Chaotic Onslaught ( Fight. )

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Who will be victorious?

  1. Faerniir

  2. Adenthos

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. [BCOLOR=#000000]General Rules For The Battle.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]1.) No Automatic Striking.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]2.) Powers of any tier with the exception of god tier are allowed.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]3.) This role-play is strictly between Faerniir, and Adenthos[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]4.) The environmental advantages can and will be used in this battle.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]5.) All-mighty powers are considered illegal ( Omnipotence, Etc. ) [/BCOLOR]
    6.) The battle will likely involve the eradication of planets.
    7.) Weaponry usage will be unlimited.
    8.) Technological capabilities are also unlimited.
    9.) The usage of matter manipulation, particle manipulation,and frequency manipulation are illegal.
    10.) Large scale attacks will require preparation turns prior to execution.
    11.) Law breaking boundaries of characters are required to have 3 things
    ( Physical attribute, Power attribute, and Must be kept within legal standards. )
    ( Even if a law breaking boundary is broken one is not allowed to simply swallow existence
    It must be absolutely logical and must be explained scientifically. )


    [BCOLOR=#000000]Setting & Setting Description[/BCOLOR]


    The fight will occur upon a series of planets, with multiple ecosystems. That vary in organisms, and in climate not to mention atmosphere temperature, and things of that sort. The First of the three planets is where the battle will begin. The first of the three planets is incredibly lush and filled with greenery pastures and liquid water, and includes several mountain faces and incredibly gargantuan trees.

    The second of the planets will have oceans of liquid methane. An atmosphere composed primarily of water vapor, and hydrogen. With multiple organisms that are incredibly large, and are capable of drinking the methane as if it were liquid water on the first planet. They are well adapted to the intensely cold temperature upon this planet. They tend to eat things up to 75 times their size.

    The Third of the planets will merely be, incredibly hot and rocky. One in particular that is incredibly similar to the planet Venus. So intensely hot that no organism is very well capable of surviving at these temperatures. One where no "Intelligent." or "microscopic." life forms exist.
  2. Faerniir Delacroix was moving through space, via using Phantom Step. Phantom Step is a unique ability among UnLife, whatever strange powers they produce, allows them to manipulate the fabric of space. The UnLife projects a glow of power from their entire being, twisting space around them to form their own personal bubble which then drills through reality at superluminal speeds. From the inside, space becomes a colorful warped bubble, through from the outside the UnLife seems to collapse into an infinitely thin line and darts invisibly off into the horizon. The UnLife is massively protected from damage while in Phantom Step.

    In short time, he came across the first planet nourished in life. He came down onto the planet at such speeds, but due to the friction Dampener, he sustained no injury. The Friction Dampener uses Psiordial Power lubrication to create a zero-state-constant coefficient of friction by emitting a Psiordial pulse that permits vibration to separate particles, which allows Faerniir to move normally despite impediments. This enables Faerniir to move and attack normally, even under the influence of magic, effects, etc., that usually impedes movement, such as hold person, paralysis, solid fog, slow, web spells, gravity, etc.. This allows Faerniir to move and attack normally while underwater, in space, under gravity pressures, etc., even with cutting weapons such as axes and swords and with bludgeoning weapons such as flails, hammers, and maces, provided that the weapon is wielded in the hand rather than hurled. This also dampens effects of sound, light, etc., as well as dampening damage from events that could potentially cause Faerniir damage.

    Once he impacted the ground, generating enough energy released to cause a crater to form of 50 meters (150 feet) in diameter. The impact was so severe to the surrounding land that the crater's diameter extended beyond the 50 meters, to 150 meters. In depth at least half the diameter's distance from the epicenter, stood Faerniiir. He was in his armored form, to absorb all the shock from the impact on his being. Imvaernarhro is the name of this armor and it consists of black plates of hardened Psiordial biomass infused with Nheriote and Nhellium plates; formed all around the being. A Psiordial Biomass infused with Nheriote and Nhellium torso plate with what looks to be transluceant membrane wings made of Psiordial Biomass infused with Nheriote and Nhellium. Psiordial Biomass infused with Nheriote and Nhellium thigh protectors that have a slit across the top of them. Psiordial Biomass infused with Nheriote and Nhellium overlapped shoulder plates. skull-shaped knees and elbow guards with small horns with three ridges lining across vertically on the thighs. Psiordial Biomass infused with Nheriote and Nhellium calf protecters with three Viral Biomass infused with Nheriote and Nhellium straps to keep everything in place on the Psiordial Biomass infused with Nheriote and Nhellium boots with tongues that cover the top of the boots and ankles. Gauntlets that appear as overlapped Psiordial Biomass infused with Nheriote and Nhellium that covers most of the length of the arms, with long and narrowly tipped and slightly curved spikes for the claws. An odd shaped helmet in the shape of a warpped Kite-Shield made of Psiordial Biomass infused with Nheriote and Nhellium. scales that cover the entire neck made out of Psiordial Biomass infused with Nheriote and Nhellium. A pair of downward facing ram horns made out of Psiordial Biomass infused with Nheriote and Nhellium. The 4 feet and 11 inch, long mighty tail appears as overlapped Psiordial Biomass infused with Nheriote and Nhellium that covers the entire length of the tail, with long and narrowly tipped and slightly curved spikes lining the base of the tail's tip. His most notable features are his slit-like eyes, which glow and have no pupils. His Armor is invulnerable to mortal forms of bodily harm. His Armor is capable of withstanding ballistic destruction of energy exploding. Phantom Imvaernarhro: an UnLife can energize his very being with the space-warping powers he possesses, transforming his natural armor into a deflection armor. This ability decreases all forms of Damage received by 50%.

    He gazed around the destroyed environment, making sure he crushed most of the life around him in a single fall from space. The ground still had the aftermath shock waves vibrating the ground that he stood on. He did not seem to notice this, since he was used to the ground having such a massive aftermath of scorched land, with a crater in the middle of it all. Tendrils named Aerosclughpalars were extending from his back, which are thick, flexible, blade-edged Psiordial Biomass infused with Nheriote and Nhellium Tendrils that can be used to attack at extreme range, or whip through entire crowds of enemies.

