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    Isaac Gardener: Fairwolf Digger

    Every night now, I have these horrible nightmares, and they all end the same. That man's face, I know it's a man's, keeps laughing at me, taunting my existence. I can't ever fight back, I'm too weak, I have to try to escape, but I can't move. I can't stop feeling the pain, for some reason my heart aches every time I wake up, I cry once I'm awake. Why do I suffer such torment?

    "Isaac!" A familiar voice called out to him. "Isaac!" Isaac is jolted back into reality and looks over to find a familiar man. The man wore a Digger's uniform, an orange suit with a hard helmet protecting his head. One of the man's gloves had been shaking Isaac's shoulder, as he pulls his orange shoulder away. "You okay buddy?"

    "Yes, I'm fine." Isaac lied.

    "Well, let's get moving, shall we?" The man walks out of Isaac's tent, his boots hitting the sand as Isaac put a hand to his head. Isaac had drifted off again, he was going to get another warning from his boss at this rate. He coughs out a little before rising up to his feet and heads out of the tent in the same Digger's uniform his fellow workers wore. Before them was the usual camp on the sandy horizon, they had come out into the desert to explore a supposedly dangerous job. Isaac knew that Fairwolf lived on the border to Centora's Desert, and that the standard Digger's uniform was suppose to protect them from all sorts of hazards. Isaac moves over to where the others had gathered, all of them turning towards him.

    "There we are, all seven of us are here now!" Another Digger called out to him. "At this rate, Isaac isn't going to find a woman to settle down with!" The others had a laugh at the joke, Isaac didn't see it as such.

    I'm only seventeen." He pointed out to them.

    "Quit harassing the boy!" The tallest of the seven spoke out, he was the assigned leader of the group. He was an experienced Digger, twenty-five years and still going, the man had worked half of his life to get up to this and it showed. It was rumored he had been all over Centora, but he has never confirmed this. "We are Fairwolf Digger Unit 137! Each of you has that number on the right side of your suit's chest. As long as you are here, you will obey my rules and I expect them to be followed. Now normally, I'd be happy to let everyone relax and hang for a bit, but we got a serious problem on our hands."

    "What do you mean a problem?" The Digger who teased him said, before they all felt the sand underneath them shake violently, each of them being forced to their hands and knees as the shaking slowly ceased. All of them rose up to their feet as Isaac knew what this meant.

    "We got worms, gentlemen."

    Hamilton A. Wiltsworth: Centora Merchant

    Hamilton didn't like his current position, not at all. Riding on a wooden cart, he felt the road was bumpy and the cart felt like it was going to break at any second. "Watch it." Hamilton called out to the driver, as he tried to keep the horses under control. "We're not here to break the cursed thing!" Hamilton got a nod in reply, leaning back in his seat with his arms across his chest. He looked over to the trees they passed by, he could see the beautiful scenery around them. Life wasn't always rumored to be like this in Centora, so he heard.

    These are the Blind Times, or Blind Time as some people say. I don't care which, personally. Centora was at the center of the conflict, no one knows who started it, who it was between or why it even happened, but we lost so much due to it. Our world forever changed and no one even remembers it, because those who knew about it died. Like heck I'l believe that, these stones are a sign of that! They are the center of it all, they are --

    His thoughts are interrupted as he hears a loud cracking noise and the cart suddenly came to a stop. The horses ahead started to rest where they stood as Hamilton frowned at the driver. "What happened?" He asked, but was gestured to look down. Taking the bag and hopping off the cart, he found one of it's wheels had broken off. Hamilton facepalmed with his only free hand and groaned. "Useless, all of you, useless! I will make the way to Merricrest myself, on foot!" Hamilton stubbornly followed the path and left the driver and his horses behind, they no longer mattered to him. Holding the bag of stones over one shoulder, he continued on his way forward to visit the city in the forest.
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  2. Atuat​

    “That is where I come in.” A loud voice boomed cheerfully from behind the diggers; a woman with dark skin and blond hair approached, tall as a giant and dressed in a patchwork of loose-fitting robes to protect her from the sun. It was clear she was not used to theses type of clothes, as she readjusted them occasionally. “I am Atuat and I've been hired to take care of your worm-problem, Fairwolf.”

