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  1. In 2045, and the World Council (Formerly the UN) agreed to meet. Behind closed doors conversations happened and decisions were made...

    "Human's have been around for a while with no real major leap forward in their evolution. Yes, scientific advancements are everywhere we look-- thanks to companies like Apple, Intel, and others like them. We've got our First colony working on habitizing Mars. Bio tech had skyrocketed too-- we see cyber enhancements for veterans who've lost limbs, and functioning eyes for the blind. Awesome. But a little behind where we ought to be. Our age of enlightenment has come to a lull-- and I fear with that lull a new dark age. To avoid that whole messy, boring situation, I suggest we do something. Gentlemen, I suggest we give humanity that extra little push they need to keep moving forward..."

    The 'Push' came in silence. In liquid.

    Bio enhancers were slipped into the worlds water supplies, under the label of 'Florine'. The public was told it was for teeth health. For their own good. It was tasteless. I did nothing to them. Very few raised any questions. All was well.

    Until the next generation.

    In 2066, teenagers and young adults are going through a puberty their parents never had to deal with. Strange and some times not-so-obvious changes are starting to show up in the children of the world. Telekinesis, Telepathy, almost animistic senses... then the not so hard to spot. Uncanny changes in flesh tone, or other appearances. Mutations.

    Not every child has mutations, in-fact they are still considered rare. More of the information on the bio-enhancers will be revealed as the plot unravels, but for now, just keep in mind that no one knows about it. These are not things things people are liking to flaunt. Some parents who notice changes are pulling students out of public schools and home schooling them-- others disowning their children-- and more still are running away from home.

    Character ages between 15-23 are typical for this RP. Yes, it has a sort of X-men feel to it. I'm thinking more along the lines of an X-men evolution feel. Sorry for the cliche, but your imagination and ingenuity will go a long way!

    Character Bio's ought to include:

    Powers or mutations: Maximum of three
    Disadvantages: Must take a minimum of one

    Pictures are optional.
    Disadvantages are required, and ought to some how limit your character. Scott Scummers from Xmen, for example, can not look around without special glasses, and Rogue can't touch anyone.

    After we have a few characters up here with a good background I will go ahead and start the RP!

    Any takers?
    Name: Thomas Buntser
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Powers or Mutations: Corrosive Touch, Sharp Hearing, Minor Healing Ability
    Disadvantages: Hands are always in pain due to high PH. Bleeding is a common occurrence.
    BG: Thomas moved out of his parents home after years of unnecessary therapy. Accused of self-harm and self-destructive behaviors, Thomas has been baker acted three times-- his parents think of his a troubled and unstable. Thomas Hails from Maine, USA
  3. I'm interested, will post a character bio when I can.
  4. Name: Robert Daloa

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: The first feature of Robert's that anyone sees is his dark red hair. The left side is buzzed very short, while the right is done up in tall spikes that run down the side of his head, from his scalp to his ear, like a mohawk turned sideways on one side of his head. It feels dry from all the hair products he puts in on a regular basis. His eyes are the same color red, and framed by thick, expressive eyebrows. He has a very lithe, flexible build. There is a small scar on his left cheek, and another right under the right side of his lips. As of today, he's wearing a too-big black jacket over a similarly-colored wifebeater, jeans torn artfully at the knees and thighs, and dark red Converses.

    Powers or mutations: Robert's most striking mutation, and a very difficult one to hide at that, is his hands. Or rather, what's left of them. As he grew up, his hands...well, they changed. His fingers seemed to melt together during the night, until they were little more than solid lumps of flesh and bone, which then hardened into black, metallic points. The blackness spread down his arms like a disease, causing him immense pain during the process as his flesh reworked itself. Now, past his elbows are two natural blades where his forearms used to be. He can sharpen them like you'd sharpen a sword, as long as he doesn't shave too much off -- there's still blood underneath that tough black surface. It's like cutting a dog's nails; you can't get too close to the quick. That said, the metallic stuff seems to heal on its own, just like the rest of his body.

    Similar spikes also burst forth from the top of his head, forming into horns of the same black material. His unusual hairstyle is an effort to cover this up, and if you try to cut through the hair, you'll only hit his mutant horns.

    : The most obvious disadvantage of Robert's is that he doesn't have any freaking hands. He wears jackets that are about three sizes too big for him when he goes out in public, so the sleeves drape down and cover up his mutated arms. His mother brings him all of his food so he doesn't have to worry about being caught trying to make any purchases, but doing normal everyday stuff is still a challenge for him.

    : Robert was a fairly normal kid most of his life, if you can excuse the extremely bad temper. He watched TV a lot, helped his family cook, even collected coins from around the world (not that he'd ever let anyone see his collection). That all changed, naturally, when his mutations began.

