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Elanah Orella (Fantasy)
Description (Present day):
  • Light red hair, medium length, braided.
  • Mercenary.
  • Trained in nobility studies from age 5-17 from Mother.
  • Average height, 5’6.
  • Weight 140lbs, 175lbs with armor.
  • Age 23.
  • Average swordsmanship (somewhat secretly trained as a minor by one of the family guards, then self taught) but skilled dagger-fighter.
  • Dislikes the monarchy or aristocracy.
  • Longsword at hip, medium dagger on side of left calf.
  • Scars ranging from small and shallow, to large and deep are shown on her body from various jobs taken over the years.

Elanah maintains her medium length ginger hair by a single braid, prefers to keep hair out of her eyes as she conducts her mercenary work. She’s of semi average height at 5’6 for a woman of 23. As a result of doing years of mercenary work to feed herself and wielding a longsword, her body is firmed and toned, especially in the arm area; she would describe herself as somewhat muscular for a woman. She has no preference of attire but can mostly be seen in her armor, which is slightly rusted in some areas or in her steel chainmail.

Personality traits:

Loner: Due to childhood abuse, she does not actively seek human interaction outside of gaining mercenary jobs in taverns. Known to be a quiet person when a job calls for a group, she has no to very few friends, but will strike up small talk from time to time if the person seeks it from her. People find her behavior somewhat odd, but usually pay it no mind.

Loyal: When someone gains her trust she never forgets what the person has done for her. If they’ve stuck with her for a good while she’ll develop a sense of quiet worry for them, although its been rare for her to stay with one single person over the years.

Cool-Headed: Due to her harsh nobility training from her mother at a young age, she developed a way to restrain her emotions outwardly, especially when it comes to anger. She may rage inwardly when angered but all anyone’ll get is a deep glare, however there have been cases where she’s panicked from time to time.

Drinker: After a job has been completed, she’ll make her way over to the nearest tavern and have her hearty share of alcohol to try and warm the coldness inside her and mute her contempt for the monarchy and aristocracy. Unfortunately, men have
made the mistake of disturbing her while she drinks, especially when they’ve noticed her pale cheeks tinted red, drunkenly hoping she’ll warm their bed for the night and only learn after she’s stuck her dagger in their thigh that's she’s not to be bothered.
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