    Atuat walked up to the tallest of the differs, even if she made him look like a dwarf when standing next to him. Atuat was used to it by now that her people were far bigger than the people of Centora, but seeing her still commonly shocked the locals. She tried her best not to let it bother her too much, and her cheer and positive attitude helped many in getting over their fear.

    “Let us get straight to business.” She smiled, crossing her arms and making sure to make short eye-contact with every digger there. “I've read worms are attracted to loud sounds and vibrations. I'm sure you men have something that can make some noise, but when we do I need you to leave the rest to me.” Atuat said, as she practically repeated the advice she had read mere days before. Although she was experienced as a hunter, she had never dealt with the giant worms before.

    “They are deaf and blind, but they can sense vibrations in the ground. So when you feel them coming; I need you all to squat and stay still and steady until I deal with them all.” Atuat pulled a rifle from her back and aiming it at the ground. “You can only kill a worm by destroying it's head. If you cut them in two, the head lives and panics. A panicking worm rampages, above-ground and trust me when I say you don't want to be tackled by a cable thick as a well-off horse.” Atuat laughed and squeezed the shoulder of the foreman of the diggers (perhaps a little too hard in her enthusiasm).

    “But not to worry, if you all stick to the plan, it will be over in at most ten minutes.”
  3. Cadoc silently watches as the tall woman shouted her orders to the people around him, not having dealt with worms previously he knew that it would be best if he followed he instructions, though he could not get the feeling he should be prepared to fight regardless.

    He could feel them coming closer as he slowly drew his blade from his back slowly, thinking to himself "I must be prepared to assist if the situation gets tired".

    Though in all honesty he just wanted a chance to fight, to prove himself, maybe even to do something that could start to make a name for himself.
  4. Scarlett - The Kinjun forest hunter

    Scarlett Vang stood far in the back keeping her distance from the diggers, she had come here, tiring of the same old prey she always hunted back in the forests of Kinjun. However much she enjoyed that place, she knew she needed to find newer prey to hunt, and once she caught word of these sand worms, she just had to volunteer to help take care of the problem... Her eyes scanned the group of diggers curiously, except for her father, she'd never really met nor associated with many diggers before, though one in particular caught her attention; a young looking boy who seemed a little out of place amongst the group, and looking closer, one of his hands looked a little off, but she couldn't quite figure out what about it made it seem so... Then the arrival of another by the name of Atuat as she soon loudly annonced arrived along with a tough looking man whos appearance resembled royalty. Admitteldy Scarlett didn't expect others, but it didn't bother her too much, she gripped her spear tightly, listening intently to what Atuat had to say. The information given about these and worms was valuable indeed "Keep quiet, distract them with vibrations and noise, destroy the head... Got it." she thinks to herself, these things would prove to be a good challenge, and already she was feeling the thrill of the "hunt". Despite the rush of emotion and andrenaline slowly sweeping through her body though, she couldn't help but remember that it was time she ought to pay her younger sister an overdue visit. She knew it would do some good to start looking for her sister in Centora, but only after this hunt was over, this was an opportunity she would hate to miss...

    Ansley - Centora's nomad artist

    A beautiful melody floated down one of the more scenic paths in a forest at Centora... This melody came from the harp Ansley Vang was playing, her eyes were closed as she seemed to be off in her own world, she always looked that way whenever she played her harp like that. There was a straw basket sitting not too far from her, close to the road which was filled with a few coins from the occasional passerby. Right now, this area seemed to be the most serene and calm place in entora for the moment, with little to no noise interrupting Ansley's music, until a loud *snap* could be heard not too far down the path. Ansley's eyes opened rather quickly as she was quite abruptly startled out of her trance-like state, but she didn't stop playing. Looking down the path she spots a rather frustrated looking man walking down the path carrying a bag of stones that clinked against each other a little, she watched him walk down the path curiously for a few more moments before she closed her eyes again. This time though, she found it quite difficult to regain that state she had earlier as her curiousity about that man was beginning to mess with her "inner peace" she had.