    "Mhmm.. Not much here for a fight to be picking.." He said in a somber voice, though it still sounded musical to himself, which he did not like much. But, anyhow, he was here and he was searching. For now he went unarmed, moving slowly, for himself, but to others he moved fast, so fast that a few steps had him out of the crater and at the edge of the scorched grounds in a mere second or two. "I'm hungry for a fight!" He bellowed in rage, seething and reveling in it. He wanted a fight and was going to have one sooner or later. The sound waves of his voice echoed into the distance, not losing any strength for a while. Who will come to his challenge? He'll soon find out..
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  3. Like the wind, did the man come forth, and he'd stood at a vertical stature of 6'4. Without a hint of leniency within his spinal cordage. The man appeared to have been wearing no more then a large amount of cloth upon his embodiment. The cloth fluttered about within the wind, and it's incredibly valiantly magnificient appearance shone luminesciently within the light given off by the cosmic entity that we call the "Sun." The sun upon this planet was a red dwarf star, and emitted enough heat for life to be sustainable. From within the "goldy-locks. zone." Just yonder the planet, two more planets could be seen far off in the distance.

    The male carried what appeared to have been a "Tachi." that was at first glance no more then 4 ft in length, with six extra inches of blade tucked within the simplistic sheathe. The blade was not yet unsheathed. On the outside of the sheathe one would notice the already jagged in appearance pattern. Meaning that the blade was jagged edged.

    What could be seen upon the hilt was a rather large lotus flower, which rested atop the sheathe, that was relatively flat and thin. The obsidian background color of the beautiful blade shone brightly. The blade's sheathe was forged of adamantium, dipped within the river of styx. Struck by the violently idiosyncratic bolt of the lightning of Zeus, and given the divine power of water manipulation by Poseidon. The blade that once rivaled Leviathan, the blade that tore asunder the skies with a single swing. The blade that brought pain and suffering to many. The blade with the beautiful floral pattern upon the length of the sheathe was being drawn rather steadily now.

    The mans cloth clothing still fluttered about continuously within the vast gale. The cloth that he'd worn appeared to be loose, but not in the least bit fragile. It was interwoven with uru, and forged to have been built for both mobility, and durability simultaneously. The clothing the male wore seemed to have been very comfortably fitting. With several layers of cloth upon the lower body of the male, split down the middle for excess mobility. Atop his torso, appeared to have been the exact same way. Beneath the armor something more vile was held within.

    Now, the right hand of the caramel skin complexioned male came in contact with the hilt of the thin sheathed blade. The impact alone was so loud that it'd pierce the ears of a deaf man. It would've caused the winds themselves to sing a melodic lullaby like one would've never heard before.

    It too caused a disturbance within the mere nature of this planet, and water begun to rise from the ground itself. Almost as if it were levitating behind the very being which placed it's hand upon such a blade. The caramel skin complexioned male, bore a single idiosyncratic scar in the shape of a lightning strike over his right eye.

    The beautiful peacock-blue irises of the male, peered toward the skies. Before the incredibly tender, and thin lips of the male parted. He would allow an incredibly deep inhalation of air into his lungs. Filling the entire lung, before allowing a calm relaxing exhalation to follow.

    It'd appeared as if he were ready for combat, and yet he'd appeared to have been so relaxed.. His right foot planted itself 12 inches away from the left, and his hips rotated, leaving the man standing in a rather strange position. The shoulder length obsidian locks that appeared to have been well maintained and relaxed. Fluttered about in the dim gale. Before the male spoke in a hushed tone. " Fly now, Evisceration."
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  4. Faerniir gave out a bellowing sigh of seething rage. He has yet to hear a reply to his challenge. In short stature of 4 feet and 11 inches in height and only weighing 80LBS. Faerniir is a male compact in wiry muscles of raw power. He moved, and so did the tail on his backside. The tail swayed from left to right, as he moved along the grass that was half scorched by his impact. He moved with fluid, almost air-like appearance in grace to his stature. He was walking, though he appeared to be moving as if running or jogging.

    He whispered softly to the air around him, calling forth a weapon to wield for himself, and this weapon's name was Adoessuor. "Come to thy whom calls thee!" Adoessuor materialized slowly into being, within a gripped left hand. Adoessuor - ‘The Reverie of Ages' is a vile Grand Relic of immense power, that draws its Power from the Primordial Powers. Adoessuor is a sentient Grand Relic, and it possesses a never-ending hunger for destruction and devastation. It greatly enhances Faerniir’s powers. Adoessuor is a Grand Relic Sword, which has a narrow and slightly curved black Nhellium (Denser and stronger than Adamant, but Semi-flexible, and immune to oxidation, heat, cold, acid, erosion, electrical) blade and a black Nhellium hilt as well. The long and slightly curved handle has black leather bindings for grip. The guard consists of Nheriote stone in the shape of a human skull, with the blade protruding from the head. The sword is empowered so that only those to have proven themselves worthy of using the weapon may use it. The sword may not be able to picked up at all due to the empowerment, even if the person in question has Absolute Strength. The sword can only be lifted and used by the worthy. The sword also inflicts tremendous damage on all beings struck by it. Adoessuor can be willed by Faerniir to leave trails of Psiordial Ash in the air, creating temporary opaque constructs to give an edge in battle. It can also to produce a strange black glow to act as a light in the darkness- though only Faerniir can see it. It also makes Faerniir harder to detect. The sword is 3 feet long, with a blue-translucent Nheriote Stone (Denser and stronger than Diamond and immune to oxidation, heat, cold, acid, erosion, electrical) razor-edge to the blade, more curved as it nears the tip, with three protrusions along the blunt end of the sword close to its tip. The Stone Skull of Adoessour is made of blue-translucent Nheriote Stone, adorned with black Nhellium in both eye sockets. Adoessuor is a Grand Relic of immense power. Adoessour replenishes Health and Power over the course of a battle/fight. Anti-regeneration powers won't work on him when wielding Adoessuor. The Grand Relic is made by Large Nheriote Cores and Large Nhellium Cores, which are minerals which weigh 1.25 LBS, each. This Grand Relic weighs only 3.5 LBS. Nhellium and Nheriote doesn't just bend, they cut and carve everything they touch, including normal metals. Faerniir can use the Nhellium and Nheriote to be able to easily crush and/or deform objects around him simply by making physical contact with the objects. Individuals who are affected by this would be afflicted with severely misshapen bones that appeared as if they had simply grown that way their whole lives. In several cases, Faerniir accomplishes this by applying levels of force to objects. The Nhellium and Nheriote are able to easily cut almost anything simply by making physical contact with the objects. Faerniir is able to cause varying levels of pain, including physical, mental and/or emotional, to his targets using supernatural means, via, the Nheriote and Nhellium.

