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    Some believe that man and his weapons will be the ultimate destruction of the planet. That nuclear warfare and tragedy will befall us all within the near future. Whether that is true or not remains a mystery. For now, we humans are safe with our technological advances.

    But somewhere in the shadows...something begins to stir. A war that humans deem impossible. A war between what we know as werewolves and vampires.

    Then again, some say that science fiction does not exist. Thus it is fiction and not factual.

    But some say a lot, don't they?

    What if I told you that the stories of werewolves are only partially true? Would you panic? Would you be a typical human?

    Then you'd better stop reading now. This story won't be very pretty.

    The Loup Garou - Legends beyond comparison. A society of men and women that could shape shift into wolves at will. Not controled by the power of the Full Moon. Not controled by much of anything. And very, very hard to kill.

    The Aristocrats - One of the many clans of vampires that have made it through history. They control most of the human governments.

    The Vatican - Catholic priests bent on the enlightenment of God and the destruction of all supernatural life. They are human. But they never falter. They never rest. They never stop.

    These three clans are what have started the true reign of terror our world shall witness. A war that has lasted since time began will finally unleash itself on the world of man. Humans will no longer control the surface. World War III will finally unleash itself.

    So yes, some men say that his weapons will be the ultimate destruction of the planet. But that is far from the truth. What we have now will come to an end, yes. Then again, what we have now is not much more than simple death and violence trapped within the concrete walls of prisons we call cities. No, our world has something completely different in mind for us.


    December 21st, 2012 - Our world as we know it will come to an end. An apocalypse occurs for mankind. Destruction lays waste to tons and tons of concrete and asphalt. Miles upon miles is laid to waste before human eyes. Buildings fall. Man tears itself apart slowly in an all-out war. And how was it caused, you ask? Well, some say it was man meddling in the affairs of foreign man.

    Some say a lot, though...

    --Excerpts from The Many Letters of War, published February 19th, 2039

    August 20, 2012 -
    My sweet has been far too long since I last wrote you. For that, I apologize. I'm sure by now, you watch the door awaiting the arrival of an officer to tell you I'm dead. But don't you worry. Not yet. It takes a lot more than war to kill this old boy. How's Ava? I can't wait to see her again...she must be so big by now!
    I don't have much time to write you...I'm so sorry for being gone as long as I have. But I'm due to come home in a week. I'll see you soon, my darling. I promise, no matter where or how, I will see you soon.
    Love always,

    August 24, 2012 -
    Oh, Lilian...What am I going to do now? How will I ever see you again? There is so much to say, and not enough time to write it all down. But there is one thing you must know. Believe it, too. I am writing to you this time to warn you...and everyone else that you can tell...there is such a thing as werewolves and vampires. They're here. They're out. And they're waging war...a war that no man could even begin to believe. It's insane seeing them. And we seem to be their main targets. I don't know how much longer we can hold them off...there's so many of them. We never knew it. We never believed it.
    Russia has always been under the control of vampires...and now, we know. France and Italy...even controled by the werewolves. A clan called Loup Garou, whatever they are. But there's more, much more. There's not just wolves. There's so many different types! Tigers, lions, bears, foxes...but all of them seem to be controled by the Full Moon. The Loup Garou...they can change whenever they want. And unlike the other types, this clan...they keep the human intelligence within the form of the wolf. They're so much more tactical than normal wolves. I don't even know where to begin!
    There's a group of priests...they seem to be fighting against the wolves and vampires. And they work a little bit more than soldiers.
    You were right all along, my Lilian. I should have never joined the Army. I should have never gone to war. It's all my fault. But I will see you some day. For your sake, I hope it is a while from now. Keep Ava safe, and give her a kiss. Let her know that her father stood proud and strong in his final days to protect humankind. Let her know that her father loves her as much as he loved her mother. I will never forget you. And hopefully...I'll see you in Heaven. I love you so much, Lilian.
    Love always,

    December 21st, 2012 -
    There is no way I can get out of this alive. Already, I'm trapped with a broken leg, a gunshot in the shoulder, and a migrane that would kill the devil. I'd be surprised if I didn't make it to the end of this paper before dying. The Aristrocrats, as they call themselves, have me captive. They plan to drain me before I lose any more of my blood...and I'm bleeding pretty heavily.
    America...she's a goner. There's no way she'll survive the war...not even with all of the hearty soldiers we have on home turf. They're too strong. Not only have the vampires come across the seas....but those damned wolves too. And the others...those weres...they all showed themselves. So many of them. And they're all waging war against the vampires. Right now, it's just one clan over here...but soon...other clans will come. No longer is this just Europe and Asia...The whole world has been pulled into this mess. World War III. It's a f.ucking apocolypse. And America only has months...perhaps even weeks...before she falls like all the others...
    They're coming. It's the end of the line. I'll see you soon, my sweet darling girl. I'm coming home at last. I love you both.

    --Diary Excerpt from The Many Letters of War

    December 21st, 2012 - the beginning of the end. The Aristocrat clan came from Russia to American soil, rousing all of the hiding lycanthropes from the shadows. War broke out immediately, and within hours, the soils were soggy with crimson blood. Human, vampire, and lycanthrope, alike. Buildings were torn apart, and humans were ripped limb from limb or changed to become vampire or lycanthrope warriors. Tigers, Wolves, Lions...every large carnivorous creature on land was known on that single day. And from then, on, the world would know that day as All Spirit's Day - the day when the souls of those lost would come to take those alive.

    The war would not end until many years later...

    December 25th, 2032 -
    Fucking Christmas...a holiday everyone should that my mother would teach me about every year. Every year, though we moved from refugee camp to refugee camp, we celebrated Christmas while everyone just moped around and went on about the Hellish ways of the world.
    I wasn't even three when this apocolypse came to the states. And now...damnit it's been so long. She died when I was only twelve. Now, so long after...I'm one of the last humans to still live on this sodden soil. I'm one of the last humans to fight for my freedom...for my life.
    So, maybe...if I write this all down...maybe it'll be recorded in history. Or maybe, it'll just disappear like the lives of my bretheren...who knows? But, for shits and giggles, I might as well try.
    Hello, my name is Ava Trope. I am 22 years old, and one of the last women to be on American of the last American soldiers. I am the daughter of Lilian and Shane Trope. My father was one of the first Americans to see the wrath of the supernatural. He was one of the first to die by its hand. And he is one of the first to let his legacy live on through humans. I will live through this. And I will be known throughout the years as one of the last humans to fight for life.
    I leave this here in hopes that my legacy will live through that of others like me. Survivors...refugees. Humans. All of you, I call....we must always fight for our rights. Our freedom. And you will hear later on through our years about a young woman that took out the supernaturals. No more Aristrocrats. No more Loup Garou. No more nuclear warfare!
    But one last attack is planned for the states...and it is to end tonight. Something...something to take out the weres. To clear everything but nature, itself. I have a feeling this will end badly, so the best thing to do right now is flee. I head to South America. I will not say where or why...but always know, my fellow Americans...that there will be life there. Always. That is where we wage war.

