Changing Usernames: A PSA

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  1. Did you make a mistake in your username when you signed up? Want something fresh and different for the season? Decided that the old one just doesn't feel like "you" anymore?

    This is a PSA to address the confusion on whether or not usernames can be changed (hint: the answer is yes). Making multiple accounts on Iwaku is against the rules of Iwaku but you can change your username for whatever reason you want - but it does have to follow the rules.

    The process for doing this is is pretty straightforward, you just have to know where to look.
    Let me be your guide really fast!



    If you were thinking about deleting your account because you got your username messed up, save yourself the hassle and change the username instead!

    Did you already make a mistake and create another account for a new username or because you thought that accounts were tied to characters like some sites? You can get this problem taken care of by contacting the staff and won't have to worry about it causing you problems. Extra accounts that belong to you can be merged into the account that you want to keep so you don't lose any information. This is also a good time to make sure that your birthday is correct (you can hide it from view so others don't see it if you want!).
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  2. Yes...
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  3. Does a User alter their Screen-Name to change an R.P.G. Character for a new R.P.G. they are participating in? I was never quite sure of that. I think I have to do that since I have yet to see another Comic Book Character being used on this Site. @__@; OOPS!
  4. People can use names of characters for their username if they want to. It's not mandatory and it's not against the rules. Go with whatever you prefer.
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  5. Thanks, Mate!