    With Adoessuor in hand, he moved steadily faster and faster into a jogging pace for himself, but he moved quite fast, so fast that the very air curved at his presence. He was seething in so much rage that he begun swinging Adoessuor around like a madman, cleaving down trees with a thickness of a mid sized house. The tree groaned under its own weight before sliding sideways down at an angle, due to the cleaving strike to the poor tree. Then the tree flattened the ground it landed on in Faerniir's wake with a loud, but slightly muffled thud. Critters of the forest near the tree scampered away, fear in their eyes, for they could feel and sense his uncontrollable rage seethiing through, burning and scorching the ground he walked on in a streak of destruction. Everything he touched, either turned black as onyx color, or simply wilted away, being drained of nourishments needed to thrive. This rampaging creature known as Faerniir was wandering aimlessly, looking and searching for a bloody battle to begin with him in the midst.
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  5. " Go, Now Evisceration! Bare your fangs!" The blade practically responded, and in response it'd levitated from the hip of the wielder. Being sent barreling off toward the opponent, and ceasing ten feet from the opponent. Now the wielder himself was.. Gone? What happened? Where did the wielder go ? How could he have moved so swiftly? The only thing that could've been heard was an incredibly loud scream. Delivered by the winds, and the winds begun to tear trees from the root. Sending them barreling toward the opponent. Meanwhile the water droplets that were aforementioned came toward the opponent, in each and every direction simultaneously. This water was no mere water. The water was given power by Poseidon himself. Not to mention that due to the users own natural ability, passed down from generation to generation. The water was oblivious, and held the blank trait.

    Now the water was sent spiraling toward the opponent in each and every direction. It'd even sprouted upward into the opponents crotch from the ground below, a practical ocean bombarded the opponent with ease. Before it'd all begun to collapse simultaneously, this water was capable of moving at speeds beyond the god speeds, beyond instantaneous, and faster then a single unit of plancks time.

    Now the ground below begun to collapse beneath the area where Adenthos stood. Now, in a sudden and incredibly fluent motion, the skies were split practically in two. Space became visible for he'd removed all of the water vapor, oxygen, and hydrogen content in the atmosphere in that select area simultaneously with his movement speed alone. The flames were left to be dispelled by the oblivious winds.

    The question still, where was the mad man that caused all of this destruction all at once? How would the opponent escape water that would track his vector? Was this man the direct descendant of the Leviathan Samurai? The answer was simple.. Yes of course he was.

    Only the Leviathan Samurai was capable of preforming such techniques with such ease.. The blade continued to merely levitate at a distance away from the opponent.

    Meanwhile, from the right side and hidden within the water the chain of conviction followed closely behind. Being invisible to the naked eye, and even an eye that could detect objects with given "Divinity."
  6. Faerniir released Total Devastation/Annihilation Wave: Faerniir can released massive amounts of Psiordial in every directions at once for almost unlimited scales. This ability allows Faerniir to dispatch many foes at once and destroy large area like villages. Combined with other abilities, this power can be used to achieve many effects (i.e. magic can be used with omnidirectional attacks to transform or cast spells on many people at once). This caused a chain reaction to Faerniir's Psiordial as well, for it developed weapons based on swords alone, creating a field where even blank traits could not cross.

    Summoned Swords - "Phantom Swords" are Psiordial Power generated blades. Faerniir can summon and disperse them at will. They are solid despite their appearance. Summoned Swords can also be used as projectiles and can suspend themselves in midair around a target before firing at them. He can surround his enemy in his Psiordial Powers and fire an amazing amount of Summoned Swords at them. The opaque swords of shimmering, multicolored Psiordial Power can protect Faerniir from all forms of attack. The swords block any attempt to project something through the swords (including spells). The semi-solid Psiordial Power generated swords cause incredible damage to all beings struck by them.

    This meant every kind of Phantom sword known to Faerniir in an Omnidirectional sphere that prevented the water from getting near him at all, in a little bubble around him of Psiordial Power. Phantom Aggression is shaped like a curved, blunt lightning bolt, and is colored black with a red glow. When striking targets, it creates purple and red impact effects. Phantom Fury is an oblong weapon with a thick, zig-zagging blade. Its blade is angular, black, and has a red glow. When striking targets, it creates purple and red impact effects. The lower half of Phantom Despair is wide and sports a thin gap shaped like an upside-down diamond. There is a rectangular bump halfway up the blade, and the tip of the blade fans outward. This model of Phantom Sword is black and glows red. When striking targets, it creates purple and red impact effects. Phantom Swathe's blade has a slight curve and gets increasingly wider from the handle to the tip. The tip of the blade is flat and slanted so that the inner edge of the blade is actually longer than the outer edge. The inner edge is lined with curved spikes. This type of Phantom Sword glows yellow. Upon striking targets, the blades create a violet X-shaped slashing effect. Phantom Discipline is shaped like an elongated oval. There is a large, teardrop-shaped gap in the middle of the blade. The entire outer edge of Discipline, including the handle, is lined with short, triangular spikes. There is also a longer, thin spike that protrudes from the tip of the blade into the gap in the middle. This model of Phantom Sword has a yellow glow. Upon striking targets, the blades create a violet X-shaped slashing effect.

    Phantom Conquest has a complex handle comprised of intersecting patterns that leaves a diamond-shaped gap at the base of the blade and two teardrop-shaped gaps, one on either side of the diamond. There is another diamond-shaped gap in the handle. The blade is basic, though the sides are concave and it seems to be rather short. This Phantom Sword's glow is rather peculiar, as the lower half glows purple, and the top half glows white. When striking enemies, it releases a burst of violet light with some horizontal white lines. Phantom Flare is a two-pronged blade, with one of the blades being a fair bit longer than the other. The tips of both prongs flair outward slightly. This model of Phantom Sword has a violet glow. When striking enemies, it releases a burst of violet light with some horizontal white lines. Phantom Overlord is a two-pronged blade with an elegant, helix shape. The prongs intersect above the handle, leaving an oval-shaped gap, and the tips do not connect at the end of the blade, leaving another gap. It has a blue glow. Like Sanction, it releases blue sparks and lines when striking targets. Phantom Perish is much more sword-like than most of Faerniir's other Phantom Swords. The blade is not unlike that of Conquest, as it sports the same concave edges, but Perish's blade is longer and hollow. The handle is shaped like a cross with a diamond-shaped gap in the center. The handle is connected to a guard of sorts that is an extension of the sides of the blade. This guard has two spikes on either side. Phantom Perish has a very faint yellow glow and is mostly black, though the tip of the blade is red-orange. When striking a target, Phantom Perish creates an impact effect with a pink ring.

