Chaos Rising

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  1. Chapter one: The Filth Within.

    Each one of you have been having strange dreams for several weeks, no day was the same and no dream either. One day you would see a woman of such divine beauty that it was impossible to remember anything about the dream itself, other nights you would see a great shadow which was slowly but surerly devouring the light of the world itself. In other dreams it would be as if you were trapped within the night sky and just heard a faint humming, but all of that changed a week ago. Infront of you was a blonde girl who introduced herself as the vessel of the Goddess and begged you to travel towards the Capital where all would be revealed and why these dreams had been shown towards you. Realising that the Goddess herself was calling uppon you there was nothing else to be done but to prepare yourself for the travels, and so you left your homes and your pasts behind. Some of you may have spoken towards those near and dear about why you leave or kept it a secret from them, and as you traveled you coudn't help but to feel as if there were three others who you kept seeing on your travels to the Capital. As you enter the gates of the holy city your fates shall be entagled with that of the world itself...

    And so the story, the fate and the werry truth behind the world itself may be revealed.

    NPC LIST (open)

    Placed it here so that you people could quickly acess it.
    Crown Prince Gabriel (open)

    Name: Gabriel Lightbringer.
    Age 20.
    Gender: Male.
    Race: Human.
    Weapon: Oathkeeper, the sword given to the first king by Order.
    Info: Gabriel is the current ruler, and has grown distrusting recently. With his Father dying at the hands of his own guards and just a week later his mother was poisoned by Cultists of Tzeentch, the Queensguard renamned themselves the Phoenix Guard in honour of the Prince's banner. Gabriel was well known for often visiting the streets and even going to public libraries as he liked to read about the simple things such as a farming but after the death of his parents he retreated into solace, he put much more time into training and would often disapear if no one kept an eye on him. Now the Prince is preparing for what he knows might become the end, and the fact that a Cult is growing within the walls of the Capital can he only prepare for the worst.
    Pic: [​IMG]

    Neltharion (open)

    Name: Neltharion Goldscales.
    Age: He is one of the still living dragons who were made by Order and Discord.
    Race: Dragon.
    Info: He is called the Voice of the Dragons, as he is often the one the dragons send to speak to the mortals and also becuse he is one of the few who would speak against the Goddess if he belives it would be for the best. Neltharion lacks the same pride and sence of superiority that many dragons have and has spent many years within the human realm to understand the differences betwen the immortal and the mortal. Such simple things as romance and friendship is something that he noted were grately different betwen the two. He was named Neltharion by the Goddess herself but his last name is a simple hint of his own draconic form as he has golden scales. When dragons turn to war Neltharion is in the front to make sure that his immortal brothers and sisters don't cause to much damage onto the world of mortals.
    Pic: [​IMG]

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  2. Khaine woke as another morning came, after another night of odd dreams. And this night, the one he had been awaiting came. The dream that would actually tell him where to go, the one that was guiding. It was a first time for a dream to have someone claim to be a vessel of the goddess, but then, they were but guiding dreams.
    He quickly got ready to head out, getting his equipment from the armory and his supplies, before heading to the scribe's office.

    "I'm heading for the capital. It is where my dreams lead me in the fight against chaos." Khaine told the scribe, an old dwarf who looked over the rims of his glasses as he scribbled down the details, before turning the tome towards him, and handing him the quill. Khaine signed, before turning and walking out again.

    Once more, he headed out from the halls of his clan, stepping out into the open forests outside, once more gazing up at the sky above, before he started on the trek to the capital.
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  3. This morning marked the end of Aveline's journey to the capital. The dark haired beauty riding sidesaddle like someone of her stature should ride. She was her for the Thanos family after all. Otherwise she would have rode normally, but with her being part of the family, she had to maintain appearances. Many gawked at the young elven woman as she passed them on horse. A few kids and adult stopping to do so. Despite the stairs all around her, her blue orbs remained steadfast and forward. Then the whispering began.

    "Is that the Aveline Thanos? Of the Thanos Magical Institution deep within the wilds?"
    "How can she not be? Look at her crowned band."
    "Wow, way to be a snob."

    Aveline smiled down at the people jovially as she passed, especially to the woman who made that last comment. Then with a slight yank and a few quiet words, her white stallion began to pick up it's pace toward the marketplace. Toward the store, whose wears she knew by a glance alone. A store that was lucky to have their patronage over the many years. Though she did a few miles before to get herself a room for the night and put her horse in a good stable to rest. With that, it took her no time to maneuver through the crowd to her destination. With her on the ground, and off her high horse, they tend to stop staring for long periods of time. As well not crowd around her.

