Changelings - The New War Has Begun

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  1. Wulfric

    Loup Garou

    Corsair of the wood
    discard your skin
    your pallid, wormlike,
    Corsair of the wood
    exchange your skin
    for a pelt of dun
    and brindle luxury.

    Pirate of the flesh
    throw back your head
    and part your jowls
    to sing a lunar song.
    The forest paths are dark
    and the night is long...

    The darkness of the night fills the Bois en Courer as all within the Loup Garou pack begin their nightly rituals. Some are just beginning to rise and take their true shapes, and the howls of wolves are filling the night air as they do every night. Some are just beginning to go on home into their great trees and rest with their mates and pups. But the mellodies of the pack seem to be sad tonight as the glowing blue-amber eyes of their Ulfric look out into the shadows of the forest, his long hair falling in tangles across his bare shoulders. The wolf inside him whines in wanting to comfort his pack. He does not like the sounds of sorrow.
    But Wulfric knows that the sadness of the night is needed, for the great loss of their three most precious Guardians has been known, as the spy report has let the old Alpha know that the vampires' actions have begun to shift. Restlessness sends a shiver through his body at the thought. The brutal murder of his beloved pack members is unforgiveable. And to think the only reason he knows about it is the damn bird he had to send over.

    The girl he thinks about now touches his shoulder, her body, also bare, completely vulnerable to the wolf. But he does not wish to kill the messenger, and as his gaze meets hers, he knows it would never be her fault. Her white blue eyes fill with tears, and she lets out a small sigh, her long black hair falling to curtain her frail face. "I am going to leave and head back for my clan, my king. You know how to get a hold to me..."
    But before she shifts, he reaches out and grabs her arm, eyes glowering briefly as thoughts begin to process through his mind and as the music of his wolves fill the night sky. "Tell your clan," he says, voice deep and husky from not being used in hours, "it is time to come once again to the Bois en Couer. I will make the call this time tomorrow night...and those who hear it are to come immediately." With that, he let the young woman go.
    She nods with a sad smile before leaping into a run, her body beginning to take the glowing form he knows all too well. Within that second, her body shifts midstride into the fluttering wings of a small Mockingbird. The bird begins to sing with a chirping version of the wolf's howl, and Wulfric's face slowly takes the shape of a slight smile as he remembers just how useful her ability to mimic almost anything is. But where he can pick her out, he much prefers the songs of his own people.

    Wulfric knows all too well that it is past the time to call those that are to assist him in this new war. With growing activity in both the small zone filled with Aristocrats and South America filled with humans, the Western Hemisphere is on the brink of war. It is only a matter of time, and he'd rather be ready and waiting than risk the lives of his creations by doing nothing. They are strong, but they are not invulnerable.
    Just as this thought makes its way through his head, a beam of silver light from the rising Full Moon makes its way through the branches of the great tree to rest on him, making his slightly tanned skin glow with the light of the night. He feels the howl of his wolf struggle to his throat, and the amber eyes of the beast inside begin to glow through the human blue. He loves the feel of being on the brink of the shift. He loves the wild feeling, and confidence of being a beautiful loup garou. But more than that...he feels the need of his people.
    Tomorrow will be a hard day...but tonight, he must moarn. And so, as he feels the presence of his mate, he thinks about his wolf and lets it take over, his body shrinking, melting, into the shape covered with a russet coat. And just as he does, the wolf lets out a howl that silences all the others, creating a music like no other.

    It is a song of moarning, and a song of war....

    Tiger Clan

    White Snow,
    In a sea of Blood;
    I am the Master,
    I control the Flood...

    Stand against Me,
    Feel my Power;
    I'll make you Pay;
    I'll make you Cower...

    Stand beside Me,
    Feel Compassion
    Of a Clan Cursed,
    All feeling what you Feel...

    The forest in South Eastern North America always seems to glow when darkness takes over. It is foreign and frightening, and it is beautiful.
    Dragon remembers how it was. When darkness took over, that's all there was. It was shadows dancing in the silvery light of the Full Moon. It was a darkness that she would revel in. But that darkness she could not revel in any longer.

    Tonight, as the Full Moon rises, the beast seems strangely restless. As if a tragedy has been sensed. War is coming, and she knows it. But tonight she is safe, at least for a while.
    Looking around, her golden green eyes glowing with the fire of the beast, she checks for the eyes of her clan on her. Once she sees that there are no others but perhaps the twins around, she lets a smile pinch the corners of her lips as her body melts into the heavy beast.

