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"Let The Hunt Begin~"

Chaos theory said things fall apart, chaos theory said everything is random, everything is atrophy and unknown and there is no way you will ever control it or understand it. That it's all just guessing, you can't even count the possibilities you can never know, you can never prepare, you can never do anything about it. crap just happened. It happened ferociously and unstoppably, all physics and beyond the physics, rapidly changing numbers and beyond the numbers...who knows.

Chaos theory would be pondered for thousands of years.

Can you tell a smile from a veil? They were indistinguishable here, they were a permanent fixture of this Utopian city. As much a fixture as the invisible walls, or beckoning, threatening virus, a bell from a tower, the summons. Year after year, these would remain until they crumbled, and me veil would remain as well. Only time could erode it.

Bright eyes moistened in a young mans sockets as he stared at outward at the inconspicuous diner from within the comfort of his vehicle...the mysterious man seemed to of arrived later than he intended and thus found himself parked behind a bus containing god knows who as a bunch of children began to crowd the lawn of the fine establishment. He sat patiently as if waiting for something to be drawn to him, by fate, by chance, by aggression or any other motive. Hell maybe he did understand chaos theory. Maybe deep inside he knew how things tended to unravel.

Yes, yes he did understand. Silently the man counted down the time to himself...the sound of laughter and hushed mutters filling the air as youngers ordered their meals and went on their way with their field trip. Lifting his arm and pulling up his sleeve he checked his watch and shook his head.

"Time...running out of time~" He growled, closing his eyes and inhaling deeply through his nostrils. His driver adjusted the rear view mirror and focused its lens on the nameless figure in the backseat.

"He needs to know Sir, before things get out of hand." The Driver mused, making the gray skinned man nod his head.

"Keep the car runnin~" He commanded, adjusting his hat and popping the door of the Cadillac open. A single boot greeting the dirt as the man pushed himself out the car and twisted his neck, audibly cracking the bones as the man adjusted his tie and fixed his suit. Stepping around the side of the bus as the light hit his face, revealing severe burns and scarred tissue along the surface of his dead, gray skin. His eyes cold and his lips stripped away into a grisly display of disfigurement from the Glasgow smile that was carved into his face.

His dead eyes would wander over the few students gathered in front of the bus as the taller man strolled by them. The shadow he cast over them dancing as a wicked grin spread across his lips. Many of the students when meeting his gaze recoiled as their skin began to crawl with the mere sight of him, distancing themselves from the monstrosity that made his way to the front of the diner.

Once inside the mysterious figure merely took a seat near the door. Staring up at the hidden camera in the corner of the restaurant as he simply sat there and lifted a hand, tapping his finger against his watch as if beckoning to someone with a simple gesture.

The result was immediate. The door to the back of the diner cracked open and out came a man dressed like a table boy. An older who the stranger knew well. Well enough to know that this setting was not very fitting for either of them.

"Kingsley? Is that you?" Alfred asked, his voice heavy with worry as the man in black reached up to pull off his hat, bringing it down to his chest as he looked the old butler over. Immediately he shook his head and gave him a good look over. "You look-"

"Not a day over twenty? Alfred please, your gonna make me blush~" Kingsley teased, giving a low chuckle as Alfred scoffed a laugh at the man, looking towards some of the horrified students as they stared at the freak of nature before them and quickly climbed onto the bus.

"You know its always good to see you old friend but you could have called first, i fear you may of scared off my customers-"

"Oh i'm afraid i'm here because of an urgent matter. We need to talk Al and i fear it can't wait, so your little business is gonna be slow for a while." Kingsley cut in, narrowing his eyes tightly and giving Alfred a look that told him that this could not wait. The Man gave a brief nod of understanding before heading to the door, shutting the blinds and turning the sign on the door from 'open' to 'closed'.

"What is this all about Kingsley? You vanish for a decade then pop back up out of the blue like this? What's going on?" Alfred asked in a hushed tone as the disfigured man shifted his gaze along the restaurant as if inspecting it.

"You've seen the news?" He began before reverting his eyes back to Alfred. "Heroes all over started going missing. Starting with members of the league and ending with...less public figures. But things have escalated now...Children all over the world are going missing, infants from their cribs, little ones from the playgrounds, and in some rarer cases teenagers."

Alfred stared, grimacing at the mention of the missing heroes and only inhaling deeply when the children were brought up.

