RESOURCE CHARACTERS Character Bio Template: Ultimate

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  1. The Ultimate template contains more information than you could ever need, but offers lots of little details to toss in. This is great if you're expanding the information on a character you've been playing for awhile.


    Character Name: The name of your character.
    Name Meaning: If the name happens to have a special meaning.
    Alias: Other names or nicks your character might be known by.
    Gender: Male or Female.
    Species/Race: Human, Demon, Etc. Or even Race and Nationality.
    Age: How old is your character.
    B-Day: When they were born.
    Zodiac Sign: Zodiac sign for "personality" help.
    Bloodtype: Also interesting for personality types.
    Place of Birth: Where the character comes from.
    Current Residence: Where the live right now.
    Occupation: Their job.
    School/Grade: Their school grade or college major.
    Family: Any living or dead family members.
    Gemstone: For birth month or even a favorite!


    Height: How tall.
    Hair: Hair color and style.
    Eyes: Eye color.
    Distinguishing Marks: Tattoos, scars, birthmarks, etc.
    General Appearance: Basic physical description and clothing style. Pictures are also good.
    Strengths: These are the thing your character is physically good at doing.
    Weaknesses: These are things your character physically WEAK at.


    Allies: Friends and trusted people to the character.
    Enemies: Their foes.
    Current Goal/Purpose: Their agenda they would like to accomplish.
    Aspirations: Personal dreams and desires!
    Hobbies: Things they like to do.
    Likes: Things they enjoy. Stuff, food, music, etc.
    Dislikes: Things they hate!
    Talents: Little things your character is good at. This can be anything from cooking to playing Sudoku.
    Inabilities: Things your character is terrible at. For example, spelling or getting along with animals.
    Fears: Things your character is afraid of, has a phobia of, or even small events they don't want to happen.
    General Personality: This is the personality that the world sees. What people believe of your character. How the interact with other people.
    Inner Personality: The part of your character's personality that they don't like to reveal to others. What people rarely get to see!
    Fondest Memory: A memory that stands out as a favorite.
    Biggest Regret: The one they they really regret about their life.
    Secret: That one thing they don't want the world to find out.


    Special Items: Any items that might be precious or important to the character.
    Weapons: Weapons they might carry or know how to use.
    Magics: Kinds of magics, spells or abilities they might have.


    General History: Childhood and important events that helped make your character who they are today.

    Present Life: The events in the present life that tie them to the current plot!

    Special Historic Notes: A quick checklist of the major "events" in the character's life.



    [b]Character Name:[/b]
    [b]Name Meaning:[/b]
    [b]Zodiac Sign:[/b]
    [b]Place of Birth:[/b]
    [b]Current Residence:[/b]


    [b]Distinguishing Marks:[/b]
    [b]General Appearance:[/b]


    [b]Current Goal/Purpose:[/b]
    [b]General Personality:[/b]
    [b]Inner Personality:[/b]
    [b]Fondest Memory:[/b]
    [b]Biggest Regret:[/b]


    [b]Special Items:[/b]

    [u][b]HISTORIC BACKGROUND[/b][/u]

    [b]General History:[/b]

    [b]Present Life:[/b]

    [b]Special Historic Notes:[/b]
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  2. This is a pretty helpful page for those who are just starting or Rpers whom are stumped on exactly how they'd like their Character Sheets set up. Very nice! :impressed:
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  3. OH MY SWEET BABY JESUS. This is everything I think up when I make a new charrie XD though I don't normally tell people all this cause they are party poopers and don't care XP I like this a lot though XD
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  4. *claps in distance*
  5. I use a similar sheet whenever I truly enjoy one of my characters... or when I'm bored and have nothing to do, aha!

    Great work. I'll definitely try using this sometime.
  6. Woop Woop have been looking for a character sheet for a long time I'm excited to use this!
  7. Needs a neutral or hermaphrodite option for gender, my only complaint.

    Good work.

    Edit: I also note the lack of weight/mass entry for physical characteristics.
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  8. This is insanely in depth for me lol BUT I will try my best to give life to my character with this list.
  9. Wasn't there a bunch of links here to things for personality help and such???
  10. This is an old post, but I feel like bumping it up as a thank you!
    I use a similar sheet when creating a character, but I never thought to add things like their zodiac signs and gemstones!
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  11. Oh my!! What a helpful post indeed! =^.^=