    --Excerpt from The Many Letters of War

    On a gray Christmas night in 2032, the vampire clan in Russia launched five nuclear missiles to scatter across the United States. These missiles were designed to wipe out all lycanthropes and let nature reclaim what was taken from her.
    But what the Aristocrats had not realized that night was a small group from the Loup Garou managed to sneak inside the bay that launched these missiles. They tampered with the power of the designs, turned around the effects. And when those missiles exploded across American soil, all lycanthropes became shapeshifters. Changelings, as they are known today.

    No longer were they controlled by the
    moon and its phases. No longer did the beast control the human.

    Man did not survive in America after that night.

    Fleeing to South America, all humans that were left in the world came together, created an alliance that no one could destroy. They became the Men of God - controlled especially by the Vatican. America became the safe haven of the Changelings. Nature took back what was rightfully hers, yes. And using the animalistic advantage, the Changelings created communities all across what was once American soil.

    The Aristocrats control all of Europe and most of Russia, the rest of Asia, and even Australia, continues to wage war between the other three clans of vampires - the Queue, Royal, and Formwandlers.

    It has been nearly a century since then...

    June 12, 2112 - War has begun to brew once more. Humans have bred and spread throughout South America, and the carrying capacity of the continent has been reached. Humans must find more ground. Vampires are battling for space, and the Aristocrats have become itchy for war. The Changelings have grown strong...and now it is time for them to show their power.

    You play a Changeling - Any Changeling will do. Read over the next few posts to see a few extra pros and cons to being one and see if you're interested. But remember...once you are born as a Changeling, there is no going back....


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  2. Ranks


    The ranking system of the Changelings is simple and complete. Every clan has one Ulfric or Chang, depending on whether it is male or female. The Ulfric, or king, is a male Alpha; by contrast, the Chang - queen - is a female Alpha. Most clans have one of each, a mated pair.


    After the Alphas comes the Betas. A Beta is a guardian of the Alphas, and they are the second highest ranking in the clan. They must be talented, determined, and extremely loyal to their clan. They must be willing to lay down their lives for the good of the clan, but their sole duty is to protect the Alpha pair. Depending on clan size, there are usually ten at the most.


    Then come the Guardians. Guardians are some of the most essential ranks in the entire clan, and without them, most would surely perish. They are ranked just beneath Betas, and they are the protectors of the clan as a whole. They are the honorable ones, and they take death in battle before ever fleeing. They are the strongest. The bravest. And sometimes the most troublesome. They are either feared or loved by the clan. Some clans have special names for their Guardians. For example, the Tigers in the South Eastern area call their Guardians Anatomos. Depending on the size, a clan may have up to fifty Guardians.


    The ranks slim moreso into the Healers. Some Changelings are gifted with the ability of Aura Healing. This ability will be better explained later on. Healers are generally the kindest of the clan, and they will always take in the sick and wounded to work their powers. Though they are not really high ranked, most of the clan, including the Alphas, usually follow all rules given by them. They never abuse their power. Usually, only two or three Healers are born in a generation of Changelings. Not all clans will have them.


    The MiddleMen are next. These are the general population of the clan. Few hold special talent or rank, but a clan would not be whole without them. The numbers are unlimited, and with the increasing immortality rate, those numbers are steadily increasing.


    Lastly, there are the Omegas. Almost every clan has at least one Changeling that is so submissive that anyone can dominate him or her. Omegas are the runts of the litter, so to speak. They hold no special talent, and if they do, they are late bloomers (sometimes power takes a while to be unlocked). They are extremely submissive, and any Changeling can dominate them.


    Ranks Per Clan

    Loup Garou







































    Birds of Prey








    *In Training

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  3. Aura Powers & Abilities

    Changelings are not just shape shifters. Some can be extremely powerful. Others, not so much. It all depends on the blessing one gets from the spirits of the animals.

    The first power is granted to almost every Changeling that reaches 25 years of age. Immortality. However, in order to gain this ability, the Changeling must first endure a transformation of sorts. It is simply known as the Change. This is the only painful experience a Changeling must endure their entire lives, but it can oftentimes be deadly. Upon reaching the Change, a Changeling will go through that similar to what a lycanthrope once had to endure. Bones shatter, organs override to the point of exploding, skin falls from the body. A Changeling is literally shedding its skin for a newer, healthier that lasts forever. One that does not age and is extremely hard to kill. But the two requirements must be met first. Not all Changelings will get this. But those who do will live as long as they wish - so long as the blows to them are not extreme. The Change, itself usually lasts three unbearable days of pain.

    All other abilities are Aura-based. Now, first thing's first. What is Aura?

    For a human, it is the three-foot field of radiation around them that gives off things like emotion, spiritual power, etc.

    For the supernatural, however, it is so much more. The Aura of a Changeling or vampire can be used. It contains power that can give off emotion, and senses.

    The first Aura-based power is that which every Changeling has. Touch. A Changeling can cast his or her Aura out around their body to touch another. By doing this, they can warn another around them of who and what they are. In turn, they can feel another's presence. They can smell it, sense it. They can use it.

    The next list of powers is usually seen in Changelings destined to become Guardians or even Betas.

    • Power Jump - The ability of using Aura within to gain strength in the legs to jump higher and farther - no higher than 20 feet and no farther than 50 feet
    • Speed - Using the Aura as a speed ehancement - Cannot go above 150 mph
    • Ghostly - Using the Aura as a type of cloak to blend into one's backgrounds - does not mean complete invisibility
    • Bite/Scratch - Use of the Aura as a battle enhancement to help in striking the enemy - does not mean every strike hits
    • Sight - Use of Aura as a sight enhancement to see farther with more attention to detail - no farther than twice that of normal Changeling sight; may miss something

    There are dozens of abilities with the use of the Aura, and some of them can be unique. However here are a few of the basic Changeling types based on powers.

