Character Challenge #9

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  1. BAND: Pentatonix
    SONG: Daft Punk

    Finally made it to 9!

    You know the drill!​
    Make a character based on the song ^-^​
    Not sure what to include?​
    Here's a CS you may (or may not) use!​








    Ultimate Goals:



    Intelligence Level:
  2. This gave me lots of Sci-Fi vibes, a genre I'm very weak in.. But hey, let me try. It's a bit incomplete though, I'll probably think up more stuff later.
    Name: Dariax L'├ęclat

    Age: Appears mid 20's

    Gender: Female

    Species: An extraterrestrial species called the Scintilles. Their anatomy is very much like humans, only a lot more slender and perhaps taller than the average human. Their skin ranges from snowy white to silver grey which shines like they were covered in glitter. Some are born with silver/white markings on their bodies and face, some decide to have artificial markings too. Their hair and eyes match colors as they are born and are kept in a cool-color palette, ranging from blues and greens to purples. Their lips, blood and their insides also usually match the color of hair and eyes they are born with, but the colors mix if their parents had different genetic colors. They are a very flamboyant race, most of them like to hold festivals and have a grand time that lasts all night long.

    Appearance: Dariax has short, bright blue hair that reaches to the bottom of her jaw line of her heart-shaped face, and her eyes have icy blue irises with dark pupils. Her lips almost have the same hue as her hair, perhaps a bit paler. She has a metallic silver colored skin which glitters like most Scintilles do, and has some white tribal markings on her face and stomach which glows in the dark.



    Personality: Bubbly and fun like a glass of champagne, the blood of a Scintille runs true in her veins. Dariax is enjoying the most when she and her com-padres are having a blast. She's daring, always unafraid to challenge the unknown, whether it would risk her life or not. 'If she were to die, she might as well go out in a bang,' a motto Dariax possibly lives by. Dariax is hardly mad too, thinking that there's really no time to feel angry or frustrated if you want to have fun. Plus, it gives one wrinkles!

    Ultimate Goals:


    Occupation: Bartender and Dancer

    Intelligence Level: Not very high. Girl likes to hit the dance floor more than the books.
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  3. Name: Fayolla Crane

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Species: Human

    Appearance: She has cropped naturally brown hair, that she's dyed teal and once ocean blue eyes that she's gotten surgery for to appear as though she has actual stars in her eyes. She is rather tall, with long limbs, and is moderately slim but not at all muscular. She has soft facial features, giving her a face that simply looks friendly. She has an electronic tattoo o her back depicting dolphins swimming in the ocean.

    History: Fayolla lives in a futuristic dystopia on Earth, where technology has progressed to the point where the need to ever leave your home has been completely eliminated. She, like all other people on the planet, spends her days on the internet, for everything from school, to work, to recreation. Nutrition packs are provided to her by the automated help, and her headset puts her to sleep once her body requires it. The automated help can perform all surgery, medical or vanity, by being connected with a surgeon plugged into their own headset. All forms of socialization are achieved through technology, so much that her parents have never even met in real life, simply having donated their genetics to create her. The world lives their lives in a mindless repeat, performing the same cycles over and over again. I imagine she meets someone online, male or female I'm not sure, who she falls in love with and tries to show her the life outside of technology, and the perks of love not had purely on the computer screen. He or she makes her want to find adventure and take risks.

    Family: She lives in the same home unit as her mother, though she could count on one hand how many times she's seen her in person. Her father is also part of her life, though not even her mother has actually met him. She has a younger brother who lives in the same home unit as her father, though they haven't chatted much. If she has grandparents, she's never talked with them.

    Personality: Rather ditsy and dreamy, highly self-absorbed, simply because she's never had to be any other way. She's under the impression that she's a happy person, though she learns that she really wasn't until she met that special someone, and disconnected. After she meets "the one", if you will, she becomes passionate and wild.

    Ultimate Goals: She never thought about life goals while she was still plugged in, though after she met the person she falls in love with, she realizes that she wants to be a mother, one that actually spends the time to get to know her children. More than anything though, she simply wants to escape from the dull repetitiveness of her world, and do things that excite her.

    Location: In some English speaking country, probably the U.S., but I could also picture her living in Canada.

    Occupation: She was in school to be an Online Communications Operator and Monitor.

    Intelligence Level: Average for her time period, high in relation to ours. However, she lacks serious amounts of common sense.
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  4. Aww, thanks:) Hope I fulfilled your expectations.