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  1. Welcome to the RP Changing Hand. Here you can use the following application to make a character and join in on the fun. However, before that, you should know that there is a separate OOC post with all the needed information to jump into this. It is here that you can find it. To find the IC, you can go here.
    Previous Events

    Current Story:
    The Power of the Stone's (open)

    Merchant & Friends (open)
    This event ranges from pages 1 to 3.
    On the day before the Drillers event, wandering traveler's meet up in the forests of Merricrest and quickly become acquainted, but one of them turns out to be a threat and another manages to quickly slay the beast, putting an end to it's misery. Meanwhile, a merchant named Hamilton delivers a bag of stones to the Chief of Merricrest. Once out, Hamilton meets up with his group and heads off for a new location, where it is rumored a red glow is seen. They discover red stones inside, but it appears to be a trap. Hamilton finds out it was a trap by his boss, and exacts his revenge upon the pig man.

    The Drillers (open)
    This event ranges from pages 1 to 4.
    A group of Diggers, lead by their commander, prepares to head out and gather the stones for the day in the desert for Fairwolf. With some warriors coming to help them out, the Diggers go into the stone cave, while the warriors face the giant sand worms commonly known as Drillers. Fending off the Drillers, it is not an easy fight and some are lost to the Drillers power. However, the Digger group comes back with the stones, and the group prepares for a quick retreat. But they face an even greater challenge ahead, for they have been informed that a band of merchant's have already arrived in Fairwolf.

    Fairwolf Struggle (open)
    This event ranges from pages 4 to 5.
    The remaining Fairwolf Group avoids an encounter with some scouts of a Texoyote pack. Arriving back in Fairwolf, the Digger's head back to base, while the warriors rest at an inn until night. Then, an explosion happens and they find out the Fairwolf Digger Base had been attacked. Hearing of merchants being responsible, the group stops them from taking two Roller's and force them to leave. However, the merchants claim that they had been ambushed, leaving the group to wonder what truly happened as they escape out of Fairwolf.

    Welcome to Vertice (open)
    This event ranges from pages 5 to 6.
    Arriving at Vertice, the group is immediately shocked to find an assassin from The Crimson Blade after them. The assassin is quickly handled, but an ominous feeling lingers over them all as the name of the group is mentioned and they enter Vertice. The group decide to split up, but for one halve, they find a mysterious accident occur right before their eyes and are met by a strange individual, who tempts them to join a tournament being hosted in Vertice. As the other halve of the group meet a dwarf named Rican, the group reunite and are suddenly attacked by two bounty hunters. One of them is defeated, but the other manages to wound Cadoc and flee. Isaac is told to enter the tournament as well, but for more personal reasons, as he is soon brought back to the others before he can go after them. Getting Cadoc some medical help, Isaac has enough of Cadoc and tells him not to follow him anymore, leaving Scarlett conflicted and Cadoc to reflect. Isaac warns Amaria and Rican to be weary of The Crimson Blade and future encounters with them.

    Journey to Merricrest (open)
    This event ranges from pages 5 to 7.
    The ladies form a trio and decide to head off to the nearest town together, but along the way encounter problems. In the first trouble they found, a group of bandits attack them, and being too large in numbers for them to fight back, they try to escape, only for Oelia to injure her wing. While waiting for her to heal, they are attacked by a powered up bear, which is disposed of quickly. After that, Oelia decides to split off from the other two, staying behind as the two finally get to Merricrest. Upon arriving, however, they find a strange old man who tells them he is an acquaintance of Oelia. Not trusting his story, but unable to stop him from going after her, the two rest after a long journey.

    Unusual Encounters (open)
    This event ranges from pages 7 to 8.
    A mysterious figure, named Dionysius, arrives before the Vertice group and warns them that the tournament is not all it seems, and that some individual's must head back to Fairwolf before the tournament starts. Meanwhile, in Morwynne, two girls named Volusia and Oza encounter a man named Captain Buckminister 'Cross' Elton, who tried to attack them, but was quickly defeated by Oza's transformation. Oza then went on to explain Volusia what her purpose was. Hearing the news of the pirate captain's death, Hamilton is forced to call in Maxim Heliot to Vertice. Back in Vertice, Dionysius reveals himself to be a Marker, and offers some individual's in the group to train to become one. Meanwhile, Isaac and Amaria encounter a Marker named Deltorve, who offers to train Isaac in order to harness his powers. Amaria heads off to investigate some ruins as Isaac and Deltorve arrive in Fairwolf, meeting up with Commander Daquan briefly, as he hires a man named Locke to protect Isaac. The three then depart from Fairwolf, with Deltorve ready to begin Isaac's training as soon as possible.