    • Chaos - The Aura of this type of Changeling is chaos-oriented. Unlike the Chaos vampire, a Changeling does not feed from Chaos. Instead, it builds. When Chaos ensues around a Chaos Changeling, that Changeling grows in power...they can store it. And then, they can create it. Upon creating Chaos, a Changeling then gains more power...and then builds around them, slowly creating order. Funny how that works, huh?
    • Elemental - Elemental Changelings are usually considered extremely powerful and very, very rare. The Aura of this type of Changeling can control a particular element. These elements include the following: Air, Water, Fire, Lightning, Earth, Light, Darkness, and Spirit. Each element has a color. Air has Gray; Water blue, Fire red, Lightning gold, Earth bronze or tabby, Light white, Darkness black, and Spirit purple. Elemental Changelings will always have the mark of the element on them. In human form, the eyes are the color of the element. In animal form, their eyes are always lightning blue, and their fur has shades of the color. Here are the basic descriptions of each element.
      +Air - This Changeling's Aura radiates the power of Air. Currents will dance around this Changeling, and it will oftentimes bend to the Changeling's will.
      +Water - The Aura of this Changeling will radiate blue and often give subtle hints of waves. Wherever there is water, this Changeling is powerful, and the element can and may oftentimes bend to the will of the Changeling.
      +Fire - Fire radiates from the Aura of this Changeling. It can be created by the Changeling, and it can be controlled. But if the Changeling decides to stop controlling the element, it will continue on, alive on its own. Changelings of Fire are often taught to be careful and disciplined.
      +Lightning - Lightning in the Aura of this Changeling is a little different from others. It does not radiate. Instead, it crackles from the feet of this Changeling. The Aura can control Lightning, but usually Lightning is considered a curse among the elementals. It cannot be controlled well, and though it blesses some Auras, it is only their to play, only striking at an opponent when it wishes, not when the Changeling wishes.
      +Earth - This Changeling's Aura radiates with a green hint or shade and oftentimes smells like a fresh field of grass after a spring rain. It is a loving element and often associated with Healers. Some healers may be blessed with Earth. For this element not only controls the rock beneath the Changeling's feet, but the life that grows atop it. Can it bring dead back to life? No. Can it kill? If a rock hits, maybe. But it can help heal and bring joy back to those that are not as happy as they once were.
      +Light - Light is a very vibrant element in the Aura of this Changeling. Always does the Aura glow with a radiant light, as if the Changeling is a star of sorts. Light can and will bend to the will of the Changeling, but only in the deeds of good. It has minor healing like Earth and might be found in Healers.
      + Darkness - The darkest Aura among the elementals, this Changeling will radiate shadows. Darkness can be chaotic, but it will hide those who wish to be hid. It will shield and protect, but it will also attack.
      +Spirit - The most elusive element of them all, Spirit is nearly as problematic as Lightning. It is a happy element usually, and it will bring joy to those that its wielder wishes. The Aura of a Changeling with Spirit will sometimes glow with a ghostly appearance. Spirit will hide its wielder if need be, and though it cannot physically heal, it is a wonderful medicine for mental wounds.
    • Fear/Terror - Like Chaos, the Aura of this Changeling is oriented around fear or terror. And like Chaos, the wielder will usually create order and a sense of calm around them.
    • Empath - The Aura of an Empathic Changeling can summon emotions and wash them over others. This is not like the general use of the Aura. Instead, it delves deep in the mind and soul, and it will call emotions up and sense them. Older and stronger Empaths can go as far as reading another's mind with a touch, some not even needing that. However, powerful Empaths are extremely rare.
    • Psionics - Psionic Aura's are also rare, but there are three different types: telepaths, telekinetics, and teleporters. Telepaths have the ability to read thoughts and communicate through the mind. Many must give up the ability of speech because of this and are born mute. Telekinetics are those that are able to use their Aura and mind to move objects without touching. Teleporters are those that can travel to other destinations with only a thought. All are weak abilities until older ages, usually growing stronger upon the passing of immortality.

    Lastly, there's the Healers. Healer powers are not necessarily Aura-based, but they are naturals with the ability to heal. Some can grow any herb on the planet, and they have a natural knack for knowing what is poisonous and what is not, and what herb heals what poison. Then, there are Aura healers: those that use the Aura to heal physical and mental wounds. However, there are usually only two or three born every generation, so there are few that are powerful, and fewer still training to be so.

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  4. Rules

    • All iwaku Rules Apply!
    • No Mary/Gary S[t]ues. Be creative!
    • No Rogues! If you play a wolf, you are in a wolf clan. If you play a tiger, you are in a tiger clan. Etc.
    • No Hunters! All humans and Aristocrats are currently NPCs. Later, this may change, but for now, only Changelings are PCs.
    • Romance is welcome and encouraged! Below will be an explanation on Beast Mating. If you wish to become Beast Mates with someone, play it out! However, this is not in the Mature RP board, so anything too bad will have to move to PMs.
    • No killing characters without the permission of the role player. Battles will ensue often even within the clan, so there will be bloodshed, but few deaths.
    • Equalize your character. This means no godmodding. If your character has a power, make sure there is an equal weakness.
    • No more than three Aura abilities, including those that affect physical attributes. If you have a pure aura-based ability, that is the only one you can have. However, if you are a Beta or Guardian, you may have up to two physical abilities on top of that. Again, remember to equalize your character.
    • Don't like what's up there? You want an ability all your own? Then PM me! I'm very open to ideas, and I am always willing to help make a character original to the player.
    • No trolling, obviously. I just have to restate that.
    • Not everyone is automatically immortal! Please, don't make your character immortal unless the Change is explained in detail within the biography, especially if the character is below the age of 25.
    • If you want to join, please PM your character templates to me to be accepted. Keep in mind that you may not be accepted right away. I'll ask questions and offer suggestions, but once things are accepted, you'll be ready to play!
    • I am God, so be sure not to disobey new rules that might be posted. It would be good to come back and check this every now and then to see if there are any new rules. Keyword is squirrel.
    • If you are going to be offline for some time, please let us know! If you have disappeared randomly for more than a week, you will automatically be removed from the RP. If you don't want to post anything, at least let me know through PM. If you have been removed from RP, and you want to rejoin, PM me, and I can probably work you back in.
    • HAVE FUN!!!!
    • These may change as the RP goes on.

    RP Rules

    • Always post a picture of your character (preferably their human form) and the character's name every time you reply to the RP.
    • Three sentences per post is REQUIRED. We need something to bounce off of. I understand if we sometimes can't get those words to flow through our fingers, but're all playing someone that can turn into an animal! Dialogue does not require three sentences as long as it gives the other RPer something to bounce off of.
    • Stick to the posting order!
    • You may play in First or Third person point of view, and in Past or Present tense, but remember that not everyone will play in the same point of view and tense. Some people (like me) might even switch every now and then.
    • If you have more than one character, you may color code. However, this is not required.
    • If you wish to have a Beast Mate that is claimed within the RP, PM me for permission and remember to play it out.
    • Fights must be played out with every little step...I might later refer you to the site whose rules I find easiest to follow.
    • Remember that your character is part animal. Play them like you would a lycan. The beast is still there when the Changeling is in his/her human form. Be creative. Act like an animal. That's what this is all about!
    • Again, HAVE FUN!!!!


    Beast Mates

    The term, Beast Mate, refers to the bond between the animal side of two Changelings. This can be purely beastial instinct or human affection as well. No matter, though, if two Changelings are Beast Mated to each other, the animal within is telling the human that the other beast is theirs, and nothing will stop it. Beast Mates last for life. Once one is Beast Mated, nothing will come between them, even if the two human counterparts hate each other.

    If one of the Beast Mated pair were to die, then the other would be free of the mating obligations. However, the animal side oftentimes loses itself in grief, and there is little hope in the Changeling unless the entire clan devotes time to healing the wounds of a lost mate.

    Beast Mating requires the permission of both parties and for both parties to play the part of the character's animal side pushing for the mating. There are no other requirements.

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  5. Character Template

    +Breed **
    +Aura Abilities
    +Brief Bio

    **Breed: The animal your character changes into

    Just so all of you know, I don't know anything about Character Sign up and whatnot...I've only read briefly on the handbook, and though I've been playing for years, I know nothing on the complicated stuff on here. Gimme a few, and things might change.

