Chapter 2 Dragon Blades: Rise Of The Light

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    First, we have the Petrified Desert, this was once a thick forest, but over time it became weak and deprived of nutrients, becoming petrified and turning into the scorching desert we know today.
    At the somewhat center of this desert, there is the Sand Kingdom, where the first lord lives. His name is Orthanos.


    Next we have the Fire Caverns. This was a massive volcano, but it has been inactive for years, and in it's heart is the first Lordess. Peril.

    Windswept Terrace.jpg

    Third, we have the Windswept terrace. This is a land of lushness and light, filled by all the smaller creatures and often occupied by people living in small villages and moderately sized cities of trade.
    Inside of the most ravishing part of the forests is the great tree, where the second Lord lives. He is Cypher.

    Lastly we have the Ice-cap Mountains. Occupied by the second Lordess, Fayte.

    This chapter will begin a few years after the Dark Wars, when civilization has begun to flourish again, trade cities appearing in sparse areas amongst the lands now covered in light.
  2. These are the images of both dragon and human form of the lords and lordesses.

    Orthanos- NPC-
    Orthanos.jpg Orthanos2.jpg

    Peril- NPC-
    127aa7a16e59df7e26082c8de8638f40.jpg bc300dc806a15f80bb11f531c3e79e76.jpg

    Cypher- NPC-
    Fayte.jpg Cypher.jpg

    Fayte- NPC-
    images (1).jpg
  3. ((I didn't know exactly how to start this off so I'm just gonna go with the flow, let me know if it's kinda dumb or w/e))
    He flew over the Ice-cap mountains, he had decided that he should be here to protect the place with Fayte. He landed nearby to rest and scanned the area. Ever since the shadows invaded the first time, and there hasn't seen one since, he couldn't let his guard down even for a second. "I better get back soon, but it wouldn't hurt to patrol just a while longer." Kyle mumbled to himself as he waved his tail slightly.
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  4. Ever since the end of the Dark Wars, things have been much better, cities are being rebuilt.
    The world is teeming with life of every size and form. We even fixed up the old clock-tower.
    The light has been shed across every inch of the lands. We lived through the darkest of times.
    We beat something nobody else could. In the past few years, mythical creatures and such have
    become far more abundant, and Skyla regularly visits Kyle. His training has also improved on
    massive levels. My new form has proven quite impressive, and the people are used to seeing us
    as dragons now, so there is no more fuss over that now that I explained the whole shifter thing to
    them. But, stretching out my wings, I let myself fall from an overhanging cliff on one of the higher
    plateaus in the Petrified Desert, letting the wind catch as I rocketed into the clouds, the sunlight
    giving my scales a luminescent glow. It was a perfect day for flying.
  5. Kyle flapped his wings and began flying again, watching the birds and seeing deer along the way. "Perhaps I should head back. I wouldn't want to keep Skyla waiting."
    He flew over and into the city, over by his house and shifting back into his human form. "That's better. My shoulders get really cramped up when I'm in my dragon form too long..."
    He sat down in a chair by his door.
    Kyle looked around and finally went inside. He began making a small snack and sat down on a couch in his living room. He soon fell asleep from all of the flying he did that day.
  7. (( LMAO sorry forgot about this.))

    Skyla lightly rapped on the door, a small gift in hand.
    She often came to visit Kyle and Alice, spending more than
    enough time talking about things that were going on outside
    the general news flow. She liked to bring little trinkets from
    her homeland, bringing something new for Kyle maybe every
    other week. She had a smile of her face and was wearing a
    yellow sundress oddly, as she usually wore white clothes and
    nothing with any color.
    " Kyle, sorry I am a bit late, had to pick something up."

    Alice gave her wings a final beat before turning and heading back
    home, the wind rustling her scales so that they made a whimsical
    chiming sounds, like a wind chime swaying with the breeze. She liked
    to listen to it, but she only listened when she was alone. The top of
    a high rise tower was visible, breaking through the clouds. She was
    almost home, and things were going quite smoothly. She hadn't seen
    any possible danger or darkness for months.
  8. Kyle woke up, in a jerking mannor, and opened the door. "Hey, Skyla." He said in a low, exausted sounding voice. "It's okay if you're late. But really, you don't have to get me anything. I'm more than happy with what I have, even if it isn't all that much." He said as he gave a little chuckle. "Do come in and sit down." He smiled as he stepped aside to let her through.
  9. Skyla happily walked inside the small and comforting home of her friend.
    Placing the item on a shelf nearby the doorway and turning to give Kyle
    a hug, always ecstatic when she saw him. The gift was wrapped in a cloth
    and completely concealed the item, though on occasion, if held right, you
    could see a glint or a reflective light of sorts from beneath the edge of the
    " I know you don't mind what you have but I still like to bring you things,
    you know you could always use more things to brighten this place up. And
    besides, I brought you something extra special this time."
  10. He chuckled as he embraced Skyla. "Well thank you. You're always kind hearted." He said as he looked at the gift.
  11. Skyla gave a cheery smile and went again to retrieve the gift.
    Holding it in her hands, she motioned for him to take and unwrap
    the item. Loose strands of her shimmering silvery hair having fallen
    out of place, the rest laying down over her back and shoulders
    reaching down to her waist.
    "I got this from the Crystal Falls a few weeks ago. I thought you should
    hold onto it, for safe keeping."
  12. Kyle looked at the gift for a moment before accepting it and opening it. His eyes glimmered with joy as he looked at it. ((You decide what it is XD))
  13. (( FYI try not to use one liners.))

    Upon unwrapping the cloth, inside was a small glimmering
    crystal figure of a dragon with a pearl, it's tail curled around
    the base of the pearl, it's wings curving around it like a bowl
    almost. And in the bowled shape of the wings was a sprig of
    pure water that could be seen straight through as if air were
    there. The sunlight sending a array of color across the floor as
    the crystal figure bent the light into a fractured rainbow.
    "What do you think?"
  14. ((I'll try anyways. Try )) Kyle looked at it in amazement. "It's... incredible... Where did you find this?" He asked as he looked back up at Skyla. His eyes were still glimmering with curiosity and exitement.
  15. She let out one of those adorable giggles of hers before replying,
    a hand flying up over her mouth because sometimes she would make
    little snorting noises when she laughed.
    " I just told you, I found it in the Crystal Falls. Behind the waterfall, in the cavern."

    She for some reason found it amusing that he had forgotten so fast.
  16. "Er.. yeah." He laughed a little before looking around and putting it up on a shelf. "This needs a special place. Thank you Skyla." He said as he blushed a little. Then he remembered something and went back over to her. "I almost forgot..." He reached into his jacket pocket and took out an orb. It was a dark purple with bright silver streaks through it. "I found this in the snow earlier before I came home. I thought you might like it." He said as he held it out for her to see.
  17. A gasp of surprise escaped her and she readily took it in her hands.
    Turning it round and round, looking over it with care as she let it roll
    over her hands with such ease. Him having found it in the snow made
    it seem eerie and mysterious, and the silver streaks running throughout
    simply made it dazzling. It's shadowy purple color giving it a darker cast
    against the silver and her own glow setting a haze about the orb though
    it was thin and barely visible. It was a magnificent piece and she began to
    wonder just how it wound up in the snow.
    " You found it in the snow? I think I might know what this is and where
    it came from, but it surely isn't intended as decor. Luckily you found it!"
  18. Kyle looked at the orb. "Oh really?" Kyle had curiosity in his voice when he talked this time. "What might it be, Sky?"
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