    The City of Merricrest (open)
    This event ranges from pages 7 to 9.
    Waking up in Merricrest, Akane and Ansley go to eat breakfast, when they overhear two people talking about mysterious events. Guards being replaced, suspicious men meeting up, and to make it worse, a piece of map was found and recovered by Akane and Ansley and an elf named Vulon takes a man away. Interrupting his walk out of town, Akane places her stone to keep track of Vulon with and heads back to town with Ansley. Later, Akane trails Vulon and plans to assassinate him, but gets caught off guard as his Linker turns on. Forced to head back and retrieve Ansley, the two confront Vulon while he is alone and take him on. Vulon uses a new type of stone known as the black stone to increase his power while draining his sanity, and is eventually killed by Akane. Learning about his plans involving Vertice, the two head back to town for the night to rest after the big battle. In the morning, Ansley is contacted through Linker by her sister, Scarlett, warning her not to come to Vertice and be warned of a man named Hamilton. Later, they find the man who provided them the Linker and Akane speaks to Scarlett, asking her for details and telling her they will be arriving in Vertice soon. Leaving the man to his work, the two head out to find merchants leaving the town and convince one of the more innocent looking ones to escort the two of them to Vertice.

    Danger Everywhere (open)
    This event ranges from pages 7 to 9.
    The group decide to head out and practice their new abilities, watched by Dionysius. Meanwhile, Oza sends herself and Volusia into Kinjun, where they meet Augnagar, who agrees to help them unite his race and the humans together as long as they help him out. During all this, Blair is sent into a cave where he encounters a new type of stone and their guardian, who helps him set on a new goal. Back in Vertice, Hamilton meets up with a mercenary named Theran and his group. Hamilton hires Theran to capture Cadoc, who is somewhere in Vertice. Upon finding them, Dionysius tries to stall Theran for time, but Cadoc agrees to go with Theran and his group back to the Merchant base. Upon talking to Hamilton, Cadoc agrees to work with him, but Emily and Dionysius Gardener soon appear, husband and wife, and fight the three. The two are forced to retreat after a lengthy battle, but Cadoc is seriously injured during the fight and Hamilton sends him away while he is out-cold. In the morning, Scarlett and her new friend Reeve listen via Linker to Hamilton's speech in the morning, labeling Dionysius and Cadoc as criminals. As Dionyius and Emily leave the group with some hints as to where to find their targets, Volusia meets Chernobue and the four head back to Morwynne in Centora to travel to Vertice. The Vertice group head off and find their targets, but get ambushed along the way by one of the Crimson Blade. Forced to flee underground, the group soon stop and are trapped, only for the Crimson Blade member to be taken away by some form of demon and Theran allows them to escape.

    Isaac's Training (open)
    This event ranges from pages 8 to ?.
    Coming soon.

    The Journey to Vertice (open)
    This event ranges from pages 9 to ?.
    Coming soon.

    Known Races

    Human Types
    Humanity (open)
    The standard version of the human types, Humans are one of the largest races found in this world. Although they mainly inhabit Centora now, humans can still be found in Kinjun, Tarbis and even Zarbrew. Unable to use magic normally, these humans rely on the power of the blue stones, which they have a mysterious connection to.

    Jörniit (open)
    Sharing the same ancestors as humans, Jörniit's were forced to adapt to the harsh environment of Zarbrew and evolved into a different race. While Jörniit's are stronger physically, they do not have any known connection with magic and cannot find any stones within Zarbrew.

    Tarbian Human (open)
    An unusual human type, these humans stand on the verge of Mystical and Human by being a cross between Human and Elf. Although their features are barely noticeable, they are said to be capable of extraordinary power when united and are a force to be reckoned with.