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  6. Accepted Characters

    Ninjakittee (open)

    +Name Shyvana of the Raptor Clan
    +Age 72
    +Gender Female
    +Breed White-tailed Kite
    +Rank Healer
    --Human Shyvana, of course, has retained the appearance of a very young woman, due to the semi-immortality of all Changed Changelings, except for the depth of her yellow-amber eyes. She stands on the wrong side of tall, barely managing five feet, but she makes up for that with her imposing air. Her form is very slender, with little muscle tone and almost no body fat, but by no means does Shyvana appear fragile. On the contrary, like all old healers (whether of this world or the next), Shyvana possesses a kind of imperial power that makes her seem utterly invincible no matter her stature. Shyvana has thick, wavy hair that hovers around her head and floats down her back to her hips; its pure white colour makes it look like a cloud that just happened to take up residence on her head. In accordance with her light hair and eyes, the Healer's skin is very pale; the only exception to this is the birthmark on the back of her left shoulder. It's a dark grey-black, and shaped like and upside-down Norway Maple leaf.
    --Animal Shyvana is very slightly larger than an average kite, and unlike regular white-tailed kites, almost her entire body is pure white, almost without any black or grey shades; save for the back of her left wing, which has a black marking centred on the fore of the middle joint, very reminiscent of her birthmark in human form. Her body is very sleek, with her tailfan rather short for a raptor, but very wide. Her feet, eyes and base of her beak are all the same vivid yellow, whilst her talons are dark black. This is also reflected in the curve and point of her beak, which are a smoky black colour, and the few black feathers around her eyes, accentuating their yellow colour. On each foot, Shyvana has four toes; three are forward facing, whilst the fourth is backwards facing to ensure balance when landing and standing. Finally, when fully spread, her wingspan reaches nearly four and a half feet.
    +Personality Shyvana never really played nice with authority, even when she was young. She has the longest record of disobeying orders of any living Clan member, but she's usually right, in her own way. Now, she's set in her ways, living up to her own legacy time and again. Shyvana never panics, she always knows the answer, the next thing to do. In her years, she has built up a lot of knowledge, and she makes a habit of being asked all the questions everybody asks. Whilst she isn't arrogant about it (at least not anymore), Shyvana never hesitates to offer her advice, and she spends a lot of her time - when she's not needed for healing purposes - with the younger members of the Clan,, counseling them. While her aura abilities and instinctive knowledge all work towards her prowess as a physical healer, her warm and approachable personality account a lot for her ability as a mental and emotional healer. It wasn't all just natural ability, but her many, many years of life and work in her Clan have built her into a form of excellence that is simply not achievable for most. Despite her tendency to challenge, disobey and even override orders, Shyvana is dedicated to her Clan, and even though she's a Healer, she would do everything in her power to help keep it safe.
    +Aura Abilities Shyvana has the natural ability to heal with her aura, though it doesn't happen just like that. Her first and foremost ability regarding her aura is her power to numb pain in her patients; by pressing her aura to theirs, in the touch ability that all Changelings possess, she can take away their physical pain. Over the years, she's become so skilled with this ability that she can even use it to sense pain in those she touches her aura to. Secondly, she can manipulate this power into a sort of tranquiliser, sending her patients to sleep should the need arise. This she is not so skilled at controlling, but she trains hard to master it. Outside of that, she has an instinctive sense of flora she encounters that borders on godlike; while she cannot immediately use their practical applications without mishaps, she can usually name a plant she encounters, and will always understand their properties and how best they may be used to help a patient.
    +Brief Bio When Shyvana was first declared a natural Healer, she denied any knowledge of the art and swore up and down and to the blue sky above that she would become a master warrior, fit to be a Guardian and protect the entire Clan. At the time, she could see no truth in the old Healer's words: "A Healer is sometimes the most important piece in protecting a Clan from harm." She enlisted to train as a Guardian, but she was rejected on the grounds that not only did she not possess any aura abilities that would qualify her - or even allow her to fight as she needed to - she had already been announced by their Elder Healer. Furious, Shyvana vowed that she would show them how well she could fight. One night, she ventured out alone to find a powerful member of another Clan and kill them, determined to bring back proof that nobody could dare to ignore. What she found instead was a lone Blood Python Changeling. Shyvana, ignoring both her physical limits - as a relatively small raptor, with very little in the way of strength or power - and her aura limits, with no battle-useful skills to speak of. She attacked in human form, quickly switching out when the rogue did and trying to use her advantage in flight; snakes have to stay on the ground. However, she lost the fight with no small amount of cursing, though her life was spared when a Guardian from her Clan - sent by the Elder Healer - showed up and took the Python down. In the process, though, he was mortally wounded. Though Shyvana tried everything she could to save him, by the time the Elder Healer and the Guardian's backup arrived, he was dead. Shyvana forgot her vows of battle, instead swearing an oath that she would never lose another life if she could possibly help it, and that another of her Clan should never die by her wing again. It didn't stop her arguing night and day with her Chang and Ulfric, but she has never to this day caused the death of a Clan member, and very few manage to slip through her healing fingers.
    +Other As she is so old, Shyvana is the only one left of her family now, having never taken a mate herself.

    Sakura (open)

    +Name Tempest of the Tiger Clan
    +Age 19
    +Gender Female
    +Breed Tiger
    +Rank Guardian
    --Human [​IMG]
    --Animal [​IMG]
    +Personality Spunky, upbeat and courageous, 'Tempa', as she is affectionately called by those closest to her, is a tigress unafraid of anything. The clan wonders when her next accomplishment will land her a rank as a Beta, but also worries that she grows more and more restless with those around her. As her curiosity about other clans increases, so do the chances of her losing track of who she is and who she must follow. Tempa will only follow authority as long as she believes their decisions are rational. She is currently on the look for adventure as well as a romantic prospect, possibly in her own clan. Under all the courage and quick wit, she is still very much, a sensitive young woman/tigress.
    +Aura Abilities
    +Brief Bio Tempest, found injured and unconscious by a river bank, was rescued by one of the clan's Beta's. She was raised as his own daughter as she was close in age to his son. Her childhood was rocky at best, she was often fighting with the male children, beating them at sparring or coming home with new injuries and complaints, but over all, she loved the clan. She was thankful for the shelter, the familial atmosphere, and the training. Her gratitude created a sense of loyalty in her heart to work, explore, and fight for the sake of her clan. And although she is often headstrong and reckless, sometimes defying authority, if the situation poised itself, she would throw down her life for the elder ranks.
    +Other She fears the Change, having heard it is painful. She also fears losing her aura abilities of Light after the transformation.

    Ichigo (open)

    +Name - Miotora (Mio for short)
    +Age - 19
    +Gender - Female
    +Breed - Tiger
    +Rank - Guardian
    --Human - Mio has raven black hair and unnaturally ice blue eyes (unlike in the picture). She normally wears a loose white short-sleeve dress, which goes down to about mid-thigh length, over a loose long-sleeve black shirt, both made of dyed, thin-weave cotton, and goes around barefoot. Her light brown messenger bag is always at her side and put over her head, which she uses to carry just about everything she will need. Mio is about 5' 3'' (161.544 cm.) in height and about 128 lb. (58.06 kg.) in weight.
    --Animal - In her animal form, Mio changes into a large Siberian tiger. Her eyes are still an ice blue, but look more like sparkling blue ponds. Her fur is a little bit more thick than most Siberian tigers' and her tail is a little bit longer than most. Her body is about 6' (183 cm.) in body length length, her tail is about 3' 2'' (96 cm.) in length and she stands about 4' 6'' (140.2 cm.) in height from paw to shoulder. Because of her Darkness Aura ability, her claws are ebony black and instead of a white tail tip, she has a black tail tip.
    +Personality - Mio is far more reserved and quiet than the rest of her clan. She tries to avoid any form of conflict, mostly because she has anger issues. When it comes to how she treats outsiders, she treats them no differently than enemies on a battlefield: wait for the Alphas to give the order to strike. Though she seems rather unfriendly, she is extremely protective and passionate about her clan.
    +Aura Abilities
    --Aura Based - Darkness
    --Physical Attributes - Speed, Sight
    +Brief Bio - Being born and raised within her clan, she knows very little about how to work without them. Though she knows little about life outside the clan, she tries hard to imagine what it would be like to live on her own and fend for herself. Growing up, she showed her aura abilities early on, so when she was about four, she started working her Darkness Aura ability. Mio didn't have her speed and sight abilities until she was about seven, and that is about when she had decided that she wanted to be a guardian. Once she had been trained well enough, when she was about fifteen, she became a guardian for her clan.
    +Other - Mio loves sitting around at night and staring at the stars and moon, along with the rest of her surroundings. She enjoys nature in general, so she loves her animal form the most when she has free time.


