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  1. I've been bouncing this idea around for quite a while...whether or not to try my Changelings out again. I've been dying to play a shape-shifter all day, and it'd be nice to have the freedom to do that once more.

    So, here's my idea. Please, stick with me until I've got it all out, and if you have anything to add for yourself, let me know.

    The background goes along the lines of a massive war between vampires and lycanthropes (wolves, tigers, rats...the biggies) as well as the occasional shape-shifter (those born to be able to shift). This war breaks out all across the world and devastates most of the human population. Then, in their grand scheme, the vampires have created nuclear weapons that are designed specifically to take out the shape-shifter and lycanthrope population (as it's believed that shifters and lycanthropes have the same genetic make-up). In their pride, they don't keep close tabs on these weapons, and the shifters are able to go in and modify each weapon to - instead of killing shifters and lycanthropes - make them one and the same. This term becomes Changeling - those who change their shape.

    All across the world, human DNA melds with nearby animals. Birds, cats, even those unfortunate enough to be at the zoo when the bombs go off meld with the nearest animal.

    What humans are left flee to South America and close themselves up tight away from the freaks of nature. Many Changelings die within the first week after the bombs go off. Those that survive somehow make their way to North America, where Nature has completely taken over, covering most of what was once modern civilization. It is here that our story will take place.

    The actual setting takes place around 100 years after this massive war. Changelings are immortal after going through what's known as the Heart's Change at the age of 25 (if they don't die right then and there). They have a system that keeps all in line and doesn't end in bloodshed - each Clan has its own duties to perform, which allows a free trading system among them all. But a new threat has been brought to their leader's attention...a virus that has been sent through the air by the vampires and has taken over quite a few Changelings already. Some believe that this virus is a form of cancer that first grows malignant cells at an accelerated rate (due to the high body temperatures of the Changelings) and kills the Changeling in a matter of hours. But the leader has come to find out that this virus doesn't stop there - it turns them into a super-weapon. Undead and always hungry, these beasts are able to shift into the rotting corpses of the Changeling that had died. Their speed, strength, and senses are higher than even a normal Changeling, and they will be quite the foe to beat.

    The main story is the Changelings must fight through hoards of these creatures (which I don't have names for yet...not your average zombie) to make it to Washington, D.C., where the last of the vampires in North America reside, wipe out the vampires and cure the virus that is taking to the air.

    But I'm also thinking about doing multiple threads with various parties that can, at some point, come together as one large group to take down the vampires. It would require a lot of people and more than just myself to run it. If anyone is interested, let me know...I might just do this as something fun and interesting.
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  2. Do you mind throwing up a Character Skeleton, and a Clan Summary Application so I can see what you're looking for? Plus I want to get some early work on it in case it goes off.

    Oh yeah. posting expectations?
  3. I'll get a sheet up later on, but what do you mean by clan summary application?

    Posting expectations would be intermediate. A couple paragraphs at least with good grammar.
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