  5. Oelia

    The rabbit poked it's head out from the brush. It stood on its hind paws, sniffing the air, before running forward, ducking under brush here and there, before it stopped at a large plant. It began to softly nibble at the leaves, safe knowing there were no predators about.


    It cocked its head to the left, before a sudden impact knocked it over, a large arrow sticking from its neck. The rabbits death was instantaneous. From nearby, a girl carrying a large bow walked out
    . She gently removed the arrow from the rabbit, cleaned and skinned it, and had it simmering in a pot as the sun was setting. As the girl ate, perched on a tree branch from up high, she looked out at the forest below her, at the land spread out for miles, before settling comfortable on the tree branch to sleep for the night.

    The next day, not a trace of the girl's camp was left. Robe on her body and bow on her back, she walked through the forest path, her journey continuing for most of the day, avoiding any travelers she saw by disappearing into the trees until they had passed. One traveler was a tall merchant, holding a bag of what appeared to be stones, she watched him pass through the brush, taking note of his cocky behavior. Another was a slightly older girl playing her harp in the woods, she paused to listen for a while, admiring the music, before also sneaking past her in the brush. "Is it really such a wise idea for me visit this city? I may have trouble concealing my identity again", she thought, before shaking her head. "No, no, I have to do it, I have a mission, if I can accomplish this, then I won't be the only one of my people to walk these lands again".

    At a crossroads in the wood, on the main path to Merricrest, she stopped, examining a map she had, well, "procured" from a traveler sleeping on the path. "West it is then", she muttered, her accent still very noticeable. She wondered how she was going to disguise that when a man walked down the path, a scar on his cheek and unshaved stubble on his face; she cursed her lack of attention for failing to avoid him.

    "Excuse me miss, may I take a moment of your time?" He asked, calling out to her, a chuckle in his throat. "It's not safe for a young lady to be traveling alone, there could be all manner of scary men out there, real ruffians if you catch my meaning". Something in his voice sent warning bells through her head.

    "Thank you for the warning, I'll be on my way then", she replied, turning to leave. She felt the man's hand grip her shoulder as she turned around. He put his face right next to hers, she could smell foulness on his breath.

    "Now now, it's not rude to turn your back on someone giving you helpful advice, miss. I can tell by your accent you must not be around these parts, if you act like that someone might get the wrong idea, see?" Oelia jerked away from him as his hand moved to the large bulge beneath the robe on her pack. "Carrying something valuable there miss? You might do well with someone else watching over it for you, a thief might not hesitate at freeing those valuables from you". He stared back at her, before making a wicked grin. "And maybe take something else of value while he was at it... Now, be a good girl and follow me, and I'll make sure to keep you VERY protected." He motioned behind him, closing his eyes for a second as he laughed, amused by his own remarks.

    "I'm afraid I'm going to have to decline your offer, generous as it might be, I'm more than comfortable traveling alone". His eyes still closed, he chuckled.

    "Don't be silly, what could a girl like you.... eh?" He opened his eyes midsentence to find Oelia perched up high on a tree, her large bow drawn and an arrow pointing right as his heart. "Oh come now, is that any way to treat a stranger? Besides, look at how large that thing is, I doubt a small girl like you could fire that thing, put the toy down and stop acting like an adult, and get down here like a good girl already". He motioned angrily at her, pulling out a large dagger from his pack.

    "Would you like to test me? I'll give you one last chance to go away and leave me be, I have no business with you". He scowled angrily at her.

