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Which Combat System do you prefer?

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    • Hiya!

      I'd like to say a quick hello and welcome to the massive world of Changelings. Below, you'll find a LOOOOOT of information about all sorts of things involving these fantastic supernatural creatures and what you'll get to play if you decide to join. I, as well as my co-GM, Silver, also known as Beta GM Sparkle Bunny, have put a great deal of time and effort into bringing Iwaku what we hope to be a full scale story that, while it has an ending, will never truly be over.

      We expect players to come and to go. In fact, we want to see diversity! So as long as you let us know you're going on a hiatus, we got you covered! YAY!!!

      We also want this to be massive. LOTS OF PLAYERS. Which means this is open to anyone and everyone! As long as you think you can do something with this, we say welcome. Don't let yourself be intimidated by anything posted here. If anything, the amount of writing you see is just us showing our sheer dedication and love for this world and story.

      For now, we do have limits, but if the story becomes something that needs more, we will of course change as it goes along. We hope to see many faces and make many friends. So please, enjoy! <3

      **PLEASE NOTE**

      I would like to warn all of my players ahead of time - I'm expecting my first baby later in July. Do expect some time after the baby is born that I'm not around (I'll need time to adjust to being a mom). However, I don't plan to throw out ALL RP.

      Also, keep in mind that weekends are family time for me - no ifs, ands, or buts. This means that I will very rarely be online on weekends, so any questions mentioned may not get answered until the beginning of the week. It also means that IC movement will be made during the week instead of on the weekends.​


      Added to final branch to the Light Ability.

      Added FAQ.

      Poll Extended for 2 Weeks.

      UPDATES of 5/17/2016

      Click here for the post of UPDATES!

      UPDATES of 5/6/2016

      We're officially open for sign-ups! YAY!!!


      So, in the Interest Check, the majority vote for our combat system was for the Open Dice, meaning everyone will be rolling for combat. Now that this has been decided, we just need to see how much effort everyone would like to put forth when using the different powers, etc. Below, we have three different systems to choose from. If you have an opinion on one of these and would like to vote for it, please do so in the poll at the top! I'll leave it open for two weeks.

      Possible Combat Systems

      • The Basic System: Battle is broken down into move-by-move basis (one move per post), an attack counting as a move. Each attack requires a roll of a d20, whereas a 20 is a guaranteed hit and a 1 is a possible chance to hit yourself or someone near you. Power bonuses will be divided up and given according to what stage the Changeling has. For example, Stage 3 Bite/Scratch would give an automatic 15, no matter what is rolled. Each enemy will have the required roll placed in the GM post written. Damage is default, and the number of hits required is given in GM post.
        • Example of GM post: Enemy Name - Required Roll to Hit - Required Hits to be Defeated [Risen Shambler - Required Roll of 10 to Hit - 5 Hits to Defeat]
      • The Intermediate System: Battle is broken down into a scene-by-scene basis, where each post can have up to three moves at a time. Each attack still requires a roll of a d20, where as a 20 is a critical hit (bonus damage) and a 1 is damage to self or someone very near the character. Power bonuses are still given, but are not as powerful a difference (example, Stage 3 Bite/Scratch only counts for an automatic of 8 out of 20). Enemy required roll to be hit is still in the GM post, but instead of a required number of hits, there is a required damage amount. If the player rolls a hit, they are then to roll a d6 for damage (some powers give bonus damage such as Bite/Scratch), the number of which is taken from the set HP of the enemy in the next GM post. Once the enemy reaches 0 Health, that enemy is defeated.
        • Example of GM post: Enemy Name - Required RtH - Given HP [Risen Shambler - Required Roll of 10 to Hit - 50 HP]
      • The Advanced System: Battle remains at scene-by-scene basis - three moves per post. This system is much like the Intermediate system, save for a few added bonuses such as Initiative (rolling a d10 before the battle actually starts to see who moves fastest) with bonuses such as Sight, Speed, and Ghostly now playing into effect in the battle rolls. Each power will be assigned a certain damage die for more or less damage depending on what it’s used against (Example, Fire would have an advantage to a Risen Shambler, and thus would use a d10 instead of standard d6 to damage). If desired, strengths could be used as perks in battle to give another edge. This system is by far the most complicated, but it is also the system that will use the powers more for what they are made to do than just for show. GM posts will look the same as Intermediate system with possible add-ons to enemy bonuses (such as powers, strengths, and weaknesses)

    • First & Foremost

      General Role Play & Character Development
      Character Creation

      Please be sure to fill out each character sheet to the very best of your ability – biographies/histories for characters that are not Alphas & Leaders only need a few (three minimum) major points, but Alphas & Leaders require a full biography. Characters who are original lycanthropes or first generation Changelings will also need a full biography. Changelings are the only current playable characters for this story, so please do not ask to play a vampire, human, or anything else. All Changelings are within a specific clan (clan swaps are allowed), and thus there are no rogues. So don’t try making one.

      While we do not have an age limit for maximum age due to the immortality of Changelings, I do have a minimum age requirement of 18. Please note that any Changeling below the age of 25 has not yet gone through the Change and is thus automatically Clan’s Share and no other rank. This also means that they have not yet received their Changeling immortality.

      Upon completion of the sheet, please PM it to both myself and the other GM, whereupon we will review it and give you anything we may wish to have changed, etc. Those who are creating original lycanthropes, Alphas, & Leaders, expect a little bit of nitpickiness. We want to stress to you that these kinds of characters require a great deal more dedication, and the best way to prove your dedication is by working with us for a thorough character sheet.

      As a reminder, do remember that the key aspect to anything in a good RP is BALANCE, which is absolutely essential to any character developed. Be very thorough in your characters’ powers, strengths, and weaknesses.
      Posting Expectations

      I’d like to consider this role play to be Intermediate, meaning there are some things that I want to see in every post made. This includes a posting minimum of two small paragraphs (roughly 15 sentences) with good grammar (know the difference between your and you’re, to, two, and too, there and their, etc.), and the understanding that in order for others to react, they must know your character is speaking or doing something with theirs. Make it clear who your character is talking to. This rule is a little lenient, as I know we all have different posting styles, and some of us may not be the best at grammar and punctuation. Just make an effort, please. <3

      You may post in first or third person point of view and past or present tense, but do remember that not everyone has the same writing style as you do. Write how you feel most comfortable. I’m not going to force you to conform here. Some even prefer to write in first person while in human form and in third person while in beast form. Would be a fun little experiment, yes?

      That said, I require an image of the character – along with the character’s name – heading that post so that everyone knows which character they’re reading for at all times. If you want a nifty banner, you can always visit my shop or ask a friend to make you one.

      Also, if you wish to refer to a particular character using "you," please put the name of the character you are replying to at the top of your post. And while color coding is preferred when putting out dialogue in your posts, it is not required.


      If you are going to be offline for some time (whether due to RT issues or writer’s block, etc.), please let us know so we can have your character go off on some sort of scouting mission, etc. If you randomly disappear for longer than three weeks, your character will automatically be removed from the role play, and any interactions will be broken. If you decide to rejoin with the same character only to disappear again, that character will be killed upon the second long, uninformed hiatus.

      The story will be moved along in some form or fashion with a GM post every to every other week (Schedule to be given upon the introduction of the IC) that will continue everyone, including characters who have not been posted for, so that those who are more active do not get bored. This means that if you do not post before the GM post, your will have to play catch up. If you were doing any sort of training in order to gain points towards your character powers, that training will not be counted upon sudden inactivity.​


      I am one of those GMs that does not deal with anyone godmodding or powerplaying other player characters. For this reason, Beta GM Sparkle Bunny and I have established a point system for powers so that you don’t go hog wild with them. It is also the reason for a basic dice combat system. However, even through these means, I have seen players not utilize the weaknesses provided in their character sheets. You as players are expected to play to both your character’s strengths AND weaknesses at all times.

      If I see any form of godmodding or powerplaying, you will receive a warning. This is only for the first offense. Any other offense will result in the untimely death of your character…period.

      OOC Responsibility

      I want us all to become friends, which is why I opened the OOC to chatting and the like. There, I would greatly love to see my lovely players chatting. It could be about the role play, or about nothing in general. All I ask is that you are respectful to each other and to myself and my co-GM.

      I also ask not to mention any sensitive topics in the OOC, such as politics and religion. I’d like to keep everyone happy with each other, if at all possible. ^^ You are not obligated to speak, however. Just be sure that if you plan to disappear for a few days or more to let us know in the OOC, and watch out for any of my updates, the dates of which will be posted just below the main image of the first post. Most importantly, if you have ANY questions, always feel free to ask me!​

    • Frequently Asked Questions

      Q: What dates do I need to know if I plan to create a lycanthrope or original Changeling?
      A: 2016 – The beginning of Ragnarok, when a single lycanthrope escaped from the Vatican breeding and research facility, Europe is thrust into all-out war the likes of which they’ve never seen before.
      2019 – Ragnarok spreads across the globe, and now North America finally gets a taste of what Europe has been dealing with for the past two years, since the very end of 2016.
      2042 – Exactly 26 years after the very beginning of Ragnarok in Europe, the vampires launch their first nuclear attack – on North America. Upon the falling of the bombs, all lycanthropes drop and begin the Change while humans within the vicinity of animals (be they pets or wild) merge for the first time.

      Q: What does Mowkie mean when she says “submissive” and “cower?”
      A: In reference to Changelings, submissive means the direct opposite of dominant. A submissive Changeling has little to no desire to dominate and rule over other Changelings, thus giving a much more calming effect to the more dominant predators and keeping them from losing themselves to base instincts. In order to show submission, a Changeling will often “cower.” This simply means tucking the tail, showing the belly, averting the eyes, etc. It does not make your Changeling a coward. It simply shows the dominant Changelings that you do not wish to challenge their authority.

      Q: Exactly how important are submissive Changelings?
      A: Extremely. Particularly in the case of predatory Changelings, the absolute need to dominate over other Changelings can drive any dominant to insanity and straight up violence. Were it not for submissive Changelings, predators would go on killing sprees with no one to stop them without their death. Were it not for submissive Changelings, the prey clans probably wouldn’t exist – or, at least, their numbers would dwindle a bit. There would be no order within a clan, only chaos. Submissive Changelings are rare, but revered, all because of their importance to the balance of the dominant Changelings. Because of this, they are protected heavily by their clan – especially the Omegas. Mess with an Alpha’s Omega, and be ready to get torn apart by that Alpha.

      Q: How does a Changeling work?
      A: Changelings, much like lycanthropes, are two souls embedded into a single body, granting that body the ability to shift and change shape with nothing more than a single thought. Having the soul of an animal inside the mind of the human makes things much less complicated in the thinking process when it comes to interacting with other Changelings. There is more animalistic instinct there, meaning things of the human mind may not necessarily play in key factors.

      Q: What about family? Can a large family influence things like rank within the clan?
      A: The Changeling rank system is divided based on the ability of the Changeling – a Changeling cannot be given rank according to its family members. Families have no sway or influence in the clan, as all clan members are considered family. There is no division between families, even if their last names are different. If one is a part of the clan, they are family. Period.

