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    Changing Hand's Story

    This is the Blind Time, a state the world is currently in after an unknown conflict and has been like this for six hundred years. During said conflict, many forms of literature, music, skills and many more were destroyed, lost in the chaos. In the place of civilization, wildlife has grown and expanded, covering over most of the world. Among the things the people have forgotten is the world's own name, and now refer to it as Her. Among the four continent's and three seas, Centora is said to be the most inhabited, with it's people referring themselves as wanderer's. Within Centora, the people have spread out and build towns that are close to caves, where a mysterious stone can be harvested. But to get to the cave, they must call in the Digger's of the Digger's Corporation.

    These Digger's are special among the people, because they were the fist to wield the power of the stone. Digger's are called in to use the power of their stones to obtain more stones from the caves. These stones work by bonding to a user and then the user equipping them to an item, only when both of these things are done can the power of the stones be unleashed. But the dangers of these stones did not come until merchants began to steal the stones and sell them to the public. Because of this wide spread out of stones, people have begun to see other use for the stones and chaos spread out. Because of this, two main views among the citizens rose up form this, either the stones were too dangerous for the general public to keep, or that everyone had a right to use the stones.

    That has lead to the current situation of Centora, a stone conflict between it's own people. Perhaps you are among one of the two conflicting views on the stones, perhaps you are a merchant, perhaps you are a Digger, or something else entirely. Either way, you are about to enter into a whole new world, the world of Changing Hand

    Rules: 1. Please follow and respect the rules of Iwaku.
    2. Let's just avoid godmodding and mary-sue's.
    3. On an OOC level, please try to be kind and respectful.
    4. Grammar and spelling are appreciated, don't be afraid to ask for help.
    5. People can start with two characters, if they wish. After that, there will be five day waiting time before allowed to make another one.
    6. If you took the time to read these, put 'iron' somewhere in your profile.
    7. As of right now, people can only bond with one stone. More about this will be posted below.
    8. As far as races go, they will mostly come down to humanoids. But if you have an idea for a race, please talk to me about it so we can work something out.
    9. In order to avoid conflict and problems, if something comes up that will take your time like a few days for example, then please try to alert other players involved with your character.
    10. If you have any questions or concerns, contact me and I will respond as soon as I can.

    The world of Changing Hand is big and full of places that are inhabited, explored, unexplored, deserted, the list goes on and there's a lot to this place. Let's go over the basics of the four continents and three seas.
    Kinjun (open)
    The continent of Kinjun is located to the left of Centora, and both are separated by a sea. This continent is the biggest and also has the most wildlife in it, with little to no civilizations found within it. Filled with a wide variety of animals, monsters and some bizarre mysteries surrounding it, many explorers, hunters and warriors are drawn to this place.
    Centora (open)
    Centora is believed by it's citizens to be the center of the world, influencing it's name. Being the most inhabited of the four, it has the most people in it and it is also where all the stones can currently be found. Although it's towns are spread out across it, the people seem to not mind the travelling.
    Tarbis (open)
    Located below Centora and the closet continent to it, Tarbis is known for having constant chaos and destruction occurring on it. Whether it be from volcano's, earthquake's, being shaped by rumored giant creatures or even to having explosions happen from seemingly nothing, most people who still live here sometimes either take long vacation's away from home or move to another continent.
    Zarbrew (open)
    Zarbrew is the furthest away from the rest of the continent's and is rumored to be located at the top of the world. Being the coldest continent, it has the least life on it, from people or animals, and is said to be full of only dangerous monsters capable of unknown power. Although surrounded with mystery, people are unsure it even exists, but some still claim they were born there.

    Blue Sea (open)
    The Blue Sea is located mostly between Kinjun and Centora and was named due to how it looks during the daytime. This sea often has many adventurer's and battles happening on it, it is by far the most active and explored sea out of the three.
    White Ocean (open)
    The White Ocean is located mainly around Zarbrew and was named due to all the ice found in it. This ocean is the coldest out of the three seas and is said to be the most dangerous to travel through, many people have lost their lives to these waters and only animals are said to be the only witnesses.
    Dark Sea (open)
    The Dark Sea is located mainly around Centora and Tarbis. Named for how mysterious and unclear it is to see through it, this is said to be the biggest out of the three and has many creatures in it. It is said that people have only explored so much of it and that there is an estimated 80% left to explore of it still.

    Moving onto Centora itself, it has a variety of places in it, with mostly wildlife growing in it. But there is said to be a desert to the east and mountains to the north, with a mix of forests and plains covering the rest. There are six well known towns currently in Centora, each of them being close to a cave full of stones. These towns and their locations are as follows: Vertice, located in the center in some plains. Merricrest, located in a forest to the west. Fairwolf, located near the desert to the east. Aldness, located near the mountains to the north. Belbridge, located near the south with some rivers. Lastly, Morwynne, located near the Blue Sea.