"Yes, i am aware~ We've been trying to figure out why but so far our investigation has come up empty-." Alfred replied, running a hand along his chin as Kingsley began to chuckle darkly.

"We huh? Heh, Well let me put your mind at ease...i know why and i also know whose behind it. Tell me, do you remember the K.I.N program?" Kingsley asked, making Alfred squint suspiciously.

"How could i forget? What are you saying? The ones behind Cerberus and Vostok are also behind the disappearances?" He asked, forcing a low sigh out of the man in black.

"Cerberus and Vostok were small time Al, was more of a beta test than anything else., whats happening now is far more advanced and sophisticated than anything they could muster. However, their work is what inspired their spiritual successors, a clandestine organization known only as 'Providence'. Completely off the books and unsanctioned by any government." He whispered, looking around the diner nervously before leaning in a bit closer. " Providence has found a way to extract mutated genes out of metahumans who have yet to awaken them. The victims you believe to be human are just heroes who have yet to stumble into their powers Alfred, but without awakening their abilities you would have never known. Very few metahumans actually go long without awakening it but for those who do they are taken. But that ain't the kicker Alfred. They've found a way to take dormant Genes and awaken them without a host by taking mutants who have awakened their powers and taking the unique mutation they possess and programming the dormant gene with code. Put simply, its a build-a-bear worship for heroes...and villains. By taking the inactive meta gene they can then take the DNA of say that pretty boy Superman and the DNA of say Martian. They can program the dormant genes with both mutagen strands and create a custom made Metahuman in which they can then infuse with a human host. Cerberus and Vostok was childs play Alfred, whats happening in the dark is far, far worse...and we need to stop it before things get out of control." Kingsley explained, the urgency in his voice growing as the disfigured man laid it all out for Alfred.

Alfred stared for a long moment, clearly thinking this through as he took in all the information he was given. Processing all this took him a moment as he leaned back and folded his fingers together.

"...How exactly did 'you' get all this information Kingsley? If memory serves me correctly your organization does not serve human or metahuman agendas. Which begs the question, why are you bringing this to me and how did you figure this all out?" Alfred questioned suspiciously as he looked up at Kingsley.

"Oh don't be like that Al. We go back to far for you to be suspecting me of foul play, The Hellsing Organization pokes its thumbs into many pies and it just so happens the pie of genetics is reasonably profitable. Besides, whats happening with heroes these days involves everyone Alfred, i am bringing this to you in good faith that you will act on it logically. Reach out to your sources, shake a few trees and rattle some bones. Everything i told you is everything i know and unfortunately there is nothing more i can give you. Providence is extremely secretive, it's like trying to catch smoke. But luckily for you i have a lead." Kingsley mused, weighing his head to the side as Alfred glared at him.

"A lead? And what might that be?" He asked with a quirked brow.

"A Hellsing Operative has been sniffing out little birds who love to sing. But she's been AWOL for a couple years after going into deep cover. You two are already acquainted i believe~" He pulled a red folder from his jacket, an initial written upon its surface.


He handed the folder to Alfred who took a single glance at the initials and furrowed his brow, popping the folder open to be met with a thick stack of papers with an image clipped to the front. A fully detailed dossier containing documents on a girl he used to know. Alfred had only met her once, many years ago when she was a mess after being found in a coffin for hundreds of years.

Vanya Valentine

Alfred felt his heart ache at the thought of the poor girl as he examined some of the details on the front. "Little Vivi? Little young to be a Hellsing Operative eh Kingsley?" Alfred stated bitterly as he flipped through a couple of the pages. "How old is she now? Sixteen?"

"Alfred please, she's Nineteen now...And she goes by 'Bloodhound' now...the pup is all grown up, you were wise to lend her to my care. She was always a wild child Al, raising her with the bat would have simply endangered everyone in the manor. Heroes would be raised among heroes...monsters should be raised among other monsters. And you know how she was back then. Once that pup caught a scent there was little you could do to stop her from following it and i'm afraid that's what happened here. She's in to deep and when i tried to extract her from the assignment she went dark. No one has been in contact with her for over three years. We've been tracking her but every time we get close she just slips away. Recently she's been leaving behind a body count rivaling the fuckin Joker so that tells me only one thing-"

"She's getting closer and thus she is meeting more resistance~" Alfred finished, closing her Dossier for the time being, deciding to go through it later. "So if you don't know where she is then how exactly is she a lead?" Alfred asked as he set the folder beside his leg.