      Q: What keeps predator Changelings from eating prey Changelings?
      A: What tends to keep predator Changelings from fighting and eating prey Changelings is the knowledge and understanding of both halves that what they smell is another Changeling, thus why there is no hunting by the predator clans of the prey clans.

      Q: Do Changelings get to choose whether or not they are immortal?
      A: No. Upon surviving the Change, all Changelings are automatically granted immortality from time. This means they do not age. However, they can still be killed – rip them to shreds or simply tear their heads off, and they won’t survive (even with a healer right there)…some may have even decided to commit suicide by spending a day out of the protection of homes on All Spirit’s Day.

      Q: If ranks have specific numbers, does this mean that when that clan reaches the limit that others are stuck in Clan’s Share?
      A: No. The numbers that I had written are a rough estimate of the overall total and can grow with each new generation of Changelings. A Changeling who is given enough power to become Beta will become so as long as the Alpha trusts them. A Changeling given the power to become Defender or Guardian will become so regardless of how many others there are within the clan at that time.

      Q: Can Changelings lose limbs permanently? Or are those regenerated as well?
      A: A Changelings can certainly lose a limb if a healer is not present within moments of the limb being lost. Healers can enhance the regenerative process and begin the regrowing of the lost limb if they are there in time (we’ll say within ten minutes), but if not, the limb is lost permanently.

      Q: Does something like the loss of a limb remove a Changeling from their rank if they are Guardian or Beta?
      A: No. A Guardian is a Guardian, and a Beta is a Beta. Losing a limb does not change this. Any serious injury, really, does not change this. The only thing that can change a Changeling’s rank is the decision of an Alpha (or, if the Changeling is Guardian/Defender, the leader of that group) or the decision of the Changeling in question. A Changeling can choose to remove themselves from the rank and go into the Clan’s Share to help with more mediocre tasks, but nine times out of ten, that is solely the decision of that Changeling. Rarely will a Changeling be forced to leave their rank.

      Q: How old can lycanthropes grow to be?
      A: A lycanthrope ages half as fast as a human, meaning they don’t die until between 180 and 200 years. A Changeling who is around 100 years old may only look to be in their late forties to early fifties, while a Changeling who is around fifty years old may only appear in their mid-twenties. This is why face claims work so well with old Changelings.

      Q: What's the difference between original Changelings and original lycanthropes?
      A: An original Changeling was human upon the dropping of the bombs. Having been near an animal, they began the Change that made them Changeling. For most, the aging process stopped right then and there, but some aged to a proper limit before they stopped. As for lycanthropes, they already had a beast within them, and instead of merging with a fresh animal, their bodies Changed to accept the two souls properly. On the ever-rare occasion, there was a hybrid – a lycanthrope near another animal at the time of the bombs dropping, where during the Change, they accepted a third soul and shape.

      Q: Are the powers in that list Changeling only? Or did lycanthropes also have them?
      A: The powers Silver and I have written for you are Changeling only. Lycanthropes had their own sets of powers that were much more beast-related and less fantastic (more basic and supernatural)…upon making the Change, all lycanthropes lost those base sets of abilities and gained new ones to replace them. Thus the Power list. ^^

    • TO COME

    • In the year 2138, almost a century since the modern world came to an end, the world is seemingly ruled by no one. Vampires, who accidentally created a new species known as Changeling - humans with the supernatural ability to shift into animals - lurk in the shadows, awaiting the opportunity to strike. A virus has stirred from the depths of South America, washing over what humans it can kill and turning them into creatures of death and destruction. It has finally breached the borders of the Changelings of North America, sounding the alert for everyone to find out the root of this evil and destroy it. Tension grows thick between the three races, and war threatens everyone. Who will pull through this time? And what will become of the newest race of the world?​

    • WARNING Religious satire VERY present here. WARNING
      *If you do not wish to see the use of Christianity/Catholicism or Jewish Myths used in Supernatural context, this is NOT the thread for you. Do not post your complaints if you do deign to read what is posted.*
      While The Holy Bible does not account for the name of the soldier who pressed his spear into the chest of Christ upon his death on the cross, many have deemed him a saint. A man who converted to Christianity upon being showered in the blood of God’s only begotten son, curing his one blind eye and proving that Christ was who he claimed to be. There are festivals for this man. And his spear, now known as the Spear of Destiny, among other names, is said to be one of the most holy relics in history. Historians called this Roman soldier Longinus. Some of the more religious call him Saint Longinus.

      There are all sorts of controversy around this name and around the story that goes along with it.

      Yet…perhaps there is some…truth to it.

      But first…let’s go a little farther back. Back into the time of the serpent who spoke to Eve, convincing her to eat the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. A time not long after the creation of Earth. It is said in the same religion that reveres the man who stabbed the body of their most Holy God’s child as a saint that this serpent was the epitome of evil. Lucifer, the first angel of God, fallen from Heaven and cursed to become what is now known as the devil is said to be evil. The body of sin, against all that is Holy and right. But was he really so evil?

      That serpent, who knew that his Father did not want anyone to eat the fruit, was curious as to why. Just as any other creature. Only, this serpent was smart. And the humans – the man and woman, blessed by God – were not intelligent. Because they had not eaten the fruit. So, he spoke to the female…the lady, Eve, born of clay and the rib of Adam as he was of water and his Father’s holy light. He convinced her to try it. Because he wished to see her potential. And so she ate that fruit. And then, her mate did so as well. Then, intelligence reigned, and he saw them bloom into the beautiful creatures that his holy Father could not see them for. In return, the serpent was cursed, and so were God’s other “holy” children.

      There is another history written. One besides The Holy Bible that speaks of God and the Serpent. Only, their tale is entirely the opposite. That the Serpent was Holy, and God was only the creator. It was the Serpent, known as Leviathan, that truly blessed the holy creations of Earth. In this history, the serpent, cursed to be eaten by the children of Adam and Eve, came back to the pair before the birth of their first child with a proposition.

      “If you desire,” the Leviathan said, “I can grant your children a gift that will take away the curse of the Behemoth. But I cannot grant you anything but the knowledge that they will live long, lively, and fruitful lives outside of the hatred and angst placed upon you.”

      Eve spit upon the serpent, angry and full of despair that what she had known to be all that was good with the world had turned his back on her. Adam, however, pleaded with the knowledgeable creature to lift his children of the curse in any way that he could.

      And so, it became so for half of their children. Half would take up the gifts of the Leviathan, who blessed them with the souls of animals born of the waters, earth, and skies. For the other half, the children of Eve, they would remain cursed in their human forms in the image of God, known to the children of the serpent as Behemoth.

      For centuries – millennia, even – the children of the serpent did not have a name. Blending easily into the population of humans, they were never noticed and faded into nothing more than legend. However, once every month, a group within each village, town, and even city, would come together to take the shape of their blessed beast and hunt together beneath the light of the full moon – said to be the most holy night of their mighty Leviathan, who has once more brought light into the darkness that God had left on the earth. Unlike the cursed humans, who bore children painfully and were cursed to feel shame for their nude bodies, those of the Leviathan only felt vulnerable when taking their animal forms. Their bodies would have to bear a great deal of bone-splitting pain before their full shape was achieved.

      And for millennia, this was what became of the children of Leviathan.


      As the children celebrated their mighty promise-keeper, the Behemoth seemed to disappear from the minds of the humans for millennia. His holy light drifted out to become the thoughts of many gods or ancestors. Some of the humans did not even have religion, instead letting themselves suffer through their curse with no knowledge of how it had come to be. Even today, many are lost without the knowing of how they once were or would become. And while the children did not have a name, the humans journeyed to other fancies, forgetting all about their history.

      Then, upon the legend of a man by the name of Lycaon, born to become king of Arcadia, a province of ancient Greece, the children of Leviathan finally came to light. While the humans remember the story as a curse of one of their many gods, Zeus, after the king tried to feed Zues the flesh of his own son, the children knew different. They knew that he was born of a human and one of the children of Leviathan, and only after his sadistic nature took hold did he make his first change. But it was monstrous, half man and half wolf, unable to take full form. They knew that Lycaon died after his first transformation, but the humans carried his story into legend and myth, and the children who could take the shape of animals became known as Lycanthropes.

      With their secret out, the children became very wary of humans, fearing their secrets to be the death of them. Humans hated all that had to do with the serpent, and so the children had no choice but to keep completely to themselves or risk being hunted down and killed. Though harder to kill than humans, built with the endurance of their serpent god, they were by no means immortal. And upon being granted the name, Lycanthrope, they were sought after at every turn.

      But the hatred and misguidance of the humans was not all that would wish to harm the children. For upon the day that Christ died upon the cross, another creature was born by the hatred and dismay of the Behemoth God.

      So, we bring the story full circle now, back to the Saint, Longinus. The Romans were considered quite bloodthirsty by many others around them, and the crucifixion of Christ only further pressed this matter. It was due to their bloodthirsty nature that the newest race was born.

      As Longinus pierced Christ’s side, it is said that the blood sprayed across the Roman soldier’s face, curing his blind eye and making him a believer. This was supposedly the birth of Catholicism. But, as usual, humans are very short-sighted creatures. The children knew what the blood of Christ really did to Longinus at that moment, for his body turned pale, and his eyes turned red. They witnessed his canines sharpen and lengthen slightly and watched as the man became a monster.

      For the longest time, he was known as Bibere Sanguinem, or Blood Drinker. He would go out into the darkness of night and drink from the veins of humans. Not long after he began to learn of his newfound abilities did he come to realize that he did not have to be alone in the night, for God had cast him out of the sun forever. Upon feeding a human his blood after draining them of half their own, Longinus learned that more of his kind could be made to hunt in the night.

      To keep their curse a secret, these new creatures created what simply became known as the Roman Catholic Church, using humans as cover. Over years and even centuries, they built a mighty fortress and a system that allowed them to come across as normal to the humans. This system became known as the Vatican. Through the Vatican, they continued to spread the greatness of God and Christ, but in secret they used their power to gain even more. Their thirst was not sated by only blood, as they were greedy creatures by nature. And because humans were seemingly ruled by their religious faiths, they were able to twist even full governments to conform to their ways and do their bidding. They had their hands in everything.

      The children knew better, though. They knew that the Vatican spouted lies so that they could be granted a higher seat on the totem pole. And this knowledge blessed the children with the foresight to what came next. Lycanthrope Hunters.

      Upon tasting their first bits of lycanthrope blood, the creatures became completely infatuated. For some, it drove them mad with thirst, while for others, it heightened all of their basic senses, essentially making them even more powerful. For the greatest of these monsters, however, lycanthrope blood would bless them with the ability to walk in the day. It was during this realization that the term, vampire, came to be. Those who were too weak to handle the power of lycanthrope blood were buried by others of their kind in hopes that they would remain beneath the ground, keeping the secret of the monsters safe. This, however, backfired as fear spread through the spirits of the unruly humans, and like lycanthropes, vampires suddenly appeared on the map. Many lycanthropes - particularly those who could turn into bats - took advantage of this and made vampires out to be more horrible than any other monster that went bump in the night.

