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Dark Subject Matter, Post Apocalyptic, Apocalyptic, Romance, Fantasy (usually Urban fantasy, but I've done high fantasy before too), Horror

21 (But he appears 19 Because of his Race/Species)


Human at birth and becomes a Addonexus at the age of twelve

Home Schooled for Grade School and Middle school. Then Public High School. When Varuis moved out of his brothers house in the united states, he was hired for a short time as a cashier at a Grocery store. When that wasn't getting him by he accepted a job as a part time male model. He also runs a odds and ends medicinal shop, a skill he picked up on in his childhood in Italy in his spare time.

Medium build with lean muscle. Is about 5' 10" and has an olive skin tone. Pleasant, warm voice.

He has strait shaggy hair that is short and almost effortlessly styled. His hair is a Dark strawberry blonde and he has striking hazel eyes. His skin is a healthy looking olive tone and he is lean, but not overly skinny. Has a healthy body weight for his height. Since he is from Italy, and dress is important he wears the best kind of clothing he can afford. Perfuring the american style of dress he generally wears casual clothing such as a off black fitted tee-Shirt and darker black fitted but not too tight jeans or dress pants. He wears a black belt the same color as the pants, and steel-toed work looking shoes; the off black like the shirt. Sometimes a greyish leather jacket and sunglasses.

His strengths are that he can manipulate all the elements around him, his stronger elements being dark and light. He can also use the bones in his body as weapons which he starts to learn how to use when he moves to the United states at the age of fifteen. A natural healing ability, ability to sense and see auras, and catch onto emotions that a person is feeling around him. His weaknesses are mainly emotional. One is that he has a hard time trusting someone until he becomes close to that person due to experinces in his past with family and friends. Because of this he is somewhat gaurded around people and dosen't like to revel alot about himself unless he comes to trust the person, which is a rare thing for him. He has a hard time convaying what he is feeling and puts up a front, displaying emotions that he is not feeling or is trying to convay to others.

He thinks things through and is careful as to what he says, especilly around people he dosn't know or know very well.

His main goal is to just survive seeing as that is his daily struggle. He wants to be comfortable around other people, wants to be able to trust more.

He has a knowlage of lots of healing plants and medicines since he had a natural ability for those things. Not to mention his mother was a doctor. So she had alot of thise types of books laying around. However, sometimes he can be hesitant to heal someone because he fears he might have mixed up the medicial herbs with the harmful poisons. He also isn't very tolerant of cold weather and becomes a bit moody if he has to stay there for more than a tolerable amount of time for him. Although he is growing out of it, he has hemophobia. Smaller amounts of blood dosn't bother him as much, but when it comes to truama patients that are bleeding minorly or majorly his blood pressure drops and he begins to feel faint. That and he dosn't like hospitals or anything that reminds him of a hospital. He perfurs natural healing techniques to Needles and chemicals. His aura readings are spot on and he can sense the emotions of those around him.

More quiet and reserved, to himself. He puts on display the emotion that he thinks is approprite for the situation and appears this way, even though that isn't what he is feeling at the moment. To some he may seem stuck-up or rude because he isn't the social type and his clothing is generally nicer because of his part time job as a male model. Away from his modeling career he is more relaxed and at ease in his Medicinal shop or at his condo that he owns. Even still then he is always emotionaly and physically gaurded.

He has good intentions for most of the people around him but has a hard time opening up so he dosn't know how to express that to people. Once something or someone has hurt him bad enough he tends to hold a grudge and dosn't forgive them as easily as he might forgive others. He tends to judge people by thier apperence so if he dosn't think they look like a good person, he won't for example, heal them if they ask.

His mother always felt like she wasn't good enough as a mother so she would make him sick on purpose and then take him to the hospital where he would be poked and proded. Then make him better, all so she would feel better about herself.

Varius was born in Rome, Italy and lived there with his parents until he was 14 and then moved to the United States and stayed with his brother until he was 18, by then he had recived his male modeling career. After that he opened up his shop after he had saved up enough, nearly a year and a half later at the age of nineteen. He now, (Tries) to live an ordinary life but finds it hard to do seeing as he has people out to get him for numerous reasons.

He was raised by his parents in thier home in Rome, Italy. His father, working alot was rarely home to view the abuse brought upon by his mother (See, Secrets). He was home schooled for his elementary and middle school years. At the age of fourteen his mother was found out after he had the courage to tell what she was doing to him. His father divorced his mother, and haveing custody sent him out to the United States where he lived with his brother for awhile. When he entered High School in the US he attened public school. His high school years are something not very pleasant for him so he tries not to remember them. As for his fears, hospitals and his Hemophobia. They are both because of his mother. In one instance his mother almost killed him by cutting him badly which is why he has Hemophobia. Also he has never given blood because of that purpose. And he fears hospitals because they remind him of his past and he dosn't like anything that could possibly harm him that is within the hospital. Plus he claims they smell "Too Clean...".

Like you know he keeps pursuing his modeling career and he on his spare time manages his shop. He is currently doing well enough that he can afford to hire an employee so he has a sign up in his shop but is careful as to who he hires. He has a large condo he hope to someday share with a significant other whom he falls in love with. Due to his untrusting personality he tends to hang out at clubs and similar places with fellow Models when he is feeling up to it.

3 Yrs old - When his mother started abusing him
9 Yrs old - When his brother left for the United States
11 Yrs old- When he had his bleeding Trauma and almost Died because of it
14 Yrs old - When he told his mother out and his father divorced from his mother, sent him to the United States to be with his brother.
15 Yrs old - He starts high school and he learns how to control his powers
18 Yrs old- He graduates High School and is offered and accpets a carreer in Modeling
19 Yrs old - He openeds his Medicinal shop and masters his powers
20 Yrs old - Mysterious hitmen attempt to take his life unsucsessfully
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