    She shakes out her coat and purrs in anticipation of her hunt. The night is cool, and with it being early November, it would only make sense. But the tiger does not care about this. She only cares about the running she is about to do. Her human has given her the night as she is supposed to have it.
    A lip rises as her tongue curls from behind her sharp teeth to lick over her whiskers, preping herself as a foot rises, the claws of the other three digging into the large tree branch beneath them. Then, her eyes watching intently for any signs of movement, she launches herself towards the tree ten feet away, aiming herself feet first. With the grace of a cat, she hits the tree perfectly and bounces from it to the next, losing altitude with each leap, before she finally manages to make her way to the ground.
    The moment she does, her muscles tighten and loosen as her legs take off with incredible speed. The running alone is what she lives for, and as lightning skitters from her massive paws, she gives a gleeful roar.
    Tonight she is to enjoy herself, for first thing tomorrow, work will begin. So the human side of Dragon rests herself deep within the shadows of the beast, giving full control as she slips through the glowing forest without a sound.

    Tonight is one of Joy. And tomorrow is one of War. Which is sweeter?

  2. Lillith.jpg Lillith


    The time has come. A small grey and white cat lay sprawled on a large rock in the night. Her small body rolled, looking to the forest that stood in front of her. Her yellow eyes watched her surroundings. Her Clan was near, but she enjoyed her time alone, especially now when things have become so difficult. She sat up, shaking her body as if shaking the bad thoughts away, she needed to focus and not allow her Clan to worry. She could get through this, even if she didn't have an Ulfric.

    She readied her body, lifting her haunches before leaping off the rock and sprinting through the woods, dodging trees and bushes to make it to her Clan in time. She had given her Beta the night off, allowing her to rest for tomorrow. She knew it could be a big day, especially since rumor had it the Loup Garou had suffered from multiple losses because of the Aristocrats attack. She couldn't risk her Clan to be too tired or hungry for battle.

    Before she entered the Clan's lair, she changed, revealing her Human form as a tanned young woman with long brown hair. She brushed her fingers through her hair, giving a sigh before she lifted a branch and entered her Lair. She could hear the bustling of the members as they prepared for sleep and tomorrow. Looking at the others she smiled, she loved her Clan dearly, and in all her years of being Chang, she knew she would protect them with her life.

    As the days would come, she would be there to protect them from rival Clans and the Aristocrats, even from the low numbers of Humans who hated their race and wanted to take back the Earth. She walked through the makeshift Village, nodding and waving to those who greeted her and making her way to her hut. She had plans for the weeks to come, she would make sure her Clan would be safe, one way or another.



    Loup Garou



    Ferith, the new young Chang of the Loup Garou sat in sorrow as she listened to her Clan's sad songs. The howls vibrating off the trees and rocks that surrounded their territory, her heart and inner wolf reflected their song. She had recently been in a situation where their Clan has lost lives. She hadn't had this happen before, and especially as one of the Leaders of the pack. She felt....responsible for the three deaths, feeling that even though her survival was one of the most important lives of the pack, she could have done something to help the three pack members. She didn't want to change because of her inner feelings, knowing that once she did the pack would also feel as she felt and she couldn't allow that to happen.

    She took a shaky breath, holding her eyes with her palms as she sat on a log just outside where everyone else was. She wanted to scream, hating the feelings she was feeling and wanting to re-live the night. She looked up when she heard the Mockingbird's chirps, imitating the pack's howls of mourning. She knew now that Wulfric would be done talking with her so she stood, wiping her hands on her pack and removing anymore tears that have ben left behind. She took another breath before making her way to him. Her human form walked through the group of wolves, whimpering and howling their pain and comforting those who have lost their loved ones. She offered apologetic looks to everyone, keeping quiet as they mourned. She could feel the wolf inside her needing to comfort her pack, but she held the change back until she was close enough to Wulfric and could feel him change as well.

    She allowed it to happen, her black hair fading to grey and her blue-green eyes change to a deep yellow. Once it was complete she felt a moment of the wilderness flow through her, then settled the sadness. She shook her body, her silver pelt ruffling as she heard her mate's majestic howl. She whimpered towards him, her padded feet trotting through the grass as she approached him, nuzzling her snout into his shoulder for comfort. Her deep yellow eyes reflecting the emotions running through the pack.