      A few humans with minds capable of understanding more than basic faith began to question the Vatican, then. They used their knowledge of the known world to come to a better understanding of faith. They were scientists, who did not believe in God or any derivative of Him. A secret organization of humans was born, known simply as the Illuminati.

      In secret, they knew all about vampires and lycanthropes, uncaring of the faith behind such creatures. They wanted to expose them for monsters, believing all that was not human was wrong with the world. The lycanthropes tried to reason with these minds. But before they could reach a goal, the Vatican seemingly wiped them out. They wrapped the name, Illuminati, with controversy and lies, making it very hard to understand what these men were about. But the lycanthropes knew something the Vatican did not. They knew that the Illuminati still survived. In fact, the organization thrived completely underground. And lycanthrope hunters, which had originally been nothing more than those hired to kill lycanthropes and drain their blood for the Vatican, were hired by humans to eradicate both. Effectively, some became vampire hunters.

      As the centuries passed, the stories of vampires and lycanthropes became nothing more than legend, and then legend became myth and fantasy. Humans became complacent, believing they knew everything about the world around them. And the vampires used this to their advantage, using their power to rise in the ranks, their spider webs wrapping through entire governments and societies. By contrast, the lycanthropes took on packs and controlled their cities well enough to keep their secrets safe. They stuck together like massive families, typically keeping to whatever animal they were - whether it be wolf, cat, or even bird of prey. After all, in large numbers, they were harder to take out.


      The hatred between vampires and lycanthropes never once ceased. Rumors began to spread through the packs that the Vatican had been collecting lycanthropes from all around the world - the more powerful, the better. These lycanthropes would disappear without a trace, never to be seen again. Packs and even entire cities were thrown into chaos from the loss of packmates. As years passed, and more and more lycanthropes went missing, war brewed all across the world. The Middle East rose up against their governments and slammed against what was known as the “free world.” This part of the world retaliated, and lives were lost over decades of constant fighting.

      Most of this death was human at first, as the packs were under their own heat. They had their own wars in the background. Whether or not it was the fighting of the packs that caused the humans to fight could not truly be determined. But all seemed to be lost as the disarray only seemed to get worse.

      It is now the year, 2016 CE. A human threat known as ISIS has threatened the unsteady peace in the world. Almost every lycanthrope pack across the planet has suffered at least one loss. Alphas, Betas, and even some Omegas have disappeared. There is fighting within and between packs. All the while, the Vatican have brought forth a Pope that makes them look better than ever, shielding their inner desires with a quest for world peace.

      Beneath the stony front of Vatican City in the center of Rome, Italy, the missing lycanthropes have been held as breeding stock for future generations in hopes of having a long-lasting blood supply to forever make the vampires the most powerful creatures on the planet. But this is not the only thing they have planned for the world. Ever since the creation of the first nuclear warhead, a project fueled by the power and fortune of the vampires of North America, they have been brewing a particularly special warhead that would leave the humans with a clean slate, effectively killing any and all lycanthropes that are not “owned” by them. In the last year, this serum, to be placed at the very tip of the warhead so that it would spread and become airborne, has finally been perfected. Missiles have been mass produced - enough to wipe out the entire world population of lycanthropes, leaving many humans (particularly those outside of the initial blast radiuses) unharmed and with an empty world to rebuild upon. This would, effectively, make them the most powerful creatures on the planet - the only symbol of the past left to give the humans hope.

      The lycanthropes, however, were not as stupid as the vampires believed them to be. The serum that was to be placed on these warheads was perfected in rooms just down the hall from the bulk of the “breeding stock,” and vampires in their hubris believed that none could escape their chains. After a time of thought and effort, a few managed to get out and modify the serum. While the blast of the bomb would still demolish a great deal of the planet, the serum would do something entirely different. As this was perfected, a single lycanthrope escaped from the walls of Vatican City.

      And on Christmas Day at the end of 2016, as a single jaguar named Nicolao escaped his prison of fifteen years. Upon his escape, the war finally escalates into the ultimate world war.

      This war would come to be known as Ragnarok. The End of the World.

      The lights of human minds came to rest upon the legends and myths and stories of vampires and lycanthropes. In their fear, they fought at every corner. Lycanthropes rose up against the vampires of their cities and territories and killed whatever and whoever stood in their way. Vampires, shocked that their foes had so much power, retreated for a time before releasing their power full force. Kidnapping and enslaving people of all races and using them against their families, friends, and packmates. The borders of countries began to fall away until there was nothing left but the three races.

      Later on, the letters and journal entries written by various men and women of human and lycanthrope origin would be put into a single book - a memoir of sorts to be remembered by the humans left. Below are some early entries.

      Excerpts from The Many Letters of War, published February 19th, 2136

      January 10 (open)

      January 10, 2017 -

      My sweet has been far too long since I last wrote you. For that, I apologize. I'm sure by now, you watch the door awaiting the arrival of an officer to tell you I'm dead. But don't you worry. Not yet. It takes a lot more than war to kill this old boy. How's Ava? I can't wait to see her again...she must be so big by now!

      I don't have much time to write you...I'm so sorry for being gone as long as I have. But I'm due to come home in a week. I'll see you soon, my darling. I promise, no matter where or how, I will see you soon.

      Love always,

      January 25 (open)

      January 25, 2017 -

      Oh, Lilian...What am I going to do now? How will I ever see you again? There is so much to say, and not enough time to write it all down. But there is one thing you must know. Believe it, too. I am writing to you this time to warn you...and everyone else that you can tell...there is such a thing as lycanthropes and vampires. They're here. They're out. And they're waging war...a war that no man could even begin to believe. It's insane seeing them. I don't know how much longer we can hold them off...there's so many of them. We never knew it. We never believed it.

      Europe has always been under the control of vampires...and now, we know. We know there's also lycanthropes...there’s one clan called Loup Garou, whatever they are...and they're fighting the vampires. They all are! But there's more, much more. There's not just wolves. There's so many different types! Tigers, lions, bears, foxes...but all of them seem to be controlled by the Full Moon. But they are intelligent, even as the shape of their animals. It’s so strange, I don't even know where to begin!

      There's a group of priests...they seem to be fighting against the lycanthropes. They look like Catholics, but I'm starting to get the feeling that they're also vampires.

      You were right all along, my Lilian. I should have never joined the Army. I should have never gone to war. It's all my fault. But I will see you some day. For your sake, I hope it is a while from now. Keep Ava safe, and give her a kiss. Let her know that her father stood proud and strong in his final days to protect humankind. Let her know that her father loves her as much as he loved her mother. I will never forget you. And hopefully...I'll see you in Heaven. I love you so much, Lilian.

      Love always,

      April 12 (open)

      April 12, 2017 -
      There is no way I can get out of this alive. Already, I'm trapped with a broken leg, a gunshot in the shoulder, and a migraine that would kill the devil. I'd be surprised if I didn't make it to the end of this paper before dying. The Vatican, as they call themselves, have me captive. They plan to drain me before I lose any more of my blood...and I'm bleeding pretty heavily.

      America...she's a goner. There's no way she'll survive the war...not even with all of the hearty soldiers we have on home turf. They're too strong. Not only have the vampires come across the seas....but those damned lycanthropes, too. They all showed themselves. So many of them. And they're all waging war against the vampires. Right now, it's just one pack - as they call it - over here...but soon...other packs will come. No longer is this just Europe and Asia...The whole world has been pulled into this mess. World War III. They call it Ragnarok. It's a fucking apocalypse. And America only has months...perhaps even weeks...before she falls like all the others…

      They're coming. It's the end of the line. I'll see you soon, my sweet darling girl. I'm coming home at last. I love you both.


      --Diary Excerpt from The Many Letters of War

      April 21, 2019 -

      Easter Sunday almost three years after war began in Europe, it managed to sweep across the entire globe. But human war was minuscule compared to the war that would finally rage in the United States. The Vatican lead the charge of vampires towards the heart of all lycanthropes, the largest population contained within North America. The battles were bloody, and humans suffer greatly. If they were not bitten and Changed into either a vampire or lycanthrope, they were brutally murdered - torn apart and possibly even fed on by one of the two sides. Everything became known by even the non-believers that day, and in the years to come, Christmas would become known as All Spirit's Day - the day in which the dead would rise again.

      For reasons not even the Vatican or any lycanthrope pack could explain, humans began to rise from Death, turned into mindless creatures hungering for the flesh that had been torn from them...thirsting for the blood of their murderers. They were lethal creatures, and suddenly, everything began to switch into a battle for survival, for they were more powerful than anything - even the Vatican.

      Ragnarok still would not end for many, many years later...

      Christmas (open)

      December 25th, 2042 -

      Fucking Christmas...a holiday everyone should that my mother would teach me about every year. Every year, though we moved from refugee camp to refugee camp, we celebrated Christmas while everyone just moped around and went on about the Hellish ways of the world.

      I wasn't even three when this apocalypse came to the States. And now...damnit it's been so long. She died when I was only twelve. Now, so long after...I'm one of the last humans to still live on this sodden soil. I'm one of the last humans to fight for my freedom...for my life.

      So, maybe...if I write this all down...maybe it'll be recorded in history. Or maybe, it'll just disappear like the lives of my brethren...who knows? But, for shits and giggles, I might as well try.

      Hello, my name is Ava Trope. I am 22 years old, and one of the last women to be on American of the last American soldiers. I am the daughter of Lilian and Shane Trope. My father was one of the first Americans to see the wrath of the supernatural. He was one of the first to die by its hand. And he is one of the first to let his legacy live on through humans. I will live through this. And I will be known throughout the years as one of the last humans to fight for life.

      I leave this here in hopes that my legacy will live through that of others like me.

      Survivors...refugees. Humans. All of you, I call....we must always fight for our rights. Our freedom. And you will hear later on through our years about a young woman that took out the supernaturals. No more vampires. No more lycanthropes. No more war!

      But one last attack is planned for North America...and it is to end tonight. Something...something to take out the lycanthropes...the zombies...To clear everything but nature, itself. I have a feeling this will end badly, so the best thing to do right now is flee. I head to South America. I will not say where or why...but always know, my fellow Americans...that there will be life there. Always. That is where we wage war.


      --Excerpt from The Many Letters of War


      On a cold, gray Christmas night in the year 2042, the Vatican finally gave the order to launch their nuclear attack. Across the globe, Aristocrats - vampires highest in command next to the Vatican - launched nuclear missiles: five from Russia, seven from China, and four from South Africa. With their seemingly perfect serum placed at the tips of each warhead, the day after All Spirit’s Day would effectively end everything that had come to be known would change forever.

      First, the initial blasts would wipe out thousands - millions - of people within the three races. Buildings would crumble to the ground, and the very atmosphere of the planet seemed to shift. Within hours of these blasts, Nature took hold of the world, massive trees growing up from beneath concrete and asphalt. The radioactive nuclear material bonded with plants, making many of them bioluminescent and somewhat toxic to humans. The closer to a blast zone one got, the more plants glowed. Even deserts were taken over, plant life reaching up from the sands to grant more water and shade. Rivers grew, and ocean levels rose, if only slightly. Mountains were barely seen within the thicket of forests. And the rise of humans was washed away to become a distant memory across the world. Only the structures maintained by the vampires remained standing, hidden beneath specially-designed force fields.

