blanket and pillows, she stubbed the toe of her shoe, causing her to fall forward and put her hands out on the bed to brace her fall. One of those hands fell onto Malohry's exposed arm. The contact instantly connected their minds together. Images of the nurse's abusive boyfriend shooting into the young girl's mind, making her sit up in the hospital bed, eyes wide open and a blood chilling scream erupting from her mouth. The incident was just the beginning to everyone around her avoiding her at all costs.

    For a few years her family 'put up' with her. They confined her to her room, very rarely spoke with her, and avoided touching her. They bought her various sweaters and jackets, forcing her to wear them any time she was around them; they even bought her gloves for her hands. During those years in her room, Malohry dreamed of getting out to travel the world. She would imagine various places that she could go to. Even pretending that she was in one of those countries instead of locked in a room. Well it seemed that her dream would come true one day. When she was just fifteen, Malohry awoke one day to find her family no longer in their home. All of their clothes had been packed, personal belongings were also gone, and there was a note for the young girl. It said that they wanted her gone from their lives. They were off staying some place else till they felt she was gone. For months they had done all they could to keep it from their minds so she would not find out. Along with the note was a sizable amount of money, her official documents [birth certificate, passport], and nothing else. Her family was throwing her away...

    That was nine years ago. Since that day she has never tried to contact her family, never tried to look for them. To her they are all dead. Ghosts from a past that she tries very hard to run from. So where is she now? Anywhere she chooses to be. Her life is lived out of the backpack she carries while keeping her abilities secret from the whole of the world. Never does she stay in the same place for very long; the longest being a year. And if something happens in regards to her abilities? Then she packs up her things and disappears into the night. Looking for the next place she could call home, even if only for a short time.
  4. Resic | Cyborg [F]

    Roleplay : None
    Status : Single

    Character Sheet (open)

    BASE NAME: FEM-Presicola by iumazark on DA
    NAME: Resic
    AGE: 32yrs
    GENDER: Female
    SPECIES: Cyborg
    SEXUALITY/STATUS: Doesn't matter | Single

    SPECIES DESCRIPTION: Cyborgs are cybernetic humans; people with various augmentations built into them. Some will only have a few augmentations here and there, while others will be a fully cybernetic body with humans bits inside; IE : organs.


    WEAKNESSES - Usual wear-n-tear that comes with cybernetic enhancements
    - The debt she needs to pay off

    STRENGTHS: - Her cybernetic body
    - Will to survive and live

    FACTS: - Resic had been human before becoming a cyborg
    - Had been involved in a terrible accident which nearly killed her
    - Her cyborg body had been given to her by someone who had found her body
    - Uses prostitution to try to pay off her debt and for any maintenance that is done to her
    - Has no memory of her human life
    - Capable of changing her eye, hair, and skin color at will
    - Has had her cybernetic body for nearly five years


    Due to Resic's inability to remember anything about her human life, there is a good chance she is nothing like she had once been. Perhaps she had been a carefree individual who sacrificed for others. Or even a rebel who found excitement in dangerous scenarios with anyone brave, or stupid, enough to follow her. Despite who she had once been, Resic tries to regain even the smallest bit of information about her human self while doing what she can to survive. As well as try to pay off her debt.

    Being a prostitute would label her as a nymphomaniac bordering on narcissism, but that is not true. Though she has had countless amounts of sex in the past few years, she is not addicted to it. Nor is she closed off to it. To her sex is sex, but there is always a chance that it could become something more than just two bodies writhing together. A part of her even hopes that one day she may be able to quit her profession to have a 'normal' life with someone whom she loves. But then the reality hits her, reminding her that she is a whore and society looks down at whores; especially when they are on their knees.

    Resic is sweet at heart, willing to help someone in need, but rarely goes too far to help them. Something within her makes her not put much trust or effort toward others. She may drop a bit of currency to a person in need, give directions when asked, even come between an arguing couple, but anything more and she will just fade away into the crowd around her. Preferring to keep her head down and out of trouble. A survivor by creation, but the kind that will avoid trouble in order to prolong her own existence.
    Resic's Appearance (open)

    Resic's Appearance 2 (open)

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  5. Mór | Human [F]

    Roleplay : None
    Status : Single

    Character Sheet (open)
    BASE NAME: Unknown
    NAME: Mór
    AGE: 20yrs
    GENDER: Female
    SPECIES: Human
    SEXUALITY/STATUS: Unknown | Single

    SPECIES DESCRIPTION: Mortals are just that, beings with short lifespans and rarely anything too special about them. There are, at times, some mortals that find themselves with various abilities, but they tend to think of them more as curses. It is not really known why some mortals are a bit more special than others, it just seems to be something that happens from time to time.


    WEAKNESSES - Virgin
    - Seer abilities

    STRENGTHS: - Apothecary
    - Educated
    - Omni-linguism

    FACTS: - Mór has had her abilities since birth
    - Due to her ability, she avoids touching others unless it is required of her
    - It is believed that her abilities are tied to her virginity; not true
    - Whispered to be a witch because of the things she can do
    - Sold by her family at a young age, so she no longer carries their surname
    - Learned in mending, sewing, singing, playing of the harp, cooking
    - Spends her time reading, gardening, or working with her herbs and potions

    FEATURES: - Hair is a pale blonde, kept short near her chin
    - Eyes are hazel
    - Skin is a pale cream, smooth, no markings
    - Lips are tinged a light pink, natural coloring


    Mór is a young woman of much intrigue and fear. The abilities given to her at birth being the cause of such feelings. For though she is sought after by any person, upperclass or lower, they also pray for her banishment from their lives. Words such as "witch" and "demon" are hissed no matter where she goes or what she does. Even when she prevented the slaughter of an entire kingdom, the people still sold her off to any that thought themselves safe from evil, and rich enough to pay.

    So with that in mind, one would think Mór to be an untrusting individual who does all she can to escape the life given to her. No, not so. Mór prefers to keep to herself to avoid any unwanted, agressive attention. Yet if you are polite to her then she will hold a conversation with you, for she greatly enjoys talking about whatever can come to mind. Though she does not like the idea of being owned by another person, she understands that it is probably best for her. For who would truly want to wed a woman capable of seeing not only every thing you have ever done/said in your life, but could even glimpse your future.

    Mór's appearance (open)
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