    It was nice to have the thinking space. Her thoughts wandering to the strange dreams she had been having. They were the reason she even asked to do this job. Aveline felt the need to come her. For whatever reason, she did not know, but as her instincts lead her flawlessly through the crowd, they had brought her to the city as well. Only time would tell what would become of her coming her. She only wished it to be a blessing and not a curse.
  4. Trae gave the innkeeper a bag of gold, enough for one nights stay and two meals. He then walked over to the dining area and ordered his food. As he waited for his meal, he looked around the tavern. It was nearly empty despite it being early in the morning. "Maybe people here don't rise early?" He thought to himself.

    Something strange had caused him to come to the capitol, dreams. Trae's usually quiet nights, had been filled with dreams as of late. His dreams eventually led him to the capitol, now he just had to wait for something or someone to come and get him. He hoped this would be over soon, the entire "dream" situation put him on edge.
  5. Falo had just entered the city gates. The bustle of city life clearly audible as many vendors had long since been awake to sell their wares. Such a sight brought memories to Falo of when he was younger of buying, selling, haggling. The capital of course was the epitome of trading and if anything was needed the capital was sure to have it. As Falo walked by he heard many different tongues and if he strained understood some of them. Some however were completely strange and it was then that Falo told himself to stop reminiscing and recall his objective.

    A week ago Falo had met with the elders of the monastery seeking understanding. He had been having these strange dreams lately. Wondering what was real or not he inquired of their meaning. The elders mused over it for some time until they were convinced the dreams were a message from a greater power. At last the dreams beckoned him toward the capital and the elders bade him onward.

    Now having arrived Falo did not know where he should direct himself. Not one to stress about it he thought to himself, "I will probably be contacted by some means, until then I am quite tired." Seeing as he had no money Falo saw his opportunity in an old tradeswoman who was about to unload her goods. Directing himself toward her he said, "dear old miss allow me to help unload your cargo in exchange you will let me nap in your tent for a few hours." The old lady hesitated at such kindness however once presented with his monasteries seal she agreed. Having unloaded her cart full of pots and tankards Falo slipped into her tent and swiftly drifted of to sleep...
  6. Harmony
    Goddess of Order

    Towering high above the mortal realm, atop the lingering clouds above the country of Sylvarus sat the Citadel of Order. The realm of the goddess where a single massive castle sat in the midst of an entire unseen world. Valleys and mountains littered the layer above the earth, transparent and unknown by those below. In the center of this world, through gardens so green and lush that they could be viewed as nothing but supernatural lay the towering pillars of white stone, gleaming crystals, precious stones and metals making up the home of Order. Within the confines of the fortress, which wound like a labyrinth, the youthful looking deity sat at the bedside of her friend, clutching his hand and speaking in a hushed tone, as if using too much noise would shatter everything that surrounded her.

    She forced a smile onto her features,
    "I'm sorry, I won't be able to visit you for awhile Discord. The mortals need my help and from here I can do nothing but whisper instructions. I must take action, you understand don't you...?" She whispered quietly, her eyes shifted away from their touching hands to his face, as if looking for guidance. "I wish you were here, you would know what to do, you always knew... in all their wars as I panicked and grieved you were calm, you knew..." She sighed, the tone heat with mixed emotions, "I know I say this a lot but I mean it, I miss you my friend..."
    She watched his face, observed his closed eyes for a flutter or a twitch of acknowledgment but none came. She tried to force her smile to widened, and the edges of her lips twitched slightly before turning into a troubled frown.

    Of course the maid was used to it, nothing ever changed in this ritual, it was the same as chatting with a corpse. Every time she would visit over the centuries she would hope that her voice would 'rouse him and though her belief that she would be able to wake him had grown weak she still felt a pang of bitter grief. With her farewell given the woman stood, moving swift to the exit of the room, pausing only for a moment in the doorway for a chance to glance back at him before turning away and closing the ornate door of black diamond behind her. As the lock clicked in place her foggy mind seemed to clear, giving room for her to collect her thoughts. She'd procrastinated enough, if she didn't hurry she would leave her four Chosen waiting and at this point every moment was vital. With a quick breath the dame rushed off down the hall, weaving her way out into the even light of the sun and moon.