      The animals that had survived the wars - from zoos and in the wild - grew and became something new. Those who were close to humans at the time of the serum taking hold morphed and changed, the soul and physiology contained within the core of the human much like the lycanthrope. At the same time, lycanthropes who survived the blasts underwent a shift like no other. Those who survived this Change, as it would come to be called, became a single species that would call themselves not lycanthropes but Changelings. Creatures who were both human and animal with powers beyond belief.

      Lycanthropes, as they were known, became extinct. What humans that were left banded together and fought the elements to survive. Many went back to their more primitive roots. Others salvaged whatever technology they could in hopes of someday rising up against the vampires. The largest of these human clans would take hold of South America, where in secret they would begin to work on their plans for the future. The Illuminati finally rose again, with 13 head families and a leader named Ava Trope, who married a man named Gabriel Cox.

      In North America, from the tip of Panama to the Arctic Circle, the largest of the Changeling civilization banded together to create a new society. Breaking off into clans, each with their own unique talents to provide to the greater good of their people, they took over almost all of North America, save only a section where Washington, D.C. used to be, which remained beneath the control of the vampires. At their heart was what came to be known as the Chroi Chang, the most powerful Changeling alive.

      This new species was not controlled by the phases of the moon. Their shifts were painless and as effortless as a single thought. Truly supernatural powers were granted to them. And they became a force that was truly not to be reckoned with.

      The dead that had risen on All Spirit’s Day still remained, but they were slower...more docile. All across the world, they have wandered aimlessly, able to survive with nothing. Simply there. As though waiting for something.


      Nearly a century has passed…

      Since Ragnarok ended in a fiery blaze, the Changeling society has risen to great heights. All know the law and follow it willingly. The humans of the world have been quiet, as have the Vatican and all lesser vampires. But peace can only last for so long.

      Something disturbing has begun to rise from the shadows of the trees. A virus has begun in South America, able to take over anything that lives and breathes as well as the aimless walkers that shuffle about. This virus has, so far, been able to kill the host before making it rise - just like the creatures already dead - but make them faster, stronger, and hungrier. The humans have had to fight this disease, but an immunity has slowly come to light for them. Whatever this immunity is, however, they have not gathered information over.

      And it has finally begun to spread into the bodies of Changelings.

      Deaths have occurred in Panama. The Jungle Cats have signaled their alert, and the Chroi Chang has called all clans to the capital to discuss their next move. It is here that our story begins.

    • [​IMG]
      Quickly after what the Vatican believed was the destruction of the lycanthropes, nature seemed to grow completely out of control. In a single night, every city that had once claimed the land of America was torn to pieces by all sorts of plant life or covered with mounds of sand and stone. Trees the size of skyscrapers completely skewered anything that even had a chance to be called the ruins of buildings. Nothing was left, everything covered with nature's raw beauty.

      A single tree that became what is known as Chroí - or Heart - grew over the little town of Sterling, Colorado, its branches stretching outward so far that trunks stretched towards the ground, creating a single forest that stretched out with a radius of nearly 200 miles. This forest would later become known as the Anam na Foraoise, the Soul of the Forest.

      From that single forest, many more grew, stretching around the deserts and reaching high into the mountains, shifting according to their climate - from deciduous to coniferous, palms, pines, and redwoods. Over the expanse of a single month, all of North America would be covered. And any human left within the grasp of Nature would surely perish and become simple fertilizer for the trees and exotic plants that suddenly grew. The continent became something new. Something strange...much like a human would have seen on the movie, Avatar. The trees were normal, yes. Large trunks that were thick enough to become mansions. A single trunk almost appeared to be two or three trees wrapping around each other in a coil. Some trees appeared to be standing on their roots, like mangroves, the bottoms completely risen from the ground. Roots would stretch for miles, rising like dozens of snaking hills from the surface of the ground. The plant life that was not of the trees almost seemed to glow, as if the radioactive components of the bombs launched seeped within the greenery. But this only happened when the sun was not shining through the leaves of the high canopies above.

      Only two things not already natural survived the growth of Nature…

      Changelings (open)

      Nature was only a factor in the insane problem that the Vatican created. The lycanthrope breeding stock saved their brethren...they brought salvation and hope to the world...even if that hope wasn't realized yet.

      When the bombs blasted the soils of the world, every lycanthrope that did not immediately die from the blasts gained the effects. Instead of being completely wiped out, their bodies seemed to change, completely. Not only their bodies...their entire situation...their lives. They could feel the new power wash over them, and before realizing it, every lycanthrope changed into their animal form if they were not already in that form. This change lasted three excruciating days, as though they had to completely shed all that was their old selves. For those that survived, everything was new and different. No longer was the change painful. No longer did it take a few moments of breaking, crushing bones or cries of pain. It was a simple mind over matter experience. At first human, then animal. Simple as that.

      The beast did not claw at their bellies any longer. They did not feel the cage holding it in. Instead, every lycanthrope made a sort of Pact with their beast. Whether that beast be Wolf, Cat, Serpent, Bird, or even Rat...they became a part of the person. Two personalities. Separate...yet together. Meshed as one. The human finally had control in the animal form. The animal instinct with the human intelligence. A creature unlike any other.

      They became Changelings. One with the beast forever.

      Yet there was more. So much more. Any human that had yet to flee...anyone near an animal that was not underwater...they all became a new race of Changelings. Cats, dogs, mice, birds....anything that was not a fish became a Changeling. Why? No one can really explain it. Some died within the process of the spiritual bond known as the Pact. Unable to bear their first change, both human and animal died. However, many more lived. Even creatures such as sea lions became Changelings.

      Lost and alone, the Changelings wandered aimlessly with not a thought on how to bring order to their world. The lycanthropes were now their lives to bring about the Changelings. But one clan...the Atlanta Tiger clan...would take up the seat of order. Dragon, Chang of the Atlanta Tigers, called for the Changelings across the world, traveling towards the Foraoise an Chroí, where her beast pushed her. Upon entering the heart of the forest, she was granted the power to call to all Changelings.

      From all over North America, Changelings came to the Anam na Foraoise, where Dragon would establish leadership and peace. It was she who began the century of tranquility. It was she who sorted Changelings into packs/clans/troupes, etc. according to the animal the person became. She gave each of the groups the right to choose their leader in any way they wished. And it is she who is Chang over not only the Tigers...but also the Changelings as a whole...the Chroi Chang.

      As the month that became known as Nature's Graced - that in which Nature took over North America - progressed, the clans of Changelings established their territories. And for nearly a century, there has been nothing but peace.

      The Risen (open)

      The monsters that had been known to have the power to tear apart even the oldest of vampires that dared show his face also changed upon the landings of the bombs. No longer did they seem to have the power they had before. As if the ghosts that had controlled the bodies left to go to the next world, the bodies were left wandering, shambling creatures without thoughts, dreams, or basic needs. Though still hungering for flesh, no matter what the flesh is of, they do not truly require it. They have become easy to take down, simply a creature of Nature out in the shadows.

      Every now and then, you may see a glimpse of the old creatures from Ragnarok...and there have been Changelings lost to them over the last century...but as long as those that hunt do so in large numbers, they are no true threat.

      But every year, on April 21st, those docile creatures become the powerful monsters. Changelings have learned to hide within the thick trees or beneath the grounds provided by Mother Nature on this night, for they would not survive the horrors of the Risen...not even for a night.

      The Movement of Technology in the Last Century

      Nature has taken over all of North America, from the edges of the Arctic Circle to the tip of Panama, rushing over the human cities like a tsunami of soil and foliage. It only ever stopped in certain areas, a different sort of Nature taking refuge. Areas such as the Great Plains, the Sierra Desert, and the frozen edges at the very top. These places were enhanced much like the forest, growing into better environments than they already were, surrounded only by the massive trees of the forest. Even in the snowy areas of the North, the tall, massive trees could be found in most areas, even if they were not as closely populated.

      All technology was washed away in North America, leaving nothing for weapons or cities or factories behind. Those living within the confines of the new world had to start again. Only the Vatican withstood the onslaught, building a dome around most of Washington, D.C. that not only blocked out the growth of the forest, but also the things most dangerous to vampires, particularly the sun. Everywhere else was buried under feet and feet of new land. Ruins can only be seen of broken down skyscrapers that were crushed beneath the power of the forest, and in areas that were deserts or plains or even cold areas, they would be buried beneath flattened piles of soil, rolling hills of sand, or mountains of ice and snow. Nothing would last through the rebirth of nature. No weapons. No manufacturing. No high-tech walls or protection against the elements. All that survived - the Changelings - had to start back at square one.

      So, by the decree of Dragon, each clan would have a purpose. One thing that clan would do that was needed by all. Clothes, food, training, knowledge...everything that would be needed. And each clan used that one thing to trade for other things. Prey animals were put beneath the protection of certain predators. Lions protected meerkats...bears protected was a cycle. One that could not be broken. And for almost one hundred years, it has kept communications between clans high, fights over territory very slim, and an era of peace and prosperity plausible.

    • Most clans are divided into Predators and Prey, primarily due to how differently they are run by the two classifications. However, many clans collide in territories, and often protect each other and help one another survive as a large group. In the next couple of tabs, you can see the unique way each clan is run as well as where they can be found in the continent of North America. Not every single animal is mentioned, so if there are any questions for certain animals, feel free to ask!​

    • Clan Systems - Predators vs Prey

      Predatory Changelings - such as canines, cats, and birds of prey - are the guardians of Changeling Society. They are the dominant breeds within the communities, their very nature forcing them in a naturally higher state than others. Some are more violent than others. These clans are generally the border guardians. A prime example is the Jungle Cat clan, which resides in most of Central America. They are the border between Changelings and humans, the warning to the rest of the clans as well as the claws able to stop a threat in its tracks. Those who are in the center areas of North America are those who keep the peace between the other clans. They are the less violent predators, only showing teeth when absolutely necessary. They make sure the law is always followed.

      Within each Predator Clan, there are five ranks, total. Each one is necessary to keep the clan balanced. Losing members within a rank affects the entire clan. The ranks are as follows.

      The Alpha
      Every clan must have a leader, whether male, female, or both. Changs, or queens, are female alpha Changelings. Ulfrics, or kings, are male alphas. Most clans contain both a Chang and Ulfric, a mated pair, but this is not the case for all. Some clans will be ruled by a single male, others ruled by a single female. For the predators, the alpha is typically the most dominant, in both the animal and human respects. The titles can be modified for each clan.

      Second in Command
      A Beta is a guardian of the Alphas, and they are the second highest ranking in the clan. They must be talented, determined, and extremely loyal to their clan. They must be willing to lay down their lives for the good of the clan, but their sole duty is to protect the Alpha pair. Almost every Beta will have one very special talent that might be rare or unique. Depending on clan size, there are usually five at the most.

