Chapter 8 outline

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  1. Use this rough outline to guide your actions. I hope to inspire you to help me write these scenes out.

    - Do your best to patch up the Riven Tree.
    - Kairos will make a brief appearance. He won't be healthy.
    - Pack up your bags, Edelon and the Cinnabar Clad have to be set free! (Tattersal comes in to explain why)

    - K'Larr is raising an army of old weapons to force open trade routes.
    - He has some deals brokered with Pegulis (@Jack Shade). More to come.

    - Aldus rebuilds!
    - Medwick and the other angry crew figure out what's going on behind Pegulis. Things are not quite what they seem. Why does the Ghoul Sage have his hand in everything?
    - Wait .. is the Ghoul Sage going to kill Medwick? Ah!

    - Various drama-llama things.
    - The black city should briefly hold the Czar up.
    - Kaustir looks for a source of thermic gems to pay the merchants increasingly high demands.
    - Someone save Ilsa! For ilium's sake, save ilsa!
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