Changing Hand

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  1. Changing Hand

    Welcome to Changing Hand, and I shall be your guide today, showing you the things Changing Hand has to show. Please, sit down and relax as you enter into the magical world and begin to see just what lies beyond the gate. Please note, this will be a summary of things to come and more information will come out later on.

    The world of Changing Hand itself once had a beautiful name that people would chime out in joy. However, that name has since been lost to it's inhabitants, for centuries they have lived without the beauty of Her grace and they have named their age the Blind Time. The Blind Time has lasted for six hundred years, due to an unknown war that seemed to shake the very planet itself. Knowledge of all sorts were destroyed during this time, many forms of literature, music, techniques and more were plunged into darkness. The world has recovered in it's own way since, with much of the world becoming covered with wildlife. Though Her three seas are powerful, the people see it as Her way of expressing sorrow.

    Our story shall, for the time, focus on the middle continent. The people call it Centora, out of the continents, it is the most inhabited, with the people comparing themselves to wanderer's, for they have lost so much and try to survive without it. In Centora, the people mainly used to spread out in groups and find places to build a town over, but first they would call in a special group of people. These people are able to use a strange power that comes from strange colored stones. How they came to be is a mystery, but what is known is that they can harvest them from certain caves and find people who can bond with them.

    Equipping the stones to their gear, they are able to use it's power to shorten the length of work with greater power. No one knew how dangerous the stones could be until a mass amount of them were stolen and the stones bonding to their new masters. These people were able to discover there was more to the stone than just labor, they could use them to destroy, to create, to do so many possibilities they never thought of before. This is why the stones have been spread out among the common people now, bonding unknowingly with each other, but unable to use it's true potential. Only by equipping the stones to a weapon or a tool will it truly work with it's master.

    That is the current situation, the stones are spreading across most of Centora and a new stand seems to have begun. There are users who think the stones should stay like this, for every person has a right, while others believe it is too dangerous for so many people to be using the stones. Whoever you are, wherever you stand, you have just learned of Changing Hand.

    (Not much else to say really, this is my first interest check and I hope it catches some people's eye. I'm hoping to get more used to things around here and try to fit in as best as I can. - Thundor.)
  2. Hmm this is pretty interesting... (it reminds me a little bit of that amulet book series) I think I shall join o-o
  3. Unf, that ending rhyme though.

    Sounds fun! I'm interested.
  4. Hey guys, glad to see your interested. I'm looking forward to RPing with you both.
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