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  1. If you could date any RP character who would it be and why?

    Could be a character you've created, or one an RP partner created. Maybe it's a character from an rp you've been stalking?

    Post! Now! Tell me! Before it's too late!
  2. I'd date my most recent creation, because I create what I love and love what I create... well, when things work out, anyway.
  3. Jerrick Avondale, my time traveling secret agent. With his pretty pretty long hair.
  4. Ace. woman...
  5. I'd probably want to date Constanza Campbell, who is a character I created in a dream. I haven't gotten to use her in a RP yet but I love her the most because she's a masked villain, a weapon collector, a pot head, a music lover and musician, and she has beautiful white hair with dread locks. xD CC is extremely dorky, but smart. Likely the one I'd connect with the most out all the 84589473 characters I've created.

    What I am attracted to in roleplay romance is TOTALLY DIFFERENCE from what I like in real life. >>; I would -kill- these people if I knew them in real life. 8D

    Aside from like, one character I play for Ocha. D: Aidan MacGregor. He's a totally normal, non screwed up, really cool dude. I might actually date him.
  7. All of my characters are usually pretty suave.

    I'd date all of em.

    'Cept the psychotic ones for villain parts...
  8. *looks at [MENTION=258]Dawn[/MENTION]* I would totally gropemolestdate Resonance!
  9. o_o ...Trying to imagine a scenario where I'm dating one of my own rp characters that doesn't end up with me dead.

    It's nigh impossible...

    If I were to date a character.. I'd date.. Xamantha. Badass survivor chick~
  10. I would totally tie Marce to my bed and have my way with him after dressing him up in red silk boxers and a gag to hinder his screams go on a date with Marce!
  11. Ufufufu~

    As for me... Hmmm, there's too many! (Does that mean I'm desperate? LOL) Guess I'll just name the first few that come to mind.

    [MENTION=604]Toria[/MENTION]'s Tetsuji, because that man is so grumpy/srsface and I would very much enjoy bothering him with my hyperactive ways.

    [MENTION=140]Shiny[/MENTION]'s Sora, because I have a weakness for extremely cute and shy girls @___@;;

    [MENTION=167]Magentara[/MENTION]'s Mel, because that girl a firecracker! She's wild and stubborn and sexy (and maybe a little bit crazy). You could say her personality is... :B electric. Geddit, sisser?

    [MENTION=877]Delinquent Magical Boy Tribs[/MENTION]'s Noah. Really, it's the beard and the plaid. My Canadian heart can't help it u///u. Just kidding~ He's just so charming and gentle and dksrywbbssfqalskdjfkks @__@

    Of my own characters.... Nnngh.... >_> Maybe, like, two of them? The rest are all damaged goods.
  12. I can only chose one? :o :s

    From a dead rp that I did with [MENTION=1557]Layne[/MENTION]
    The character's name was Blake and he was a perverted little boy with cute ears x3 He were just resistible :D

    And in Laynes and my new Rp it would be Zuul, the king of demons. Just because he's so smexy and hot and has such a wonderful childish mind x3

    In a rp I am doing with [MENTION=1280]Scare-me-not Rose[/MENTION]
    There I would chose Lucas, because he got so many heartbreaks because of the girl he likes and she never looks at him because of her stupid boyfriend T-T I just want to hug him and tell him to date me instead because I would appreciate him more than she does :D I know, because I created her xD

    And the last rp with the person I desire the most, an rp with [MENTION=1147]The Returner[/MENTION]
    Christian, he's smart, he's a vampire, he's good looking, he has voices in his head telling him to do things and he's just awesome *drools* I just want to have him x3
  13. A roleplayer from a site I used to go on had a character, I forget his name, but he seemed so attractive to me. He was an older fellow, and he was a master of the blade. He was powerful, but he knew how to control himself. He was wise, caring, and yeah xD I would defs date him.
  14. From my own characters, would be Allistair. He's the exact grace under stress type of thing I love. Plus, whenever he's crying or hurt, I just want to go to him and hug him so much~

    From someone else's characters, it would be my old roleplayer friend, who isn't on this site, Jason Aidendeur's werewolf character. He was such an ass, but he did it in a way egotistical people like XD