Character Challenge #8

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  1. Music Challenge #8
    SONG: Untitled
    ARTIST: Brandon DJ Clu-Fix
    Your goal is to create a character based on this song. What are their goals in life? What are their history? What are they like?

    USABLE SHEET (or use your own):
    Ultimate Goals:
    Intelligence Level:

    Thank you! Advice? Tips? Songs you want me to use? PM me please.

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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Cyanbel (Si-An-Bell) ​
    Age: 200. (25 in human years)​
    Gender: Male​
    Species: Werewolf.​
    Appearance: (See picture above or link please)​
    • Personality: Dark. Foreboding. Evil. Dominating. Angry. Untrustworthy. Distant. Tortured. Malicious. Cold. ​
    +Alignment: To Himself. His pups.​
    + Height: 6'1"​
    + Weight: 200. Muscular.​
    + Eye Color: Yellow.​
    + Hair Color: White. Silver. Long around the back.​
    +Date of birth: Unknown.​
    +Occupation: Fighter.​
    Location: Rose Gardens. The Ellensworth Manor or Gasinguer Fields.​
    Ultimate Goals: To Dominate Humanity and make Massion's existence miserable.​
    • Weapons: Silver Sword.​
    • Projectiles: His Body...​
    • Armor: Silver Armor Designed Solely For Him.​
    • Accessories: Does not have any.​
    Family: Walden Ellensworth:(Father) Richard Ellensworth(Half-brother) Elias Ellensworth:(Half-brother) Chastrin:(Son) Ceive:(Son) Craines:(Son)​
    History: A strong werewolf fathered by Walden Ellensworth, Cyanbel is a first born, and has come to be at his Father's side as a guardian and one proposed to destroying humanity. He and Massion have a hostile relationship from the start. Cyanbel resented his father for leaving Gasinguer(land of the werewolves) to involve himself with humans.​
    Abilities: Able to transform from werewolf to his human disguise at inner will.​
    Cyanbel in his madness:​
    "Cyanbel!" Carlotta shouted "Thank goodness you are here! Get my child from that....that......VAMPIRE!!! You have to do something!"​
    "Silence whore!" The werewolf spoke without taking his eyes off Massion "I've been given the order to keep watch to him." He pointed at Richard "Stpid bitch my loyalty is not to you though I won't let anything too bad happen to that miserable thing you call a life. Massion De Medich...let us talk."​
    "Let us." Massion threw Elias at Kadessia "I want him turned."​
    "What can I do? I have no control to that!"​
    "Take him from here. There will be two carriages nearby-"​
    "I know, I saw them when I followed you. So take this wretch there? Easy enough. What about you?"​
    "I'll be along shortly. Go now."​
    "Ah, ah, ah. No one is leaving." Cyanbel ran, jumped off the floor into the air transforming to his normal form howling. Massion jumped in the way getting his arm caught in the animal's mouth. Both creatures roll over on each other crashing into a table.​
    Kadessia is almost inclined to stay. She is worried for Massion but he's told her what she should do. With Elias in tow, she disappears into one of the room.​
    "No!" Carlotta screamed "Elias!"​
    "Mother, we must go! Take the body!" Richard ordered the two servants. He gives one last look at Massion spitefully.​
    Cyanbel clamps onto the vampire's right arm yanking back and forth hoping to rip it clear off the socket.​
    Massion smashed his dagger in the werewolf's eye twisting. It was enough to bring free his arm which would be useless until properly cleansed and stitched up. He flew back taking hostage of Richard while the others made their escape down the stairs.​
    Cyanbel's wounded eye poured of fluids and pieces to the broken pupil. His teeth were exposed. The hot saliva began dripping to the carpet heavily.​
    He growled furiously at his mortal enemy.​
    "I give not a damn for this bastard's life!"Massion told him.​
    "Let his blood be on your hands."​
    About to take a chunk from Richard's neck, the vampire senses something else. Another presence. Yet another enemy coming and fast. ​
    The pounding of feet feet hit heavily along the stairs combing them as if they were nothing important.​
    Whirling at a 360 degree turn, Massion would have been caught in the trap Richard soon found himself in.​
    A enormous werewolf jet black in color with yellow eyes and husky fur must've anticipated the vampire's back turned for it caught Richard's leg in its mouth instead.​
    "Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" Nicola's fiancee screamed being thrown on the carpet. ​
    Massion stepped back.​
    He saw the new werewolf sling Richard from side to side then discard him to the wall. ​
    Ellensworth continued moaning for his mangled leg bleeding heavily. ​
    The werewolf howled boisterously in efforts to shut up his unmanly tears. ​
    Now Massion is the mouse caught in the trap. He looked from Cyanbel to the other werewolf.​
    A door opens from at the end of the hall.​
    "Massion?" The familiar voice called out for him shocked.​
    Both werewolves howl in unison at the scent of a human.​