    She marched through her gardens, her footfalls clicking on the alabaster stone steps as she strode toward the gate linking her world with that of the mortals. With each step the reality facing her became that much more real, but there was one problem at a time, the first would be getting out of the heavens... The deity knew that the dragons wouldn't let her leave willingly, they would fight her as they always did when she wished to leave this heavenly realm, now more than ever with those godlings out on the loose. it was almost comical to her how she was treated, the mother being commanded by her children. The woman could of course understand their current worry seeing as she'd already received threats from the dark deities, it was no matter to her however, she couldn't simply abandon her people to fend for themselves against those monsters and their armies, it wasn't an option.

    In a matter of minutes she reached the gate, their golden surface gleamed in the evanescence, she placed her hand against the cool surface, all the while ignoring the dragon men's looks of disbelief. The gates themselves opened soundlessly and as the goddess began to take a step beyond the threshold when an armored figured stepped before her. She looked up at him with smiling eye, almost smug that it would be him to step up,
    "Always the first to intervene aren't you, Neltharion"
    It was not a question, but a statement, one which he promptly ignored, however Harmony knew it was not out of disrespect, "My Lady, there must be another way. I beg of you, don't leave this realm. Let us dragons take care of he pests instead."
    His own eyes radiated respect, love and most of all, concern.

    She felt an urge to reassure him, but knew that at this point they could be sure of nothing. She would not lie and so she held her tongue and let him speak, "What would happen if you got hurt or maybe even was defeated?! Who would then guide and help the mortals?"
    The celestial maiden sighed lightly as she put together an explanation for her actions, justifying her actions was always harder outside of one's own mind. His words resonated within her mind, forcing their place in her mind, "The dragons may be strong, but this is a god's entitlement, protecting what she has made. How can I stand here safe while my people suffer? How can you expect me to remain here, secure, while they lure them with promises and rot them from the inside out?"

    She looked at him with pleading eyes, silvery blued edged with anger like a freshly sharpened dagger,
    "There is always the chance that if I don't act, there will be no mortals left to protect... Even if I were to fall to them then the dragons would care for them in my place, you are the closest things to gods this world has seen. Please step aside, this is something I must do. I promise I will not go alone to face them, you have my word"
    Neltharion grew silent, looking troubled and angry. Finally he nodded calmly and thoughtfully, as per the norm for the Dragon Guard, Harmony could tell he was going against everything he wanted. Eventually he spoke, "Fine, I wont stop you, but remember to call for us at any moment for the lives of all dragons are nothing against the life of our Goddess."

    She wanted to counter that, that the lives of her children were worth tenfold her own, but couldn't bother with a debate, as he looked at her with an expression of worry a grateful smile crossed her lips, "I swear on my honor that the Dragons will be contacted at the sign of trouble"
    She replied holding a hand to her heart, "Thank you for letting me have my way without too much difficulty"
    With a nod to the remainder of the troops she stepped passed Neltharion and moved to the edge of the portal. As the edge of her toes touched the border and began to fade she looked back, "Please ensure Lord Discord's body remains undisturbed in my absence"
    She added with a wry gleam in her eyes, her dragons bowed and Neltharion spoke for the lot of them again, "It shall be done as you have commanded."

    She smiled, bowed her head and then leapt over the edge. The dragons remained inclined for a few moments and Neltharion was the first to look up in confusion, he turned to look at his fellow dragons and asked them, "Do you know who Discord is?"
    The other dragons started to shake their heads, Neltharion himself cursed. They had been given a duty which they know nothing about? How very like their god, who seemed so fond of self discovery, though Order was on her way to the mortal realm she could feel the frustration from above. She giggled to herself, "Then you'll just have to work and find out..."
    With that she let her essence fall. The rush toward the mortal realm was painful, it burned and singed her clothing until nothing remained, as she grew nearer her body began to glow in her own eyes. She turned her eyes to the earth, closing them and letting her instincts guide her.

    - - -

    The church began to shake, and the young girl who had been in the midst of praying for guidance on what to do next--seeing as she'd been led there by her dreams--stood abruptly in alarm. As she did so she head the faintest whisper on her name, the blue eyed girl looked around frantically, searching for the source,"Elaheh"
    The kind and familiar voice called She looked skyward, a sinking feeling in her gut kept her planted where she stood, and then she moved past the benches and the panicking men, following the voice until she stood before the altar. The marking that had been in place since birth burned on her wrist but she ignored it, her eyes remained skyward, afraid she would miss what was coming if she so much as blinked.

