HELP character ages

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  1. What's the youngest we can play a character? I thought I saw somewhere that 13 was the youngest you could play, but does this count towards NPCs as well?
  2. Characters only need to be a minimum of 13 for sexual roleplays. For normal roleplays, I think any age is fine.
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  3. As Sen said, it is only in if you intend for the characters to be in a sex/smut situation that they have to be at least 13. If they aren't part of any smutty parts, a 12 year old or younger can make appearances in a smut rp. (With other words, not a good idea playing a 12- year old as a main character in a smutty rp. Side character works as long as you don't include them in any kind of smut.)

    For non-sexual roleplays, any age is ok.