    "Well, I already asked politely, now I'm gonna have ta just take what I want". He started moving to the tree, pointing the tip of the dagger at her. "And when I rape you and take all your valuables, then maybe you'll regret having been so rude to me...... ehrk?!" The man heard a wooshing sound, and felt a soft thud at his chest, and the forest flying past him. He looked up at the girl, wondering why she was suddenly so far away, before looking down, realizing there was not only an arrow in his chest, but he was dangling to a tree, pinned by it. "But..." he gasped before coughing up blood, his vision slowly fading as the young girl hopped down from the tree, walking back along the road to Merricrest, whistling the tune she had heard the harp girl playing.
  6. Kiala Rikoln was not used to waking up in random places on a random continent. She knew it was different because the climate was no where near the freezing iciness of Zarbrew. She sat up slowly, groaning at a pain in her arm. Something flitted through her head; a voice. 'Welcome back to the living, Ki. How're ya doin'?' The voice laughed as Kiala frowned. First a flash, then a really long time full of pain, and she woke up on a random continent in a forest she knew nothing about, and she didn't know the day, or the month, or the year. Was it still even the Blind Times, or had everything died like They once said they would? Kiala couldn't be sure.

    Hearing some faintly familiar music, Kiala slowly got up, brushing the dirt off of her clothes. Her eyes flashed yellow for a faint second as the voice inside her head warned her not to follow the music. Ignoring it, she walked slowly towards it. 'Fine. Maybe you'll listen if I introduce myself. I am The Voice Inside Your Head That Drives You Crazy, Ulithak.'

    Still ignoring him, she continued towards the music to see a youngish girl playing a beautiful song on the harp. She stood in the shadows, not wanting to bother her. The music had a strange effect on her..

    'I warned you,' Ulithak said warily before Kiala thumped to the ground.
  7. As I was walking down a trail from a recently finished job, I signed with the boredom that followed. I had gotten attached to the last group that I was traveling with, but they didn't want to have anything to do with me once they realized I wasn't just a cute catgirl. I have to admit, it must have been quite a surprise to them when I killed that bandit and I could have told them that I'm a hired blade, but I always find myself wanting to separate my outside life from my work life. I mean, they would have never even wanted me to come along with them if they knew how capable I was. Is it really so wrong to not want to be treated like a killer during your off time. It is much more fun to allow yourself to relax and do what you want.

    I continue down the forest path a bit longer, until I see something rather interesting. A bandit was robbing a young girl in a thick robe. The girl seemed very pretty, but it wasn't like I could see much of her through that thick clothing. I always detest such clothes, because they only make my job harder. People always have something to hide under them. My eyes grow cold, and my mindset transforms into that of a trained killer. I draw my weapon, moving through the woods, I move silently under the cover of my shadow aura. I move closer and closer, waiting for the moment I was close enough to kill the bandit and leave without a trace. However, before I was close enough to lunge in for the kill, the girl jumped ridiculously high, drawing a massive bow that was clearly too large for her to use. Despite its ridiculous size, she somehow drew it back. The bandit thought he was safe from the girl's power, but I had already seen, that is clearly a powered weapon, and that bandit would soon regret his actions. She enough, the bandit is slain easily.

    It looks like today won't be as boring as I thought. She might be fun to travel with. I put up my dagger, and shadow aura ends, making my presence quite obvious. Sleepily, "Hey. I saw what happened with the bandit. Are you alright miss? You jumped so high, I was just watching in amazement." I should probably get to town sometime, I'm kinda hungry.
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  8. It was a while before Kiala opened her eyes, though something were off. Warnings screamed in her head, and Ulithak was screaming too. 'What the hell? Hey, I'M the leader here! Back o- augh!' There was a crash in Kiala's mind as she stood slowly. Her eyes weren't just flecked with yellow, they had been engulfed. There was something stronger than Ulithak in her mind, and, although she was new to this demons-in-my-head thing, she knew this was bad. As if the controller of her mind had no idea how to move a human body, she stumbled past the girl with the harp and onto the road, stumbling for a while before seeing a winged girl with a huge bow and a neko who looked harmless but screamed danger. The controller made her stop sloppily, almost tripping in the process. 'Ulithak,' Kiala screamed in her mind, 'help me! Make the others help me, just don't..'

    The demon lurched forwards in a sloppy attempt to attack the neko.