    When the trembling came to it's worse her stormy eyes beheld golden gleaming fingers reached toward her from above. She glanced around, no one else seemed to notice them.. She drew in a breath, a moment of hesitation passed before she turned her head upward, clamping a single eye shut and watching the forefinger reach. She stood on the end of her toes to close the gap between her forehead and the giant's fingertip. The shaking stopped suddenly as they met, a searing pain that shot through her entire being, she felt herself scream, saw the eyes of the church workers turn toward her. The world around her spinning with people rushing toward her and finally her body crumpled and the world went black.

    - - -

    Order awoke to the worried faces of priests, and followers, in the arms of the single guard that had accompanied her. As her eyes fluttered open she could see relief spread across their faces. The goddess felt guilt coil within her, she was taking someone precious away from them..., "Elaheh! Oh thank the Goddess, we saw a quick flash of light and then you were screaming. Are you alright?!"
    Her brow furrowed and she tried to give them a reassuring smile,
    "Elaheh says she'll miss you all." She said suddenly, the confusion hit and she stood wordlessly. The guard, who seemed to have a very tender spot in his heart for her tried to stop her, saying she needed rest. She shook her head and pushed herself up with strength the boy didn't have, he watched helplessly with the rest as the woman came round the other end of the altar.

    The dagger she'd brought with her lay on the surface and as she picked it up one of this priests murmured something that she smiled at, "Yes. You know what's going on."
    The color drained from his face and he bowed, the rest of the small group glanced at him and then back at her. The girl casually looked them all over once before speaking, "To you, I am known as Order."
    The group paled as the priest had, a moment of silent outrage and disbelief passed and Harmony unsheathed the dagger and brought it to her marked wrist. As the blade caressed her flesh it cut, and rather than crimson blood spilling out liquid gold did. It fell on the altar and the piece trembled, "You see?"
    One of the followers, a close friend of her currently body began to sob.

    Her brow furrowed and she stepped toward her and knelt down before directing her words to the group, "My children, I will return the young girl once my work is done. She was meant for this, don't grieve."
    She stood, they all bowed aside from the guard who glared. Harmony gave him a sad smile, touched his shoulder and walked down the aisle and out of the church, grabbing the girl's cloak as she went. The armoured male continued to glare at her retreating figure, wondering how could a god be so cruel. The little chapel was a three day walk away from the Capitol and during that trek Harmony had a very little trouble. She enjoyed the long walk and the air this world held, it was drastically different from the heavens and to most it would seem dull in contrast, but to Order it was invigorating and gorgeous.

    Unfortunately for her she had a mission and there was no time to admire the nature around her. Each movement was with purpose, she'd given each of them a stone in one of the many recent dreams she'd sent, they'd woken with that stone in hand. Due to this action she knew she was drawing near her chosen ones, she could see the city at this point. They were close, almost all of them... She drew her hood up and hid her hair, the dark fabric cast a shadow across her face. Quite suddeny she began to hum, a low peaceful sound that caused the ground around her to resonate.

    It was a warm, comforting sound that seemed to flow silkily on the wind. The stones with her chosen trembled and the sweet voice from the dreams whispered from within, 'The cloaked girl by the fountain in the heart of the city, meet her there.'
    Harmony continued her humming as she moved gracefully through the wide and narrow cobblestone streets of the city. As she passed the air about her caused heads to turn, eyes followed her-- awe-struck but unsure of why. Once she arrived at the edge of the fountain she sat on the edge and let her song's verse repeat as she waited.
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  7. Trae stared at the girl from a distance, this was the source of his current problem. He had sprinted to the heart of town the moment he heard the call. After watching for a few moments he had decided, that he had been watching for long enough. As he walked towards her, she turned and watched him approach. For the few seconds it took him to get to her, he felt entirely alone, and then he felt Muninn land on his shoulder, and in that moment he knew that he'd be fine.