      The Essentials
      Guardians are some of the most essential ranks in the entire clan, and without them, most would surely perish. They are ranked just beneath Betas, and they are the protectors of the clan as a whole. They are the honorable ones, and they take death in battle before ever fleeing. They are the strongest. The bravest. And sometimes the most troublesome. They are either feared or loved by the clan, and in some cases, they are a clan within the clan. Some clans have special names for their Guardians. For example, the Tigers in the Foraoise an Chroí area call their Guardians Anatomos. Depending on the size, a clan may have up to two hundred Guardians.

      Clan’s Share
      The Clan Majority
      These are the general population of the clan. Few hold special talent or rank, but a pack would not be whole without them. They are the ones who are the jack of all trades, able to guard, dominate, and submit. The ones who do the general labor within the clan, itself. The numbers are unlimited, and with the increasing immortality rate, those numbers are steadily increasing. So far, the biggest clan known has over two thousand Clan’s Share.

      The Balance

      With such extremely dominant personalities as those portrayed by predators, there is a desperate need for something to balance the clan. The Alphas, while they can be quite friendly, are often extremely violent and if not kept in check can create fights within the clan, despite the need to keep peace. This is where the Omega comes in. Every Alpha has an Omega, a Changeling so submissive that their very nature allows them to have the special ability of calming their Alpha when they become too rowdy. Typically, one does not see the Alpha without an Omega, as they are the balance of the entire clan leadership. These Changelings are usually the closest of friends.

      There is only one exception to this rank structure, and it is found within the Jungle Cat clan mentioned above. This particular clan has a Weaver rank, the only predators known to have any sort of healers within their ranks. These healers have the unique ability to weave a particular power into their silks and linens that, over time, will heal the wearer of the clothing of almost all wounds. These special jungle cats have been given their own special rank within the clan and are heavily protected.

      Changeling Prey - such as herd animals, regular birds, insectivores, and herbivores - are the less violent structure of Changeling Society. They are the healers, the builders, the scouts, and the last defense. They are the greater bulk of the society, and while they are not as dominant, they aren’t really known to let themselves be pushed around, either. Changeling Prey are crafty, witty, and fast, and they have some abilities that the predators do not.

      Due to their different abilities as well as their very nature, their clan structures are a tiny bit different. They are as follows.

      The Leader
      Like the predator clans, the Changeling Prey must have a leader, be they male, female, or both. Unlike the predators, however, the leader of the prey clans depends on who is the most level-headed instead of the most dominant. Who is able to peaceably lead, govern the law to their people, and keep order within the entirety of the clan structure? These Changelings are often the ones who speak directly to the predator clans for their people and are very capable of caring for themselves. They are also typically the most uniquely gifted. Titles can be changed according to the clan.

      Second in Command
      A Beta is a guardian of the leader, and they are the second highest ranking in the clan. Like the leader, the Beta must be able to think with a calm and clear mind, think on their feet, and keep stability within the clan. They are also the ones who take over when the leader is out on business. They are often very talented, and their loyalty to their clan knows no bounds. Like the predator clans, there can be up to (or even more than) five Betas for the Changeling prey clans, but there is typically a leader within the Beta rank.

      The Force Field
      What makes Changeling Prey so unique and powerful in their own right is their ability to defend themselves. Unlike the Guardian rank in the predator clans, the Defenders have little to no offensive capabilities. Instead, they are defensive, able to project force fields around themselves and even possibly around others of their clan. They are the wall that keeps danger at bay.

      Changeling Doctors
      The most valuable part of all Changeling Prey clans is their healing capabilities. Because only one predator clan has any healing ability whatsoever - and it happens over a long period of time - all Changelings rely on the prey clans to provide healing to everyone else. Due to this, healers are the most respected and protected of the prey ranks. Most clans will have around ten or fifteen healers, but there are some who can have up to fifty at a time. Every prey clan has two or more Healer Leaders, one assigned to the Clan Leader, and a few assigned to the Predator Alphas of the clans surrounding them.

      Clan’s Share
      The Clan Majority
      Like the predator clan, prey clans require a majority who can do a little of everything. Few hold special talent or rank, but a clan would not be whole without them. The Clan’s Share is the true jack of trades, even within the prey clan, who have a balance of all personalities and skills. They are the ones who do the general labor within the clan, itself. The numbers are unlimited, and with the increasing immortality rate, those numbers are steadily increasing. So far, the biggest prey clan known has over five thousand Clan’s Share.​

    • [​IMG]

      Territories & Clans
      The jobs mentioned below is the standard fields that each clan handles as a whole - remember that this can be modified as unique ideas come into play. Odd jobs are still done within and around the clan that are not mentioned below, so feel free to have jobs other than what is mentioned. However, if you do decide to have your Changeling do something different from the clan standard, please be sure it at least makes a bit of sense.

      • Includes Tigers & Domestic House Cats
      • Clan Mediators & Trainers
      Mountain Cats
      • Includes Cougars, Snow Leopards, Pallas Cats & More
      • Small Prey clan including Mountain Goats & Deer protected by Mountain Cats
      • Gem Collectors & Wool Farmers
      Jungle Cats
      • Includes Jaguars, Leopards, Ocelots & More
      • Border Patrol, Tropical Flower gatherers, tattoo artists, & Weavers (clothes makers)
      Great Plains
      • Includes Lions, Hyenas, Herd Animals & More
      • Herd Animals provide various basic resources such as wool
      • Lions & Hyenas Spin wool & provide hunted meats
      • Herd Animals keep animals to provide standard wool & things like milk - Also grow Grains
      • Some Herd Animals also provide deliveries for a part of the goods they are delivering.
      • Includes Wolves, Foxes, Dogs & More
      • Leather Workers & Hunted Meats Provider
      Small Rodents
      • Includes Rabbits, Weasels, Squirrels & More
      • Ground crop growers & gatherers
      Large Rodents
      • Includes Badgers, Beavers, Groundhogs & More
      • Wood Workers, Diggers, & Miners
      • Includes Snakes, Lizards, & Turtles
      • Egg Collectors & Grains & Wet Crops Farmers
      • Includes Sea Lions & Sea Leopards
      • Fishermen & Undersea Hunters
      • Top Territory Includes Polar Bears, Cave Bears, Penguins, & Bats
      • Small Territory includes Forest Bears, Cave Bears, & Bats
      • Fill in gaps: usually with woodworking, fishing, and mining. But often assist with other things as well.
      Aggressive Primates
      • Includes Gorillas, Chimpanzees, & Aggressive Monkeys
      • Western Border Patrol & Exotic Wood providers
      Tree Dwellers
      • Includes smaller Primates & Monkeys, Sloths, Koalas & More
      • Tree Fruits gatherers
      • Includes All Birds of Prey
      • Scouts & North-Eastern Border Patrol
      • Includes Scavenger Birds & Songbirds
      • Messengers & Seed Collectors

    • Changeling Society
      Changeling Law
      All Changeling Life is sacred. No Changeling may kill another for selfish reasons. For self defense, one must make the death of another quick and humane.

      Weapons of the Past are banned for the safety of Changeling Kind.

      Territorial claim remains whole, and no Changeling may cross over into another's territory without the proper permissions.

      If the Call is received, then it must be answered.

      All goods made by a clan are the property of all Changelings and must be traded for their proper worth or used within the clan.

      Nothing goes to waste. All kills will be used in every manner possible, and all things created will be sent to its required destination.

      Word of the Chroi Chang is law.

      All Changelings have left behind old faiths and only ever practice the faith of the Moon, which is a constant reminder that they are not controlled by its phases any more. While many still have their own personal faiths, which are practiced in their personal homes, all celebrate the moon and what they have been given.

      Once per month, every clan has a celebration during the nights of the Full Moon - which makes its appearance for three days. These celebrations include many various festivities, and each clan celebrates in their own way. Every now and then, clans will come together to celebrate, throwing their own traditions in to mix and mold into something new and exciting. Once per year, all clans travel towards the Anam na Foraoise to celebrate as one society, allowing for a great deal of intermixing.

      In every society, there are always going to be certain things that are looked down upon, though not necessarily illegal. For Changelings, taboos are entirely clan-based and vary from territory to territory. However, there are some things that we as humans consider taboo that Changelings do not. They are as follows:
      • Public Nudity - Not only is this not considered taboo, it is actually seen quite often. Because the change from human to beast does not alter clothing, it oftentimes gets in the way. Due to this, many Changelings prefer to go nude, though some do prefer certain simple clothing items.
      • Sexual Orientations - Because animals are instinct-based, they do not see orientations, and thus cannot look down on them. For example, male lions will mate with other males because instinct tells them that it keeps the bloodline pure. Due to this, no Changeling will see any sexual orientation as wrong.

      Changelings rely entirely on the bartering system, meaning there is no currency. All clans provide some kind of goods and services to other clans, meaning they must interact with each other and trade what they have for what is needed. This can potentially mean they must make a long list of trades in order to achieve what is desired, but in the end they will get what they want. Some clans have even set up a delivery service, for a small price, of course.

      Beast Mates
      A Changeling is, essentially, the souls of two separate creatures in a single form. With each Changeling, there is a beast (in some cases, two) and a human, and each have equal sway on the other. The term, Beast Mate, refers to the special bond two beasts have with each other. Beast Mates are much like soul mates, chosen before either beast even knows about such things, and upon interacting with the chosen mate, as long as they are beyond the age of 25 and have successfully made the Change, the beast will signal within the Changeling’s heart and soul that this is the one. In the case of Double Beasts, both beasts must accept the Beast Mate bond in order for it to work correctly. In the instance that only one beast chooses the mate, there are inner complications that can be heavily played upon and even the possibility that there is a second Beast Mate.

      There is not always affection for the chosen Beast Mate on the human side, which can make things quite interesting for Changelings. Upon the bonding of the beasts, there is nothing that will stop the beast’s attraction to the other or the drive to keep the other in their sights, even if the human side of the Changeling hates the chosen mate.

      If one of the Beast Mated pair were to die, the other would be completely free of the mating obligations. However, the animal side almost always loses itself in grief, leaving very little hope in the Changeling surviving without the mate unless the entire clan devotes time to healing the emptiness left by the lost mate.
      Beast Mating requires the permission of both parties and for both parties to play the part of the Changeling’s animal side pushing for the mating. There are no other requirements. If one player leaves the role play after achieving a Beast Mate bond, the reaction of the other Beast Mate is the same as losing the mate. This means choose wisely.

      Upon the successful acknowledgement of the beasts to the mating bond, a power is granted to be used by the pair together (GM approval will be needed, but the players decide this power) that is completely unique to the two beasts. If the humans have no affections for each other, only the beasts will be able to use the power. However, if the human sides accept one another as mates as well, they will then be able to use it in either form.

