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  1. The Earth has been plagued by atomic war and devastation by natural disasters, just as it began to inch its way into the future. Years have passed, mutants and dinosaurs roaming the wastelands, bloodthirsty for the civilized towns and settlements which have been made by the survivors, who hold on to the last shreds of modern living. Rumors have spread of the talk of olden experiments, such as mechanical men and laser guns roaming the forsaken globe alongside the mutants. Oppositely to Towns and Settlements, the 'Villages' are areas in which simpler ways of life are contained the Nu-Jungles and and such, consisting of loincloth wearing natives which were once average folk, driven to take up these savage ways in the fear of "Nuclear Gods."


    A figure in green t-shirt and denim jeans was sprinting across the more barren parts of the infernal world, this being one of many wastelands which covered the land. Upon his back was a short red cape, presumably attached to the inside of the shirt on the sleeves.

    Upon his chest was the circular yellow and black symbol for a radioactive hazard. Of course if you were Ralph "Daft" Spencer, the symbol would have been justified for reasons soon to be realized...
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