Character Challenge #8

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  1. You're challenge is this:
    You are to make a character based on this song. What is their history? Personality? Looks? Ultimate goals in life? Family? These are some questions you could use when making your character.
    Helpful character sheet:
    Ultimate Goals:
    Intelligence Level:
    You can use this CS or edit it or make your own.
    Thank you!
    SONG: Catalyst
    BAND: Linkin Park

    If you have any helpful tips for future challenges, I am open for advice! Just PM me.
  2. Name: Stephanus Briarthorne

    Age: 32

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human Kineticist

    Appearance: Tall, close to six foot five inches. He has the emblem of the rebellion emblazoned on his forehead in bright red. His eyes are a pale grey but shine white when he uses his abilities. He wears a white trenchcoat with blue trimmings and steel diamond studs. His ears are slightly pointed and jagged and he has lots of piercings. His hair is pure white and falls down between his shoulderblades. He keeps braids on the sides falling just in front of the ear. His skin is pale and covered in a pale tatoos that amplify his abilities and glow brighter the more he uses his psychokinesis. Under the trenchcoat he wears a black turtleneck and white trip pants that match the coat.

    History: At a young age he was identified as highly attuned kineticist. He was immediately placed in a rigorous education and training program to become a ranking member of the national military in charge of maintaining peace in their utopian society. He was taught the way the world worked and was indoctrinated into the highly segregated society. The caste system in place was to protect people. Because it was based on mental ability it was understood that they lower casts could not comprehend the lifestyles of their superiors and needed to be taken care of. One day, on a routine inspection he was ambushed by thugs and suffered head trauma that resulted in brain damage. He woke up in a hospital overhearing a doctor talking to his superior officer saying that the brain damage was irreparable and he was no longer fit for service. His life changed suddenly, he was outcast and made to live as one of the sheep he once herded. His family was cast down with him and his younger sister born with poor health soon died in the much harsher slums of the lower caste. Living this way slowly changed him, at first he just accepted his place but something felt off to him. It was a feeling he had before, but always shrugged it off because life was good therefore the system was good. He hated himself for becoming a normal, for becoming a lesser being and forced to live in such a painful world. Then he began to question the nature of the system itself. He eventually made contact with a rebellious underground faction who he learns was responsible for attacking him in the first place. There he finds former kineticists and normals living as one and his worldview has a final dramatic shift, he sees the world as corrupted and in need of radical change. Slowly regaining his psychokinetic powers under strict training by the rebels, he now fights for the common man and a world where everyone can coexist in peace regardless of ability.

    Family: Father and mother are normals who lived with the kineticists untill he lost his abilities, his young sister died due to poor medical care given the normals

    Personality: Ice cold, cold to the point that anyone close enough is burned. Once a man of strong convictions, his world was shattered when he discovered "the truth". Deep soul shattering betrayal left him floating, trying to find ground to stand on. After rebuilding his worldview from the ground up and with his new understanding of the world he has renewed conviction. His eyes were opened to the injustice of the world, now he is the embodyment of the unspoken rage of the oppressed.

    Ultimate Goals: Seek revenge on the general who cast him out and is indirectly responsible for his sisters death, as well as to overthrow the

    Location: post-apocalyptic future in a utopian society. Due to genetic and mechanical enhancements humanity has developed psychokinetic abilities.

    Occupation: Rebel Faction Kineticist

    Intelligence Level: Very intelligent, but often blinded by idealism.
  3. Name: Kaiden Ralts
    Age: 16

    Gender: M

    Species: Human

    Appearance: Kaiden due to extreme malnutrition is incredibly skinny, most of his bones show through his skin. He wears old clothing that he manages to recover from the ruins. A tattered white short sleeve shirt, Combat fatigues covered in holes, and old combat boots complete his ensamble. His shaggy jet black hair usually covers his green eyes. The only distinguishing feature is a large scar that runs from his right eye, all the way to his neck. Kaiden is of mixed race. His mother was a Japanese immigrant while his father came from a German family. Due to his frequent trips outside the cities he is fairly tanned.

    History: Kaiden was 5 when it finally happened, the great powers finally went crazy and began dropping their trump cards the nukes were finally flying free of their silos. In just a few days everything that he had known or taken for granted had changed. Once the fallout had dropped to acceptable levels everyone tried to return to a normal life. It wasn't that easy. With the central powers of the entire world wiped out, it seemed like every nut job with a napoleon complex was declaring himself president or governor of his own small area. Martial law is the only law now. Anyone brave enough or stupid enough to leave the cities cannot expect any help. Kaiden hates the cities, they remind him of what he lost, what was stolen from him.

    Family: Kaiden lost his father that fateful day, His father was working at the pentagon when it was hit. His mother tried to take care of him but, when the raiders came she hid him under the floor and was taken. The closest thing he has to family is his best friend, Stephanie.

    Personality: Kaiden was just old enough to remember what once was, he is bitter about his childhood being taken from him. Fiercely independent, he is one of the only people in his city that will go out on supply runs for whatever can be salvaged. While out he will bag any animals he can find to further aid the people he has chosen to live with. Deeply angry with his own failings to protect his mother he tries to hold everyone away from himself having learned firsthand the pain of losing someone he deeply cared for. Willing to help anyone around him however he has endeared himself to those around him.

    Ultimate Goals: To find the raiders that took his mother and make them pay for their actions.

    Location: Sunnyview township. before the bombs a small gated community outside Orlando, Florida.

    Occupation: Salvager, hunter

    Intelligence Level: mid level intelligent, not very book smart due to having no formal education.