    Dōbutsu Ningen
    Kitsune (open)
    Kitsune are a common Dōbutsu Ningen, being humanoid figures with fox traits to them. Tales of these creatures speak of their intelligence and magical abilities that grow with age and wisdom. Some see them as tricksters, nuisances that love to play with your mind, while others see them as beings representing good.

    Avian (open)
    A rare Dōbutsu Ningen, Avian's once were all humanoids with bird features, but when the Blind Time began, they faced extinction. Forced to move to a secluded home with humans, breeding with them has made almost all Avian's now humans with bird wings on their backs. While few of the original Avian's exist now, there is still a chance they may survive.

    Neko (open)
    Another common Dōbutsu Ningen, Neko's are humanoid figures featuring cat-like features to them. While they fall prey to most cat things, they are actually very intelligent and keen to things, and can be very active if they so wished. While not much is known about their culture, it is said they keep that in secrecy.

    Anthropomorphic (open)
    Also known by Anthro for short, these are the Dōbutsu Ningen seen the most by people. Being humanoid, but looking completely animal-like, Anthro's come in all sorts of variety, whether it be lion, wolf, tiger or so on and so forth.

    Elf (open)
    A common Mystical, Elves have been around as long as humans have known. Although they are better at communicating with nature, they are also very diverse in weapons and can get pretty good at what skills they need to focus on. While not usually seen outside of nature, they are said to be found in both Centora and Kinjun.

    Giant (open)
    An uncommon Mystical, Giants are one of the most diverse races in the entire world. Any giant you meet is said to be larger than most creatures you'll ever meet. Some are dumb, some are intelligent, but they all are very hard to hurt, and are said to be easy to provoke. Because of the vast diversity, Giants are said to be found anywhere in the world.

    Dragon (open)
    A rare Mystical, Dragons used to be very diverse just like the giants, but were driven near extinction and they can now mainly be found in Tarbis. Due to near extinction, some Dragons spawned off into different races, such as the Fatalis, in order to survive in the current world. Tales depict many different incarnations of dragons, some being greedy treasure lovers, some being intelligent and wise creatures, and others being savage and animal-like.

    Dwarf (open)
    The Dwarves are a short race that are generally known for their master forging behemoth mining projects. they are also known for being great warriors.

    Qlippoth (open)
    Cunning and utterly destructive, the Qlippoth are hateful beings existing since the Celestials and the creation of the world. They hate the Celestials and everything they have made, and want to end all life. Their leaders are the mysterious Twin Kings, Ahrimos the Deceiver and Nyarlos the Infinite. All Qlippoth sway under the rule of these near godlike beings, the Twin Kings mysteriously sealed away a time before even the _ _ _. Qlippoth come in thousands of shapes and sizes, but they all share a similar motif: They all have magic that allows them to adapt to their surroundings in rather unique and creative ways, and fear or mind manipulating magic.

    Vampire (open)
    These creatures of the night are six times stronger and faster than a good human athlete, have sharp fangs capable of extracting blood, wings, and most of all eyes that seem to glow in the dark. They are incapable of aging, but an uncontrollable curse hangs over them all: The blood curse. The blood curse is a side effect of vampirism: At first, the vampire is driven to insanity over blood, made into an outright animal desiring nothing more than blood. As long as they get a constant supply, they will return to normal or even be calmer than usual. Any vampire can grant the Blood Curse(And with it, Vampirism) in two flavors: Vampirism, which grants them the full gifts and force of the curse, or Spawndom, which turns them into a half-alive, half-undead creature called a Dhampir.

    Pixie (open)
    Small, short humanoid creatures with pointed ears and a low life expectancy (15-30 years at the most). Pixies often like to tinker around with technology or just plain cause trouble, some have even developed potions that cause them to increase in size for easier interactivity with humans. They're sometimes mistaken for short Elves as some of them have pointed ears.