Kingsley chuckled darkly and weighed his head back and forth as he pointed at the Dossier.

"Van is a brilliant strategist and clever pup. She lives for the thrill of the hunt and based on what i've been hearing she's been rattling a lot of cages these past few years and some of the latest victims of her hunt are suspected members or associates of Providence. If there is anyone who has intelligence on the Providence, my money would be on her. My people tracked her back to America months ago and based on what a little bird told me, she is here, in LA. You will have one shot at finding her If you miss your window and she gets even the sneaking suspicion that you are onto her, she's gone. Like a puff of smoke she will vanish and neither you or i will see her again for however long she decides to disappear. And god forbid you interfere with her hunt, she takes the game very seriously Al, and she will not share her prey willingly, so be careful." He explained, lifting a hand and gesturing to his disfigured face. "She did this the first time i tried to get between her and her prey. I'd suggest giving your people the Dossier and briefing them on the situation before sending them after her." He suggested, taking his hat and placing it back onto his head and turning his back on Alfred, walking away and heading back towards the diner door. "She's grown ya know. And that comes with both excitement and terror. She's reached the age where both sides of her linage are fighting to control her and she needs someone to walk her through it. She's the last of her kind and has no one to help her...i think she's scared. And i think thats why she ran. Distracting herself with a hunt is all she knows how to do. I'm just hoping you find her before the next full moon...i barely managed to restrain her last time." Kingsley explained, a bit more emotion clinging to his tone as he lowered his head and shook it. Pushing the diner door open and taking a step out before looking back over his shoulder.

"Find Vanya Alfred. Find her, and she'll lead you to Providence~" He called out one last time before disappearing out the door and vanishing into his car. Driving out the parking lot of the diner and veering off into the light.

Alfred sat in stunned silence as his gaze shifted back down to the red folder tucked beside his leg. Closing his eyes reaching into his pocket Alfred pulled out a communicator and simply pressed a single button.

And with that a signal rang out. Reaching the many potential young heroes he had encountered during his time in LA and paging with with nothing more but a location and a time. Alfred had spent a few years identifying those he thought could help the world when it needed them most, but the most he had ever done was meet them, speak with them, and hand them a pager which would ring when they were needed. Rather they answered the first call was on them.

But the game...the game had only just begun.



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The small café Mori worked in was rather empty compared to other days. Some regulars, mainly elderly women and men, were seated at a table and chatted away, occasionally laughing. A few other people were seated as well and two of his Mori's co-workers had sat themselves down at a vacant table as well, but most of the table were left vacant.

Mori had sat himself down behind the counter, earphones in and metal blasting in his ears at almost full volume, his fingers drumming on his thigh along to the rhythm. He could already imagine the way the rest of the day would go down, he would sit here and listen to music, occasionally checking his phone as if something would happen if he did and yet, nothing of interest would happen.

Minutes passed that felt like hours to the boy. Until, release from boredom came at last, in form of his employer, and good friend Andy who tapped him on the shoulder, signaled for him to pull out the headphones and showing him a small device with a tiny flashing light.

"You 'member this thingy, Mo?" Andrew asked, handing him the small gadget.

"The old man, right? Told me it'd be for emergencies and that the world'd need me… gave it to you so I wouldn't lose it, didn't I?" Mori was genuinely surprised by this. He thought that that old man had just seen him stop some petty crime, maybe a robbery in an ally and followed him back for some strange reason. Mori was sure that the man had just been talking nonsense, that it was some kind of joke he did not get and that the man was just trying to have a laugh.

"Yeah. Looks like he wasn't talking as much BS, as you thought he was. Remember where you needed to go?" Mori nodded, he was supposed to go to a small diner, that wasn't all that far away, 15 maybe 20 minutes is he hurried there.

"How much time do I have left on the clock?" Mori asked looking up to the clock above the entrance. Andrew chuckled at Mori's question.

"Boy, if your powers are needed for good, I ain't gonna keep you here, I'm just happy you don't use what you can do to do bad. Why ever the world'd need an edgelord like you." Andrew made sure to whisper the part about 'powers', but gladly said the last sentence out loud, laughing as he did.

"Excuse me? Edgelord? How do you even know what and edgelord is, aren't you like 80-years old?" Mori acted as if he was offended at what his employer said.