    • What makes Changelings particularly special are their fantastic powers that can almost be considered beyond the basic supernatural feats seen in a vampire & werewolf role play. Please browse to your heart's content and choose your abilities from what is provided. If you don't like what you see, feel free to offer up some ideas! We're always wanting to add to this list for more variety and awesomeness!!! *Any ideas must be approved by a GM!!*​

    • The powers shown in this tab are seen in ALL Changelings who have made the Change at the age of 25. Those who are younger than this age will not have all of these powers, and if they do, the powers are not as strong.​

      • The first power is granted to every Changeling that reaches 25 years of age. Immortality. However, in order to gain this ability, the Changeling must first endure a transformation of sorts. It is simply known as the Change. This is the only painful experience a Changeling must endure their entire lives, but it can oftentimes be deadly. Upon reaching the Change, a Changeling will go through that similar to what a lycanthrope once had to endure. Bones shatter, organs override to the point of exploding, skin falls from the body. A Changeling is literally shedding its skin for a newer, healthier that lasts forever. One that does not age and is extremely hard to kill. But the two requirements must be met first. Not all Changelings will get this. But those who do will live as long as they wish - so long as the blows to them are not extreme. The Change, itself usually lasts three unbearable days of pain. And while they can be hard to kill, it is still very possible.
      Animal Senses
      • Animal senses can mean any of the five senses, from smell to sight to hearing and beyond. This, of course, depends entirely on the animal in which the Changeling takes it shape. This can be both a strength and a weakness, depending on the species.
      Strong Bones
      • Changeling bones are naturally stronger and harder to break, so a long fall from a tree won’t really bother anyone.
      Body Temperature
      • Changeling body temperature is naturally 105.3° Fahrenheit, making their core extremely hot, and thus making it hard for them to contract any sort of illness or disease, as the body can naturally burn away any sort of infection.
      • The Changeling comes complete with the instinct of the animal half at all times. This can be both a strength and a weakness and is much more prevalent in predators than prey. Those who have worked at it, however, can use reason over instinct.
      • The Changeling body is built with a higher metabolism rate, thus leaving it with a higher rate of healing than a normal human: ratio is roughly 2 days to 6 days. This also means the Changeling must eat and drink more throughout the day to keep their bodies from deteriorating.
      Changeling Link
      • Whether through the power of the Change or through the connections of the very soul, all Changelings can feel the presence of other Changelings. This is something that is felt upon birth, a driving force that keeps all Changelings at peace - even predators with prey, keeping the predators from desiring to hunt fellow Changelings. While the link is very basic before the Change, but after it is made at the age of 25, this link grows significantly stronger. The stronger the Changeling, the more powerful this link is, even allowing some to feel whether or not a Changeling nearby has died. For most, this ability can reach as far out as a 25-foot radius. Of course, the stronger the Changeling, the larger this radius becomes.
      Clan Link
      • At it’s weakest point, it’s a feeling of belonging within one’s clan. The stronger and higher in rank a Changeling is within that clan, the stronger the link they have with others inside. At the Guardian/Defender rank, Changelings begin to feel the life force of those they have sworn to protect. By Beta, they begin to feel even the hints of emotions from those they are closest to as well as the wellbeing of the Alphas/Leaders and Guardians/Defenders. At the highest rank, the Alpha or Leader, the Changeling is able to feel the beating heart of every Changeling within their clan. This is an ongoing sensation, much like a static at the back of one’s mind. A good Alpha/Leader can tune this out while still being able to monitor the clan as a whole.
      Alpha Link
      • The link of Changelings goes ever-deeper between the Alpha and Omega of a predator clan as well as the Healer designated to each clan Alpha and Leader. The Alpha/Omega link is nearly as strong a bond as Beast Mates, but it goes in a different sense than what the bond of Beast Mates allows. This bond allows both the Alpha and Omega to draw power from the other in times of duress. It also directly ties the life force of the Omega to the Alpha, keeping the Omega alive for as long as the Alpha lives. This means that if the Omega is in a life-threatening situation and dies, they do not stay dead. However, if an Alpha dies, this doesn’t necessarily mean the Omega does. It just cuts the link of the Omega with the Alpha, possibly causing detrimental emotional damage and also no longer reviving the Omega if they die. For Healers, this bond is similar, except they are not as emotionally attached to the Alpha. Their life is also not directly tied to the Alpha, so death is permanent. Unlike the Omega, the Healer can be replaced. However, the link the Healer has to the Alpha allows them to boost their healing power when it is needed.

    • Powers and Power Purchase Points (PPP)
      Each Changeling gains different powers and abilities at birth or they learn more throughout their lifetime. Some Changelings are more gifted than most, some are weaker. However, so long as they live, they have the ability to become stronger through experience.

      To offer free choice, but still keep things fair. We’ve establish a Power Point Purchase system. Each category of powers will have a price. And each character, depending on their rank, will have points to spend as they like at character creation. Some ranks will have free abilities. Such as Alphas, Healers, and Omegas.

      **Don't see any powers you like? Let us know of any extra ideas! We're always looking to tack on new abilities for the use of our players!!**​

      Allotted Points
      • Healers, Clan’s Share, & Omegas - 8 Points
      • Guardians & Defenders - 9 Points
      • Betas - 10 Points
      • Alphas & Leaders - 11 Points
      Bonus Points
      • Original lycanthropes - 5 More Points
      • Original Changelings - 3 More Points
        • Second Gen (75 YRs) - 2 More Points
        • Third Gen (50 YRS) - 1 More Point
      Free Abilities
      (First Stage is the only one that is free - All other stages require points)
      • Healers: Basic healing for other Changelings. This includes minor wounds such as scrapes, scratches, bruises, and pulled muscles. The first stage is a fresh Healer who is still training beneath a Healer of higher power.This does not allow self-healing.
          • Healer Subgroup - Weavers: Able to weave a more passive healing ability into clothing that heals the wearer over a long period of time (the novice Weaver can make the healing power last for up to 6 months).
        • Stage 2 - (1 Point) Now no longer a novice, the Healer is able to heal more serious injuries such as cuts, sprains, and dislocations. They can also speed up some of the healing process of set bones. Weaver clothing can now keep the healing effect for as long as a year.
        • Stage 3 - (1 Point) The Master Healer can heal virtually anything, from gashes to shattered bones and even the occasional head wound. Master Weavers make the greatest of clothing items, the healing effect lasting for up to 2 years.
      • Omegas: Due to their submissive nature, Omegas have a uniquely soothing presence that allows them to calm the more aggressive nature of the predatory Changelings around them. Through the Alpha Link, they can completely calm down their Alpha to keep them from losing themselves to the dominant instinct that makes them so powerful. If an Omega works enough with this ability, they can even calm other creatures, such as wildlife and even Risen.
      • Defenders: Though not aggressive like Guardians, Defenders have a natural shield ability that they can call upon. This shield will start on their body, limiting the physical damage taken (amount of damage withstood depends on Defender ability) while active.
        • Stage 2 - (1 Point) The Defender can then begin to push it out from their body to make it into more of a bubble shield, stretching up to 50 feet in diameter, allowing the Defender to effectively guard a large area from damage.
        • Stage 3 - (1 Point) Those who enter this bubble are slowed to half their speed until they exit. The slowing effect can be modified by the Defender to allow friendlies to move at normal speed within the bubble, giving an obvious advantage.
      • Guardians: The aggressive protectors of the predator clans are more violent in the way they defend their charges. With aggression also comes power, and the specialty of the Guardian is the ability to show claws even in human form. Guardians also have a faster response time, able to call forth this power faster than even the shift into animal form. The only other Changelings who have this ability is the entirety of the Jungle Cat clan, as they are the Guardians of the southern border.
        • Stage 2 - (1 Point) The Changelings who prefer to do their guarding in their beast form gain an even greater ability than just calling forth their claws, able to use their energy to grow to twice the size of their normal beast. While not faster in any way, the larger size allows for greater strength and a larger area they can protect and reach.
        • Stage 3 - (1 Point) Kinetic Guardians, who are already able to call forth their claws in human form and even gain in size in beast form, can bolster all of their attacks using sheer kinetic energy. This energy creates attacks that connect without the Changeling ever touching that which they attack. [Think the movie, Push] If one can see these surprisingly fast attacks, they will notice that the damage inflicted is still the damage of claws and not the damage of a fist. This can be done in both human and beast forms.
      • Alphas: Once they gain the highest rank within their clan, they can pull from the life of the clan itself. This grants them with a “bring back ability.” An individual ability for each alpha (To be cleared by a GM) that helps the alpha stay alive by collecting power/life from the bond they have with their clan. Each ability takes a different shape, and the revive can only happen once.
      Basics - 1 Point Each
      (To buy stage two or higher, add the amount of points next to each stage to base price.)