    Each Phantom Sword generated a Flow, a Flow allows Faerniir to manipulate the vectors around him, deviating the opponent's water Vector, even if a blank trait, still holds a Vector, so the Vector of water was hurrily pushed away and directed around Faerniir. He roared in triumph, for now there was a fighter for him to play with! Adoessuor in hand, Faerniir slammed the sword down, striking at the ground and delivering another Total Devastation Wave, but this one with Adoessuor's Null Shatter ability. Null Shatter - All Empowered, Power forged, Power Generated, magical effects and magic items, except for those that Faerniir carries, are disjoined on contact with Adoessuor. That is, Powers, spells and spell-like effects are separated into their individual components (ending the effect as a dispel magic spell does), and permanent magic items will be turned into normal items, even deity enchanted. Faerniir can also destroy antimagic fields. Even artifacts are subject to Null Shatter. Additionally, if an artifact is destroyed, the opponent permanently loses all spell-casting abilities. (These abilities cannot be recovered by mortal magic, not even miracle or wish.) Adoessuor can cancel out the powers of others as long as they are under Adoessuor's affect. SAdoessuor is surrounded by a nullification zone; those with powers have them canceled out. Adoessuor can also negate Magical powers and effects that originate from magic. Spells, curses, hexes, jinxes and charms are all negated by Adoessuor. In addition, magical objects/items and potions are rendered useless, while the effect of ley lines is diminished. Magical creations even weaken, and eventually crumble, disperse or dissolve when Adoessuor makes contact with them(excluding Faerniir of course).

    In short work, even blank traits were broken down to their fundamental values and discarded as useless to Faerniir. Destruction of the land around moved faster, for the water softened and taken away most of the top layer of dirt. Adoessuor's destructive power tore through debris of rock, minerals and life, completely wiping out everything in a 3 mile radius with Faerniir at the Epicenter. Black Winds howled, Black Lightning struck, Black Flames scorched and ate everything in their paths, Black Water devoured normal water, sucking up all the nourishing minerals, leaving empty husks of land, deserted of life. Waves of Black Water reseeded, fueling Adoessuor and Faerniir by taking the minerals into their forms. Black Lightning continued to strike all around him, blasting anything alive in the 3 mile radius to death, if the opponent was not careful enough, a stray bolt could potentially harm him severely, or out right kill him. When Faerniir lifted Adoessuor from the 3 mile radius, lifeless region of dead land with debris slowly pouring off of the piles left behind of was once a living and thriving area, now dead and replaced by a barren wasteland. The slink of Adoessuor was clearly heard as the blade came loose from the ground. "Everything will die!" He seethed, wanting more destruction and growing in power because of the devastation around him. He is the Embodiment of Battles, he only gets stronger as death and destruction is near by..
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  7. " I will tear asunder those who bring destruction, and I will destroy you, Faerniir!!!" The male gasconaded at the top of his lungs, as the blade was caught in mid air. The obliviousness still shone bright within the waters. The opponent seemed to have forgotten this. The opponents abilities meant absolutely nothing.

    The attempt at redirecting the waters and attempting to disperse them was a complete and total failure on the part of the opponent. Now the waters collided with the opponent, and instantaneously the abilities of the opponent were removed. Everything, including the opponents phantom swords almost as if ceased to exist. Due to the fact that the blades were created by the opponents abilities.

    Even the adouessor, was sent barreling away from the opponent, and even with the opponents connection to the weapon. The connection itself was a complete and total failure. Now the opponent lacked the ability to recall his weapon. It was sent 80 miles off in the opposite direction.

    The waters that impacted the opponent, would now uplift the opponent, and the water became frozen instantaneously.

    Now, the man Adenthos, continued moving forward into the block of ice that the opponent was frozen within. The ice was unable to be melted, as it had been given the immutability trait now. He'd continued charging forth at god speeds, and the blade within his hand was brought forth in a thrusting motion, and he'd moved at such an immense rate of speed that his own embodiment was set ablaze, and he'd prepared to kill the opponent now.. Heading straight for the opponents cranium..
  8. Skill, the blades were a skill. This meant that his Anti-Ability negation failed. Even Adoessuor's Null-Shatter is still in effect, which means no water was around him and all life in a 3 mile radius was wiped out. Only thing that survived was his opponent. Can not negate skills which are learned, over abilities that are gained. The Null Field generated after the Null-Shatter Skill came into being. An invisible barrier surrounds the dagger and moves with it. The space within the barrier is impervious to most effects, including spells, spell-like abilities, supernatural abilities, and powers. Likewise, it prevents the functioning of any magic items, spells, powers and abilities within its confines. An Null Field suppresses any spell and magical effect used within, brought into, or cast into the area, but does not dispel it. Time spent within an Null Field counts against the suppressed spell’s duration. Summoned creatures of any type and incorporeal undead wink out if they enter an Null Field. They reappear in the same spot once the field goes away. Time spent winked out counts normally against the duration of the conjuration that is maintaining the creature. A normal creature can enter the area, as can normal missiles. Furthermore, while a magic sword does not function magically within the area, it is still a sword (and a masterwork sword at that). The spell has no effect on golems and other constructs that are imbued with magic during their creation process and are thereafter self-supporting (unless they have been summoned, in which case they are treated like any other summoned creatures). Elementals, corporeal undead, and outsiders are likewise unaffected unless summoned. These creatures’ spell-like and supernatural abilities, however, may be temporarily nullified by the field. Dispel does not remove the field. Two or more Null Fields sharing any of the same space have no effect on each other.

    The 3 mile radius was now under the effects of Null-Shatter and Null Field. Anything outside of Faerniir's control is completely destroyed, except the opponent and his sword. The sword only suffers minor disabilities, since that was his major target. Faerniir roared again, waiting for his opponent to show himself in full stature. His tail swaying in rage behind him.
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  9. " Cry, Evisceration!" The male spoke in a rather incredibly loud tone. "Shukoshi-No-Shyungai!" The male screamed at the top of his lungs, and being that this was no more then a bodily skill it could still be used in this situation. He'd moved far beyond the speeds called god speed. The movement was so fast that it couldn't even be detected by the eye of the Un-life opponent.

