RESOURCE Character Bio Template: Mini

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  1. The Mini Template contains all vital details to a character bio. These are the bare essentials.

    Name: Name of the Character.

    Gender: Male, Female, Etc.

    Job/Role: This is their occupation or school grade. This can also be their role in the roleplay. (Hero, Mentor, Sidekick, Etc.)

    Age: How old they are.

    Appearance: Hair, eyes, height, and basic looks. Things that cannot be explained with a picture.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Their agenda or the personal goal the character wants to accomplish.

    Personality: How they behave and how they interact with others.

    History: A basic rundown of the characters past and how that brings them to and relates them to the present events.


    [B]Current Goal/Purpose:[/B] 
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