  9. Oelia

    She span around. In a second, her bow was drawn, but the girl was already right next to her, too close to fire at. But she didn't sense danger from her... or did she? There was something there, something unsettling, but nothing compared to the man she left hanging from a tree. "Wh-who are you?". Oh great. Unfamiliar person, unfamiliar species, her shyness was coming out now that the threats were gone. "D-do not mind me at all", she said, stammering in her accent. "W-was I not supposed to kill that man? He had th-threatened me, I was just defending myself!". Was it against the law to kill bandits here? Oelia had no idea, was she in trouble? It was just self defense, but maybe they were still stringent about that sort of thing here. But something about the girl put Oelia at ease, and she put her bow away, after all, she had no intention of firing it.

    "I'm s-sorry, ignore me. My name is Oelia, it is n-nice to meet you." Still stammering, Oelia put the hood of her robe down, bowing deeply, her long brown hair covering her face. "I am new to these parts, a stranger in your land, and I am sorry if I have done anything to offend". Her soft voice trembled a bit, uncomfortably as she wondered if there wasn't a way out of this situation (other than flying, she did not want to reveal or show her wings more than she had to). She continued to respond to the girl's questions. "I am alright, he did not harm me, though the same could not be said for him". She chuckled at her own joke. "As for that jump, let's just say I am very athletic". Did she see her wings under her robe? Probably not, she covered them well. Oelia did however hear the girl's stomach growl, and looked up at her, noticing her ears in the process. 'She is not a human like me, I wonder, are there perhaps those of my kind that survived her? She does not seem overly malicious either, perhaps I should ask about this world, even if that means having to talk to another individual.' Her thinking was interrupted by another growl. "Would you care for something to eat? I am getting hungry myself, I could hunt for us a rabbit or two, I know how to make an excellent rabbit stew!".

    Oelia threw the neko to the ground. 'I'll tell her I'm sorry later!' She pulled out her bow, pointing it at the strange woman, moaning and muttering as she sloppily came closer. 'What do I do, do I shoot? Is she a danger? Why is all this happening so suddenly?' Thoughts kept drifting through her head, but she stood her ground, she'd protect herself and the neko no matter what.
  10. Kiala watched with horror as she was aimed at by a girl holding a bow that could've been twice her size. 'Please, Ulithak, hurry!' The demon grunted and Kiala froze as they battled for who had control. The yellow in her eyes eventually retreated; they were a reddish color, speckled with yellow now, instead of the other way around. She fell to the ground in relief. 'Thank you.. Who are you?' she asked the intruder in her mind. The demon snarled, but spoke. 'You've managed to control the others. You'll have to fight, but not as hard if Ulithak allows me to lead. I am Noforus.' Kiala nodded to herself before standing. "I..." She looked at the girl with the bow. "I...I'm.. I don't.. I... I'm..sorry?" She finished the apology clumsily, before shaking her head to clear it. She stood straighter, and the yellow specks in her eyes flared for a second. "I apologize for allowing that to happen. I will do my best to ensure it will not happen again. I am Kiala. Who, may I ask, are you?
  11. Ansley
    A large commotion followed by a thumping noise near her made Ansley's eyes open, stirred from her trance-like state once more. She looked in front of her to see an unconscious girl that suddenly got up and stumbled down the path. This time with a strange feeling about this, she stopped playing her harp and followed her "This definitely isn't the work of my music alone... It's never done something like this to someone else, so what's wrong with her?" she thought to herself, she continued down the path towards the girl, she spots two others near her. A mysterious girl with a particularly large bow, she looked like she might enjoy the arts of music as much as Ansley did herself. The other had cat-like ears, she was definitely a Necko, and Ansley had heard about them before, but she'd never seen one in person. An immediate fondness developed over the seemingly cute appearance she had, however she couldn't let appearances decide her personality... "H-hi..." She spoke, attempting to greet the three strangers, but her voice was fairly quiet, though it was loud enough that at least one of them might notice it.
  12. I listen happily to the strange girl. I was definitely right that she had something to hide, but I could quickly tell that it wasn't the bad kind of hiding that ends with me finding a sharp object lodged in my body. She seemed really shy, but also really nice. Considering she was so defensive at first, she probably is doing something that she doesn't want to be caught doing, and she clearly doesn't know the laws of the land if she is asking about the law. Also, she tried to play off that jump off like it was athletic ability, when she really should have said it was an ability of her bow. Up until that point I thought she might be a spy, but she isn't careful enough and gives up way too much information for that. It was more likely that she didn't feel welcome here, and it is likely due to something that is hidden under that robe. I almost have it, just need one more clue... Oh, there it goes. She noticed my ears, and now she wants to feed me. That likely means she feels a kinship with me. I can see her ears, so she isn't a Neko, that leaves me one guess. She is part bird. That is why she can jump so high, wears a robe to conceal wings, and uses the bow as a prefered weapon. I'm not 100% certain, but that isn't something I should snoop into. Sometimes people hide things for a reason, I'd know that better than anyone. I'm about to take up her offer for rabbit hunting, when suddenly something tries to sneak up and attack me from behind, I would have noticed ages ago if I wasn't examining my new friend. I still have time to intercept my attacker, but I didn't want to reveal my abilities so soon. I begin to turn to face my attacker, when suddenly my friend throws me to the side. I land on my face and, earning me a scrap across my cheek and a bruised side. I start crying. It hurts. Suddenly everyone is coming over here. The person attacking me suddenly started apologizing. I just wanted to get something to eat. I look up with tears falling across my eyes, whining "Why is everyone being mean to me? I just wanted friends and a good meal. Now my hair is ruined and I hurt..."
  13. Kiala looked at the neko, frowning. As much as she wanted to help her, she just couldn't after what Noforus had just said. 'Ulithak is letting me rule, and I won't let you forget this: I'm a demon. There's other demons. In your head. And we can control you. If you don't want us to control you, do what I say and be what you are: a monster.' She hardened herself, frowning at the neko. She was going to regret this. "Get up." Her voice was devoid of emotion now, and seemed to be accompanied by hints of a thousand other voices. She ignored the harp player for now.
  14. Isaac