    She sat on her rump, looking towards the direction of her pack and whimpering softly before howling her sorrow as well, her pitch a few tones higher than Wulfric's.
  3. 953d348ebc064c13b2eada1b1b0a58f5_bp.jpg 122010_sub-arctic-male.jpg


    Birds of Prey


    A large white and gray specked owl sat high in a tree, staring off into the distances with large lighting blue eyes. Tori spotted many small animals below her and in other trees, scurrying about, trying to find a place to hide or food for their families. The glowing full moon made it easier to see all the little creatures scurry about and gave Tori a sense of calm, yet she still felt on edge. It was hard to stay calm with the thought and dangerously real threats that were close, far too close.

    Spreading her large wings, she glided down to a lower branch to land gently without more than a quiet noise of rustling leaves. She turned back into her human form, her grayish white hair flowing with her movements, then looking out into the trees once more before dropping to the ground gracefully and heading towards the clan's lair, watching her surroundings as she went.

    Most of her clan had fallen asleep, tired from hunting and scouting all day, it was hard for the clan to manage, with how few their numbers were. She sat quietly as she looked around the lair, hoping for something to keep her busy. Lately, it was hard for her to get sleep, her paranoia was getting the better of her somewhat, but she had to try for her clan's sake to get some sleep. Being a creature of the night naturally, Tori tended to stay up later in the night, while sleeping a little later during the day. Tori felt comforted by the fact that she could help keep the clan more safe at night, a perfect time for any type of attack.

    After a quiet moment, Tori decided to get up and see if Makani was still awake. It pleased her to see that her clan was at peace for this short amount of time, though she knew it would be very short, but it was nice nonetheless. She found Makani sitting alone, looking deep in thought. Tori sat next to him, quiet for a moment before speaking in a soft tone, "It seems almost too peaceful to be real, especially with what is to come." A tiny smiled formed as she sat next to Makani, it seemed far too peaceful, so much so that it was strange, though she was a little grateful for the peace, however strange it was.
  4. Naphtal.jpg NAPHTAL Naphtal (Animal).jpg

    Loup Garou Clan

    Alone, at the edge of his distressed clan, Naphtal sat in his thin human body, watching the grieving of the wolves with miserable, brown eyes that hinted at red. There was much sorrow in the air this night, cold and sad as the icy stars above them, but there would be no recompense. Not even vengeance would bring back the fallen Guardians of this clan; but vengeance would be enacted. Of that, the small Changeling had no doubt.
    And in its violent splendor, Naphtal would have no place. There were many reasons for Naphtal's exclusion in the coming war - at least, in the early days of it. First and foremost was his rank. As an Omega, Naphtal had no experience in real fights, no training, little desire - and absolutely no right to be there. He may be a part of this clan, but it wasn't him that those Guardians had died to protect.
    Secondly, and weighing heavily on the young wolf's mind, was that his twenty-fifth birthday was oh so very close now, and should he be struck by the Change mid-battle, then he would make the easiest prey imaginable. Helpless and exposed, with no one to guard his flank, Naphtal would be what some so politely termed 'dinner'.

    Somewhere in the mass of howling wolves, Naphtal's sister was mourning the loss of their Guardians, he knew. As a natural Healer, she was highly valued; it was she that was being protected this night with the death of her comrades.
    There was some kindness in Naphtal's thoughts as he contemplated this. At the very least, his sister would be safe in this clan. He was grateful for that.
    A slight smile tilted his lips as he leaned back from his sitting position, legs tucked beneath his body, and stared at the sky. It was alight with colours in the darkness, hints of blue and purple showering the black velvet in which the stars nestled like so many diamonds. Tonight, they shared no comfort for Naphtal's clan, nor joy for his sister, nor pride for his leaders. They gave the young Changeling no reassurance about what was soon to happen to him. The colours of the night black did not dance tonight.
    Instead, they lurked so far above their heads, silent in the symphony of howls and birdsong, waiting until the next night to revel in the bloodshed of the earth.

    But at least his sister would be safe. Small mercies.
    Deciding that no matter what his plight would be tomorrow, Naphtal owed his clan his voice at the very least, he leaned back and willed his beast to emerge. Gladly, it did so, consuming his body and then his mind in the gentle caress of its shimmering, invisible flames; flesh melted around bones that flowed into their new shapes, fur appearing around the body just like the fire of his shift. Dull, liquid copper eyes shut in the muzzled face and Naphtal tipped his head straight back, adding his voice to the music of the coming war.