"Mo, you have your nails painted black, always wear black, sometimes with red highlights just to draw more attention to the black. And you wear that weird necklace, that definitely offends a whole bunch of devoted christians." Mori shrugged his friend's comments off with a bit of a laugh.

"You make a fair point. I'll be off then, alright?" Andrew gave him a nod and sent the boy off.

Mori's small flat wasn't far, maybe five minutes on foot. Once there he grabbed the nearest bag, stuffed the black suit inside, who knew, maybe he'd need it, closed it and began making his way to the diner. He did take a turn into an empty alley.

"Alright, let's try this again." Mori took a bit of a run-up jumped as high as he could, and used his ashes as boosters, he stayed in the air for a split second and then…

Smacked face first into the ground. He remained there for a few seconds before standing back up.

"Yeah, everyone else gets flight, no matter how cool their abilities are. My power is to mildly annoy others by throwing ash in their face and I don't get to fly?" Mori muttered to himself, half joking as he began to jog toward the direction of the diner.

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Eri Keifer

Eri glanced up when they heard the door of the coffee shop open, surprised to see their little sister coming in with her gaggle of friends. "Aren't you supposed to be in school?" they asked while preparing another gentleman's drink.

"Didn't mom tell you? We had a half day today," Amber supplied, leaning over the counter where drinks were to be picked up. She glanced down, noticing something on the belt of Eri's uniform. "Hey, what's up with that?" They didn't spare it a glance and instead handed the finished drink over to the waiting gentlemen.

"No but mom did tell me you aren't allowed any more coffee drinks until you bring that F up."

Amber pouted. "Hey, you can't just deny a paying customer! It doesn't work like that!"

Eri ignored her, already taking the order of the next person in line. As they worked, their mind wondered back to the pager. They never told anyone about the mysterious, sharply dressed stranger and they deffintely never said anything about his offer. Their father was just a hobbiest hero and yet he was still a target of something nefarious. What if something like that happened to them? They couldn't put their family through that again. At the same time, there was this one nagging thought at the back of their mind: what if they found their father, or at least discovered what happened to him in the first place? Give their family some closure.

I'm going to get myself fired, Eri mused, handing off another finished drink. They glanced at Amber, now at a table with her friends, head resting on the top of it and sulking. Oh to be just another ordinary teenager. "I'm taking my break," Eri announced rather abruptly as they took off their apron and threw it aside. The other barista did a double take.

"Wait what?! Eri, you can't just--" They were already out the back door. They weren't exactly planning on doing any heroics today and didn't exactly have a super cool costume to change into. So when they hopped onto their bike they made a quick stop at a local store to purchase a rather thrown together one. Once it was stuffed into their messenger's bag, they took off towards their destination. Erring on the side of caution, they locked up their bike a block away and walked they rest of the way. They even put on their mask because hell, for all they knew they could be walking into a trap of some kind and the person the other end just wanted a way to get back at their father? You never know really.

The rest of the costume was still tucked away however. They weren't too worried about their clothes since the only thing that gave them away as a barista was their apron and they ditched that awhile ago (and maybe the lingering smell of coffee but who didn't smell like coffee after hanging out at a coffee shop for long periods of time?).

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*Beeeep Beeeep Beeeep*

Rolling over Naomi outstretched an arm towards a beeping device. Grasping it she held it up to her face before her arm went limp. Head rolling back she let out a breath before passing out once more. The beeping however continued causing her to shudder before sitting up “What.” She mumbled out still dazed from her sudden wake up. Rubbing her eyes Naomi took a second to gather herself. Rolling over again she got onto her stomach before pushing herself up before heaving herself off of the bed. Landing on her feet the redhead finally heard the beeping again. Turning around she quickly swiped the device from her bed. “Oh, well I guess that means im off the kitten feed now." Naomi muttered to herself before making a mental note of the location.

Opening the door to her dorm room she took a step outside before glancing both ways and making a Bee line towards the nearest window. Opening it up she slid herself out before stepping out onto the thin air. “Nothing like a serious opening to a serious situation.” Mused Naomi before closing the door and turning around on the small platform. Taking another few steps she kept her concentration on her feet before starting off into a run. Running out and into the air above the courtyard of her dormitory she stoped before taking a jump. Taking a deep breath she exhaled before feeling her feet begin to slide downward in a controlled way. ‘Serious actions for a serious-’ The thought slammed out from her mind the second she hit the base of a small tree. Rolling onto her back Naomi began to curl up some, the pain of the impact making her shudder.

