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  1. So, that's the basic stuff.

    Here are the finer points: Magic in this RP works off knowledge and innate power. To cast the spell, you have to know the name of the spell and the incantation that goes with it, though once you've memorized the incantation proper, you can do without if you're strong enough. For the most part, I don't mind you guys coming up with this stuff on your own (aside from a very specific few I've already done) but do try to limit it to light/darkness/mixed spells. Elemental Spells are Miranda's shtick

    Anyway, the rules are pretty much what you'd expect. No god-modding, meta-gaming, etc. Killing off characters will be a thing, though not without player consent. I expect roughly a well-written paragraph and a half per post, but longer is encouraged as long as it's not mostly purple prose. Infighting probably won't be a thing. Probably.
    Character Profile Skeleton
    Name: (Obvious.)
    Age: (16 and up, please.)
    Gender: (Let's keep things balanced if we can, but no preference here.)
    Weapon of Choice: (One weapon per character, unless you can come up with a good excuse for it or it comes in a set)
    "Secondary" Skill: (Basically, every character is going to have roughly the same skill level with the magic. The Secondary Skills are something unique to your character, either inherited or learned.)
    Appearance: (Self explanatory. Either a picture or a well-written description. The outfit in the picture won't matter, as each Chaos Knight will be wearing the same uniform.)
    Personality: (Self-explanatory, I should hope.)
    Strengths: (What are they good at?)
    Weaknesses: (What gives them pause?)
    Background: (Some context information about who they are and why they're the way they are)
    Other: (Anything else you feel like adding.)​
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  2. I'm still up for some reason so here's my placeholder post for now.
  3. I have an idea.

    Are other races allowed, at least with the right reasons?
  4. Nope. Humies only.
  5. Holding place to report in.
  6. Character skeleton is up. I'll do some cleaning up of it while everyone gets their stuff posted.
  7. I was gonna wait until others posted to get a better idea of how in depth I should go but here I go anyways!

    Name: Charlotte
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Weapon of Choice: Repeating Crossbow
    "Secondary" Skill: Cooking

    Appearance (open)
    CF 1836.jpg

    Personality: Charlotte is one who tries to look at the brighter side of things, loving to tease and poke fun even when she is in the middle of a combat situation. When it comes to her higher ups however, she is very to the point and as cordial as possible as a result of her courtroom training. She also follows the idea of Noblesse Oblige, feeling its part of her duty to be generous with those less fortunate than her, which can give off a patronizing tone.

    Strengths: Charlotte is strong at staying in control emotionally in the situation on hand. On top of that her eyesight is particularly strong.
    Weaknesses: Charlotte's weakness would be an over reliance on working with a group, unable to fully showcase her abilities when she isn't assisting someone.

    Background: Born of a high class noble couple, Charlotte was always being trained rather harshly to one day become a Chaos Knight and bring further fame to her family as the only heir, maybe one day even reaching to the status as a Chaos Lady. As she trained, the blonde girl learned to value the strength of working in a group, striving to learn the magics most beneficial to her teammates or detrimental to her enemies.

    Other: Most of her magic will likely be focused on debilitating the enemy and having her bolts be the center of small area of effect buffs.
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  8. Charlotte has found the Crusader's Crossbow! Sorry, couldn't resist. Could use a little more detail on the personality, but otherwise, not bad.
  9. Alrighty, will add a bit more about how she responds to certain people.
  10. Better. Alright, approved as a bare-minimum standard.
  11. Yee, just barely passing, that's how I roll.
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  12. *raises hand* Question!

    I have both a male and a female character in mind; are we allowed to double or no? (I don't mind having my characters get killed off either, if that makes a difference)
  13. You can double up if you like. If the group gets too big, though, I'll start restricting to well-built singles.

  14. [​IMG]

    Kedira Valinnfaire



    Sword & Shield

    Scavenging-- She has a good eye for finding things that might be useful to her later.

    Full of energy to take on the world, Kedira is very excited to do just about anything at all -- almost to a fault, as she has been known to annoy others with her unending need to seek out adventure. The irony is that, despite her enthusiasm, she doesn't have the smarts to back it up when she's found charging head-first into an activity. Kedira has a tendancy to forgo a good plan, opting instead to figure out what works for her along the way. On the other hand, her laid-back attitude makes her approachable, easy to talk to and fun to hang out with, but she has a dedication to being brutally honest that might make some feel she is hostile towards them over time. Never one to pull any punches, she has no problem making snide remarks about someone's shortcomings, even if she is guilty of the same things herself. At the very least, she is willing to admit that she is a hypocrite and she takes great pride in the fact that he doesn't lie about that.

    Kedira's faith is strong, always assuring her that she has a higher power on her side. While fear is still something she feels in the face of death, it does not discourage her from the fight; rather, it reinforces her determination to win at all costs, to claim that romantic ideal of under-dog glory she grew up hearing about in legends of unlikely heroes. She derives strength from the weaknesses she perceives in the people around her, motivating her to do more to make up for their failure -- when no one else is willing to rise up to the occassion, she is driven to do what they won't, just so that she can say she conquered the challenge at the end of the day. She may only be working hard for the right to brag about it later, but she is willing to do the hardest work nonetheless... and without much complaint to boot.