    +Name - Kurokuma Hiyama
    +Age - 29
    +Gender - Male
    +Breed - Grizzly Bear
    +Rank - Guardian
    --Human - Kurokuma is tall and has a muscular, but lean build. He always wears his fur cloak, with a pair of hide shorts underneath it. His cloak is a dark brown, made with the fur of a grizzly bear like himself. He has several scars all over his bodyand one that goes from his forehead and down over his left eye down to his cheek, he is no longer able to open his left eye.
    --Animal - In his animal form, he is a large bear, even for a grizzly bear. He stands about a foot taller and a foot and a half longer than most grizzly bears. His eyes are a lightning blue and his dark brown fur has a red sheen to it. Kurokuma also has several scars that he has in his human form.
    +Personality - Kurokuma not only seems scary due to his appearance, but also because he is quite mean. He will protect the clan without question or hesitation, but he doesn't like people to disturb him at all. Normally he is quite mean towards everyone, but he does obey those who have a higher rank than him, only because he respects them.
    +Aura Abilities - Power Jump, Bite/Scratch, Fire
    +Brief Bio - He was born outside of the clan, which is partly why he is so mean, though he was respected and given a right to join and become guardian after helping to protect the clan. Kurokuma had never really cared for having others rely on him, so he nows revels in the fact that there are others that need him to help. He got the scar over his left eye from the first time he protected the clan, before he had even been accepted into it.
    +Other - Normally, he sits out away from his clan, they all fear him, so he doesn't bother them if they don't bother him.


    +Name - Tori of the High Winds
    +Age - 129
    +Gender - Female
    +Breed - White Great Horned Owl
    +Rank - Chang
    --Human - Tori has big pale blue eyes and olive skin. Her hair is a grayish white color and it goes down to the middle of her back. She always wears a cloak of feathers and a simple one-piece also made of feathers. She is of average build and runs around barefoot.
    --Animal - In her animal form, she has white feathers and is extremely large, even for a great horned owl. Her talons are black, as are her feet and beak. Tori's eyes are a lightning blue color. She also has grey specks on her feathers all on her body.
    +Personality - Tori is kind and gentle to all in her clan, she doesn't even try, it's just natural. She will only get angry with them if they are disobeying or acting like crazy lunatics. Her drive to protect her clan is extremely strong, especially when it comes to any young that may be in their care. Nothing can come between her and her clan, she will give her entire being to make sure that they stay alive and live in peace as soon as possible.
    +Aura Abilities - Sight, Speed, Air
    +Brief Bio - Before she became an owl changeling, she used to sit out at night and watch and listen to the various owls that were around her, especially the great horned owl, her favorite on. She used to wish that she could fly away whenever she wanted. After finally being able to turn into an owl, she joined a clan that formed and stayed there to not only help the clan but to be helped as well. Tori's change was slow and painful, which is why she sympathizes with all those who have to go through the Change even more. Her change lasted an unusual five days, and it hurt just as bad as it normally would. She was near dead after the Change, it had drained her of most of her energy, life and will to live. But, because she had endured so much, she became a lot stronger after about three months, when she had finally regained her strength, and she had obtained a new Aura ability, Air. No one had ever helped her before she became leader of the clan, no one would even look at her. She had a harsh life before being Alpha, so she grew pleased and comforted by the warmth, respect and loyalty that her clan now showed to her.
    +Other - She is not at all trusting of outsiders, so she will rarely talk to them.

    Chronos (open)

    +Name Maison of the wolf clan
    +Age 36
    +Gender male
    +Breed Wolf
    +Rank healer
    +Personality Even though he spends most of his time around others and his auras help others he perfers to be left alone if at all possible, the only people he feels comfortable around are the ulfric and guardians. The betas and everyone else he sees as too talkative.
    +Aura Abilities Earth
    +Brief Bio Started off as an omega when he was young doing his best to stay on peoples good side, he was comfortable doing just about anything so long as there wasn't any conflict afterwards. Sadly after his change he was made healer of the clan and is now often found in conflicting situations with the injured, even though years have passed he is still finding it difficult to adapt to his new rank. Even though he may seem the wall flower if pushed too far his demeanor can turn deadly.
    +Other He does have a soft spot for younger humans and believes they can be "saved"


    +Name Harkat
    +Age 25
    +Gender male
    +Breed philippine eagle
    +Rank guardian
    +Personality A nice guy but his appearance make him look more aggressive then he actually is, if you spend enough time with him you'll start to see that he's actually a lot of fun to be around
    +Physical Abilities sight
    +Aura Abilities sight; lightning, stores a lethal amount of electrical energy in his talons when in animal form before dive bombing an enemy
    +Brief Bio Moved through the ranks quickly after his first change when his sight ability finally kicked in, he is very dedicated to the clan as any guardian and is willing to put his life on the line so long as his clan is kept safe. He believes in the old norse mythology that if you die in battle you'll be taken to paradise, which his where his unwavering courage in the face of death comes from. All in all he is both extremely loyal and dedicated to his clan exsistence
    +Other he is sometimes sent on secret missions to observe his clan enemies, thankfully his sight ability make it easy for him while he his in his animal form

    roboblu (open)
    Name: Nettle Dalue
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Breed: Golden tabby tiger
    Rank: Healer
    Human- Nettle is of average height, built up with lean, hard muscle. Her face is long, freckled, and is framed by a long mane of golden curls, though they're usually pinned in some sort of updo. She has yellow-green eyes to match her tiger form.
    Animal- ... Click!
    Personality: Nettle is quiet, self-assured, and has an unspoken authority about her that others respect due to her her healer status. Although normally reserved, the tigress will unleash verbal hell if angered enough, but never physical, as she can't stand seeing another in pain. Still, while Nettle has a reputation for being kind and helpful, other Changelings are hesitant to seek her help; she has a darkness about her that is difficult to work past.
    Aura Ability: Healing
    Brief Bio: Nettle's healing abilities manifested themselves at a young age, so she grew up learning from the healer of the time, an old man whose kindness was only matched by Nettle's. The two became the closest of friends, and shared many afternoons together in the sunlight, learning and laughing and playing. All was well until Nettle turned eighteen, when the old man got into a territorial spat with neighboring Changelings; his body weakened by the wounds, he died shortly after. Nettle grew cold and hard after his death, and was never quite the same.
    Other: None for the moment.