    His father couldn't take it. All he could think about were absurd medical bills and unwanted media attention. Within a year of the beginnings of Robert's changes, he filed for divorce and moved away. Now, Robert lives only with his mother. Thankfully, despite his increasingly surly attitude, Ms. Daloa cares enough for her son to support him any way she can. She's scared and confused, yes, but that won't change anything. She homeschools him, brings him anything he'll need, and helps keep his secret under wraps.

    Unfortunately, his dad isn't the only person Robert's been missing since the incident. He was forced to break off contact with his best friend Frank, who still doesn't know about the mutation and is basically completely in the dark as to why Robert suddenly stopped talking to him.
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    "Riku Ashton tis the name. Music be my game love."
    Belle 'Riku' Ashton
    "It's not good to ask a girl her age. Though I am eighteen."
    "Due to my lady bits and lack of certain things, I am a female."
    Powers or mutations:
    "I like to call myself a Jumper."
    Riku can teleport to any place she has seen with her eyes. Whether it be from a photo or from a memory. With that, she also has a photographic memory. She can remember basically everything she sees and recall it in a moments notice.
    "One little shock and I'm paralyzed for a few hours. Otherwise I'm super skinny because of my metabolism."
    Any type of electric current that goes through her body that is foreign will cause her brain to shut down. Now she can do basic functions like breathing and blinking, the things needed to live, but besides that she can't do anything until the foreign current is gone.
    'Jumping', as Riku calls it, takes a lot of energy to do if done outside of necessity, so it takes a toll on her body. It speeds up her metabolism to get the energy that it needs to use to teleport her from the food she eats. That's also why she eats a lot of fatty or carb-filled foods.
    She also can not go anywhere that she has not seen.
    "I grew up in a big family, a circus family. Literally. But hey, I had fun."
    Riku was born and raised on the road. Her childhood filled with the mysterious new places her family's circus would go to. Since she lived in a circus, she was taught the tricks of the trade. How to be flexible, juggle, do magic trick, and pickpocket on the rare occasion. Well, the last one she learned on her own. Even as a child, she helped out with the shows by being the assistant to the magician or the person who got the attention of the crowd to get them in the show. It wasn't into she turned into a teenager that she got to participate in the more physical shows. Like the flying acrobats or the daredevil motorcycle show.
    It was during the final act of the acrobat show that she found out she was different. Her hand had slipped from the bar that held her high above ground too early. She began to fall fast to the ground, so she closed her eyes. There was the rush of wind, more than when she was falling, and the roar of the crowd made her open her eyes to see that she was back on the ground. She played it off by bowing before rushing backstage.
    After that, the acrobat show became more centered about the magical aspect of her teleporting.
    Her family made sure of that. When she turned eighteen, she convinced her family to let her break away for a few weeks to explore the world for herself. See the sights that she had not yet to be seen due to her always either working a show or practicing her teleportation. They agreed reluctantly, and let her go out to the world.
  6. [​IMG]

    Name: Audrian House

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Powers or mutations: Vulpes Senses, Animal Comunication, Feral Mind.

    Disadvantages: Audrian has atrophied vocal chords meaning that he cannot speak much above a whisper, a side affect of his animal comunication. Audrian also has no recolection of when he enters his feral mind state, aside from an intense pain in his throat from growling and such with forces him to be completely mute for up to days at a time. However, he is usually lulled out of his Feral state by the scent of something or someone that comforts him.

    BG: Audrian was a raised as most children until the mutations started. He began hearing and smelling things that he shouldn't be able to hear and smell. He was able to understand animals and even speak back to them, though his voice became much weaker and it pained him to speak higher than a whisper. Then, not even a year ago the black outs began. Audrian would lose minutes of his day at first, since then the time has begun to increase, recently he began to lose a whole hour, waking up in strange places. A few of which he was covered in the blood of small animals, whose bodies were surrounded him. Since the blackouts began Audrian became more and more reclusive, fearing what would happen if he blacked out in public.
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  7. [​IMG]
    Name: Shannon Blint
    Age: 18
    Gender: Usually male, although sometimes that is to be questioned. He generally identifies as something between male and androgynous, no matter his body.
    Powers or Mutations: Transformation. He can change his body and voice to look like any person he wants, regardless of gender or race. Think Mystique from X-Men, or Tonks from Harry Potter.
    Disadvantages: He cannot stay in any appearance for longer than 12 hours before being forced to revert to his original form. Changing form takes a decent amount of energy, so he generally has to rest for 30 to 60 minutes minimum to shift again. He also cannot change his hair length to be longer than it currently is (he could make it shorter, but that would require cutting it, which he is highly unlikely to do). He can only change the colour and texture. Obviously, all of his features must be human and human-coloured. If he wants green hair, he'll have to take the path of anyone else: dyeing it. And if he does dye his hair or make any semi-permanant or permanant alterations, they will show up in all of his forms. In his natural form, he is very sensitive to sunlight due to his albinism.
    Background: Shannon is one of those teens who grew up with loving parents that expected more from him than he could give. In his childhood, he was always the overachiever, learning to read before everyone else and having his multiplication tables memorised by the end of first grade. He was always the top of the class, but as he entered middle school he began to slip. He soon faced the harsh reality that he wasn't a genius, but rather just did more work than everyone else. Now that people were beginning to catch up, Shannon worked himself until he had one foot in the grave. He constantly felt imperfect and like he wasn't pleasing his parents.