Oh wow, that was pretty.” A kid began to say before she cut him off “Cool right?” she said thinking it was rather decent. “No, I was going to say pathetic.” he finished before walking off. “I know…” Naomi said rolling onto her back. Staring up into the sun she just laid there, enjoying the feeling of the heat before sitting up once more. Getting onto her feet she stumbled a few times before getting her balance back. Taking a moment to figure out where she was Naomi looked up the location relative to her position on her phone. Figuring out where she was going, she decided that trying to surf the distance wasn’t going to work.

Setting off for the location on foot she slipped out of the dormitories gate before beginning to head in that direction. Finally deciding against running she decided to get an uber. Opening the door she got into the back seat. Giving the driver the directions she realized it would take a few minutes to get there. Sitting in the backseat of the car she watched outside the car only to feel her eyes growing heavy. The rather quiet and peaceful care ride was beginning to get the best of her, the excitement from earlier wearing off. Finally arriving outside the location Naomi managed to snap herself back from the nap she nearly ended up taking. Paying and getting out of the car she put her arms up as she stretched, her muscles still aching from the earlier impact.​
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Willow Lovelace —————————
aka Red Queen

Willow massaged her throbbing temples as she glanced at another playing card: Jack of Spades.

For the past few minutes, she's randomly summoning cards to cope with her loneliness. As usual, her mother and her father were out today to deal with some business. She was left alone with the staff who exceedingly cares for her though they are not her friends. For Willow, they're simple people who are taking care of her in exchange for money. Thus, Willow was currently at the greenhouse that's nestled in the middle of the manor's maze garden. It's her usual and only spot where she felt at ease. No one was allowed to go there but her.

The picture seemed to blur as she kept staring at the card, concentrating hard in hopes she can summon it. "Come on," she whispered under her breath as beads of sweat rolled down the side of her forehead. She already assembled and dismissed a quarter of the deck! ""Just a little more. I promise I'll take a rest."

Willow closed her eyes and pressed her forehead onto the card as she felt the familiar tugging of energy deep within her. The wind swirled and blew through the greenhouse with a gentle breeze, whipping the ends of her short icy blue hair. A few seconds passed before a presence stood before her, the card now gone from her hand.

The Jack of Spades stood seven feet tall, a lit cigarette between his lips. He looked annoyed at Willow though she knew that he was only worried.

Unlike the other numbered cards, Willow often summons aces, jacks, queens, kings, and jokers because they take a human form. Each of them has a different personality based on their card suit. They also have a mind on their own but cannot act on instinct unless ordered.

"You'll pass out if you keep doing this shit."

Willow was about to respond when she suddenly felt a vibration from her purse. She could feel the man's eyes on the bag as well. Thus, to sate their curiosity, she grabbed her bag and realized that it was a pager that's creating all that noise.

""A pager?" she mumbled out loud, confusion evident in her voice. ""Since when did I-"

The man cut her off by speaking up. Already tired from all of this bullshit, he bent down and flicked Willow's forehead "Don't summon me again for your nonsense, you dimwitted girl."

Willow was too focused on the pager to notice Jack of Spades disappearing with nothing but a card replacing his place. If she remembered correctly, she got the pager from a gentleman she met outside the manor. ""It was a week ago... I think."

A week ago, she discovered a secret passageway from the greenhouse. She was just too bored and curious that she decided to see where it leads. Little did she know it led her under the city! She soon found herself in a church and began exploring. She visited a cafe not far from the church where she met Alfred Pennyworth and was given the pager.

"He told me it will beep when I am needed" she mumbled once again, confusion still evident in her voice. During their chance encounter, Alfred managed to pique her interest. Perhaps it's the way he promised her some sort of freedom? Or the way he treated her like a normal human being? Perhaps the promise of doing something worth her while? Or how he knew stuff about her? Whatever it was, Willow was willing to take a risk. Thus, that's exactly what she's going to do.

Checking the clock next to her, Willow still had a couple of hours to spare before her parents return home. "It wouldn't hurt to check it out, right? Besides, I have my cards with me so it will be fine"

Standing up and dusting off the dust from her victorian styled dress, Willow grabbed her red purse and ventured to the secret passageway; her mary janes echoing through the hallowed walls.