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For Those of you who've been living down in the shelters for so long...

No, The World hasn't been caught in any big natural disaster, no meteors, no alien invasions or zombies, none of that stupid crap. Well, I dunno, you might find a zombie or something due to radiation, but….ah fuck it, here's the story!

Some time into the future, I'd say 2017, We got our punk asses into some big war. No nukes guys, but hell. We really screwed up the planet. It was an awful mess that costed the lives of many. I think we lost a chunk or two of the human race.

The cities still stand, and the people try to go about their lives, sure, but things are less orderly. Think Italian City States, or the Wild West. Law has become a difficult thing. Gangs roam the lands outside of civilization now, and attack and jump people for their shit, sometimes even told to do so by high businessmen/Mafia families. Gory business, I know, but people persevere even through the worst.

There do exist people with extraordinary abilities however. Most are some real bad dudes, and lead bandits and outlaws like captains and commanders. Power dictates where you stand in life, it's true for them. Then there are just a few with enough heart to challenge this order. These two sides can consist of Psychics with high ESP abilities, Martial Artists of amazing strength and the power of Ki energy. And others...

It is in their hands now, the fate of this world, I mean, to try and change the world into the way they see fit…


Character Sheet:


Kyoudo: (Power Level. Anything under 1,000 is Low Tier, Anything under 10,000 is mid, and anything under 20,000 is High. I will NOT allow high tiers unless you can convince me otherwise, and maybe have some plot importance with your character.)

Class: (What do you use? Martial arts, Psychic powers?)
Fighting Style: (If Any)


Techniques: (SHOW ME YA MOVES!)

Fun Facts:
Theme Song:


Extra info

- This won't be entirely serious, so we'll mess around some. XD

- Here are some general info for the ability tiers I allow.

Low Tier:

- Destructive Power: Skyscraper Busting at max

- Speed: Supersonic

Mid Tier:

- Destructive Power: City to Mountain Busting

- Speed: High Supersonic to Low Hypersonic

High Tier: (I'm not allowing many of these to run around.)

- Destructive Power: Moon Busting

- Speed: Hypersonic to High Hypersonic

Tropes included in this RP:

Name: Jack McCoy
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance: Spiked black hair, caucasian skin, dark brown eyes, and an athletic build with some muscle to it. Wears a Sleeveless Jacket with a T-shirt on it with some pop culture reference on it, track pants, and black/red sneakers. He stands at about 6ft...

Kyoudo: (Currently) -Base- 700/ -Powered Up- 1,000

Class: Martial Arts
Fighting Style: Sekai Shuuken (Fist Of the World King)

History: Just your average, everyday martial arts practitioner. Fresh out of the fallout shelters and ready to face the world, hitting the open road and exploring the earth, and occasionally beating up some bikers. From a young age, he trained in Sekai Shuuken (Fist Of the World King), One of the famed 'Choujin Kenpo.' He uses it to help liberate villages, towns, and cities from the tyrannical grip of evil men, like the mafia, wild bandits, and others. All while becoming stronger everyday.

Items: Cell Phone, Keyring, Candy Cigarettes
Weapons: Are you serious?
Techniques: (as of now)

- Kyuusoken (World Rush Fist): Rapid punches that explode with power when they hit the vital points of the enemy in a violent barrage of a hundred fists.

- Kunren Kyaku (Drill Kick): The user does a series of flying kicks while spiraling at the target.

- Restuha (Crack Shot): A Fireball. Can be thrown with one, or both hands. With both hands, it can be charged for power.

Fun Facts: Jack has almost never had a girlfriend. He wants one badly. XD
Quote(s): "WATAAAH!!!" "KA~KAKAKA~!! XD" "You're already DEAD, you dumbass!" "Look, you're fucking bleeding, and spilling your guts out. Tell me you're NOT dead, you sonova…"
Theme Song:
Games in this style (that meet my criteria for "the GM probably has some idea of what they're doing") are so rare, I've got a backlog of potential PCs. I'll post a sheet once I've picked which one.
No sheet yet. Decided to go with the rejected aspiring heir to a dojo. BBL.