    "You called?"
  8. The elven woman walked into the magic shop and greeted the old couple who owned it with a warm smile. The three negotiating prices of goods and the means to deliver it to the school within the deep Wilds. As always, it was a fair deal that ended with a handshake of agreement before farewell tidings. That was when the Goddess's call had reached her. With a calm mind, she cautiously made her way to the middle of town. Staying a good distance away from the fountain, her sharp eyes scanned the area. There was a woman hiding herself with a cloak at the fountain.
    Then a man had came running up to her and had posed her a question.
    "So I was not the only one to hear her call."
    The elf muses quietly to herself as she continued to watch from a distance. Despite how she felt nothing but warm feelings come off the girl in the cloak, Aveline still was weary. Who was this girl. How did she acquire the magic to summon them her with the use of a message sent to their conscious. The spell that the dark haired woman had in mind, that even slightly matched what had happened prior was an ancient one. Beyond her time, her father's time, and maybe time itself. Not to mention the power needed to even get one message out would put even the best mages together to their knees in fatigue.
    "Who is this girl.."
  9. Falo awoke slowly yawning very loudly and carelessly. Extending his limbs outward as far as they'd go then scratching himself he collected his thoughts. "So this lovely voice has called upon me once again I knew I should not fret so much." Getting up Falo exited the tent, after thanking the elderly woman he made his way. After inquiring where a fountain would be located he walked calmly, his imagination taking flight as to whom may be his host. Once he was close Falo noted a lady undoubtedly the one who summoned him. Next to her was a human man accompanied by a raven. Walking right up towards them Falo smiled and spoke, "why hello to the both of you. Are you guys as hungry as I am?"
  10. Harmony
    Goddess of Order

    The presences of the stones drew closer as her tune continued to ring out, making itself known even thought the hustle and bustle of the market nearby. They lingered nearby silent and observing. When the male, the Bearer of Wind made a move toward her she glanced up and watched him draw near. Her shaded eyes twinkled beneath her hood at him and though she stopped humming the song continued to play, "You called?" He inquired with a crow for company, she smiled at him and nodded onc, "Yes. It's a pleasure to finally meet you in person Trae."
    She practically purred, "Join me, won't you? The others will be arriving shortly and we have much to discuss."
    Needlessly she scooted over to gesture him to sit beside her, the two weren't given much time to relax or speak because another srone strode towards them.

    Harmony's skin warmed at his approach, her eyes faced the boy endowed with flame, she smiled in greeting as the rather charismatic dark haired boy spoke,
    "Why hello to both of you. Are you guys as hungry as I am?"
    At the question the girl blinked and began to giggle, "No entrance could have suited you better young Falo"
    She chuckled lightly before reaching behind her into the clear pooling water of the fountain and pulling out a gleaming red apple that seemed to form in her hand. She tossed it at him gently, "Please let me know if you would like more, as you eat I invite you to sit with me..."
    She glanced at the eleven woman in the distance, smiling knowingly beneath her hood. The girl's precaution was wise and though it was unnecessary one could never be too careful. After a short pause she decided to indulge her guests in order to brush away their doubts and such,
    "I had hoped to wait until all four of you had arrived before introducing myself, but it seems one of my more cautious children is in need of... Coaxing..."

    The was no anger in her voice, just an amused note. She reached her hand up slowly, slender fingers coiled around the brim of her hood before she tossed it off. Quickly she brought up her free arm to snake it around the nap of her neck under her locks, flipping them from underneath the cloak. Her gold hair sprawled about, touching the water without a sound or without disturbing the surface. Her golden licks remained dry and the female's silver blue eyes shimmered with a friendliness in the light, "My name is Order. You can call me such" She smiled and glanced to the side yet again, 'Aveline, Daughter of Thanos. Won't you join us? You've been standing to the side quite long enough'
    The quiet voice in her head chided with an edge that told of a smile even without the sight of one on her physical features.
  11. Blue orbs stared cautiously as more people began to appear. A dwarf, and another human. A human monk and a human mercenary with a dwarven warrior. How interesting. Add her and the band of misfits could not be anymore diversed. Why bring all of them together. For what purpose would need a monk, a mercenary, a dwarf, and a mage. Aveline felt a small smile crawl onto her lips as she had a small joke pop into her head. The group, her included, was a perfect set up for a cheesy adventure story.
    One where the band of misfit heroes saved the world by defeating some enemy with teamwork. The memory of her aunt telling her those stories when she was child. Yet, that was logically impossible. There was no immediate threat that would affect them all. The only closest one that might affect the Monk and her was those rising cults.
    Last she heard of them, her father had mentioned boosting patrols around the school.
    Her thoughts were disrupted by the cloaked girl revealed herself. Her eyes widened at the declaration. This girl, the goddess of Order. Needless to say it was hard to believe. Yet, upon hearing the girl's voice speak to her in her head made it all the more possible. Sighing, the dark haired elven woman walked over to the group. She still had her doubts about this, very much so, but the evidence was in the favor of Order. Thus she was proven that this was indeed happening.
    "If I were to accept everything told to me, I would be a fool. Yet, you have given enough evidence to stir me to believe your words for now."
    With that she gave a small smile.
    "As you would already know, skepticism runs within my family."
  12. Khaine reached the capital at last, having walked almost tirelessly from his clan's mountain halls. He wiped the sweat from his brow, almost regretting having brought as much equipment as he was, but he knew he'd need it. He didn't know what, but he knew he did. He knew that once he found his goal, he'd have to wring out his shirt, and preferably wash off, if there was time.

