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  1. I will be honest, it has been months since I've seen a roleplay involving Queen Chrysalis or any changelings. So let's fix that!

    Plot Concept: The changelings...a race of parasites who thrive on the energy created by love and lust. Few know of their existence in the world due to their cunning ability to take on the appearance of anyone as needed. While they are omnivores in diet, the urgent need for love is what fuels their power of transformation. Without it, they are left exposed and vulnerable to destruction. Like a hive of insects, they are ruled by a singular queen, Chrysalis, who is a key player of our story...

    Love has become harder to find these days in our society. More of our actions are fueled by selfishness and hate than its polar opposite. Lust fuels the selfish nature of our kind and, though it can provide some sustenance for the changelings, isn't enough. Some have even gone as far as whoring themselves out and barging into marriages for the sake of retaining their power. However, many of the drones have not been able to sustain their disguises, and they were ultimately destroyed by those whom they deceived.

    Now, all that's left is the queen. She's been strong enough to outlast her drones, but time is running out. If she cannot find a steady source of love that will truly last her, Chrysalis will meet the same fate as the rest of her kind...

    Here is an image of her with her anthro proportions...

    This is where your man comes in. How will their fates play out? When the time comes that her secret is revealed, will he accept her for what she is and not let go? Or will she meet her demise?

    Under most circumstances, writers would go with this plot in the context of her source material, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (see the season 2 ending for more). For this roleplay, I'm not going to be picky on what the race of your character. He could be human, anthro fur, equine to whatever degree, whatever! I want to see what you bring to the table.

    Either PM me or drop a reply here so we can write this story together!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.