    Name: Makani
    Age: 130
    Gender: Male
    Breed: Harpy eagle
    Rank: Ulfric
    Human- Makani is tall, tanned and slender, like a bird. His short-cut hair is gray despite him appearing no more than 25 years old, his eyes being a similar, clear gray. He usually wears loose-fitting clothes and weaves trinkets into them like feathers, beads, etc.
    Animal- This, except with light blue eyes.
    Personality: Makani has a reputation for being elusive, avoiding contact with other clans in order to deflect conflict; this being said, he's also one of the more peaceful Ulfrics, and is generally on good terms with the rest of the leaders. His clan, after all, is one of the most useful, being able to provide scouting and spying services via their wings. He rules through respect, which has surprisingly done well for him over the past few decades, as only a few Changlings have ever dared challenge him. He is kind to his fellow birds of prey, especially Tori, who he has been looking after since he first became Ulfirc. However, Makani has a bit of a sharp tongue if provoked, and does not tolerate misbehavior.
    Aura abilities: Empath, ghostly, sight, speed (ranked in order from strongest to weakest)
    Brief bio: Makani was born to a sick young girl barely old enough to have children, who had rushed into marriage prematurely. She died several months later, leaving Makani to the care of his father, who, while also young, took responsibility for his child and raised him as best he could.

    Eventually the war began, and everything Makani and his father had ever known was thrown into hell. They fought bravely, although not quite knowing what it was that they were fighting for- until the nukes landed. Then everything became clear.

    Makani's father came home one night to find his son screaming, thrashing and bawling his eyes out in a corner of their apartment, sprouting feathers and making sick popping noises as his bones broke and reconfigured. Several stressful hours later, Makani's father followed suit. Terrified, the two grasped hands as they both underwent the most traumatizing event in either of their lives.

    Makani was rewarded for his suffering with an immortal body, but his father was not as lucky; the old man's condition swiftly deteriorated in his last few hours, after Makani's change had already finished. Watching his father die a slow, agonizing death was the single most traumatizing event in Makani's life.

    He roamed on his own for a whole after that, and started collecting followers who fed off of his generosity. Soon, enough birds had assembled to form a clan, which grew to become the largest predatory bird clan in America (or what was left of America).
    Other: He is beast mated to Tori.

    Hiyashi (open)

    +Name: Kaiya Suzuko
    +Age: 20
    +Gender: Female
    +Breed: Snow Tiger
    +Rank: Healer
    --Human - The red markings on her are actually purple, unlike in the picture.
    --Animal: In her animal form, she has lighting blue eyes, just like in her human form, but her fur has a mystical purple sheen to her fur.
    +Personality: Kaiya is extremely sweet to everyone in her clan, and tries to help them as much as she can. Though she is nice and sweet, she is no push over, she only takes orders from the Alpha's and the Betas. She is generally nice to those who are outsiders, she tries not to be too careless though, she does stay cautious and alert.
    +Aura Abilities: Spirit
    +Brief Bio: Having been born in the clan, she showed her Aura Healing abilities early on, when she was six. She was focused and dedicated to using her abilities for the better of the clan, and she was more than happy when she learned she had the Spirit Aura ability at the age of ten. Kaiya was happy to be able to do everything she could for her clan, she was just happy to be able to help others in general.
    +Other: Kaiya tries to be around the Guardians, especially since they are as protective as she is, but they can actually do something about it.


    +Name: Adam Mikaels
    +Age: 11
    +Gender: Male
    +Breed: American Black Bear
    +Rank: MiddleMan (in training to become a Guardian)
    --Human: Adam always wears a thin linen short-sleeve shirt that is extremely baggy and goes a little past his waist with a pair of hide shorts. His hair is a short, and is a light brown color. He has light, olive skin, and is a little on the smaller side. Adam has a cute and adorable look to his face, with one light brown eye and one red eye. His hair is a little long in the back, so he sometimes puts a red silk ribbon to tie up the back.
    --Animal: In his animal form, Adam is a smaller black bear and quite slender. His eyes are a lightning blue and he has a red "V" shaped crest on his chest, similar to the one found on the asiatic black bear.
    +Personality: Adam is a gentle and kind kid, so he tends to be extremely shy and nervous around others. Because he is so young, he tries to be as good and well-behaved as possible, though he is generally a well-mannered shild in the first place. Not once has he ever shown anything but compassion and loyalty, he is, to put simply, a good kid in his heart and soul.
    +Aura Abilities: Sight, Power Jump, Fire
    +Brief Bio: He was born outside of the clan, and lived not too far from the clan he is now a part of. When he was born, his mother fell ill not long after and his father had already passed away from a cancer. It wasn't until he turned four that he learned he had a Fire Aura ability. His mother was so worried about what might happen, so she begged the clan to take him in and train him to control his ability at least a little better. Only a year after the clan accepted him, his mother passed away from cancer, just as his father had. Now he stays in the clan, devoting his time to training and helping the clan in any possible way he can.
    +Other: Adam tends to get fevers that can last anywhere from a few hours to an entire day, but he is still able to live quite happily with the clan.


    +Name: Maya Kirigane
    +Age: 78
    +Gender: Female
    +Breed: Giant Panda Bear
    +Rank: Chang
    --Human: Maya normally wears a loose plain white cotton-weave dress that has two thin straps on her shoulders, and the dress goes down to the middle of her thighs. Usually, she has a black fur vest and belt on over her dress. She also has a white crescent moon shaped mark on her chest just below the neck. Her eyes are ebony and have an empty look to them, with pale skin that is almost the color of snow.
    --Animal: An average sized giant panda, with ebony eyes. She has a white crescent moon shape on her black chest fur, just below her neck.
    +Personality: Maya has always been more quiet and relaxed than most people, but has never really been afraid of anything. The few times when she fears anything would be the fear for the safety of her clan and the fear of small spaces.Though she tends to be quiet, she does have an oddly dark presence about her at times, though she doesn't seem to think so. Her anger is extremely well controlled and no one has seen her get angry. She tries her hardest to do her best for everyone in her clan. Whenever Maya is with anyone from her clan, she is always considerate of how they are feeling rather than how she is feeling.
    +Aura Abilities: Empath, Sight
    +Brief Bio: Before Maya was born, her parents were hoping that they were going to have a boy. When she was born, her parents had barely kept her in their home, they only did so because they would feel bad about it later on. As Maya got older, she had started developing her empath aura ability, a blessing in a house with parents like hers. By the time she was fifteen, she was able to read the minds of others by holding their hands and concentrating hard, though it took years of practice and it was still difficult.

    It didn't take long for Maya to try out her new ability on her parents, though it was difficult, she was able to feel that they did not love her, only because she was a girl. Because her parents could care less about what happened to her, she packed up all her things, which were very few, and left when she was seventeen. It was hard for her to be on her own, so she wanted desperately to find someone to befriend, for fear of dying alone.

    After about three years on her own, she finally found a clan of bears that were willing to accept her. She had been more than grateful for the clan taking her in, but knew that being too grateful may make her seem weak to the others. It had been only a year since joining the clan when she had become a beta with a lot of hard work and loyalty to the clan. All of the clan seemed to love her, she didn't have to read their minds for that.