    His pace slowed slightly, not feeling the pull as much now, yet he was still pulled towards the market, both from the strange dream that had led him here, as well as the less strange pull for a drink. Yet before he reached the market, he came upon a small group, gathered near a fountain. The cool water was far too tempting to pass by, even if there was a group of people there already, one of which seemed to have almost radiating, golden hair.

    "Pardon me..." He said, walking up to the fountain, and leaning forward to take a long drink. As his thirst was sated, at least for the moment, he dipped his head in, to cool down slightly, at least. He shook of some of the water, before turning towards the group.
    "Hope I don't intrude too much on ya..." He said, plopping down on the edge of the fountain, and taking a deep breath.​
  13. Harmony
    Goddess of Order

    The youthful elven girl warily made her approach, moving toward the small group of three with a high head befitting her family's name and narrow doubtful eyes. Order couldn't force the smile off her features if she wanted to, though she knew she should try to show some professionalism she was excited at being among her mortals again and was allowing it to get to her head. Though she was not the young Goddess she had once been and age had given her wisdom she still seemed to maintain a childish air, not immature but rather innocent. A lack of threats toward her and no need to fear a looming, ever approaching death maintained her, because of this should could be seen as immature in some aspects, and profoundly wise in others. The dark haired elf girl closed the last few steps before stopping and standing among them,
    "If I were to accept everything told to me, I would be a fool. Yet, you have given enough evidence to stir me to believe your words for now." Her stern line of a mouth curved into a small smile,
    "As you would already know, skepticism runs within my family."
    Harmony nodded once, her smile grew at her words into one of mild amusement. This elf spoke true,
    "A good thing that it does." She replied "Even I can understand unfounded trust is for fools, had I not been friendly your assistance would have been needed by the rest of them. Keep that head on your shoulders, it will be valuable. Most likely soon...."
    She trailed off, an uneasiness settling into her eyes. The blue-silver irises darted away to watch a short bearded figure draw near, "And with that our party is complete"
    She said in a hushed voice before turning now smiling eyes toward the newcomer,
    "Pardon me..." The dwarf began, she blinked as he walked up the the fountain, passing her by to get to the water. She blinked twice in mild astonishment as he downed some of the chilled clear water. He raised his head for a moment and she watched him patiently as he dipped his head in. When he came up droplets of water were dribbling down his brown beard's locks, as he shook off the wetness a few drops landed on her and she had to refrain from laughing lightly, "Hope I don't intrude too much on ya..."

    He said, plopping down on the edge of the fountain, and taking a deep breath.
    "Oh, Not at all" She managed as she covered her mouth almost daintily. She paused before continuing to speak "Actually I've been expecting you Noble Dwarf." She replied evenly, joy still glittered on her person, "I'm the one who has called you here, Khaine of the Manabreaker tribe."
    With that she clapped her hands together happily and looked them all over, "And so my Chosen have come as I have called. I welcome you, Keeper of Wind, Master of Fire, Patron of Water and Guardian of Earth." She nodded at each member as she stated their title,

