Chaos Knights of Tristan (Low fantasy RP)

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  1. Back before countries ruled the land.
    Back before technology took its hold.
    Back before the world took shape.
    Magic thrived

    City-states rule the land in this wild time. The largest of them all, Tristan, has a special group of magic knights referred to as Chaos Knights. These Knights have mastered the precarious yet powerful balance between Light and Darkness, and have learned to harness this dangerous magic in their fighting. The strongest and oldest of the Chaos Knights, those who have proved themselves in a Grand War, are referred to as Chaos Lords or Chaos Ladies. The ascension to Chaos Lord is a coveted position, one not given away lightly. Rarely, if ever, do Squire Knights ascend so soon after graduation, and yet with the upcoming Grand War against the city-state of Miranda, a group of friends seeks to do just that.
    The players are taking the roles of the aforementioned group of recently-graduated Squire Knights desiring to prove themselves a little earlier than usual. Character death may be a thing, depending on your choices. The finer details, I'll explain in the sign-ups, if we get that far.​
  2. Well then.

    Rev it up, rookie, because I am definitely ready to go knighting.
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  3. The threat of death intices me; you have my interest.
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  4. How many players do you guys want before starting?
  5. 4 players including GM.

    With banners up, you can rev those invitios.
  6. I beg your pardon?
  7. Just considering whether or not I'd want to get in on this. I kind of want to, but already have signed up for a couple of other roleplays and don't know if I'd be able to keep up.
  8. You can just turn your character into a glorious casualty if you can't keep up, it'll give the story some spice in your passing ;D
  9. Count me in as well, although I would like a more detailed explanation of the magic.
  10. I'll write in the rules once I put up the sign-up sheet, which will be soon now that we have enough players.

    Also, nice shot of Kuro.
  11. True, true.
  12. We need more people~!
  13. i am currently working on a cs
  14. @Wolfsbane706
    Shouldn't we make an advertising banner or something...? I don't know about you, but I'd be real sad if this doesn't ever get off the ground. :(
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