    When Maya turned twenty-five, it was a day that she feared for may years, but she was ready. It was a long process that lasted the normal three days, but it was pure torture and agony. The one thing that kept her from just giving up was the fact that she did have others who did not hate her, but cared for her as a friend or even family. After the Change, she was weak, but started to have few fears, she was unsure as to why though. But she was far more happy and always had a smile on her face afterwards, but her smile was mostly a small and elegant one.

    It took her another ten years until she was able to read the minds of most others with a simple touch, and another twelve to be able to read anyone's mind with just focusing on them. After a while, she started being flooded with the emotions of those she was nearby, which it took about four years to have complete control over. After the previous alphas had died, Maya was given the title of chang, which she was far more than grateful for the opportunity to lead and protect her clan to the best of her abilities.

    Ryusen (open)

    One-Eyed God -- Out of Order (open)
    +Name: Lyle

    +Age: 28

    +Gender: Male

    +Breed: Bear-Syrian Brown

    +Rank: Ulfric






    +Personality: He is an easy-going soul. There is not much he enjoys more than a good laugh. But he also enjoys a good fight. Its not so much the fighting he enjoys as much as it is the challenge, the thrill, the adhrenaline rush. Lyle is also a huge joker. It is kind of hard to find him not happy no matter the situation. He has an almost constant smile.

    +Aura Abilities: He has an Aura ability similar to the chaos and fear auras. His however is laughter/happiness. He gains power from it, feeds from it, and has a good time doing it.

    +Brief Bio: Lyle was born in near where Seattle used to be. He was as his mother called it, a Changeling, meaning he had the ability to change forms. He shifted, merely by thinking it, into an almost platinum colored bear. His mother used to tell him stories about famous and powerful bear Ulfrics, the leaders of Changeling clans. She told him that one day, when he was ready he would become immortal. They were not alone she always told him. Close to one hundred miles east there were many clans of Changelings, just like them. His father had never been there. So, he grew up with his mother's love and guidance and not much else. She taught her cub, as she called to him, everything, how to hunt, how to find food, how to defend himself, and as she put it "The most important thing of all," how to laugh. His mother truly believed in the power of happiness and laughter. She believed that through it you could "overcome any obstacle, make it through any hardship, and defeat any foe."

    He lived happily with her for 24 years, then she started to fall ill. Her ailment was caused by a cancer of sorts. This cancer was caused be the far too rapid regeneration of her body’s cells, because of the bombs that gave her this now too familiar skill. She tried her damndest to hide it, but to him, it was so much more than obvious. She looked frailer with each and every passing day. One week before Lyles 25th birthday her time had come. While she layed there in obvious pain, he started to cry. Strangely, his mother began chuckling half-heartedly, death being the only thing keeping her from howling cackles, and it was only when Lyle asked himself why she was laughing that he realizes that he, himself, was laughing as well. Those tears not tears of pain but tears of, for some reason, laughter. Her last words to her son were "Remember what I've taught you, Lyle, my cub, and with it you can overcome any obstacle, make it through any hardship, defeat any foe, and endure any pain....." She then died, realizing that she had readied him for the nightmare that was soon to come. He buried her immediately in a meadow behind their home. After pushing the last bit of soil onto the mound, he succumbed. Hi allowed himself one tear, one single, solitary, anguish-filled tear slide down his face and fall onto the mound. He then turned and left, vowing never to cry again.

    One week later he found out why she had taught him the power of laughter. He awoke one night to a searing pain in his head, as if an auger was being plunged deep into his skull. Not knowing what else to do, he curled up hoping for the pain to subside. This, however, was not the case. The excruciating agony spread throughout his entire body. He felt as if he was going to melt away. Tears began to well up in his clenched eyelids. They would've fallen too, if it werent for his mother's last words. Had he not remembered this he very well might have died. But he did, and as soon as he did, a faint smile crossed his lips. This smile grew and grew, until eventually he found himself giggling, then chuckling, and finally bursting into laughter. He laughed as his bones felt as if they were melting. He laughed when his skin stretched til it ripped off of him. For three days he laughed. Then, nothing. The pain stopped and was replaced by surging power. He felt stronger than ever. He felt...immortal.

    This thought, no matter how much he liked it, scared him. It caused him to realize how lonely he really was. He decided to leave and head east, east to the others, east to the clans of his mothers' stories, east to the only family he had left. He traveled for roughly two weeks before finally, upon stopping for a drink at a small brook, he found them. They were on the other side of the brook resting. a few were even asleep. He started towards them, but suddenly his vision went white with pain as he was sent flying through the air. On instinct, he morphed into his farmiliar bear form. But not soon enough. He hit the tree with enough force to send a six inch wide crack all the way to the top of it. He looked up to see four Grizzlies roughly his size standing maybe fifteen feet away.The one in front was obviously the leader bothh his stature and demeanor told his story.The rest of the clan on the other side of the brook heard this earshattering crack and turned to see the mayhem that was ensuing. They saw a figure standing in a defensive stance beneath a scarred tree. About fifteen feet away was their new Ulfric. He had only been their Alpha for a month if that. He aquired this position by killing the previous leader, as well as his son, wife, and closest Beta. Lyle somehow felt all of the eyes on him, watching this unfold with a mixture of awe and excitement. Stranger than that was the fact that it was helping him. It filled him with what felt like confidence but was actually is aura charging up full of the emotions. Whithout hesitation one of the betas attacked.

    Lyle reacted with uncanny speed and accuracy, launching himself up right into the belly of his foe without difficulty, running his razor sharp claws through the stomach like a man dragging his hand through running water. With no time to examine his doomed assailant, the other two betas attacked. He disposed of them just as easily as the first, disembowling them with his knifelike claws. He could feel the clan on the other side of the brook gazing hopefully, cheering silently at this bod newcomer. He turned to face the Ulfric, who at this point was seething. Canines bared, he began to close in on the rogue who had killed is loyal followers. With barely followable speed he tackled Lyle, pinning him down on his back. Lyle reacted by applying his enourmous paw to the temple of the bear on top of him, sending him reeling. The Ulfric recovered with unbelievable speed, once again launching himself at Lyle with the hopes of finding his throat. Lyle, however, saw it coming tis time and swatted him down before leaping on top and baring his teeth triumphantly. With no time to react Lyle plunged his teeth deep into the throat of te leader twisting and ripping most of his neck out. The Alpha gurgled for a moment before dying and returning to his barely recognizeable human form. He had won.

    He looked up to find himself surrounded by all of the bears that were on the other side. They looked at the bloodied corpses of their former leaders for a few minutes before looking up at Lyle and bearing their throats in humility and returning to their human form. Lyle followed suit and looked at them. "What the hell was that?" he asked. At first there was no reply, just silent whispers and sideways glances. Then one person stepped forward. "My name is Cassandra." She said before continuing, "You have challenged our Ulfric and bested not only him, but every onr of his Betas. If I'm not mistaken, that makes you our unchallenged Ulfric." Lyle looked at her, stupified. He then realized that he had no idea how to lead a clan. Thinking quickly he came up with a plan. "Really?...Well it looks l might need a beta or two to help out, and do running work, and guard me and things of the sort." Cassandra approached him as did two others, " We will gladly serve as your Betas," She said. Lyle looked around at all of the folks that were willing to trust him with their lives. With a smile on his face he looked up and said, "Well it looks like you have yourselves a new Ulfric. Now everyone return to your lounging and relaxing. I need to consult my Betas." Sudden cheering followed his statement before they returned to what they had been doing before. The moment they were out of earshot, Lyle leaned over to Cassandra and whispered, "As a Ulfric, what exactly am I supposed to do?" Cassandra grinned evily and said "It's okay, Its not as hard as it seems."