    Now, air particles were severed by the sheer movement of his embodiment. Now in what appeared to have been a wall of winds before the opponent came forth, and begun thwarting the opponents equilibrium. Pulling the opponent off balance, and due to the fact that the opponent hindered himself temporarily this was the perfect time.

    "Flying glass dragon claw technique!!" A voice spoke from among the winds, and amidst the very center of the wall of winds, did what appeared to be a gargantuan reptilian creature appear. Without wings of course, it was created by the sheer force of the males movement..

    Now where was Adenthos? The very ground below the feet of the opponent shook incredibly violently. Causing the opponent to lose equilibrium at an even more rapid rate. The dragon composed of sheer winds charged forth at the opponent meanwhile the opponent was being pulled inward by the winds..
  10. Anchoring down with Adoessuor, Faerniir did not move towards or away from his place, due to the fact that he became immoveable for the moment. This was not an ability, but an empowerment. Empowerments can even work under hostile reasons. Faerniir did not become unbalanced, for he was unmoveable, via, through the Anchoring of Adoessuor. Not only that, the Planar Chains manifested around Faerniir and chained him in place, so he would not move at all, besides if he willed himself to move, he could, but for now he wished not to move.

    Deep went the Planar chains into the ground, preventing him from going anywhere. They went so deep that they looked almost like roots in the ground by the time the wind dragon came closer. Faerniir did not need to move at all. He allowed the attack to come towards him! He wanted the strike to occur. A 'free hit' it was. He grinned under his helmet, knowing full well that this elemental wind could not harm him in the least, in fact, it'd heal him given the chance to make contact, even if blank trait was involved, it was an innate natural thing.

    On the flip side, the Phantom Swords continued to prevent the winds from slashing at him, for they thwarted the wind's impede over the area. Faerniir begun inhaling through the helmet he wore, breathing deeply and loudly, with a furrowing glaze crystalizing over the place where a mouth should be on the helmet. What was he going to do now, since he was going to TANK the attack?
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  11. Now he'd appeared before the opponent, and simultaneously he appeared behind the opponent. Yet, the image in-front of the opponent flickered several thousands of times, and the image behind the opponent did the exact same thing simultaneously. Due to the fact that he'd moved with such immense speed that his particles practically separated with his movements. Now he'd appeared to have been in nine places simultaneously, from north east, north west, south, north, east and west, from each and every direction simultaneously he seemed to have appeared..

    It'd appeared as if each and every image held in it's right hand the evisceration blade.. Now they'd all moved simultaneously once more, with each and every one of the blades moving for the opponents groin, left shoulder, right shoulder, spinal cord, jugular vein, windpipe, solar plexus, the back of the cranium, and the front of the cranium simultaneously.

    The strikes moved so rapidly, that even when they'd arrived at their destinations the opponent would cease to feel them coming anywhere near him. For the simple fact that the rapid particle movements meant that the strikes would have delayed times in between motions.

    This was no ability, this was no power at all. Rather a legendary technique passed down from generation to generation within the family. Now another after image appeared, to have been targeting the opponents anus by making use of the after images. The question was, where could the fully solidified Adenthos possibly be? Or was he moving in and out of the now ten spots so rapidly that solidification for him as of this very moment was made impossible?

    This technique was one that was only ever used as a last resort, because it was one that would take quite the heavy toll on his own embodiment. The winds that pulled inward continued to do so. Therefore while the phantom blades were distracted for themselves by battling away the winds.

    Now several more after images appeared near each of the chains, running up the chains and into the opponents cranium simultaneously holding even more blades, the male now appeared to have been in twenty one places all at the same time.. How would the opponent react?
  12. Faerniir allowed the hits to come, only clinking against his armor. Each hit only was absorbed by the armor's defensive design. A simple design that made even the critical impacts come out as tiny tinks against metals. Each and every impact made was absorbed and when the swords came close to his head, that is when he finally released his pent up rage in a bellowing spray-cone shaped blaze of glory all over the damned place. He was breathing fire! Not normal fire, for it was Psiordial Flame.

    Faerniir generated and manipulated the Psiordial Flame of higher heat and intensity that can incinerate objects in a matter of seconds, which is inextinguishable by normal means. The Flames are also far more intense than normal flames, they can incinerate anything to the point of leaving absolutely no byproduct (not even ashes), and even smother and "burn" normal fire and water. The Flames don't just burn, they can incinerate everything thing, even normal flames. This Flame can also have magical properties when mixed with magic. Faerniir can burn anything, even if they are normally non-flammable, incorporeal or even conceptual entities, such as time. Faerniir can raise the temperature to absolute levels, generating scientifically unexplainable levels of particle energies; due to burning at such otherwise impossible levels, complete annihilation of object at subatomic levels occur. Faerniir can set anything ablaze, even if they are non flammable, and incorporeal matter such as the air itself. Faerniir is able to combust even conceptual entities, such as setting a timeline on fire to destroy certain historical pieces. Fireproof Skin provides no defense against this ability.

    This flame burnt up everything around Faerniir, for he was immune to his own breath weapon. But his opponent was not. Everything began burning at the slightest of touches to the heat, lack flames rushing outwards, critters running away only to be cut down by the flames and devoured. Everything was being devoured to the point that the epicenter of it all was Faerniir once again. In such intense heat and high levels of flames, one could scarcely say they can survive but a minor burn, for even a minor burn can be deadly with this flame..

    He continued to spew out this flame, burning everything in his path with it. Even attacks meant to be lethal were burned away, leaving no traces of anything left behind. This world was now dying very fast, for the flames were devouring the ground they step on now. In a matter of seconds, this planet will not be anymore.

    Act fast Adenthos, if you do not wish to die here..
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  13. He'd known now what was soon to come, and with an opponent who had fire capabilities he wouldn't dare wish to battle against the opponent upon the second planet that was filled with methane. Due to the fact that the opponent controlled flame, and a single spark would set the entire planet ablaze instantaneously.

    Now what he would resort to next would be yet another strange thing. He'd used the forward momentum to move backward, and using the immense speed he withheld within. He'd propel himself backward at an incredible rate of speed, which literally meant that he was using his blade like a helicopter blade.. Using it to propel himself even faster.

    Now what he would proceed to do is drag the blade along the ground below, so that he might generate quite a large amount of Psionic ice, by making use of the ground beneath his feet. He did not require the usage of water for such a technique. Being that his blade was imbued with the almighty power of Poseidon.