    Character Application

    Physical Appearance: (A picture works too, or both.)
    Preferred Tool/Weapon:
    Additional Details:
    What do you expect coming in:
    Anything you'd like to say about yourself:
    Have you read and agree to the rules: (they are in the OOC)
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  2. This looks interesting
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male

    Physical Appearance: [​IMG] is 6,3
    He is a kind man, always doing whatever he feels is right, though can be fairly hot headed and stubborn. Cadoc is also very loyal to any of his companions and is protective towards all of them
    Occupation: Merchants bodyguard
    Preferred Tool/Weapon: Claymore
    Origin: Cadoc was the second son born to an obscure noble house from Centora.
    History: Over his life his father had trained Cadoc to become a warrior so that he could win glory for his family. Upon his 20th birthday his father gave him his claymore and sent him out into the world so that he could win glory for his family.
    Additional Details:
    Has a secret knife in his boot, finds magic users cowardly.
    What i expect: a fun fantasy adventure
    anything id like to say about myself: im a bit new to forum role playing (used to only to tabletop)
    ill follow the rules
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  3. Hey there, blake. I like your character, since your new and all. However, I feel that there may be something missing. Look over the post and get back to me when you've found it.
  4. Oh sorry about that, i glanced over the bit about iron
  5. You said you were new, so I imagine it's not a problem. Just do what it says and all will be fine. I edited the application a little. Meanwhile, my first character of two is up. My second character will be up once I have the picture edited. Anyway, onto the first of two.

    Isaac Gardener

    Name: Isaac Gardener
    Age: Seventeen
    Gender: Male
    Race: Altered Human
    Physical Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Isaac is a very... Hold in feelings kind of guy. Tries to push people away, only really tries to focus on his job.
    Occupation: Digger
    Preferred Tool/Weapon: Magical glove
    Origin: Centora, Fairwolf
    History: Not remembering much of his past, in fact, he has amnesia, believe it or not, he awakens up one night to find his hand is in pain due to the strange symbol on the back of it. He finds out he is a Digger and that he is very good at it, despite his odd choice of what to use for the job. Isaac always wonders what's out there beyond the dark clouds that haunt his mind constantly, and wishes to exert his strange anger out on a certain someone, who is said to haunt his dreams every night.
    Additional Details: He has a strange arrow-like symbol on the back of his right hand.
    What do you expect coming in: To have a great time with everyone in the RP.
    Anything you'd like to say about yourself: This profile looks hilarious.
    Have you read and agree to the rules: You cannot break my iron will!
    Username: Thundor
  6. Hamilton A. Wiltsworth

    Name: Hamilton A. Wiltsworth
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Physical Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Hamilton is an odd man, to say the least. He's very weird, likes to experiment with things, has an odd obsession with the stones and loves attention.
    Occupation: Merchant
    Preferred Tool/Weapon: Unknown
    Origin: Somewhere in Tarbis
    History: Hamilton grew up in a destructive place, a land where death was common and survival was priority one above all else. That's what his family thought too one day, leaving him behind to fend for himself. He survived, managing to escape what he thought was worse than death and ended up in Centora. Upon finding out about the stones, he went on to become a merchant, but his boss had different plans Used to steal and sell, Hamilton and his crew, among dozen's, are now on the move to help their boss' plan succeed, and Hamilton hates being ordered around.
    Additional Details: Hamilton is often on the move, finding him can be tricky.
    What do you expect coming in: Same thing as before.
    Anything you'd like to say about yourself: I don't know why I chose Iron.
    Have you read and agree to the rules: Yeeep.
    Username: Thundor
  7. You mentioned there would be humanoid races involved, would I be permitted to create a character that isn't totally human then?
  8. Indeed.
  9. Character Application

    Name: Atuat
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female

    Race: Jörniit, sharing the same ancestor with humans, but having been isolated from the other continents, this race evolved having to deal with far harsher living conditions than most. Jörniit are on average two to three feet larger than the humans of Centora, have a dark skin and possess great physical capabilities. On the one hand, they are a spiritual people, as well as warm-hearted and always looking out for one another. On the other, they are tough survivalists, who can be unforgiving and quick to judge.

    Physical Appearance: 7'8 tall, dresses fairly scantly due to the climate being a lot warmer than she is used to, even if she's drifted for a couple years now.

    Image source.

    Personality: A hearty woman with a positive outlook on life and a can-do attitude. Atuat is brave and confident in her ability. She has a strong sense of honour, but her code is at often at odds with the norms in Centoran society. Not that this stops her from being curious about their technologic superiority and meddling with it...