Where's everybody else?
Name: Jason Alero

Gender: Male

Age: 26



Height: 5'10

Weight: 152

Kyoudo: 8000

Class: Ki Practioner

Fighting Style: None

History: Having survived on the harsh, and lawless surface of earth, Jason has come to learn of the many cruelties inflicted upon humanity in it's darkest hour, and those still being commited. It was through the grief, and hatred he experienced that gave way to his dormant talents. Amidst a world of criminals, and scum he honed his abilities killing those that spawned evil with their actions, and very breath. The life however wasn't one without a toll to pay. The dark actions he'd taken to cleanser those darker still weighed heavily upon his soul. Drifting from social interaction he simply became known as the "Harvester." He continues walking the surface reaping the souls of those who've sown discontent, and malicy.

Items: One plain bound black book, a deck of tarot cards, and a flask of whiskey.

Weapons: None


Soul Render: Gathering energy in hand, the user propells it with a slashing motion of their arm sending it towards it's intended target. If it strikes, the victim's inherit energy ignites within them giving them severe lacerations if it doesn't out right kill them.

Dark Solace: A large sphere of dark purple energy forms in bewtween both hands. Once the desire level of power is gather, the user slams the basre of his palms near the wrists together disrupting the containment area around the sphere causing it to burst forward in a large beam capable of vaporizing anything infront of it, and igniting objects several feet around it's path.

Tornado of Souls: Placing a hand against one's body, the user can loop their power through themselves multiplying the output of the multiple phantom shaped blasts that release itself from their other hand which is helld outstretched. The use of this ability has sever drawbacks as the looping effect injuries the user by using himself as a condiut for power their body couldn't normal harness.

Fun Facts:

Quote(s): "This curse is an unholy gift." "I am truly a monster." "If you wish for conflict, and evil, I cannot help myself."

Theme Song:

@Jumi: The starting kyoudo is rather high. And if your character uses ki, they'd generally be martial arists.

@Saya: Okay. And I have no idea. I put the link on the interest check thread, and even shot a couple PM's.
Reserves a spot!
@Jumi: The starting kyoudo is rather high. And if your character uses ki, they'd generally be martial arists.

Should I edit in the bit about being a Martial Artist considering he doesn't know how to fight? And in regards to his power level, I had an idea of his power increasing at an exponentially slow rate considering it's potency this early on. But if you've got a level cap within the mid power range, let me know, and I'll edit it.
You could always just change it to something besides Ki.

Everyone will slowly gain power. The Low Tier/Lower Mid Tier are good areas to start.
Can I leave it as NA since he doesn't know how to fight? Also, if 8,000 is too high for the mid range which if I read correctly was anything under 10,000 but above 1,000, what would you recommend?
I want this to live.

Under Construction

Name: Shuten O'Hara
Gender: M
Age: Early Twenties
Appearance: I don't know, but it probably includes being ripped and having an EPIC mane of waistlength red hair. Six feet even. Gray slacks and a weighted matching overcoat. Wingtips and a white, wrinkled, barely-buttoned dress shirt left so far open one almost wonders why he even bothers. Sometimes the top of sarashi wrappings about his waist can be seen. His overall look suggests an attempt to seem "classier" than his former fellow bandits--a self-styled gentleman's facade.

Kyoudo: 800(Base) 900(Powered Up)
Class: Martial Artist
Fighting Style: [I'll be back with a fancy name later]+Dirty Tricks and Limited Genre Savvy

History: A former gang member who was probably a bit too soft and altruistic anyway. He spends most of his time either training to get stronger or following Jack around.

Weapons:A new one every week. Whenever he gets beat, he comes back with a new weapon in hopes that it'll give him an edge.
Techniques: (SHOW ME YA MOVES!)

Fun Facts: An affectionate parody of the stock two-bit punk-antagonist-turned-friendly-rival. He believes Jack beat him really badly once. Since then, he's become obsessed with proving himself superior and being "The Only One Allowed to Defeat [Jack]".
Theme Song:

@Jumi: Okay. But that means you have to re-name the energy he uses. And if you're going to start in the mid range, I'd say 2,000 would make a good base. Since the starting base is high, the power up shouldn't give him too much extra power.