    He brought forth incredibly massive chunks of psionic ice. In the shape of a wall, in order to cancel out the opponents flames. Continuously, the wall was generated about the entire opposite side of the planet. Causing the temperature to drop incredibly low, and he'd merely continuously fought off the opponents flames.

    The determined look in his eyes, only meant that the inner Leviathan of his willpower begun to reveal itself. Soon enough he would begin fighting like the mighty sea serpent itself. Relentlessly, and without hesitation at all. He'd watched as the flames danced over-top the wall of ice that he'd generated.

    The winds, and large amount of smoke produced by the flames were utterly assaulting his lungs, yet he was unwilling to stop now. He'd come too far to back away and cower with his tail in between his legs. Now he would hold his blade before himself. Proudly, and through the entire fight. The Evisceration blade stuck by his side. He'd held the beautiful and unsheathed blade in a vertical position. As he'd been using his own blade to continuously generate winds, that would attract each and every small amount of the flame toward the gigantic Fortress of ice. In order to extinguish the flames..
  14. Faerniir halted his breath weapon attack, which resulted in a laps in them in a moment. He sensed with his Hearing, Tasting and Touch Senses that the temperature and pressure in the atmosphere changed. Ice was being used. In short work, Faerniir used Reddopsi: Powers targeting Faerniir rebound back onto the manifester of the powers. This was an instant skill. He also added onto that with Psiordial Ice.

    Psiordial Ice: Faerniir can create and manipulate the darkest aspect of ice that is straight from the darkest fears sentient mind has about winter, ice and arctic areas, including the fears of treacherous ice breaking, burying/devouring, damaging or tripping the victim in downright malicious ways. Psiordial Ice doesn't just freeze, it crushes and shatters all things, including regular ice. Faerniir can reduce the kinetic energy of atoms meaning he effectively makes things colder, Faerniir is capable of generating and sending forth various freezing effects. Faerniir also has the ability to transform moisture/water into varying forms of ice and control, manipulate and move it as he wishes. Faerniir can freeze anything, from tangible targets, to intangible energy such as fire, or concepts such as time. Faerniir can drop the temperature to absolute zero, which is impossible by natural means, causing quantum effects; due to freezing at such otherwise impossible levels, breakdowns at atomic levels and superconductivity occur. Cold Immunity provides no defense against this ability and thawing of ice is more difficult, if not impossible.

    The Ice walls were moving back towards Adenthos' location at increasing speeds. They were also gathering up Psiordial Earth minerals under and in front of these Psiordial Ice walls. Faerniir's tail swayed back and forth, as his rage seethed through him even more. He was about to use a Mid Tier attack soon and he needed the prep of time to do so. These two were used as decoys for him to build up the amount of power needed to create the mid tier strike, so he was channeling as Psiordial Ice and Psiordial Earth moved towards Adenthos at such speeds that one could blink and they'd be gone the moment you blink.

    Psiordial Earth: Faerniir is able to manipulate the darker, destructive aspects of the earth, as well as powers associated with them. These include powers dealing with death, pollution and natural disasters, among others. Psiordial Earth doesn't just damage, it crushes everything, even any earthly minerals. Faerniir can create, shape and manipulate any "Earthen" elements including most solid objects, specifically all minerals and mineral compositions regardless of their state (mountain, boulder, sand or dust), dirt, soil, etc.
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  15. The chain of conviction lashed outward now, and it was hidden the entire time within the waters from previously. It'd with ease traveled toward the opponent at over 80,000 mph. The azure glow upon the bare tip of the chain was extremely potent. A deep electric blue it was, and oh how vivid was the beauty of it all. The chain rattled and motioned itself about just like a cobra striking it's prey. The violent rattling and metal on metal colliding within the chain only meant one thing.

    It'd already arrived at it's destination, and that was the back of the opponents cranium. Now it would wrap around the neck of the opponent, before it would instantaneously proceed to wrap around each and every limb of the opponent, with ease. it was absolutely incredible how fast the action occurred. Due to the fact that the opponent did not exactly stop the chain much earlier on in the battle the chain could preform both it's secondary and primary actions within the same turn.

    The chain would proceed to uplift the opponent, and violently shake the opponent around. Preventing the opponent from preforming any preparation actions this turn. it'd completely hindered the opponents embodiment, the uplifting was done with incredible ease.

    It'd now brought the opponent down into the ground below. Meanwhile Adenthos proceeded to disappear once more. This time the crater that was created within the ground was so massive that it'd caused the psiordial earth, and ice alike to fall into the 850 ft crater. The shattering sound of the movements only meant that the sound barrier was broken hundreds of times over.

    The chain now proceeded to thrust the opponent through the air, and into the core of the planet, now the opponent was being brought down at speeds that topped 800,000 mph. Enough to rip asunder the internal organs of many organisms. Yet, he himself knew that in faerniirs case the armor only further prevented the absolute death of the opponent. He would very easily survive the impact. The purpose of this attack was never to kill either..
  16. Prevented from summoning for this time. Faerniir gladly took the beating, knowing full well that his armor was the thing being pounded on. He decided to break contact with his armor, so the armor its self went into the core before Faerniir was launched into the air. His appearance, true as it is, was a wonderful sight to behold for such a small creature. The Helmet with the armor entered the core, but taking no damage at all, for the chain was occupied by the armor for now.

    Faerniir stands at 4 feet and 11 inches, but weighs in at 80LBS. His skin is pale in color, though has faint inscriptions of scales all across his being, fading into his face and half of his chest bare of these inscriptions. His eyes show ice-blue in the irises and silver where the white should be. He is compact, but wiry muscled. He has short spiked white-silver hair that streaks about his head in pointy ends with some tails of hair being longer than the others. He has a silver cross earring on the left ear, chained by a thin inter-locked chain of circuits. He also has a silver sphere earring on his right ear with a translucent blue sapphire crystal at the core of the sphere. He also has a choker collar on his neck, buckled in the front by a silver latch, with a seperate necklace piece crescent shaping in three areas, with the middle crescent with holding a red ruby tear drop. A Cross Tattoo on his back side shows wings on both sides and the centre point of the cross is a circle and another tattoo on the left side of his face showing his UnLife Heritage in swirls, spears, and tails of a draconic form just on the left side of his left eye. He also has Cloth Bandages wrapped around his entire body. Though he still looks thinly built and small; but do not let the eyes deceive you. He wears baggy black pants with remnants of armor and a torn black sash attached to them, as well as as a long-sleeved, ankle-length black leather coat, which is closed at his chest and left to flare out into ragged ends. The Gauntlets are made of Psiordial Biomass which appears as black Dragon-Hide and Black Dragon-Scales. Thick Dragon-Hide, energy absorbing material, and load spreading padding Psiordial Biomass infused with Dragon-Hide (Denser and stronger than Adamant, but Semi-flexible, and immune to oxidation, heat, cold, acid, erosion, electrical) and Dragon-Scales (Denser and stronger than Diamond, but Semi-flexible, and immune to oxidation, heat, cold, acid, erosion, electrical) to protect the arms, wrists, hands, and fingers in a battle or an accident. The Gauntlets also have waterproof membranes lining the outsides. The Boots are made of the same material as the gauntlets.