    Her flesh and blood; everything.​
    Humans held a particular trait longed for by these animals.​
    Nicola's mouth gaped open.​
    Her eyes were filled with sleep until she'd awakened by the bizarre noise.​
    The short strap yellow sleeping gown covered her bare feet. Her hair was in a bun.​
    Richard continued grunting. He saw his fiancée now involved in the situation.​
    He turned away from her.​
    Massion's arm hurt like hell. This was no comparison if he did not reach Nicola in time. He moves faster than ever if his existence depended on it.​
    Cyanbel was going after her. Then there remained the new werewolf seemingly partnered. Massion's hair flies out as he leaps over Cyanbel and in the direction of Nicola.​
    "COME!" The only word he can tell her.​
    "Take hold to me!"​
    The young woman's arms fling around his neck. With his good arm he supports her body and into the room they go as he hops from the bed dashing toward the balcony window.​
    Cyanbel crashed into the bed dousing the sheets annoyed. He proceeds to tear them to shreds growling.​
    "Massion! The window!"​
    "Turn your face to me!" He called to Nicola. She did as she was told but her hand hit him.​
    "Why are you here?! What's going on?!"​
    The vampire broke through the window flying out onto the ground around the manor's right side.​
    "There is little time to explain."​
    "My mother! She's inside, I can't leave without her!"​
    "She.......she wanted me to take you from here. When all is said and done I'll tell you everything." He begins running knowing full well that fleeing from a couple of werewolves wasn't his style but having her there made him weak and surely Cyanbel would use that.​
    "You said you wanted me for sex!"​
    "Damn it!" Massion was flustered at trying to answer her questions and run.​
    "I lied!"​
    Cyanbel had transformed back to the human disguise jogging out on the balcony where shattered glass surrounded his feet. He angrily glimpsed Massion leaving the premises. His eye is wounded and bleeding terribly.​
    "You cannot escape!" He climbed the railing back diving off.​
    Richard lies in and out of unconsciousness at the gradual blood loss. Carlotta is mounting the stairs again screaming for everyone. The task to get rid of Vivienda's body fell on the two servants alone whom took out a carriage between the time Massion rescued Nicola.​
    Carlotta dropped to Richard's side.​
    "What happened here? Richard? Richard? Someone help me please!"​
    For the first time in a long while the woman actually showed feeling, warmth, the notion she cared about something.​
    "Beasts....." Richard's eyes rolled in the back of his head.​
    "Beasts? You mean Cyanbel?" ​
    Carlotta's head turned in the direction of the broken door to Nicola's former resting room hearing footsteps.​
    Walden Ellensworth emerged. His teeth were red by stain of blood. To conceal this he brought out a cloth to cough into.​
    "We have many nuisances in this household. Cyanbel is going after them now."​
    "Did you happen on Richard? He's been attacked."​
    Walden laughed "The boy will live. He has my stock in him. Call for a servant or two and stop doting on him."​
    "I'm glad you can take this so lightly. How did you get up here so fast?" She was suspicious of him "Elias has been kidnapped......that is my child we're talking about."​
    "Elias is no longer our concern. You and I have one child left, that should be enough." Walden's attitude shocked his wife. ​
    She went to slap him but good reflexes made him grip her wrist.​
    "Mind yourself woman." His eyes burn into hers.​
    Massion continued running with Nicola.​
    He can see the carriages where they were suppose to be.​
    He signaled Emil to go.​
    "Go!" He turned behind to see Cyanbel hot on the trail.​
    Emil's carriage moves ahead as does Eric's. Kadessia, in the little boy's, pokes her head out. She is at first happy to hear Massion's voice longing in seeing his handsome face.​
    Nicola pressed ever so close to him killed those notions. A dark shadow clouds her features. ​
    "Massion," Her eyebrows raise "Your little friend and I must speak about him privately."​
    "Not now."​
    "Fine!" She opened the door for him which he gripped as best as he could.​
    Nicola climbed inside sitting near the jealous Kadessia.​
    "Hello." She scoots in her own corner taking notice to Kadessia's fangs.​
    "Would you like me to bite you?"​
    Massion held onto the door. "If you know what's best for you do not touch her Kadessia."​
    "I'm only kidding...." She did not stop staring at the human.​
    "Massion," Nicola gasped "What is Elias doing here? What's wrong with him?" ​
    "Thomas' death is avenged by his." The vampire gave his answer.​
    Elias had grown a fever. He was delirious at this time, talking to himself.​
    "Did you not know this when you bit him?" Kadessia asked.​
    Massion looked at her.​
    "He is half werewolf! Damn, you are losing touch. We've seen this occurrence before, poor bastard probably does not have any clue the blood flowing through his veins."​
