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    In the beginning what we know as our world was empty and desolate. In this hollow universe there existed one being... the God of Chaos, Discord. No one can explain how Discord appeared, he simply came to be. At first the god was satisfied with the bleak world, however he soon found he hungered for company and so he reached inside himself and gripped the small dainty hand of another and pulled her from within. With that, the Goddess of Order was born, the two look at one another curiously until the Lady god stood and then smiled at him. The two became friends and with Order to balance out the world he found he was satisfied. Order however, looked upon the darkness with contempt, she wished for more and so she confronted Chaos on the matter of what would become of the world that she viewed as mortals would see a blank canvas. Discord, wanting to please the woman whom he cherished, agreed to this request. He used his powers to create and bring their concept into reality, while Order sculpted what he placed, refining it and then ensuring that all that was created had it's place in the world. After laying mortal man on the earth, with his whims and ideals, as well as the other races that they had worked so hard to craft, Order became content, and she watched her precious children with great care. To a god, it wasnt long before the mortals began to favor Order over Discord, they feared him, but eventually that fear turned to indifference and as time went by Discord was slowly but surerly forgotten. Due to this, as well as Order and her tendency to focus her energies on her mortals, he chose to plunge himself into a long restful and much deserved slumber, as the world clearly doesnt desire him. Order begged and pleaded with him however he could not be detoured and so in bitter acceptance she requested one last thing, that the two of them could forge another race; the Dragons... these powerful beast were the final creation between the two gods, made powerful in tribute to him. Discord quickly went to sleep, the labor of creation had tired him, and in doing so he left Order alone, there was suffering in her heart and she grieved for days on end before devoting herself conpletely to the mortals. She came to earth on whims in order to escape the sleeping chamber in which Discord rested, when it was needed the dragons would act as her soldiers for they had been given the most power, it was in the respect of Discord that she had made the dragons superior, telling them that their existence and power was because of an old and forgotten being.

    But it would so happen that Discords power wasn't simply sleeping, as he slept his power eventually leaked out and created its own pocket dimmension existing next to the world of Order. Mages, sages and scholars called it the force for Chaos and two great misfortunes passed due to this chaotic power. The first tragedy was when for just a moment, a portal to the realm of chaos was opened and the entire country in which the portal rested was plunged into devistation, the once lush land was purged of it beauty and filled with mutation and corruption, houses became made of flesh and gained life and even the smallest of creatures became large beasts. The humans who had lived became a foul fusion of man and beast. The second tragedy was known as the "Plauge of the Damned", a disease which made the dead rise from their graves, however this was minor in comparison to the true danger that had now appeared, and made itself known... parts of Discords subconcious had come alive within the realm of Chaos, embodying themselves and labelling themselves as the Chaos Gods. Now the world is under seige, a war between Order and Chaos has begun to brew, and by the looks of it Order is already losing, her children turn against her; the entirety of the north have given themselves to these dark gods. Now Order herself has grown tired of simply watching the slaughter from above and has descended into the world, going to seek out her chosen four to help her fight against the coming war against the self-titled Chaos Gods...

    RP Thread:

    Plot (open)

    The rp will be about the four chosen of the Goddes as they fight against the growing numbers of cults who serve the Chaos Gods, even if these cults may be growing within their own ranks. This will be open for four people while i an Namora will serve as gm's, there is a story but things will change based on the desicions of our players. Whom they decide to befriend and those who they may show hostility could prove both harmfull or helpfull in the end of all things. There are Six Chapters to this rp, and for each new chapter i will write a post which tells how youre decisions have affected the world. Now then choose your destiny, will you be a farmers son who has risen to be a Champion of a Goddess or are you a nun who has responded to the Goddess calling?

    The Four Chosen (open)

    The Chosen of Fire

    The Chosen of Earth

    The Chosen of Water
    Angel of Castiel

    The Chosen of Wind


    The Races (open)