    In freshman year of high school, he and his classmates found out albinism was a mutation, a mistake. Naturally, he was teased mercilessly by highschoolers who simply had nothing better to do. Swamped by a heavy workload and cruel words, Shannon felldown a spiral of self-hatred.

    It was a sheer wonder he hadn't killed himself by the time he discovered his powers. They were truly lifesaving to him, to be able to be someome other than himself, but in a way they hurt him even more. Scared of his newfound ability, scared that he'll be considered a freak, Shannon refuses to use them in public. He hasn't told anybody, not even his parents, and hides his abilities, only using them when he is certain he is alone.
    Other: He has a tattoo of a dragon covering his left shoulderblade. This is visible in all of his forms, making it possible to identify him. Occasionally, when he doesn't want to be recognised in another form, he will use concealer or clothing to hide it. Shannon has a growing collection of makeup in all different skin tones to use when he is in other forms.
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    Name: Alyss Sparks

    Age: Sixteen

    Gendr: Female

    Appearance: The first thing that most people notice about Alyss is her unnatural shortness. She only stands at around 5'0. Her hair is a light blue and her eyes are a dark blue that lightens up around the pupil. She has a pale skin tone.

    She has a set of long, fluffy, wings that out stretch from her shoulder blades.

    Powers or Mutations: Alyss has large wings that extend from her shoulder blades so she can fly.
    Alyss also can manipulate light.

    Disadvantages: Nightime or darkness weakens Alyss. It renders her powerless.

    Background: Alyss grew up in a first class home. She had whatever she wanted, and wasn't completely spoiled like sone ithers. She did her best to get good grades in school, she ranked highest in her entire grade each year.

    In middle school was when everything changed. She had began going through 'puberty'. Wings began growing from her back and they pained her for days. She was called a freak for having them, no one liked her mutation. And so, her parents pulled her out of school and began homeschooling there. There, she found out she was able to control light.

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    Name: Kari Rubio
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Powers or mutations: The ability to change her voice to match anything she has heard, The ability to cut off any or all of her emotions, and an unusually high tolerance to pain.
    Disadvantages: If doing a voice too far out of her vocal range, she'll damage her vocal cords to the point that it takes many days to recover. Oftentimes she was left mute for weeks because of her lack of control over her power. If she uses a voice or sound like that for too long then she may start coughing up blood since her vocal cords are being stretched and pulled beyond their capabilities.
    When cutting off her emotions, she becomes like a robot, only to feel a huge rush afterwards. The longer she goes with cut off emotions, the higher the rush gets and the more devastating it is. Oftentimes this will lead her to be stuck in a state of shock. The rush of emotions also led to a bit of mental instability. She falls into bouts of depression fairly easily and has to take prescribed medicine to keep her emotions in check.
    With her high tolerance to pain, it takes nearly cutting off a limb for her to actually start being affected by the wound. Because of this, she often will not notice if something is wrong, leading to very disastrous results to her body. She may try and walk on a broken leg or keep eating after breaking a tooth. Having this high tolerance also led to less constructive habits.
    Kari grew up in a middle class family. Her dad was constantly saving money, while her mom abandoned her three children in pursuit of her dreams. Kari was the quietest, and youngest, of the three. She often would be protected by her older brothers, seeing as their parents were too busy with their own lives to pay attention to them. Her oldest brother, Matthew, cooked dinner while Thomas played games with Kari. It was around the seventh grade that Kari started to develop her abilities. For once, her dad noticed when Kari was mimicking Thomas. Instantly, he pulled her out of school and tried to keep her away from her brothers. This was when the last two of her abilities set in. She was then taught by her brothers, who were also pulled out and homeschooled by one of the local neighborhood moms. Kari scared her brothers when she would suddenly become robotic or when she would ignore a large cut. When Matthew turned 21, he took Thomas and Kari with him to his new house. She now lives with her two brothers, trying to find a job to help pay for their apartment.

    Well that was a lot of writing! Sorry about the text wall, I hope this is okay.