    While how the stones themselves are made is currently a mystery, the people have learned a lot about them. Across Centora, there are hundreds of places where stones can be found, and most of them are turned into caves and have towns built near them. This is because Diggers are called in when a nice place full of stones is found and they dig open an entrance to it. What is known about the stones is that currently, all of them are blue, but there are speculation that there could be more. How these stones are used is when one bonds to a person and they equip it to an item, the stone's power is released, making the user able to do things they never could before. Primary example include being able to work faster and get work done in a shorter amount of time.

    There are so many stones and not enough people to bond with, so what does everyone do with the rest of the stones they have? Believe it or not, this has become a form of currency now. Normally stones that can fit in one's hand are preferred, but these stone come in many sizes. The bigger the stone, the more it's worth. So say for example, a stone the size of a small rock. It'd be worth the equivalent of $5. A stone the size of a box would be worth $45. The list goes on, but usually these stones are moved around instead of being picked up. The exact powers of these blue stones appears to be enhancing the object the user puts it on. For example, if you put it on a drill, you'll find it has much more power behind it. However, the limits of these stones is that they seem to shut down after an extended use. The stones seem to need a full day of recharging, which can be at a disadvantage, considering the overuse of a blue stone can tire out it's user.
    Character List: Isaac Gardener by Thundor
    Hamilton A. Wiltsworth by Thundor
    Atuat by Kestrel.
    Genevieve by Oniichan
    Seraphine Quartzna by Arius LaVari
    Cadoc by Blakethedestroyer
    Oelia Mist by Infinity
    Allia Morrigan by Osys Ceproses
    Ansley and Scarlett Vang by york
    Akane by ☆Luna☆
    Kiala Rikoln by ShatteringTheChain
    ☆Luna☆ will be the Co-GM of the RP. She will be processing new characters, helping me decide on things concerning the RP and making announcements.
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  2. Hey guys, it's me Thundor. I wanted to let you guys know the IC is coming up either tonight and tomorrow. I want to first off give a big thanks to everyone who joined or is joining and for helping me make all this possible. You all are so great for that. The link will be added to both OOC and IC and I hope to see you all in the IC soon. Sign-ups will always be open and I will send a post in here when the IC is up! See you guys there!
  3. The first post is up guys! Hope to see you all IC! For now I need sleep <_>;
  4. Quick question, Is it possible to use the stones to an extent where they can disintegrate since the magical force holding them together would be fully drained.

    Also, is it possible to use the stones to excite molecules and guide them with the sheer energy, a.k.a perform magic?
  5. I believe currently, the blue stones are only known for enhancing items. There is an overcharge, but that more puts the user at risk than the stone itself. Also, I don't believe there have been any known incidents involving what makes the blue stones work being drained out of them.
  6. Ah okay, Because I was reading and everything seemed all industrial age like with a bit of future in it. So I was wondering if there were people that were harnessing the power of the stones through extraction. Using humans as conduits for the power to flow through and subsequently siphoning it into a energy container. Also, from the description that you gave of having a vast amount of energy, I'm sure that it could have been done yes?
  7. I'll make a post once I'm accepted o-o but I guess I'll read up on what's currently happened in the mean time :P
  8. I'm sure experiments have been done on the stones, illegally and legally. There's a lot yet that no one knows about the stones, they only know how it works and that, for some reason, one can bond with a person.
  9. Wait, did I miss your post of your character then? I apologize if that's the case.
  10. Nah, I just recently posted it o-o
  11. That'd fit with Allia. She's naturally curious so I'd assume she could do some tests on the stones, provided she had money....

    Which she does not.
  12. I didn't get an alert on that. Weird. I shall check him/her out at once!
    Hahaha, that should prove interesting. Most people without money become merchants, if only for the sheer desperation of obtaining money.
  13. The forums dun goof like that sometimes >.< anyways thanks, I shall be waiting for any feedback *eagerly refreshes alerts page*
  14. I just looked over the characters I didn't get to. Got some editing to do now on my end. :P
  15. XD well, have fun with that o-o
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  20. Wow, interesting take so far guys. The only one's who confused me was Blake's, but I'm just going to assume being a warrior and all, he's following Atuat. I'm going to wait to give a response post until tomorrow. I want to give the other players a chance to try to jump in today, but that it isn't a problem, they can really jump in whenever they have the time. I'm just being generous is all XP
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