      All Basic Abilities can be used by both predator and prey, but some may be more enhanced for one or the other. Each ability comes in three stages, all previous stages required to buy a later stage, and each stage costing a certain number of points. Choose wisely.​
      • Power Jump - The basic power of enhancing the power of the legs - in both human and animal forms - to jump to inhuman heights and distances. It can be used by both predator and prey equally (may be more enhanced in animals such as rabbits).
        • Stage 1 - (Base - 1 Point) Jumps (from a standstill) can go as high as ten (10) feet in both human and animal form and as far as seven (7) feet. Damage when used as a kick increases by 25%.
        • Stage 2 - (1 Point) Jumps reach as high as thirty (30) feet and as far as fifteen (15) feet. Damage when used as a kick increases by 50%.
        • Stage 3 - (2 Points) Jumps reach as high as ninety (90) feet and as far as forty (40) feet. Damage when used as a kick increases by 100%.
      • Speed - Like Power Jump, this basic power enhances the legs in both human and animal forms to run at superhuman speeds and distances. Prey can typically run faster and longer than predators. This can also be enhanced for flight (birds only).
        • Stage 1 - (Base - 1 Point) Maximum speed when running in animal form is 60 mph, 0-60 being anywhere between five and ten seconds. Human running rises to 30 mph. This can be maintained for up to ten minutes. Cheetahs are the only exception to this rule, as their speed rises to 100 mph.
        • Stage 2 - (1 Point) Maximum speed in animal form rises to 100 mph (cheetahs to 120), human form to 50 mph, and 0-60 between three and five seconds. This speed can be maintained for up to twenty minutes.
        • Stage 3 - (2 Points) Also known as Static, the final stage of the Speed ability allows the Changeling to use their speed to gain a charge of static electricity. When enough is built up (typically after running at max speed for five minutes), the Changeling with this power is able to deliver a jolt of electricity to whatever it touches, enough to force whatever is touched to stop moving for a moment. However, upon delivery of the jolt, the Changeling is left with a rather poofy hairdo, be it in animal or human form, for some time afterwards (lasting up to three days).
          • Maximum speed increases to 150 mph in animal form (Cheetahs max at 180), 70 in human form, and 0-60 in under three seconds (both human and animal). Max speed can be maintained for up to thirty minutes.
      • Ghostly - A type of camouflage that enhances the coating ability of the Changeling’s skin, allowing them to become less noticeable. Can be used by both predators and prey equally.
        • Stage 1 - (Base - 1 Point) The Changeling cannot be seen by those without keen sight at 50 feet away in beast form and 75 feet away in human form. The coat blends in well with its surroundings, but movement will surely give it away.
        • Stage 2 - (1 Point) The Changeling cannot be seen by those without keen sight at 20 feet away in beast form and 30 feet away in human form. Small movements will not give the Changeling away, but large or jerky movements can.
        • Stage 3 - (2 Points) The Changeling cannot be seen by those without keen sight at 3 feet away in beast form and 5 feet away in human form. Even jerky movements - as long as they do not make noise - usually cannot be seen, but large, swift movements have a 50% chance of being seen even by those who are not paying attention.
      • Bite/Scratch - The power to enhance the biting strength of a Changeling’s jaw and the power behind their scratches and grabs. This ability is more attuned for predators, but can also be used by prey.
        • Stage 1 - (Base - 1 Point) Claws and teeth are as sharp as knives and are 25% more likely to hit than those without the ability. Damage received is also greater than average, cuts and punctures left from the bite or scratch bleeding for longer.
        • Stage 2 - (1 Point) Claws and teeth are slightly longer and as sharp as knives, enabling them to be 50% more likely to land a hit than those without the ability. The coagulation process slows, and blood from scratches and punctures flow from the wounds for a much longer period of time.
        • Stage 3 - (2 Points) Claws and teeth are now as sharp as razors, granting the Changeling a 75% boost to landing hits than those without the ability. If bites or scratches are planted near any major arteries, particularly those found along the throat, have a 90% chance of bleeding to death.
      • Sight - Enhancement of the eyes to see superhuman distances with the possibility of seeing through or around something. Can also counteract another Changeling’s Ghostly ability. Best in birds, but can be used by all Changelings.
        • Stage 1 - (Base - 1 Point) Standard sight distance stretches as far as a mile in a straight line without obstruction, able to pick up anything that moves at that distance and make out what it is at half the distance. Counteracts Stage 1 Ghostly ability. Night vision for 100 feet (unless species specifics allow for further).
        • Stage 2 - (1 Point) Standard sight distance reaches for 2 miles without obstruction, able to make out moving creatures at half that. Counteracts Stage 2 Ghostly. Night vision for 300 feet (unless species specifics allow for further).
        • Stage 3 - (2 Points) Standard sight distance reaches for 4 miles without obstruction, making out moving objects/creatures at half that. Counteracts Stage 3 Ghostly. Night Vision for 600 feet (unless species specifics allow further).
      • Iron Lungs - The Changeling can hold their breath for extended periods of time. It can be used at any point in time, but is most effective under water. This ability is most often seen in amphibious or water dwelling species.
        • Stage 1 - (Base - 1 Point) Fresh lungs can be held underwater for up to an hour and above water for up to an hour and a half. Screeches and bellows are twice as loud as normal, reaching as far as two miles out.
        • Stage 2 - (1 Point) Lungs can now hold air underwater for up to three hours and above water for up to four. Screeches and bellows are three times as loud as normal, reaching as far as three miles out.
        • Stage 3 - (2 Points) Air can now be held underwater for up to six hours and above water as long as eight hours. Screeches and bellows are pushed to their ultimate limits, being heard as far as five miles out.
      Advanced - 2 Points Each
      Predator Powers
      • Bestial Fury - Taking on the very instincts of the predator within, this ability is a double edged sword that allows the Changeling to temporarily gain an extreme amount of speed and strength with even more heightened senses to boot. However, while in this state, the predator has full power, wiping away almost all human thought and reason. While in this state, the Changeling suffers from a lack of reasoning and focus, only able to keep their mind on whatever it is they are hunting. Anyone - friend or foe of a lower rank - can potentially be harmed by the Changeling while in this state, so it is always suggested to steer clear of them when this is being used. The Changeling is also not able to release themselves from this state without the calming sensation of either a higher rank or someone close to both their human and animal side (such as a Beast Mate). When they are finally released from this ability, all damage taken is double what it would usually cause. Injuries hurt twice as much and are twice as hard to heal, fatigue is instantaneous and can possibly be triple the usual exhaustion, and the ability cannot be used again until the beast within has had a chance to be completely calmed down.
      • Thick Hide - This power grants the predator with a thicker hide than usual, making cutting and even bruising much harder to accomplish. It can only be used in the animal form, and when the Changeling shifts back to their human form, there remains a few patches of thick skin with fur/feathers/scales that are somewhat painful and hard to manage. The Changeling must shed these patches in order to return to normal, which can take up to three days (or longer, depending on how often the ability is used). This ability is typically seen on those who must fight often.
      • Predatory Instinct - Like a less dangerous (or effective, depending on how one sees it) version of the Bestial Fury, this ability allows the predator to enhance the animal instinct within, allowing it to show the hunter the way to prey. While in use, the ability to track and pounce/strike increases by up to three times the usual amount. However, the entire time that this is used, the human side is in control, maintaining a more level head. This does not grant the Changeling any form of advanced defensive power or attack, save the first strike.
      Prey Powers
      • Green Thumb - Not nearly as powerful as those blessed by Earth herself. These changelings just seem to have a knack for getting plants to flourish. It’s next to impossible for any plant touched by those with green thumb’s to die. However, their emotions do tend to have an affect on the plants they tend to. Most Changelings with this ability have a unique attunement to Earth.
      • Protective Spines - Much like the predator’s thick hide ability, this power grants the prey the use of thick patches of skin complete with pointed spines intended to harm anything that comes too close. The spines, themselves, vary from Changeling to Changeling - some are barbed and easily removed after piercing the intended target, while others are sharp and aren’t removeable. This ability can be used in both human and animal form, but must be shed in order to be removed, making things drastically uncomfortable for a few days. It also cannot be used all over the skin as the thick hide can, only covering a third of the body’s surface area.
      Unique - 3 Points Each
      • Chaos - The energy of a Chaos Changeling is able to alter the reality around them, causing random effects to happen - often without that Changeling’s knowledge. The Changeling with this power is able to feed off of these random events and encounters, building a substantial amount of power within them to later be able to create a controlled blast of sheer chaos in a five foot radius around them. The effects of this blast do not last more than a half hour, even if it does something as odd as changing a frog into a duck.
      • Elemental - In short, Elemental Changelings are able to control a specific element. These elements include the following: Air, Water, Fire, Lightning, Earth, Light, Darkness, and Spirit. Each element has a color. Air has Gray; Water blue, Fire red, Lightning gold, Earth bronze or tabby, Light white, Darkness black, and Spirit purple. Elemental Changelings will always have the mark of the element on them. In human form, the eyes are the color of the element. In animal form, their eyes are always lightning blue, and their fur has shades of the color. Here are the basic descriptions of each element.
        • Air - Currents will dance around this Changeling, and it will oftentimes bend to the Changeling's will. This element is very whimsical in nature and loves to play, which can often be seen by the tossing of an Air Changeling’s hair, even if there is no other breeze.
          • Storm Caller - (4 Points More) The winds push the clouds, and the clouds pour out the rain. Those who have a particular friendship with Air can use the winds that the element controls to call almost any storm to where they are. They can also create tornadoes with or without a storm cloud. This side of Air is more powerful than the whimsical winds of a simple Air Changeling, but also much more volatile and hard to control.
            • Pressure - (4 Points More - Must have Storm Caller) Those who have truly gained the favor of Air can ask it to go against its very loud, always-moving nature and leave the area completely, draining the pressure and sucking away all vital breathing necessities. If that’s not enough, this Changeling can also use the Air to force enemies to the ground with a massive - and constant - blast of wind, making it impossible to move.
        • Water - Wherever there is water, the Water Changeling is powerful, and the element can and may oftentimes bend to the will of the Changeling. Water is very adaptable, as it can be carried anywhere in almost any container. Many Water Changelings can swim deep beneath water without having to surface to breathe for extended periods of time, though this requires a great deal of training.
          • Temperature Changer - (4 Points More) At this stage of their friendship with Water, Changelings can go so far as modifying the temperature of the water they are using, making it hotter or colder. Those who train immensely in this ability can even do so to falling rain, snow, and hail, melting or freezing as needed. As an added bonus, Water Changelings can also pull the water from the air and plants around them. Of course, draining a plant of its water will kill it, and the air must actually have water for it to be pulled.
        • Blood Puppet - (4 Points More - Must have Temperature Changer) Those who have maxed their relationship with Water out completely can now go so far as force the water within another living being’s body to shift and change to their will. Those controlled by the Changeling’s power have absolutely no control over their muscles or anything else within their bodies, completely helpless to the will of that Changeling. However, Changeling Puppeteers can only control one creature at a time, and the use of this ability is extremely taxing.
        • Fire - A Fire Changelings understands the volatile nature of the element and can summon and control it at will. However, if the Changeling decides to stop controlling the element, it will continue on, alive on its own. Changelings of Fire are often taught to be careful and disciplined. Fire can still harm those chosen by it.
          • Call of the Phoenix - (4 Points More) Fire Changelings are now completely immune to their own fire, and if desired, they can cover themselves with it for certain periods of time (depending on energy levels, etc.). However, external fires can still be harmful if the Changeling is not careful.
            • Fire Eater - (4 Points More - Must have Call of the Phoenix) The maximum level of a Fire Changeling allows the Changeling to have complete immunity to all forms of fire, including external fires started by something else. At this stage, the Changeling is able to eat the flames and store them for energy to boost the power of their own fire attacks. However, the Changeling cannot eat its own fire, and when external flames are eaten, the energy MUST be expended within a half hour of being gained.
        • Lightning - Unlike the air around other Changelings, lightning does not radiate from those who control it. Instead, from a young age, it crackles from the feet of its chosen Changeling. Lightning is considered a curse among the elementals. It cannot be controlled well, and though it blesses some, it is only their to play, only striking at an opponent when it wishes, not when the Changeling wishes. Only those who have a great resolve and years of immense practice can truly control this extremely volatile element.
          • Charger - (4 Points More) Those who have gained a great deal of control for Lightning find themselves able to better feel the energy of particles in the air. Those who can strike with lightning can now also charge the very air around them, making each particle shake faster and faster until electricity is generated from nothing. This can do anything from shock anyone standing in the given area (from mild to severe) to charge any possible electrical items and even roast small animals for an easy meal (think lightning strike, but area of effect).
            • Storm Changer - (4 Points More - Must have Charger) While Air may be able to call a storm forth, the Storm Changer can modify whatever storm is already in the sky to make it even more dangerous. From lightning shows to heat storms and anything else that may involve the thunderous crackles of light and heat, Storm Changers can do it all. At this stage, these Changelings are able to not only create and modify storms, they are even able to consume the very strikes of lightning that happen to reach down to the earth and hit them, giving them an intense amount of strength and energy to be used throughout the day.
        • Earth - Earth Changelings are typically very level-headed and can oftentimes be found by the smells of a fresh field of grass after a spring rain. It is a loving element and often associated with Healers. Some healers may be blessed with Earth. For this element not only controls the rock beneath the Changeling's feet, but the life that grows atop it. Can it bring dead back to life? No. Can it kill? If a rock hits, maybe. But it can help heal and bring joy back to those that are not as happy as they once were. Those who are extremely gifted with this element may also find themselves leaving a trail of beautiful flowers in their wake. Some of the most powerful Earth Changelings can actually use their connection with the earth to fuel themselves of energy and health, often giving up their ability of healing others. This is typically seen more in Alphas or Leaders than lesser-ranked members, as they can spread this power to their clan.
          • Tree Speak - (Gentle Branch - 4 Points More) If this branch is chosen, the Changeling that has learned it cannot learn the other branch. Tree Speaking Changelings are able to listen to the sounds of the plants and trees of the land and understand them. With a touch, the Changeling can link to the tree and be able to see everything that transpired around the tree in the past 24 hours. They can also ask the trees to do them favors, such as changing the shapes of branches to make bridges and even houses without cutting the wood. Few Tree Speaking Changelings are able to handle the sounds of wood being cut, and many do their best to avoid the use of wooden planks if possible. Those who have an extremely strong relationship with the trees around them may even be able to convince a tree to fell itself, cracking and splitting to provide protection. They can also borrow energy from the trees and plants around them, fuelling their other abilities on top of their connection with Earth. However, they become linked to the source they borrowed from for 24 hours.
          • Tremor - (Violent Branch - 4 Points More) If this branch is chosen, the Changeling that has learned it cannot learn the other branch. Instead of speaking to the trees and plants, Tremor Changelings are able to speak to the earth, itself, and ask rock and stone to move at will. Many of them are strong enough to make the earth beneath their feet tremble and create stone walls and even tunnels through mountains. These Changelings are much more physical with the movements of their bodies (think earthbenders) and use their own movements to manipulate the earth.
        • Light - Light is a vibrant and somewhat blinding element that can leave its chosen Changelings glowing like a star in the night sky. It is what one might call lawful good - as it can and will bend to the will of the Changeling, but only in the deeds of good. It will never intentionally harm or kill any living creature, but it does have minor healing like Earth and might be found in Healers. It is most useful on dark, dreary nights or in dismal caves.
          • Beacon - (4 Points More) While all Light Changelings glow to a certain degree, those who have made it to the stage of calling forth a Beacon can make themselves light up bright enough for others to see them from far away. This light can be blinding or not, depending on what the Changeling desires to portray, and it can also be projected to another point to better guide them out from underground. Those caught in this light are filled with warmth and get a major boost to their morale. The light of a Beacon will always guide the way.
            • Celestial Light (Blessed for the Moon//Graced by the Sun)- (4 Points More - Must have Beacon - Choose either Sun or Moon) Changelings who develop their relationship with light eventually find themselves favored by a heavenly source of light, either the sun or the moon. After a heavenly light source chooses them, the Changeling is given the ability to call that light to their aid, the most powerful of these Changelings can even force the moon to appear in the day or the sun in night. Those who do call upon the sun or moon outside of the regular hours, however, will lose themselves in a coma for a week - where they will find themselves in the presence of the mighty Leviathan.
              • Blessed for the Moon - What makes this particular branch unique from its opposite is the fact that they can enhance the spiritual energy of others and help enhance particular abilities associated with the moon and night. Those abilities are as follows: Darkness, Water, and Spirit.
              • Graced by the Sun - Calling upon the sun's energy can allow the Graced to energize others around them, even managing to heal wounds while the ability is active. It also enhances the following abilities for a short time: Fire, Earth, Air, & Lightning.
        • Darkness - In stark contrast to Light, Darkness Changelings will seemingly radiate shadows, as if threatening to be consumed by them. Darkness can be chaotic, but it will hide those who wish to be hid. It will shield and protect, but it will also attack. It can be dangerous and somewhat volatile to its user, demanding payment for each favor it grants - usually in blood. But those who have a true friendship with the element find themselves caressed almost lovingly by the shadows that have consumed them.
          • Shadowstep - (4 Points More) Those who have managed to gain the favor of darkness find its favor throughout the day in the form of shadows. The Shadowstepper can bargain with darkness at less of a cost and are offered more boons by the choosy element. Shadowsteppers are given the name because they can shep between existing shadows. They can jump from shadow to shadow as long as they can see the shadow they wish to jump to or know where it will be. Because of their closeness with darkness, they seem to melt into existing shadows, disappearing from view as long as they stay still.
            • One with Shadows - (4 Points More - Must have Shadowstep) After a Changeling becomes one with the shadows, darkness no longer calls for a blood price and considers the Changeling kin. The user’s blood darkens until it is nearly black. They can now travel solely within the shadows and remain unseen until they desire to be. Those who are one with shadows seep streams of darkness from their skin and fur at all times.
        • Spirit - The most elusive element of them all, Spirit is nearly as problematic to control as Lightning. It is a happy element usually, and it will bring joy to those that its wielder wishes. Spirit Changelings are known to have a somewhat ghostly appearance, as though they are not of this world or another, and this appearance is enhanced in their animal forms, despite the purple coloring of the coat. Spirit will hide its wielder if need be, coaxing their corporeal form into an existence on a different plane, and though it cannot physically heal, it is a wonderful medicine for mental wounds.
          • Spirit’s Blessing - (4 Points More) With the help of their element, the Changeling can perform an entrancing and somewhat risky ritual to call upon the souls of the dead and ask a question or a favor. The more they plan to ask, the longer the ritual should take, as spirits can be quite fickle. If the wrong ritual ingredients are used (such as black sage instead of white), a malicious spirit may be called instead of a benevolent one. However, if the right spirit is called, there may be many benefits in it for the Changeling who called.
      • Fear - The very air around this kind of Changeling insinuates an intense feeling of terror, often freezing other living things in their fear. Many become lost to the will of a Fear Changeling, others simply losing themselves to their own nightmares. These Changelings cannot control the intimidation factor they have to others, but with time and effort, can at least make it to where it does not affect other Changelings. Fear Changelings also have the ability to delve into the minds of others, finding the source of their nightmares and using it against them.
        • Catatonic - (4 Points More) The master Fear Changeling has gained an immense control over their power of intimidation, controlling whether or not it is inflicted on those around them. While the effect always remains to a certain degree, the Fear Changeling can decide to make it weaker or stronger depending on what they need at that point. This Changeling can even go so far as making another being go catatonic just by forcing them to look into the eyes of the Changeling. This effect can last as long as 24 hours and is extremely hard to pull one’s self from.
      • Empath - The Empath Changeling is born with the ability to feel the emotions of others. At first, this ability can be quite overwhelming, but with time, those blessed with it can learn to turn it on and off. With practice, they can use their own emotions and sense of calm to wash over others. Some come by this trait naturally, but without learning to control it, often find themselves washing their own anger over others, creating a tension that would otherwise have not been there.
        • Sensory Touch - (4 Points More) As time passes, and the Empath Changeling practices control and restraint, they can begin to gain a particularly special ability that allows them to see the memories - both good and bad - of anyone they touch. Any memory that is directly related to a particularly strong emotion in the being that is touched by the Empath can be seen and used to help that being focus themselves and get over such strong emotions. This is an ability that is particularly helpful in a broken Beast Mate or Alpha/Omega bond to keep the surviving Changeling alive after the passing of their partner. Empath Changelings can control this ability and decide whether or not they want to use it when touching or being touched by another.
      • Psionics - There are three types of Psionic Changelings (Players can only choose one of the three): Telepathic, Telekinetic, and Teleporter. Telepathic Changelings can read the minds of others and even speak to them mentally. The more they practice, the greater the distance they can speak and hear. However, young Telepaths can only hear a blurb of static from the minds around them and often seek quiet spots on their own. Those who can speak telepathically must pay the price of their voice, though, thus being born mute. Telekinetic Changelings can move objects without lifting a finger. The most powerful Telekinetic was known to have been able to uproot one of the mighty trees of the forest without moving. The price they must pay is physical strength. Instead of training their muscles, many Telekinetic Changelings simply choose to train their mind. Teleporter Changelings are able to leap through time and space, disappearing from one spot and appearing in another. Few are able to aim properly, as this takes a great deal of time and training, and there is the possibility of getting stuck in a tree or something even more frightening. Many Teleporters are afraid to use their ability, but they have also paid the price of physical speed and jumping power.
      • Seer - Changelings blessed with this ability often see cryptic hints of the future in the form of dreams while they sleep. This ability is rare and fickle. It cannot be forced and will only happen at its own will. Those with more experience will often get more visions than those new to the ability. Also, with some training, the Changelings blessed with this can usually find a prophecy among the cryptic hints.
        • Prophecy - (4 Points More) Those who are the most well-trained in the Seer ability can decipher any prophecy that may be passed to them in their dreams and even watch the dreams of other Seers to train them in the art of Prophecy. The most powerful of these Changelings can even call forth a vision that may or may not provide great insight to the near or distant future.
      • Double Beast - (Costs 4 Points) This extremely rare and unique power is granted only to those who were once lycanthropes before the bombs exploded. For whatever reason, whether they were in the right place at the right time, or just some sort of fluke that kept them from dying, these special Changelings have a predatory beast (the original lycanthrope) as well as another (prey or predator) linked to their soul, granting them three shapes (two beasts, one human). Those who have survived this long with the voices of two separate beasts in their heads are extremely powerful, and many of them have become either Alphas or Leaders. One beast is always more dominant than the other, however, be it predator or prey. The dominant beast within a Double Beast Changeling is the one that determines which clan the Changeling is in.
        • Hybrid - (4 Points More) Even rarer than the Double Beast Changeling is the Hybrid - those who have gone through the same thing as those with with two beasts, but have also gained a fourth form. That of the hybrid. These particularly strange Changelings are able to meld their beasts 50/50, creating an entirely new creature with many of the bonuses of both beasts. Hybrids can only take this final form once per day, and it is extremely taxing, but most consider the Hybrid to be the most powerful of the Changeling beast forms.