    "Half werewolf?" Nicola asked.​
    "Yes love," Kadessia nodded "When a full bred werewolf mates a human, the offspring is half. Most of the time the offspring have not a clue what they are much like this whorish man here. Does he not look like a whore to you? Anyways if we happen to attempt to turn one of these welps then its rather...painful for them. Most die from it, I have not heard survival stories but given this nutter of a world I wouldn't be so quick to say 'creatures' like that don't exist."​
    Cyanbel ran beside the carriage. He then jumped knocking Massion up top near Eric. ​
    The two struggled. ​
    "Mother!" Eric screamed.​
    Emil slowed her carriage.​
    Both traveled side by side now passing buildings on the outskirts to the town bathed in the moonlight.​
    Cyanbel's hands choked Massion. He bent down biting his shoulder.​
    "After I've finished with you I am going to eat that little human you risked your pathetic existence to save!"​
    The vampire added equal strength with just one arm. He had not given into the pain experienced only a little while ago. He shoves Cyanbel back striking him in the neck with the dagger.​
    "Massion look out!" Emil says.​
    In her left hand is a musket. She aims it at Cyanbel knowing that in order to save her son her life would be sacrificed for she could not shoot the danger and kept track to the broken crates left in the streets.​
    "Witch!" The werewolf croaked out jumping backwards. The bullets whizzed by his cheeks leaving flesh wounds. He tumbles off the carriage onto the ground.​
    Emil throws down the musket looking ahead hoping to stop her horses by a thug on the reigns.​
    It's too late.​
    "Emil!" Massion goes to jump after her but the carriage overturns on the collective mess left behind.​
    "Mother!!!!" Little Eric screams slowing down.​
    The horses fled from the wreckage.​
    "You cannot!" Massion reached for the boy but Eric's already down on the ground running for Emil.​
    Out of no where the white werewolf Cyanbel lunges at him clamping on his tiny face dragging him side to side.​
    "Dear me!" Kadessia and Nicola have both looked out the window together. Only Kadessia was the one to speak.​
    The vampire jumped down from the carriage.​
    "Ah, ah, ah!" Cyanbel seems to be saying. Eric's whimpering is low and terrified.​
    "Let him go!"​
    Cyanbel tosses the child in the air.​
    "Sure! Since you say so!"​
    Massion runs for him and catches him at his own injury by Cyanbel taking his leg in his mouth.​
    Eric continues whining holding Massion tightly.​
    The door to the carriage opens. Both woman flee out. Nicola went to the wrecked carriage searching the remnants discovering Emil's battered corpse bludgeoned with wire. ​
    Her heart raced fast as she found the musket.​
    "Hey you werewolf! Come here!" Kadessia appears behind Cyanbel clawing him in his face. She continues scratching at him until he let's go of Massion.​
    The male vampire turned over sharply kicking the animal hard.​
    Nicola's shaky fingers pull the trigger of the musket which she dropped after it struck Cyanbel's waist.​
    He howls in pain rolling back on Kadessia who tells Massion to go.​
    "Just go! We will see each other again that I am sure of."​
    Nicola runs to Massion's side taking the child from him. She wraps Massion's arm around her waist moving with him back to the carriage.​
    "I need to get to the top." He tells her.​
    "I am staying with you, there is no way I can go inside with Elias..."​
    "Very well."​
    All three are now on top of the carriage, Eric's face held bleeding scars from the attack. He cried himself to sleep in Nicola's arms. She saw Massion used only one hand to hold the reigns so she took one from him.​
    They looked at one another.​
    Massion gave one final look to Kadessia as the carriage went off. She and Cyanbel shifted their fight to a back alley. The werewolf knocked her up against the wall resorting to his human form. He was weakened from the bullet embedded in his flesh and they both knew it.​
    He held her wrists tightly bringing them above her head.​
    "Are you going to eat me alive werewolf? I can assure you vampires don't taste appetizing unless you are a freak which looking in your eyes tells me you are. I won't beg for my existence for I am not a simpleton."​
    Cyanbel looked her up and down breathing hard. "What is your name?"​
    "Kadessia, lovely."​
    "Have you some meaning to Massion?"​
    "If I do?"​
    "You don't need to give me a answer. That glorious sacrifice you made tells me all. You hold a care for the vampire who is taken by a human. Something is wrong with that picture."​
    She snarled at him about to bite when he pulled his head back.​
    "You should not hold such feelings for him because they will be worse when I kill him and I will."​
    "You keep talking dog...."​
    Cyanbel growled at her. His face comes close enough for them to kiss, his hand wrapped around her neck.​
    And they do...​
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  3. Name: Richard Lawrence Crawley

