Character Banners anyone?

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  1. Character Banners!

    I like to make character banners for fun. I know, I'm weird.

    I use character banners like this. Ask me if you want the code.

    If you want a banner that looks like anything you see below, let me know and I'll get one for you! I'll need a picture of the character bigger than 500x500 pixels, the more HD the better. If the picture you send doesn't work, I will try to find one of better quality. It'd be best if you gave me the name of an actor or actress, or a character that yours is based off of, that way I can find the best picture possible. But, you know. I'll work with almost anything you throw at me.

    • larger than 500x500 pixels
    • not too dark, not too light
    • not blurry
    • the more high quality, the better

    I have no idea if anyone will want to use these, but I love them and I thought I could offer my assistance to someone who wants it. I can also make RP banners and title banners for your roleplays.

    Thanks for reading, have a great one!
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  2. Could you do one for my character Diana? The link leads to a website which has many different views of her. The pictures don't say who the model is, unfortunately. If that poses a problem, let me know.
  3. Sure! Does she have a last name or a title? Princess, lady, enchantress, that sort of thing?
  4. Lady Diana; Oh, and her biography- if you need to see that, it's on my blog and media! :)
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