    Isaac noticed the three newcomers, all of them looked like warriors. He knew this would be of help, but he had this feeling he couldn't shake off. He listened to the tall woman's words, secretly he already knew this, but he wouldn't tell. He looks to the blue stone in his glove, which seemed to reflect the sunlight in it. He shook his head and turned to his boss. "Commander." Isaac called the man. A Commanding Digger was usually referred to as such, mainly to respect the chain of command. Isaac was a common Digger for Fairwolf, nothing more. His commander was the one who brought him into the business, but only until his memory recovered. "I believe you are going to request that I stay in the back with these three?"

    "Yes, do you have any complaints about it?" The Commanding Digger asked.

    "No, sir. I am not a normal Digger, it is best this way."

    "Very well. Let's not waste time, the sun is hot and these suits won't keep them off of us forever. We have three hours to get this cave ready for transportation, let's not --" He stops as he sees a moving vehicle zoom in the distance, creating a sand trail behind it. "Curses. A Merchant crew is heading for Fairwolf!"

    "Sir, should we engage?" One of the other five asked, the five looked worried as they were not mentally ready to fight off other people, unlike the Merchants, who could be deceitful and cunning.

    "No men. Let Fairwolf handle it, we have a job to do. If we abandon it now, we'll only be doing reckless harm than any good. Let's move out!" The Commanding Digger and the six Digger's lead the way towards their destination, Isaac moved in back with the others and walked with them. As his boots hit the sand, his mind started to play out a scene in his head, he heard familiar voices, all of them cheerful. For some reason, he felt like he would never hear most of those voices again.


    He grunted out as he continued to move out on the trail, the bag of stones was heavy and he felt the pressure of it pushing down on him. "I hate this job." He grunted out, stopping before an end to the trail. Before him was a large wooden wall, he knew this well. It was a defense shaped in a square that surrounded the city, this city was known for it's extremely accurate archers. No one had been able to break this city's defenses in four hundred years, a record, he considered. In the history of the Blind Time, the forest was one of the more unruly places to live in, five hundred years ago anyway. This city was one of the most attacked, but they kept coming back until they got it right. Now they never stopped, it felt like, always improving their defenses. If he ever needed a refugee to go to, it would be here.