    He dusted himself off, awaiting to see what would happen. He Banished Adoessuor for now, since it was of no use for the moment. Instead, he called forth Ripper, the Scythe into his left hand, which he twirled and played with, waiting for his opponent to come. Ripper is slightly curved, 5 foot long snaith made out of Nhellium(Denser and stronger than Diamond and immune to oxidation, heat, cold, acid, erosion, electrical), coated in gold and silver swirls, and black leather strappings for grips on the middle of the snaith. The heel, ring, and tang are protected by a human skull made out of Nheriote (Denser and stronger than Adamant, but Semi-flexible, and immune to oxidation, heat, cold, acid, erosion, electrical), with red ruby stone eyes. 3 foot Long, somewhat curved, razor edged, scytheblade protruding from the skull's mouth, made from Nhellium with a hue of obscuring darkness. The Scythe has a corona of flames dancing around its blade, of crimson-blood color. The Psiordial Power, appearing as light that is somehow dark, radiates out in a burst as directed by the Scythe's wielder. All touched by this Psiordial Power can have their life force snuffed out. A Psiordial Power Generated Field appears around the wielder of the Scythe, glowing with a chaotic blast of multicolored hues. This field deflects incoming arrows, rays, and other ranged attacks. The Scythe is made by Colossus Nheriote Cores and Colossus Nhellium Cores, which are minerals which weigh 2.75 LBS, each. The Scythe weighs 5.5 LBS. Nhellium and Nheriote doesn't just bend, they Carve and Crush, Smash and Slash everything they touch, including normal metals. Faerniir can use the Nhellium and Nheriote to be able to easily crush and/or deform objects around him simply by making physical contact with the objects. Individuals who are affected by this would be afflicted with severely misshapen bones that appeared as if they had simply grown that way their whole lives. In several cases, Faerniir accomplishes this by applying levels of force to objects. The Nhellium and Nheriote are able to easily cut almost anything simply by making physical contact with the objects. Faerniir is able to cause varying levels of pain, including physical, mental and/or emotional, to his targets using supernatural means, via, the Nheriote and Nhellium.

    He was alert now, since the armor was off. He was faster with out the armor on, meaning he can keep up with Adenthos with Accelerations kicking in, which they did. First Acceleration kicked in. Acceleration is a quick burst of speed propels the user forward. This technique helps get the user out of tight situations and contains invincibility frames. Acceleration can be used as a quick aerial dash that propels the user forward through the air. Acceleration is a movement technique, which allows the user to move faster than their original speed. The focal point which determines the basis of this technique is speed. As speed is the main point of the technique, the method is best characterized by how fast one can get from point A to point B in the least amount of steps. Training and skill are what determines how fast a user of Acceleration can move; those of little skill in the technique or those who have not used it for an extended amount of time would obviously be out of practice, causing those individuals to be considerably slower, which requires the use of more steps to move the same distance and become winded in a shorter amount of time. (Increases speed by 80 times).

    Then Major Acceleration kicked in. Major Acceleration is somewhat similar to Acceleration in regards to function and speed, Major Acceleration appears to be more instinctual, seemingly requiring no previous knowledge to perform. It produces the silent sound of Acceleration. Though the technique is exhibited by most UnLife, the proficiency with which it can be performed is limited only by the individual, with Faerniir in particular being able to cover tremendous distances at such speed that his Major Acceleration seems akin to teleportation. Faerniir's use is notable for the fact that he simply appears solidly instead of shimmering momentarily like other Major Acceleration users. (Increases speed by 640 times, faster than Acceleration).

    Finally, Supreme Acceleration kicked in. Supreme Acceleration causes Faerniir to "blink" around, using the Psiordial Origin. This makes Faerniir harder to attack, since there is a chance an attack or spell will miss due to Faerniir not being on the Prime Material Plane at the time. Faerniir can move through solid objects on the Prime Material Plane while Supreme Acceleration the Psiordial Origin, however, if Faerniir materializes in the same location as a solid object, he becomes "shunted" to the nearest available empty space, and this causes no damage. As long as Faerniir has the Power to use this. (Increases speed by 2,560 times, faster than Major Acceleration).

    He was quick enough to keep pace with Adenthos now. He kicked off of the ground, barreling himself towards Adenthos' location in such speeds one could hear the hypersonic barrier break many times over. He swirled Ripper in his grasp, allowing the Concept which Ripper Embodied come to his eyes. Faerniir is allowed to "perceive death" in the form of lines and dots. Faerniir is the only one who can touch or use these lines and dots (i.e. no one can interact with the lines/dots even if Faerniir were to point out their location on something). These lines can then be traced with a sharp object such as a knife or a sword which cuts the line (this can also be done with blunter objects such as fingers but this is generally less effective then a blade). Cutting the line “breaks” the object along that line and damage inflicted this way can not be healed or repaired in any way. Healing is possible if cutting the line doesn't completely separate a part of the object from the object itself. Dots can be pierced by sharp objects. Piercing a dot effectively “erases” that object from existence, in a sense that the object loses even its inherent properties such as momentum, toxicity, and generally any effect it may impose on it's surrounding. Living things whose dot was pierced get “stopped” and, as a consequence, die. While this death may not be instant, it is absolutely permanent, and can't be reversed or bypassed, even by reincarnation.
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  17. The chain of conviction continued it's motions all the way through the molten and yet incredibly solidified inner core of the planet. Piercing through and choosing rather to remain at the core of the planet, and only a single link exploded out the southern pole of the planet now. Only a single link was visible, to Adenthos himself. For the opponent couldn't possibly know where the link burst out from. Only Adenthos knew for he was the one who commanded it.