    Shyvana.jpg SHYVANA Shyvana (Animal).jpg
    Bird of Prey Clan


    Black talons, attached to startlingly yellow feet, curled around the small branch - barely more than a twig - tightly. The owner of the feet and sharp talons tilted her head sharply, adjusting her angle of hearing to make the sounds clearer. In the distance - far in the distance - she could just hear the faint echoes of wolf howls. Mourning howls. If she were a barn owl, the Healer had no doubt she would be able to hear more clearly the howls; discern who among she knew and didn't know. But the kite was not a barn owl, so she turned her vivid yellow eyes towards where he small clan would be bedding down for the night - or rising, in the case of the owls.
    There was nothing she could do for the wolves tonight. For now, Shyvana would be better served by ascertaining the whereabouts and condition of her Chang. There were many things that she could do for the owl.

    In a flurry of flapping wings, Shyvana took flight and soared over her clan's home; a white wraith in the night. Whilst her night vision might not have bested her Chang's, Shyvana was able to see well enough, searching for the female leader. After several minutes, however, she decided to simply wait for her at her sleeping quarters.
    If she was wanted right now, she would be fetched. Shyvana had patience enough to wait for Tori to retire before offering her perhaps some poppy seeds, to help her sleep. If need be, she would even try and send her off in a drift of aura. Maybe even her Ulfric would accept some little herb or poultice.

    While she settled into a comfortable perch nearby the Chang's quarters (Tori's night vision as an owl bordered on covetable, and white as she was, Shyvana would not be missed), Shyvanna contemplated the rest of her little clan. Were full war to break out - and it did seem as if it might - her clan would be in more danger than the larger clans. There wasn't all too much that could be done about the fact, either, and that unsettled the white-tailed kite. In all likelihood, she would not be able to save every wounded bird she found - and in any case, Shyvana had no doubt that should a full-scale war arise, her services as a skilled natural Healer would never cease to be in demand, never mind her own clan. Every clan would want her help - and not just hers, but every Healer's.
    And even so, if it was within her power, Shyvana knew she would oblige.

    Many things were troubling about this supposed war. Not the least of which was the manner in which it had begun; only days ago, Shyvana had been prepared for the worst-case-scenario of a young member of her clan doing exactly what she had done, and finding out the hard way that some battles cannot be won.
    She only hoped that the heads of this war understood that too.

    Arenial.jpg ARENIAL Arenial (Animal).jpg
    Cat Clan
    Beta - In Training


    Arenial glared at the tree that stood defiantly in her way, golden eyes narrowed and glittering in fury. Impatient with the night - the whispers of war upon the air - she brushed her grey hair out of her face and loosened her body, readying her intentions with the unruly element that graced her. Curling her hands into hardened fists, Arenial danced on her feet before coiling whatever power she could muster into her fist and throwing it all at the tree in question with a heavy-handed punch.
    The sharp, rough bark cut the skin on her knuckles, oozing tiny droplets of blood onto her skin, but a bolt of lightning encircled the tree, crackling and burning black rings into the trunk as it went. For a few moments, Arenial didn't move, but then she jumped backwards, punching the air with a quiet whoop of joy. It was harder for her to channel her energy into her element while she reained in her human body, but she was getting better at it all the time.

    Her small celebration came to an end as she remembered that the tree was still standing before her, mocking her with its stationary strength.
    "All right, time to show you some real lightning," she muttered, giving it a somewhat evil grin. Sinking into her own body, Arenial allowed her beast to come forth, submerging her human form within her much smaller feline body. In the transition, Arenial basked in the grace that ignited in her muscles, the boundless energy that radiated from her shape. With a sensation like silk being dragged across her human skin, silver fur grew in shimmers over her, ending with a deft flick of the tail.
    Lightning blue eyes fixed on the tree with a gaze that promised vengeance.

    Electricity crackled around the silver Bengal's little paws, snapping in the air as she stamped each one. Baring her teeth, Arenial brought forth al the simmering energy she felt she could handle, leaping at the tree in a whirl of hissing and claws. Once struck, the elemental energy her small body contained spewed forth, scorching and sizzling against the inanimate wildtree.
    Arenial dropped to the ground, dissatisfied with the lack of destruction, but otherwise satiated. Her need to expel lightning had been fulfilled, for the time being. Once, she'd accidentally splintered a tree - smaller than this one, but of hardwood instead of soft - with a discharge of her lightning. Granted, it hadn't been deliberate, but Arenial was confident that if she just kept going, she would some day master her element, and then all the trees that dared to mock her would face the penalty for doing so.