    Raising up his free hand, he knocks on the door three times loudly and lowers his arm. A spot on the door moves back, revealing two eyes staring at his own. "Who goes?" A voice called out. Hamilton smiled confidently, he couldn't see it, but he already knew. Right now, he probably had thirteen arrows pointing down at him. He couldn't remember how tall the walls were exactly, but enough that he was within range, but they were not. He clears his throat before speaking.

    "I am Hamilton, I represent the Merchant Centora Unification Corporation. Or, MCUC for short." He joked, he saw the eyes glare at him. He gulps quietly, these weren't jokers. "I am here to deliver these stones to your Chief."

    "Mr. Hamilton." The voice called out to him.

    "Yes?" He replied.

    "I will let you know now. When you enter the city, always remember this. There will be twenty-four points of death waiting to take your life, should you try anything." He was surprised, twenty-four archers always watching inside the city, thirteen always watching visitors? He wondered how many they had in total, and how it was all structured out. Somewhere in his heart, he knew they would kill him before letting him find out.

    "Yes, sir." Hamilton watched the slot close, then the wooden door open. He walks inside into the city, once inside, he knew he was powerless and could do nothing but do his job. He hated his boss for this.
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  15. Ansley
    As Ansley looked at the group of strangers waiting for a response, she noticed the Neko was on the ground, and she looked to be hurt... Deciding this might need some adressing to, she carefully approached her, noticing the tears running down her cheeks. A gentle look came across her face as she knelt down beside the fallen Neko and gently wiped away her tears being carefull not to touch the wound on one of her cheeks. "I wonder what happened to her?" She thought as she stroked the Neko's head absent-mindedly, fixing her hair as much as she could. The girl she had seen before told the Necko to get up, seemingly not noticing Ansley nearby. She stuck out her hand, since she was about to do so anyways in a quiet offer to help the girl up, looking around at the other again briefly.
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  16. Much more trusting of the nice bard who was attending to me. I look to her for support. I grab her hand, but as I'm being pulled up, I stay attached to her arm. I hide from both Oelia and Kiala from behind Ansley. In fact, especially Kiala. I haven't done anything wrong, and at this point I'm surrounded by so many people I don't know, I just want to be harmless and let everything sort itself out.
  17. Kiala narrowed her eyes at the neko. Noforus watched carefully through Kiala's eyes, as did Ulithak. "Do not play helpless, neko." Kiala almost laughed. This was.. fun. "I know what you are. Play stupid, play harmless, play all you want, but I'm watching you." Her voice still had no emotion, but, if one looked hard enough, they could see the sorrow in her eyes, as well as the envy, which led to slight hatred. 'You envy her?' Ulithak asked. Noforus laughed cruelly. 'Envy is a weak spot, Ki.'

    'It's as close to humanity as I'm going to get!' she snarled back. 'Humanity? That's a neko, not a human.'

    "I know, but she's closer to human than I'll ever be!"

    'Ki...' Ulithak warned. Kiala's eyes widened as she realized she had spoken aloud. The yellow in her eyes was spreading slightly as she wondered what their reactions would be, and what she should do. 'What should I do?' she asked the demons in her head. 'I dunno,' Nofofus snarled, ' figure it out yourself.'

    'I'm sorry, I don't know how to deal with the voices in my head when they make me get angry enough to speak aloud!'

    'Oh well. You did this, you can get out of it.'

    "SHUT UP, NOFORUS!" She facepalmed and sighed as she realized she had spoken aloud again. Now they would think her crazy.
    'Great,' she thought. 'Just great.'

    'Ki... just calm down..'

    'Shut up, Ulithak. Like Noforus said, I can handle this alone.'

    The yellow in her eyes retreated slightly, now the color was about half-and-half, though the red was still flecked with yellow.

  18. Oelia

    She felt terrible for the Neko. It wasn't polite to throw people to the ground like that. But if something had happened to her, and she could've prevented it....