    "I apologize to all of you for any inconvenience that my summonings and dreams have been, but it is urgent. I've called you here because I have a request. A favor...." She glanced around, meeting their eyes before looking down at her hands that rested now in her lap, "Will you do me the honor of hearing my plea?" She asked, as timidly as a Goddess could manage
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  14. "A good thing that it does. Even I can understand unfounded trust is for fools, had I not been friendly your assistance would have been needed by the rest of them. Keep that head on your shoulders, it will be valuable. Most likely soon...."
    The message given to her was off putting, it was warning that something was going to happen. Thus the unease of her being was justified. Yet, she continued to stand with the group of strangers, staring at the girl before her. The Goddess of Order. Still a little hard to believe, and put on the fact that she was now explain to them that they were chosen for something.
    Out of the irony of it, she laughed while shaking her head. Maybe those stories of heroes had merits to them. The Patron of Water. The title was a little weird, to be honest, since she was used to being referred as the heir to the Thanos family. But she would get used to it, just like she had done with the latter. As the Goddess continued to talk, something rang clear in her head. She was either, extremely timid or a horrid actor. Given that Aveline had to see the difference between the two from a young age, it was not surprising she could see past it.
    Yet she said nothing about it. Choosing to continue to watch the Goddess's plan shape out.
    "Well, I doubt that these strong-bodied men would leave you in distress, and neither could I for that matter, so continue with your thought."
  15. Her words sunk into Trae, he was being asked to do a job. Suddenly a serious demeanor appeared on his face, he didn't know these people and they didn't know him, but one thing was clear this person needed his help. He couldn't vouch for the others, but he would do his best and make sure to help this Order woman. He pulled out one of his arrows and started to chant as he cut the flesh on his palm with it. The blood soaked onto the arrow and began to cover the arrow in runes. After the arrow was covered in runes he handed it to Order and said "Here is my vow, this arrow pledges my service to you for as long as you require. Until you break that arrow I will do as you say."
  16. Falo had been munching away at his fruit when the strong dwarf and lovely elf made their entrance. The elf seemed very cautious and Falo wondered if her upbringing had caused such a wary attitude. Returning to his meal Falo finished it in a few more bites chewing loudly with pleasure. To his astonishment the magical fruit proved just as filling as it's original and perhaps even sweeter. Falo was soon recalled from his scientific pursuits when he heard himself called the "Master of Fire" Now that was a title not heard often, Falo Chispa Master of Fire! Falo enjoyed it well enough and it was just right. Falo's musings were once again redirected when the orators tone changed. Hearing her mention urgency and requiring a favor had Falo racking his brain more than usual. This woman had power over dreams, powers of creation, what could she need help with? Eventually Falo concluded that for such a wondrous person to ask for their help something must be really going wrong. Falo just nodded, giving his assent for her to continue.
  17. Khaine looked at the blonde woman curiously, as she knew both his name, as well as that of his clan. It made him wonder for a few moments, before she explained that she was the cause of his dreams and the one that had called him here.

    The title she gave him, Guardian of Earth was one he felt was fitting, as he could not claim not to be a man using what was found the earth to guard it.

    "I didn't come all tha way here ta not even hear ya out! And of it be help ta foight evil ya need, I'd come sooner or later anyway!" He said loudly, his breath still rather heavy.
  18. As the Goddess spoke with her chosen, even though some were abit skeptical. The people around them continued their daily lifes whitout to much of a thought about the group, it was almost as if something was blocking out the group from their sight and those who were keeping a eye on their suroundings would notice that a large number of ravens were watching them from different points of view.

    [Within the Royal Castle]
    Prince Gabriel was sitting uppon his throne and was surounded by people of high importance who shouted and screamed about what needed to be done, priests from the church said that it was time for a crusade and that all who tried to stop them needed to be burned alive as heretics should, the generals spoke about the need to force army recruitment so that they would have the numbers to combat said heretics and lastly the ambassadors of the different species shouted that we should reinforce THEIR borders to protect the people, but Gabriel knew that they wanted to protect their own source of income. He looked out of a nearby window and raised an eyebrow as he noticed a suprisingly large number of crows flying towards them.

    [The fountain at the Town Square]
    Sudenly someone walked up to the group, he was wearing a large blue cloack and had a raven tattooed onto his face. His cloak was covered with feathers and body parts from different birds and stoped just about three meters away from the group, his arms could be seen twitching under the robe and his breathing was heavy as if he was carrying something heavy. And then with a ragged voice he began to talk.
    " There they are, the Goddess of Order named Harmony...The dwarf who hunts those gifted with the arcane, the One who grew in the woods. He who lived in the monastery and of course the gifted elf, who came from the academy within the woods. Oh yes, oh yes indeed. The blue raven sees and whispers for nothing is outside of his calculations...."​
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  19. Harmony
    Goddess of Order

    Harmony glanced around at her chosen trying to anticipate their response. Her man of Fire gave her a nod to continue and the Goddess returned the gesture and she smiled slightly at the elven girl's response, finally the hearty and loud response of the dwarf made her raised her head and appraise them. She was beaming with pride and relief, no words could express how glad she was that she'd read their hearts right, when the fourth moved to draw an arrow her heart leapt in her chest, but as she realized her meant nothing against her she watched him with widened eyes, her mouth hanging slightly ajar. Seeing the red life trickle out from his wound made her slightly sick but she couldn't find her voice to tell him to stop what surprised her most was that she knew what we was doing. He hadn't even heard her request and yet he was forging a contract. When he offered the arrow she took it, glancing at the surface and running her slender fingers across the coarse wood. She nodded once, looking solemn and piercing her palm, letting gold blood pool on her hand. The piece seemed to melt in her hand and it flowed into her open wound,in moments the flesh healed flawlessly.