    It can be easy to persuade Kedira to think differently, if only one manages to weave religion into their argument. You could murder a man in cold blood right in front of her face, and a decent bit of improvised dogma would make all the difference between her turning you in or helping you to hide the body. Some would say she's naive, while others would admire the boundless amounts of blind faith she's willing to put forth. But because she believes that a higher power has great plans for her, she has a harder time taking any sort of danger seriously; if someone tries to threaten her, she tends to think that they're bluffing -- if a bridge appears to be in major disrepair, she's pretty sure she can get across it fast enough before it falls. Kedira submits wholeheartedly to the philosophy that "everything happens for a reason". This kind of thinking has made it difficult for her to maintain friendships though, as she seems to become most uncaring when things are at their worst. However, in truth, her detachment is her only way of coping with a world she cannot control; afterall, there is no point in crying when it won't change a thing.

    Kedira was born into a den of thieves. Her parents were both people who had become jaded about society and felt that the law only served to restrict one's freedom. Having suffered the loss of property, the loss of employment, or the loss of dignity at the hands of a harsh world, this small band of thieves sought to escape the arbitrary rule of the city-state that did nothing to aid them when they were in need. Such experiences left them seeing only the worst in people, which made it easier to take advantage of these strangers without remorse. They did what they had to to survive, then they did more to make a comfortable life for themselves, and then they kept on taking from others because it was easier than earning an honest wage. The money was good; they could've invested it over time and made a good place for themselves, but they didn't bother. Instead they spent it all away frivolously everyday, living like kings with no concern for the future -- if they ran out of coin, they could always get more at the expense of others.

    In time, Kedira grew aggrivated by the carelessness of her friends and family; they complained of the constant risk of getting caught by the authorities, yet they did not desire to make a change even when they had the chance. She openly advised them of their options at every given opprotunity, and while they did admit she'd made a smart suggestion, her ideas were ultimately ignored to continue the same effortless cycle. Routine was an addiction all on it's own. Kedira could not bring herself to break away from it either, as she lacked the confidence to take inititive without support from her peers. She was ashamed of herself, but that did not drive her to do anything differrent.

    Until one day, when a noble woman would offer to take her into her own home. The lady took pity on Kedira after catching the girl's mother in an attempted robbery, during which time she was told a sob story about the thief struggling to provide for her poor daughter. She was not entirely naive; it was clear that Kedira's mother was a lost cause, but being a mother herself, the noble woman wanted to at least give the thief's daughter a chance to change. Being adopted under the Valinnfaire name allowed her to pursue a fresh life with plenty of possibilities. The transition wasn't easy though. Her new family held higher expectations for her in everything she did; they did not tolerate idleness, they would accept no excuse for physical or emotional weakness, and honesty was placed above all else as the absolute virtue. To prove herself to these people, Kedira felt that the best way she could bring them pride was by becoming a Chaos Knight. Thus, her story begins here...

    She is superstitious and has a strange obssession with performing made-up rituals, primarily for luck and protection.​
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  15. I like her. She might find herself at odds with one of the characters I have in mind, though. Depending on how many ladies and lads we get, Kadira might find herself at odds with my character . . . . Approved!
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  16. I'm glad! I was aiming for a realistic conflict of character types! Still intending to cobble together my male, too. But we will need to generate more interest from other people if we're going to get this crew completed.
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  17. [​IMG]

    Raze Antitheus



    Weapon of Choice:
    WhiteFang- A one handed silver sword

    "Secondary" skill :
    Stratagist - Raze's ability allows him to quickly analyze the situation before executing his attack or defense .

    On the surface, Raze seems to be a shallow and self-absorbed young man, infamous among many of his colleagues and superiors alike for the selfish and narcissistic aura he gives off. Only a few who has gotten close to Raze should know that this persona is only a wall.

    At the core, he is a remarkably devoted soldier whose primary focus and personal duty is to his friends and subordinates. Though he hides it well behind a veil of cynicism and self-importance, Raze is a man who cares deeply about the people who trust and support him and goes to great lengths to ensure their safety and well-being, even at the risk of his own.

    Raze has studied in warfare from a young age and has familiarized his self with a wide variety of weapons and hand to hand combat .

    His sharp tounge has bin known to anger people alot,even if he ment no harm . because of his personality most squires think he is just stuck up and tend not interact with him.

    Raze was from a land in the north ,His father was one of the many lords who were banner men for the lord of Tristan. it was tradition for the Antitheus house hold to offer there son's service in the Chaos Knight order when he became a man . this would show there loyalty and also bring Honor to the Antitheus name.
    Raze was only 11 when news of his older brothers death.

    From that day , Razes life had bin turned into nothing but combat training. His fathers wish to
    regain the honor for house Antitheus by making sure Raze was a fine warrior when he was enlisted. But it was not the hundreds of teachers his father had hired to train him over the years. It was every night when the moon was at its highest point , A sword being tossed at him by his mother . She would then to begin to attack . it only took Raze a few nights to get the be prepared for her visits.

    It was on the night on his 18th birthday when Raze finally best his own mother . after helping her up , his father bursts into the room excitedly
    and explained that It was a test of manhood that the Antitheus family had performed .
    Before Raze could about how wrong , hos mother explains that she was the once called a Chaos lady in her younger days . Since Raze had actually past the manhood test two years before his brother He had convinced his parents his family to allow him to leave for the capital.

    Raze has a bad habit of over analyzing people making him look like a perv who just stares at people.
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  18. Why do I get the impression the character has been repurposed from another RP?
  19. do i have to change it?
  20. please say no....... lol..
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