    "Take one more step and your life is over..." Oelia yelled out to Kiala, the strange girl. There was such a feeling of unease coming from her, and a sense of danger, and the girl's muttering to herself didn't help things. "Leave now, and you won't find an arrow between your eyes." She pulled the bowstring back, drawing it to full length, with the force behind the stone, her fully driven bow could shoot an arrow that traveled for miles and could punch through steel, moving faster than sound. If the stranger took one step in the wrong direction, there was absolutely nothing she could do about it, unless she could move faster than sound, which Oelia thought highly unlikely. "There is no need for any conflict here, and nobody needs to be hurt today. If you have business with her..." she looked at the Neko on the ground, being tended for by yet another stranger. "..then you can do it from a distance, can you not?"

    Oelia recognized the one tending the Neko as the harp player, but that was all, her trained eyes were on Kiala, even though Kiala seemed to be ignoring her. She adjusted her position, putting herself directly between the neko and Kiala while still at a distance to fire her bow.
  19. Kiala sighed as Noforus forced a warning growl out of her mouth. "Do not toy with me, human." The voice wasn't human, and the yellow in Kiala's eyes was quickly rising. 'Noforus, stop it!'

    'No, she deserves to die for going against us!'

    'STOP IT!' Noforus shrank back, allowing the yellow in Kiala's eyes to retreat back to about one-fourth. She looked at Oelia. "Look, I don't care about your fancy bow, or the fact that it would kill a normal person. I.." Kiala seemed to be stepping out of her comfort zone; she was a lot like her continent- icy. 'Oh, fun..' Ulithak thought.

    Kiala shrank to her knees, her sudden change in mood startling. She curled up in a ball, covering her face with her hands and shuddering silently. After a few seconds, whimpers snuck out, then full blown sobs as Kiala broke down.

    "Lookie here, Hojo! A new test subject.. Strong, but young, just what you wanted, no?" The man in the white lab coat ahead of her had dark-ish skin, was short, had short greasy hair that hung in a loose ponytail, with sunken brown eyes and glasses. He nodded. "Yes, she is perfect. Bring her to the lab. I have to finish up here." Kiala didn't have a chance to see what he was doing, but she was being ushered towards a heavy metal door meant to contain something very, very strong. She didn't know where she was, why she was here, or what they wanted with her, but she did know one thing: fear. Fear like never before, not even when she had fallen into the White Ocean as a child.

    Something flashed before her eyes, and the scene changed.

    There was cruel laughter above her as yet another needle was stuck into her arm. "Let's see... Hmm, yes. Yes.. No. Stay still! Stay still, dammit!" Things went dark again, and the memories were finished.

    Kiala was staring at dirt, crying, not bothering to get up. She didn't care what they thought of her, she just wanted to get out of here. She wanted to crawl into a hole and pretend she didn't exist. It wasn't the music earlier that drove her crazy, or the bow pointed and ready to kill that made her sob. It was the pain. It was crawling up her arm and to her shoulder, and half of her face was numb. There was a sickening crunch as she screamed, breaking her own arm to stop the pain, although it only intensified in her face. She began writhing as it spread to the rest of her body.
  20. Ansley
    Ansley finds herself blushing as the Neko hid behind her, clinging onto her arm... Usually she was the one doing that, except she usually hid behind her sister. She tensed up as the girl that had collapsed seemed to undergo some sort of inner struggle. Ansley feels it wasn't that the girl was mentally unstable, she was just dealing with a rather unwelcome inhabitant in her head. Then the girl collapsed, writhing in pain from an unknown cause, and to Ansley's utter shock, she broke her own arm in an effort to prevent it... "She must have had a traumatic history..." Ansley thought, feeling bad for the girl. Ordinarily, she would have rushed right in to help, but she knew it might not bode well for the Neko nor the girl in the state she's in. So instead, with her free hand she began playing a calming melody with her harp, utilizing the stone imbued within it to maximize it's caling effect. The girl's arm would need some medical attention, but she needed to be calmed before she could injure herself further...
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