    But for now, she could return to her clan, and her Chang. Despite the fact she was only in training, Arenial took her rank very seriously. She would not allow Lillith to come to any harm. A night off meant only more training, but with her lightning training ceased for this night at least, she could do the rest within easy running distance of the clanhome.
    If danger were to rear its head, it would not touch her Chang.

    Not tonight.

    Though the night was silent, Tempa could already smell blood. Alive or dead, she couldn't be certain. She lay a midst foils of leaves, an upturned branch causing a canopy of green above her. In her human form, she was most fragile. A small human, with delicate limbs and small eyes. And yet, as she reached up to turn the ends of leaves, she did not feel any less vicious than she did in her tiger form. It both scared and the delighted her, the ongoing smell of another clan's despair, the splendor of victory in war. Were most of her own weeping or rejoicing? She was miles from camp, unable to hear them. And she liked it best this way, the distance gave her time to her own thoughts, time to lay quietly to be one with nature. Humans were such a delicate species. Tempa could not think of bearing near the dangers she often did in this form, and even so, she was tempted to.

    She hoped for a quiet, sweet rain, though there was no such solace. Through the branches above her, Tempa could see the full moon. The bright glowing sphere that was giving her a strange sense of beastliness. The feeling surged through her veins, prompting her, pushing her, to transform.

    But she was stubborn. She willed away the wanderlust, the power hungry feelings of her own savage interior and continued to mourn the silence. The forests were far too quiet for her liking. Something was bound to happen soon. And when it did, she would spring to her paws.

    For now, though, she wished to relax. To calm her mind. What was it, calling to her tonight? Was it danger? Or victory? She rose from the bed of leaves to listen closely. Somewhere near were the footsteps of a beast.
  6. Maison
    Loupe Garou
    All through the night the cries of Loupe Garou could be heard as they cried out in sorrow, it pained Maison to see everyone like this and although he couldn’t help but feel the same pain and longing to join them he knew he had to stay strong. This was just the beginning war would soon be upon them anyone could see that and as healer soon he would be confronted with even more bloodshed as he tried everyone and watch as the ones he couldn’t dyed before him. No he would have to wait till the end of this bloody war and bury his emotions as deep as possible, this was his fate in the clan to do all that he could to feel his fellow clansmen and watch as the one he couldn’t leave this world in agonizing pain. It was with these thoughts in mind that he decided to retire for the night, the pained howls were starting to stir his inner beast and soon enough he would be unable to keep himself from joining in.
    Birds of Prey
    Far to the east, away from the fantastical twists and turns of the Bois en Courer, the clan of hunting birds slept in their cave beneath the night sky. It was an uneasy sleep, noted their Ulfric, as he watched their warm bodies twitch and shake; every so often one of them would sit up and cry out, chest heaving, and give him a wild-eyed stare. He met their gaze calmly with his grey eyes, until they would slowly drift back into slumber. Other than that, his world was silent. Only echoes reached Makani's straining ears- echoes radiating from Coeur and her forest, Coeur and her clan.

    But they were not a part of his world, and so Makani did not worry too much over them. His world was silence. Dead silence. Uneasy silence. A frown melted onto the Ulfric's thin face, an expression he rarely wore. This was not a benevolent quiet, but a thing so fragile and delicate and ... and dangerous that the whole clan sensed it, even in their sleep. Something was wrong. No- something was coming. Makani had known this for weeks now, as had Tori, and they did not like it. It kept him from sleep, whatever it was, and it kept him from eating, too- not only because he didn't want to let his guard down to sleep and hunt, but because he was genuinely worried. Being a strong empath, though, he had to convert his nerves into calm for the rest of the clan to feed on, something that, after over a century, was still a challenge.

    A sigh broke out of the Ulfirc's tired mouth, and he rubbed his gray temples with a few few calused fingers. He missed his father in times like these ... Despite having lived in an entirely different world, his father would've known what to do.

    There. Grey eyes settled on something darting through the forest, and for a split second Makani's whole body tensed with anticipation. He quickly relaxed, though, and continued to relax as a white figure entered the cave and settled down next to him. Tori. His Chang, his other half, his beast mate- her presence always cleared his mind. She was quiet for a moment, then graced him with soft words, so soothing that he had to lean over and tenderly take her slender form into his arms. Their auras mixed; he reached within himself to find an inner well of calmness, and drew from it to settle her nerves. They stayed like that for a while, and in that instant, time stood still.