    She clenched and unclenched her fist and the folded her hands in her lap. She sighed and then began to speak,
    "Most, if not all of you have heard about the recent cultist activities, heard preachers as well as rumors of their deeds and such, yes? My quarrel is with them, or rather what they follow..." She paused a moment to let her words sink in, "In truth, I would love to play arrogant in my home and the idea of acting as if I have everything under control thrills me. But my children are in danger and it is my fault for letting this force grow as strong as it has...." She sighed in dismay
    "You may be wondering why I had to come down and why I'm asking for your help. I'm a god, right? I am supposed to be all powerful along side immortal, but there's is a loop hole with the four false gods that have risen up... I did not create them, therefore they are not mine to destroy with a wave of my hand or a snap of my fingers. Believe me, I've tried."

    Her nails dug into the palms of her hands in frustration and she let out her irritation with a heavy sigh,

    "...I do, however, have the right to harm them, yet I'm not lacking enough of a right mind to think I can charge them as a human girl alone. My other option would have been to storm this world in a celestial form, leaving ruin behind me, that however would have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands... Another option I suppose would have been to send out my Dragons, but I know of how dragons look down on the other races and they can be ruthless at times. It would not help the situation and using them alone for this task would be interpreted badly by those who are no fans of my scaled guardians. It would chase them toward my enemies and what they offer..."
    She looked up, regarding them all with a pained smile.

    "There my also be the question of, why you? That is truly simple. I needed the uniqueness my creature possess in order to get this job done right, not the soldier mentality. It's true that none of you are the strongest of your kind. But you do have what I was looking for. You have strong minds, and untold potential. You're all unique to one another and you all have your way of doing things."
    She closed her eyes for a few short moments and them opened her silver-blue orbs to look upon them, "After hearing the whole of what I am asking of you, I must know, did I choose right? Will you help me--?"
    It was then that a raven cried out and shattered her concentration. Her head whipped around to appraise the situation, falling on the multitude of deep blue creatures, she cursed under her breath and it was then that she saw the cloaked figure drawing closer and muttering under his breath, her eyes narrowed as she watched the heavy, thick and rather dark auras around them dance. Only a few feet away the figure stopped and Order stood with head high and eyes narrow, she murmured to herself,
    "There's something wrong with this lot, and I hope I'm wrong about what..."
  20. Aveline stared at one of her human companions as they cut themselves with the tip of an arrow before handing it to Order. She understood why he did it, but that did not mean she agreed with it. The action was a bit to dramatic and over the top for her taste. As most things are to her. Then the Goddess began to speak, her worries showing to her.
    Thus instantly piquing her interest. A Goddess was worried. That must mean that it was something big. Plus she was part of the group who had to fix the problem. Part of the solution to help the world.
    "Considering you have a whole world to look after, mortal or goddess, that is still a lot of work for one being. So don't beat yourself too much."
    Aveline says while crossing her arms, her eyes glancing over the huge horde of raven's close by. They all felt wrong. Their feathers were darker than normal. As her clear blue orbs continue to rest on them, her ears faintly hearing the Goddess continue speaking when it dawned on her.
    There was an essence in the air around them. One that only the people who have tasted the power of magical properties would know.
    "Do any of your enemies know of your current position?"
    She asked while her hand stayed close to her sword, close enough to grab it if something were to happen, but far enough not to get too much suspicion. The elven woman casually stepped in front of the Goddess, putting herself in between her and the fake ravens.
    There was no clue as to who was camouflaged as the ravens. For all she knew was that it was a group of assassins. Though one thing was clear. Whomever casted the spell on them was extremely powerful. He, or she, casted it upon a very large group and it was almost impossible to tell the difference if one did not look closely at them.
    Even she had missed them at first. Which she mentally cursed herself for. She should have noticed them sooner.​
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