    Alias: 'Whiz', Gary L. Ue.

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    History: Richard grew up in a poor household on the outside edge of the broncs. He spent most of his youth being tormented by bullies and subjected to racial discrimination. Something that always fascinated Richard though was technology. As a young boy he didn't have much access to it, however, he made it almost a daily afterschool ritual to take the train to the library so he could play around their computers. With each day his trace grew. With each stroke of the mouse, each keyboard click he fell in love. At the age of twelve, a very interesting thing happen, Richard's world changed. After taking a different way home from school one day to avoid a boy named "Marles Davis", he stumbled into an area of town he was unfamiliar with. Women barely clothed climbing into cars with drunk and filthy white men, cash being stuffed into their braziers. Richard was amazed. These girls were just being /taken/ out of poverty. Even for a short while. His mind fixated on this, the prospect of buying love, could love be bought? This small seemingly harmless event in his life lead the way to his current standings. Richard graduated highschool at the top of his class, yet had no desire to go to college. Instead his attention focused on the ever growing online sex industry which is where he finds himself today.

    Family: Richard doesn't like talking about his family and for good reason. Richard grew up in an impoverished house hold with an alcoholic father and meth addicted mother. Their older brother was often the one taken care of them rather than their own parents. His older brother was killed when he was sixteen in a drive by and his younger brother he is quite sure is running with a gang.

    Personality: Richard is a go get them business man, with a more passive attitude. He is a distinct listener but make no mistake that he does hear what others stay. Silence is his strength, and yet his weakness. Richard comes off a bit at first as rather anti-social due to his lack of speech. It isn't as though he doesn't have things to say, it is more he is so used to getting 'popped for speaking that he just automatically shifts to not. Richard is a very caring man, however, very compassionate and empathetic. He is definitely the type of man that if someone is found to have hurt one of those employed under them they would sooner regret it.

    Ultimate Goals: Richard's goals in life are to make a decent life for himself and expand his grasp on technology. Due to his business he has the means to do as much and honestly would be satisfied being left alone with his technology.

    Location: The windy city, Chicago

    Occupation: Richard is the head of a company called, "Snap!" an online fetish company that specializes in providing you with whatever your little heart desires. Their packages include the 'ultimate roleplay experience' in which you are able to live out any experience that you desire. Want to do crack and then parachute out of a jet after having sex with a schoolgirl? That can totally be arranged. At 'Snap!', all you have to do is snap your fingers and your wish is our command.

    Intelligence Level: Richard is very, very intelligent when it comes to technology, computers, and business. He runs his company under a number of intricately designed and maintained alias. Several have tried hacking into his accounts but many have failed and paid the price of a computer for them.
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