    Now Adenthos had to make a choice, he'd had an opponent that could now rival his speed at this pace. Then again he knew for a fact that if the opponent was capable of moving at his pace. He knew that the opponent too would suffer the same consequence as he if the opponents motions suddenly ceased.

    A grim concupiscent smile crept across the visage of Adenthos. He knew that now was his opprotunity, and due to the fact that the blade within his hand was already unsheathed, it could be considered first preparation within his last turn. Now all the male would proceed to do is turn about at three hundred and sixty degrees. In a sudden and quite swift rotation. The opponent couldn't possibly avoid this motion, due to the fact that the opponent pushed through at such a high speed that his momentum could only follow through in one direction.

    Now as mentioned before, the blade was stricken with the bolt of Zeus. Which gives the wielder the ability to strike with the power the equivelant to that of Zeus himself. With the speed of one of his lightning bolts, and strength that was beyond incomprehensibly. The blade lashed out now in a horizontal slashing motion, and the blade appeared to have been slicing through the throat of the opponent.

    Rather then slice through the throat of the opponent the blade went through the opponents being, without truly going through. The particles bounced off the figure of the opponents flesh.. Making it appear to have touched the opponent when that was not the case at all.

    The strike was so fast, and was beyond comprehension. Therefore the strike came like hail in the summer. Unexpectedly, and so fast that it couldn't have possibly been avoided, for none would know it was coming.

    The blades hilt impacted the back of the opponents cranium. Sending the opponent barreling into the ground below once more. Now that the opponent was grounded he continued darting about at speeds that were absolutely incredible. Several pieces of earth were thrown into the opponents being.
  18. With speed came his mind acceleration. Faerniir's reflexes were at par with his physical strength, meaning he can reflexively see faster than he could move. The slightest notion of movement from a strained muscle to that of the tension in the entire body for moving at such speeds in the opponent, Adenthos. Faerniir moved Ripper into par with the impact, only the blade was hit on Ripper, nothing else was hit. The speed of reflex to his natural speed was far different and so far apart that one could think he had precognition.

    Instead of precognition, it was Movement that made him go on instinct mode. He fights using his instincts and therefore, relies solely on his reflex and reaction time, which were above what the opponent, Adenthos anticipated. The impact with Ripper resounded as a slight ring sound, where he simply pushed the hilt away from his being while the shaft of Ripper came towards the legs of Adenthos at the same time of stopping and pushing the hilt away with the lade of Ripper. Now it was his opponent's turn to go on the defensive. Having higher acceleration to his reflex and reaction time made him a formidable foe. Even if he was pushed onto the ground, His Durability would lessen the impact, plus the Friction Dampener stated before would do the same thing, in short, having no damage inflicted on him for hitting the ground or falling. Seems he can only be harmed by some physical means, which ones were those? Adenthos must find out.
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  19. Now being that the opponent struck the hilt of the blade, before being struck in the back of his own cranium. The blade entered a highly adaptive state. One that could adapt to practically anything and in mere instants. The moment that the opponents weapon so much as touched the hilt of the Evisceration blade. The blade would now never again waver against the opponents weapon, and was now capable of breaking the opponents weapon, but because of the material and composition of the opponents weapon. It wouldn't very well matter that he could break the opponents weapon. Because of the fact that it would require rather extreme levels of force that he'd not had the proper distance to emit at it's fullest potential.

    Now it was time for he himself to react, and counter. That was the plan being that they were now engaged in extreme forms of close combat. The opponent made the mistake of not paying attention to the gigantic chunks of earth that were sent hurling toward his figure. Not to mention the fact that the chain of conviction only lied in wait until it was capable of landing yet another successful blow. Being that the opponent never prevented the preparation which was aforementioned when the chain of conviction burst from the ground in the previous turn. He could not avoid the blow. It was inevitable, and the chain once more lashed outward. Thrusting itself into the opponents being.

    Moving along in snake like motions, and attacking the opponent like a cobra striking it's prey. Dragging the length of the chain along the ground, and raising the brilliantly azure hue of the very tip of the chain upward. At it's peak altitude, before it'd come crashing downward upon the cranial structure of the opponent, and this time it'd stricken the opponent with such sheer force that the impact itself could've been heard for several thousands of miles away. For the blow was never meant to truly crush the skull of the opponent. It was meant to disorient the opponent, and offset the opponent temporarily. The strike was simultaneously followed by the second set of motions. Which completely and totally wrapped around the opponents entire figure, and delivered incredible amounts of crushing pressure that made escape from such a chain impossible.

    The chain begun to project a null field around the opponents figure. Before the opponent was violently shaken from side to side once more, and so rapidly that it would of course prevent the opponent from attacking at all within the next turn. The scythe was tossed aside, and several thousands of feet away from the opponent. Now the opponent would lose the link with his scythe, completely and totally preventing the opponent from recalling the scythe to his current location. As the opponents embodiment was brought downward with colossal amounts of force. The equivelant of a nuclear bomb dropping atop a city, with a force of 60 giga-tons the opponent was brought down into the ground with upon the first swing.

    Which would've sent the opponent downward at such immense speeds that the air friction would begin to torch the opponents flesh. At over 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit did the opponent become set ablaze. Now the opponent was inevitably sent descending the force of the chain brought the opponent down so hard that it could've slain the likes of a titan. Not even an almighty lord could escape such a violent attack. Yet, suddenly the chain begun to change appearances. It'd become much more ghastly in appearance, and soon the chain would appear to have become what was a "Leviathan." The scales of the leviathan were of brilliant azure hues, and were incredibly beautiful. The wings of the leviathan outstretched a distance of over 60 ft. The claws of the leviathan extended outward over twelve feet in length, and now the opponent could clearly see. This chain was more then a mere chain, this chain was of course a leviathan, and if the chain were ever to be broken it would unleash the leviathan which lies within the chain. Bound to the chain of conviction at the will of it's wielder.

    The opponent was already caught within the jaws of the "Leviathan." How would the opponent escape?The large chunks of earth continued to hurl themselves into the opponents body. Adding on to the flame that the opponent already faced. Now they'd batter and burn the opponent even further, and it'd seemed as if these chunks of earth were delivered the gift of heightened density.The amount of extra air particles that became condensed within the very earth that they'd come from. Which made the chunks of earth that now battered the opponent and accelerated the burning of the opponent weigh the equivalent of ten, billion earth tons.