    "This is not the last peace our clan will know," he said quietly, and was surprised to find that his words were positive despite the gloom he felt closing in. ​


    Tiger Clan
    The night, while cool and calm, did nothing to soothe Nettle Dalue's fiery nerves. The nineteen-year old sat on a rock several miles away from camp, forearms resting on knees that were close to her heart. She was worried, angry, upset; all these emotions swirled around inside of her like a pond disturbed by a child's curious finger. Emotions, Nettle could deal with. Part of her training as a healer dealt with getting to the root of emotional problems and sorting things out from there. Trouble was, Nettle didn't know what was making her so unsettled, and that bothered her most of all.

    The healer turned her face to the stars above, though they were obscured by a thick canopy of leaves. Things were supposed to look clearer in the night. The only thing clear to her now was the full moon, glaring down like a beacon. The beast within growled for release at the sight, and, with a growl of her own, Nettle allowed herself to change.

    Nothing felt better than being in her tigress form. Nettle walked beneath the trees with a confidence that radiated off onto the small creatures around her. Several poked their little heads out of the greenery to catch a glimpse of the golden tabby, made curious by such a powerful presence. Emboldened by her friendly aura, one grey rabbit even darted across her path; none followed him. Although the change had made her feel better, Nettle was still uneasy and her aura showed it. Besides, any prey animal willing to trust a tiger was asking to be eaten.

    The smell of another drew the healer to a halt; pausing, she glanced up and took a deep draught in through her nostrils. Human. Female. Guardian ... Nettle grasped for a name. Tempest. Yes. It was Tempest. The golden tabby sent a rolling puff of air out of her nasal cavity, creating a soft 'chuff' sound- the quietest greeting she could muster. It was unlike the healer to be impolite, and she honestly had not meant to disturb the Guardian's peace.

  8. Maya.jpeg Maya Maya Animal Form.jpg

    A cool night wind blew by as Maya stood in the river, the water was chilly and knee deep, but refreshing. The full moon overhead gave her both a calm and intense feeling at the same time. Maya's skin started to feel frozen, so she stepped out of the water and took a long and deep breath, taking in the scents of the forest around her. As she started heading into the nearby cave, where her clan resided, she changed into a large black and white panda, shaking her fur as she padded on further. The cave was light in comparison to her ebony eyes, she looked around feeling sad at the small numbers of her clan.

    It had been hard for her to try and find new members to join the clan, she wanted them to be trustworthy and dedicated to the clan. The clan's territory was large enough for more, and there would be more than enough food. The empty feeling she got just from seeing the cave felt like a crushing pressure in her chest. With the empty feeling, there was also a feeling of anger coming from near the back of the cave. The feeling of anger was one of the kind she didn't like to sense, so she followed it to the source.

    To no surprise, it turned out to be Kurokama sitting outraged, probably from a failure at his last hunting attempt. Not only did he give off the feeling of anger, but also looked to be like he had failed. Unlike most, he didn't just get upset at failing something, he was angry enough to fill the entire cave with the feeling sometimes. Maya padded over to him and sat down across from him, she tilted her head to the side and gave him a worried and questioning look with her dark eyes. She could tell from the scowl lightening on his face that he knew what she wanted to ask.

    Adam.jpg Adam Adam Animal Form.jpg
    Middle Man

    Sniffing the air, Adam padded quietly through the forest not far from the cave, his black fur shimmering in spots where the moonlight shone through the trees overhead. He was nervous and most likely overly cautious, especially since it would take only a couple minutes to get back to the safety of the clan's cave. Adam was being extra aware of his surroundings with the strange feeling of danger in the air. There were so few prey animals out this late at night anyhow, making it seem a little eerie in the dark, but thin forest. The leaves and twigs broke beneath his paws as he continued on. Finally, he came to a clearing where there was a cool breeze that blew by, carrying the scent of a few deer further up the river nearby.

    A large full moon shone in the sky, making his skin tingle beneath his warm black fur coat. He padded closer to the river, still sniffing the air as he moved. Adam bent down to take a drink, listening closely for anyone or anything that would move close enough to him for him to be in danger. As he finished drinking the cold river water, he stepped back and stretched, trying to relieve the tightness of his muscles. The strange quietness of the area around him made him feel a little more tense as he made his way back to the cave.

    When he reached the cave, Adam took one more look around the forest before stepping inside the warm cave. He shook his fur, still feeling the tingling sensation and headed off to his bed. The thought of sleep made his muscles ache for the warmth and comfort of sleeping peacefully. Adam stretched once more before lying down to sleep, warm within the safety of the clan's cave, he drifted into a peaceful sleep.