    Humans/The Firstborn
    The Humans are the largest race if you speak about numbers, about half of the populace of the world is made out of humans. Unlike either the Drawfs or the Elves so doesn't humans posses any skills or something they excell at instead they are highly individualistic and one humans skills can be compleatly different than anothers. The Ruling family is made out of humans.
    Elves/The Secoundborn
    The elves were the secound race to be formed by the gods and were gifted with long life and dying by the age of 900 is usual, interestingly they also have it harder to get children than the other races and thus are the smallest in numbers. Most elves are tall and lean in their apearance and many elven families are rich or part of the higher circles, this is mainly becuse of how old they can become it gives them a advantage when it comes to both wisdom and to gain experience in how the world works. Elves are also the race who has the easiest time in using the arts of magic.
    Dwarfs/The Third born
    The Dwarfs were the last race to be made by Order and Discord, the dwarfs were made shorter and much tougher than the other species and while the ways of magic is impossible for them to use they are instead one with the earth and many ecentric dwarfs become scholars or researches trying to understand how the world itsealf works. They can live around twice the age of a human and their houses are most of the time either a merchan family or a warrior clan but of course there are those who have managed to become a noble house. But all species are united in the thought that a sword made by a dwarf is usualy the better one as using the gifts of nature like stone and metal seems to be part of their nature.
    Dragons/ The Last born
    The Dragons the powerfullest of the species, unlike the other races the dragons were made out of Orders desperation of Discords news of him going to sleep and thus were made whitout equals. They were given a natural affinity for magic so they could shift forms, eternal life and inhuman strenght. But this made the dragons extreamly proudfull and would never listen to anyone than the Goddess herself. Also the dragons often feel a sort of emptiness and has turned to the "Forgotten one" that Order spoke about and even created a cult based of him, the cult is almost identical to what the church speaks of except that they also thanks the "Father" for their lives.

    The Chaos Gods (open)

    Khorne (open)

    "Skulls for the Skull Throne!"
    Khorne, the blood God, is the God of anger, violence, and carnage. Every act of violence gives Khorne power,
    regardless of whether it was committed by his followers, his enemies or those ignorant of his existence. He is the most powerful of the gods, and those that follow him are those of great strength, courage, and bloodlust, and he bestow them with great power. There is a saying by the followers of Khorne which illustrates him best: "Khorne cares not from whence the blood flows". Khorne is the embodiment of Discords, courage, glory, and strength.

    Tzeentch (open)

    "I know more than you could possibly know.."
    Tzeentch, the Changer of Ways, is the Chaos god of sorcery, change, and manipulation. Tzeentch is closely associated with sorcery and magic, as well as dynamic mutation, and grand, convoluted scheming. The domains of history, destiny, intrigue and plots are his chief interests, and in pursuit of these aspects he listens to the dreams and hopes of all and watches their plans take form. He is not content to merely observe, however, and chooses to interfere in the skeins of fate in order to fulfill his own, unknowably complex schemes. Tzeentch is known by an endless multitude of names, but the chief titles he bears are the Changer of the Ways, the Master of Fortune, the Great Conspirator and the Architect of Fate. Tzeetch embodies Discords, ambition, knowledge, and hope.

    Nurgle (open)

    "Come, let Grandfather Nurgle embrace you into the family."
    Nurgle, the Plague Lord, is the Chaos god of disease, destruction, decay, and Death. His titles include the Fly Lord, Great Corruptor, Master of Pestilence, Lord of Decay and represents morbidity, disease and physical corruption. He is described as a huge, fat, plox infected, creature with antlers, and a grotesque body. He is considered the most "friendy" of the chaos gods, for he is the only god to care about those who follow and worship him. His personality is considered Joyful, kind, and happy, in demeanor. Nurgle embodies Discords, despair, grief, fear and loneliness.

    Slaanesh (open)

    "Ahhh~, this feeling is excuitise."
    Slaanesh, the Dark Prince, is the Chaos God of Pleasure, Passion, and Decadence. Lust, pride and self-indulgence are the hallmarks of all who follow him. Slaanesh can assume any form; male, female, hermaphrodite or asexual; when looked upon by a mortal Slaanesh takes the form of the sex of their desire. Slaanesh is the core rival of Khorne who he considers his opposite. Slaanesh is the imbodiement of Discords, desire, greed, lust, and indulgence.

    Skellie (open)

    Chosen of:



    Rules (open)

    1: NO GODMODDING, we all know that it isn't fun.
    2: Me and Namora as mods have the final word.
    3: Don't be jerks towards each other.
    4: By all means if you have questions i would be glad to answer them.
    5: Gore and blood will most likely apear at some time, but when it comes to romance then any "Adult moments" will have to fade to black or some kind of time jump betwen the characters.
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  2. I'm uber interested, are there openings? If so do we just pick the race/element?
  3. @JulyTable
    Yes, there are four openings. One for each chosen. Then feel free to do the skellie and character however you want, the whole special thing about being a chosen is that they gain the ability to freely control their given element.

    And as i stated in the plot your character can be anything from a farmer or maybe a beggar to a noble~
  4. Can I reserve the The Water Chosen One please?
    I'm working on the CS right now.
  5. @Angel of Castiel
    Sure, i will write you on the list so others can see water is taken~
  6. Kk sounds good. can i reserve a spot? I don't care for which element i represent.
  7. @JulyTable

    Well i could, but as there are only four spots (now three) i will reserve it only for a day or two.
  8. Lol i just meant for right now as it takes me a while. For cs
  9. @JulyTable
    Oh, then just take one of the elements ^^`
  10. Lol i shall pick fire then :)
  11. Aveline.jpg
    Name: Aveline Thanos


    Gender: Female

    Race: Elf (Second Born)

    Chosen of: Water

    Equipment: Including her pouches and bag of
    poultices, herbs, and small enchanted items. Aveline has a sword and the quiver for her arrows strapped to her belt. Her bow on her back, and a smaller dagger in her right boot for emergencies. Besides that it's just a basic red peasants blouse with what seems to be a leather corset, protecting her abdomen, and tight black pants that disappear into her boots.

