Character Appearance

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Time for yet another switch from poetry to character practice. This time, my challenge is for you to detail the image of a character. The one I'm providing is up above, but you're welcome to use something else. Aim for no less than a paragraph's worth for the description. :] There should be plenty to write about... I chose a colorful, crazy, funky picture.

Some things to consider:

  • Height and weight
  • Skin tone
  • Piercings and tattoos
  • Clothes/fashion
  • Hair
  • Jewelry
  • Synonyms!
  • Colours
  • Age
Aimee is a spunky young woman with very eclectic tastes in fashion, always wearing the most colorful outfits she can find, alongside many bangles and baubles adorning her wrists and neck. She has a distaste for labels so anything she wears tend to come from thrift stores and consignment shops. Aimee stands a little on the short-side (being only about five feet tall) and is known for being on the thin side. Her hair matches her colorful tastes in outfits and is colored every color she can find a box for. Her pale white skin is put off by her many colored eye make-up and large phoenix tattoo that spreads itself across her shoulders. Overall, this woman's clothing reflects her wild and excitable personality and as she steps into her 20s.
Dana is a bright youth, and tends to make anyone smile. She has light, creamy skin,and stands at about 5'2". She is all about freedom of expression and creativity, as shown by her rainbow hair color, make-up, and the piercings in her lips. She enjoys making people happy and helping them find themselves, and be themselves, rather than following the band-wagon. She is happy with the way she looks, not caring for what others think. She doesn't care for designer clothes, and prefers to find things in everyday, or "second-hand" stores, not minding in the slightest. Her over-all appearance blatantly shows her wild and fun, care-free personality.
Lily is an energic girl whom always has a bright smile on her face, her bright personality is lifted up by her clothing that always are in various colours. Pink is the colour she mostly uses and then she puts other light colours on to make it more lively, even her hair is coloured in a various amont of colours, mostly yellow, pink and blue. She likes to put up even more light to it with colourful bracelets and necklaces, even her makeup is in those colours. Her light skin colour makes the light colours in her cloths match up even more.