Chappie comes out next week

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  1. Who else is amped to see it?
  2. I would love to, since District 9 and Elysium were both so awesome! But I didn't get to see Elysium in the theaters, so I doubt I'll see Chappie, either.
  3. Oh shit! That's next week?

    You gone done good and reminded me, Zee.
  4. Yeah, next Friday.
    They've been showing ads for it on tv lately.
  5. I'm going in fully expecting this to be Short Circuit: Johnny Five Actually Dies at the End. Neill Blomkamp hasn't exactly had a reputation of 'feel good' movies.
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  6. >2015
    >Still no District 9 sequel
  7. He stresses realism in the movies. Just like in the real world, life sucks, and sometimes someone loses a face.
  8. I'm still wondering who the hell cast Die Antwoord.
  9. What you should be wondering is why no one thought of it before.
  10. Oh I imagine plenty of people thought of it.

    The real question is why no one has done it before.
  11. That is indeed the real question.
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  12. I thought this was a reboot of Short Circuit when I saw the trailer at first as well.

    Will rent.
  13. This thread made me watch Elysium last night. I want my money time back. >:[

    District 9 was great. Elysium was crappy storytelling and flimsy characterization, probably brought on by too much money and too much studio dick-sticking. MeinKampf needs to tell everyone else to fuck off and look at what made District 9 good.

    The hero doesn't always have to save rape-victims/little cancer girls/kittens/orphans/non-speaking minorities to be likeable.

    If he does that Elysium-style shit with Alien 5, I'm gonna beat him to death with Ridley Scott's beard.
  14. But what if the hero is rescuing minority orphan kittens who are dealing with cancer and the trauma from being a rape victim?
  15. Cancer kittens are ASKING for it.
  16. I really want to see it; looks pretty badass.
  17. I can wait until it comes out on Blu-Ray/Netflix, but I'm looking forward to seeing it.


    Reminds me of Iron Giant, in a way. "You stay, me go."
  18. Don't have the money to see it, but I'm looking forward to it anyway. I can't not like movies about human robots. They're charming and fascinating.

    Just as long as it follows D9, and not Elysium. Then we're good.
  19. I'm gonna see it.
    (If it doesn't end up being called bad on it's premier day.)
  20. This is now my go to insult in regards to movies.
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