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Changes OOC

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by NorwayFOO, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. ((I think she is setting up for when you have the book she forgot))
  2. Re: changes

    Well it would help if she said she left it =P Sorry I'm highly confused.
  3. Re: changes

    yep sorry didn't realize that. hope i didn't mess anyone up
  4. Re: changes

    ((All good. She said you had it at the last part of the post... more or less inferred you had it))
  5. Re: changes

    sorry didn't to make you confused it was just a spark in my head i forgot about it. sorry that it messed youup
  6. Re: changes

    Guys I don't like how you are power playing. If you don't know what that means it's when you take over some one elses person.... Jake isn't mean; therefore, I'll play him how he is thank you.
  7. Re: changes

    ok i didn't mean to power play him. i changed my character's mind afterwards sorry i didn't mean to make this unequal field to play on
  8. Re: changes

    .... I don't quite know how to reply...
  9. Re: changes

    ((I didn't power play... did I?))
  10. Re: changes

    it ok your right i was kinda making your charcter out to be a snob but i think this next part you could probably be the hero just saying?
  11. Re: changes

    I kinda liked how your character talked like he was a snob. The title of this RP is change after all so it could go for a change in perspective.

    Oh and if you were talking about the person bullying my character I wasn't talking about your character.
  12. Re: changes

    Foo I thought you did but them I read your post again very sorry. I ment to delete that but my computer wouldn't let me.
  13. Re: changes

    to be honest i was confused when your character started to come in but it like a nice little twist to the thread and i knew you weren't talking about Jake because you didn't mention him by name so don't worry i was the one mostly power playing quite by accident though
  14. Re: changes

    All good.
  15. Re: changes

    don't worry i think he got the message
  16. Re: changes


    And just a question do you want Jake to get off the bus and see a dog or something chasing her?
  17. Re: changes

    that would be perfect nice idea and i think foo is a guy by the way that is what his profile says anyway
  18. Re: changes

    I didn't know if you were talking to me or him sorry. Give me a min and I'll post.
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    (( I have to go to bed so I will rpely tomorrow.))
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