    So for three years he has led this clan with the help of Cassandra. A lot of trial and error there may have been, but he ran the clan with the smoothness of silk in desperate need of ironing. Eventually though, he got the hang of it. It was with kindness, not fear that he learned to lead. And it has yet to fail him.

    Duchess_Bastet (open)
    +Name: Fala of the Tiger clan
    +Age: 30
    +Gender: Female
    +Breed: Siberian Tiger
    +Rank: Beta
    +Appearance: View attachment 12997 --Animal

    --Human: View attachment 12998

    +Personality: While she is a Beta and that means protector. Fala is funloving. She is intensely carefree, but doesnt let that get in the way of her duties. She feels that while she must protect the Alpha that it doesnt just mean from outside threats. It also means that sometimes she has to protect her from herself and her worries. So, she livens the place up. She has an open minded personality and loves to pick on others in a playful manner.
    +Aura Abilities: Her aura abilities arent outstanding. She is still training in them and works on them every day, sometimes when she's trying to poke fun at another member. She has an adept ability in Ghostly, which she has worked on the most being as her tiger fur is white and doesnt work well with the camoflage of the darker forests. She can use it and hold incredibly still or move very slowly through the undergrowth of a forest or darker abandoned cities. Fala is also working on the aura ability that helps her with physical attacks in biting and scratching. Right now, about 2 out of every 6 hits with that power connect with the target. Her name, Fala, means fire, so she hopes to eventually gain some small control over that element.
    +Brief Bio: She has only been a Beta for a few short years. Fala went through the change only five years ago and tries to lend emotional support to those younger than her who are close to that age. She loves her Alpha and cannot remember a time before guarding her. Even before she became a Beta she would follow them around and learn their ways of protection from afar and do her best to imitate it. The change for her left a deep psychological scar on her and she remembers very little of what came before it. Fortunately though, she has found that she didnt lose any of herself, just some memories.
    +Other: Fala is terrified of losing a fight to protect her charge. She looks up highly to her elders and cannot stand disappointment.

    Ferril (open)
    Name-Taine Mora (Ti for short/use with caution )



    Breed-Maleanistic tiger










    Much of the clan sees him as an enigma, his aloofness and cold demeanor putting off many of those who would try to approach him, and he does little to dispute their views. He tends to avoid speaking as much as possible, answering everything in a calm quiet voice. Some of the more aggresive members of the clan make it a game trying to provoke him to anger, or at the least raise his voice, even so he rarely becomes angry or flustered, though that doesnt keep him from regularly fighting with said aggressors. Even when approached peacefully he tends to be short, only answering as needed with little commentary.

    Unfortunatly, that is merely a mask that Taine wears, hiding a certain uncomfortableness, an insicurity that not even he, himself will aknowledge. The truth is he enjoys the company of others, but has little clue as to how he should act in social situations. He tends to follow his instincs letting his words flow with no thought and ocasionally getting himself into trouble. Very few members of the clan are aware of his true nature and have seen the face that he keeps hidden, a careful, caring, likable person. He generally only smiles around this select few, rarely does he let others see any hint of his true nature.

    +Aura Abilities+

    -Elemental (Darkness)-

    +Brief Bio+

    A child of misfortune, as many of the older members of the clan call him, he was born during a solar eclipse taking far longer than he should and nearly killing his mother in the process. Many blamed ill luck, some even claimed bad spirits for nearly taking such a beloved member of the clan, the unusual elemental mark upon the boys arm did little to assuage said members doubts, yet his father and mother both shushed any who spoke such things, to them the mere fact of their first born sons arrival in this world was a blessing. His mother, strong guardian she was, quickly bounced back from her near death experience, putting her all into the her duties as a mother.

    And Taine grew, his first change came and went, the darkness of his fur setting the superstitious among the clan to whispering once again, and again his parents shut them out, loving their child for all he was worth. Soon the first hints of his powers began to appear darkness following the boy wherever he went, often enveloping him completely so that his parents had trouble finding him. It was one such occurrence that set in motion his mothers death, and his fathers eventual collapse into despair.

    Near the age of 5 he wandered into a beautiful section of wood deep within the valley. None noticed his absence until he was deep into this lushous expanse thanks to the powerful shadows that played and danced, uncontrollably, around him at that young age. As he entered these lands the shadow, in their unpredictability, deserted him, and without a care, he continued into the forests. Meanwhile, his mother hunted for him, following his scent from the village and into the forest.

    After a time, wandering this new, unknown, forest the young boy had his first real taste of danger. The monsoons had come, and he was nowhere near the village..... The storm rolled in, a dread rider, thunder shaking the earth, lighning flashing through the sky. And he was afraid, he had never before been stuck in such a storm without the comfort of family, and as the rain began to wash over him in waves he hid, diving under the roots of one of the great trees to escape the stinging, biting water.

    His mother having followed his scent deep into the forest called out to him, both with her human voice and with the occasional feral roar of a wild mothers fear. Her voice calling out through the rain and thunder reached the frightened boys ears and brought him slowly from his hiding place, he soon spotted her and ran for her, grabbing her in the strongest hug he could manage... but before anything more could be said, there was a crack, louder than any peel of thunder, enough to shake the earth around them. Looking over her shoulder his mother screamed to him," Run!!"

    Taine ran for his life from he wasnt sure what exactly had happened, but he could hear the water as it gained on him, and he could hear his mother still screaming for him to run. Soon he could hear nothing but the rush of the water and the pounding of blood in his ear, finally he was close enough to the village to find a sentry and tell him all that had happened. Exhaustion overcame him and he promptly collapsed into a tired heap.

    When he awoke he found himself in his family's hut a wet cloth upon his brow and his mothers sleeping furs lying beside him, but he did not see his mother or father. Walking outside he noticed two things, the rain stopped, skys clear and bring, and his fathers prone form kneeling next to a pile of furs. The boy rushed over, a smile on his face exclaiming," The rains stopped!! Isnt that gret? We can search for mother.... now." He slowed to a stop as he spotted the body unmoving and sodden underneath the furs. Taine didnt know what to do, he didnt comprehend. His mother couldnt be gone....

    Soon after his father, in his grief, wandered into the forest never to be seen again. Leaving Taine alone in the village.

    With his parents fate the muttering began again some calling him a cursed child. For the rest of his young life he lived with the fact of his parents death, the general dislike of those who believed him responsible. Only now that he has proven himself capable and joined the guardians does he get any peace.

    He blames himself for his mothers death and refuses to allow such a thing to happen again, his fear of thunderstorms turned into a sort of reverance, and natural disasters hold little for him to worry over.

    Looking for a beast mate

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