    Talents: Aveline has been graced with the bountiful training within the magical arts due to her heritage. Otherwise, she is a skilled warrior as well. Her precisioned marks only proving her high attentiveness for detail and strategy. Much like her political
    prowess taught from birth.

    Likes: The simplest things speak to Aveline's senses, despite her noble standing. In fact, she would often shock most people who first met her with her standard garments. The only pricy thing on her besides her weapons, are the crown band that proves her as a member of the Thanos Family. She also enjoys dueling with people, whether it be physically or intellectually. Her favorite things to do is to sharpen her skills and read books of any topic. A
    secret joy of hers would be dancing and playing the piano with lyrics being sung in harmony.

    Dislikes: One of the best ways to get on her bad side is by tarnishing her family name or her friends. She can handle someone insulting her, but anyone else she cares for... Then they are asking for death by the brunette's hands. People not upholding their word will cause her to lose to respect toward them. Hurting the weak and defenseless is another way to cause ill feelings to form. Lastly, she will never admit to it, but she also has a distaste for wearing dresses. She prefers pants for them being
    practical for battles.

    Past: Within an elite magic school deep within the woods, the headmaster's wife bore a female heir to
    inherit his legacy. He raised her as best as he could with his scholarly duties. His wife having to do most of the teaching herself. Unfortunately, the curriculum was of a more physical kind. The first things Aveline ever remembered doing was practicing with wooden swords with her mom, just a ways away from the school, in a clearing of flowers of all colors. When she was not with her mother, she was reading in the school's library. It wasn't long until her father noticed she had yet to learn how to perform spells... And her harsh training. Her father did not show any mercy while teaching her the ways of spells. Her mother, often, had to stop him from overexerting their daughter. Though, as the saying goes, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. Even with her being an Elf, she picked things up far quicker than many had suspect.

    As she began to blossom into a teen, both of her parents had decided it was time that she learn the trade of politics. That way she could easily deal with the wealthy parents who enrolled their children to the school. Her mother was also starting to push her toward more feminine clothing, which she rejected full heartedly. But her mother had convinced her to do it for her dad, and for her to learn how to play the piano. As politics would entail, she had to dress the part. She had to dance, walk, talk, and hold herself properly. The way someone your equal should.
    When she was an adult, it was the time that the bachelors came out to see her. Not that her parents seemed to mind too much. Especially if they were elven. They have recently tried to get her to pick a husband. To no avail.

    Other: She often goes out as a representative of the school to other cities to get supplies or to spread the word about the academic benefits of going there.

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  12. @JulyTable
    Great, i will write you up then.

    @Angel of Castiel
    Awesome character, i cannot see anything that is missing at all~
  13. Maybe i should start on the npcs, after all we need two more spots to be filled in and Namora to post her brilliant characters.
  14. Name: Falo Chispa

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Chosen of: Fire

    Equipment: Rope tied around his waist, steel bracers.

    Talents: Multilingual, perceptive, exceptional cook

    Likes: Spicy food, taking risks, playful banter, music, challenging himself ( mentally/physically)

    Dislikes: Waiting, being scolded, discrimination.

    Past: Falo grew up in farming country where everyone contributed to feeding the country. Rice was mostly grown and many times Falo would be commissioned with going to the market to sell the fruits of labor. There Falo understood how trade functioned but also how the world worked and he would have continued to learn had a drought not occurred. This drought came unexpected and many families including Falo's were forced to relocate to a nearby city. Things weren't completely better, however everyone found an odd job including Falo as a slave in the cities monastery. He tended for the monks, cleaned, and aided the cooks. Over time his family saved enough to return home with seeds for the new season, however Falo having obtained admiration for the monks wished to become one of them. Nothing could have been easier as the elders of the monastery had observed him and knew him well. His family departed wishing him to visit a whenever he would. Such a thing would have to wait as he was pushed physically and mentally. He grasped the physical aspects quickly as he was a natural however many a late night were spent on meditating as it was difficult for him. For 13 years he has trained changing his discipline into an art.

    Appearance: Muscular build, shoulder length black hair, dark brown eyes. Wears a earth brown robe custom to monks.
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  15. @JulyTable
    @Angel of Castiel

    I just realised something and i feel stupid for it, i forgot to add which chosen your character is in the skellies....Well shit. Guess i will have to add that ^^`

    also July could you get a picture or atleast describe how Falo looks like?
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