    Occupation: Drifter

    Preferred Tool/Weapon: A rifle loaded with a magic stone that supplies it with ammunition. It has the strength to punch through iron.

    Origin: Zarbrew

    History: From the moment Atuat arrived on Centora, she has drifted around collecting many stones. She intends to bring them back to her homeland, to increase the survival rate of her people under the harsh conditions of Zarbrew.

    Additional Details: Atuat is a skilled sailor and open-minded about the use of tools and stones. She has a practical mindset and is quite adaptive.

    What do you expect coming in: Well, if I judge this correctly a sandbox RP. I hope to connect players soon though, to weave something together.
    Anything you'd like to say about yourself: Not at the moment.
    Have you read and agree to the rules: I'm pretty sure we're solid.
    Username: Kestrel
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  10. Looks alright to me, welcome aboard.
  11. Formulating a character, this may take a while o-o
  12. Character Application

    Name: Genevieve
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    Race: Kitsune
    Physical Appearance: Genevieve stands 4' 6" with no particularly remarkable features aside from the patch covering her right eye which she tries to cover with her hair. As is typical for Kitsune she has both the ears and tail of a fox as well as legs which would resemble a fox's as well.
    Genevieve is typically happy and energetic like a human of her age would be. However, she is closer to a human adult mentally. Genevieve can almost always use her cunning and intelligence to achieve anything she desires.
    Occupation: Hostess
    Preferred Tool/Weapon: The only weapon Genevieve owns is an Iron Ring Blade her mother gave her that she keeps on display in her room.
    Origin: Merricrest
    History: Genevieve was born and raised in the forests around Merricrest. Kitsune have always had an uneasy relationship with the humans of Merricrest, some of them hunting Kitsune for sport as if they were common animals. Genevieve doesn't talk much about her past or family, but most assume she either ran away from her family or they were killed by hunters; although nobody is sure why everybody knows she was taken in by Dominic, the owner of a local tavern The Alco-hole, where she now works. Like Dominic she lives in one of the rooms built above the tavern.
    Additional Details:
    Most of the patrons of the Alco-hole recognize Genevieve as the mascot of the establishment. She is always the first to greet customers as they enter and always runs from table to table with a smile on her face while she serves each customer.
    What do you expect coming in: I don't know, a good time.
    Anything you'd like to say about yourself: nope
    Have you read and agree to the rules: yupp
    Username: Oniichan
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  13. Did you draw that picture yourself? Looks good, better than I could do. Alright, welcome aboard.
  14. Thanks. I wish I had done something better, but I didn't want to get carried away and take forever to reply
  15. I see. I want to make a comment in here, you can use the OOC to chat anytime you want. For questions, ideas with someone else, or just want to get to know your fellow players. This is to everyone, sign-ups will always be open and available.
  16. Name: Seraphine Quartzna
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Physical Appearance: 1535297-bigthumbnail.jpg
    Personality: A kind woman, she's cheery and playful, but deep inside she is very depressed and unhappy because of the dying of the 'arts' of the world.
    Occupation: Flute Player
    Preferred Tool/Weapon: Her Flute
    Origin: Kinjun
    History: Although from Kinjun she has lived in Centora most of her life, she descends from a line that has been trying to rediscover the arts. She knows how to play flute; it's the only thing she knows how to do. She's from a very poor family that refuses to sell off their instruments, sometimes she's called to play for the diggers because her flute can play a regenerating tune that would help keep people motivated more. She belongs to the side that believes the Stones should be available to everyone. Since she is from Kinjun she has a natural affinity for forests and wildlife, though she cannot get too near either one because of her deep fear of both, which is why she lives in the desert city of Fairwolf.
    Additional Details: She lives in the city of Fairwolf but travels around sometimes looking for work.

    What do you expect coming in: Something interesting~
    Anything you'd like to say about yourself: I can actually play flute.
    Have you read and agree to the rules: Iron
    Username: Arius LaVari
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  17. I like your character, welcome aboard.
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  18. Yay I'm glad you like her~
  19. Finally found it. Welcome aboard :P
  20. This looks fun. I can make a character tomorrow if that's no trouble.
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