Chapter 9 outline

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    Here are a list of things I want to accomplish:

    - Pegulis must be in dire straights at the end of Chapter 9
    - Amaltas and Ash will retrieve the divine weapon from the Shartan
    - The Prosperos Nation sneak attacks Kaustir from behind

    Here are some things currently going on:

    - Diving in the Prosperos: this is the most open ended portion of the story. I am very excited to explore the ocean deeps, where most of the gods fell during the Cataclysm. Plumb your imagination to fill in the gaps

    - Tattersal distracting the moirgut to buy time for Amaltas and Ash to get into the Shartan

    - Some sort of battle going on at the Pegulis-Chersonese border

    - Finding the Ghoul Sage before Medwick dies
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  2. IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE SEEING HOW EVENTS HAVE BEEN LEADING UP TO ALL OF THE ABOVE, I highly recommend you read all the Chapter 8 endings and see how the storylines have been converging.



    The Prosperos

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