      • Two Characters per player (Three Characters for GMs)
      • Players making an Alpha/Leader or Beta can only have ONE Alpha/Beta. This means a player who has an Alpha/Leader cannot also play a Beta and vice versa.
      • Limit 5 TOTAL Alphas/Leaders (not including GM Alphas/Leaders) - GM Approval Needed
      • Limit 5 TOTAL Omegas (to balance Alphas - no more Omegas than there are Alphas - GM Omegas not included)
      • Limit 10 TOTAL Betas (not including NPCs)
      • Limit 12 TOTAL Healers (including Weavers)
      • Alpha/Leader and Guardian/Defender players can have up to four (4) NPCs to follow their char in this. These are simply characters who do not leave their Alpha/Guardian behind (friends, family, fellow Guardians, etc.) and are played in the background. NPCs will be mentioned in the character’s sheet.
      • One Original (lycanthrope/Changeling) per player. Which means only one character per player can be from before the war. (GM’s are limited to two.)

    • Image (real images only)
      Face Claim - Color Claim
      Age (original lycanthropes will be over 100 yrs)
      Gender (male or female - no crossgenders)
      Species (animal type)
      Human Appearance
      Eye Color
      Hair Color
      Animal Appearance
      Length (Tip to Tail)
      Eye Color (Can be different)
      Written Descriptions (Optional - describe the appearance of your Changeling - human & animal)
      Personality (Give 5 words with very brief descriptions if possible - does not have to be exact)
      Sexual Orientation (all orientations welcome)
      Points Used (Example: 10 of 15)
      Basic (Stage # Name) [Points Used]
      Advanced [Points Used]
      Unique [Points Used]
      Strengths (Anything besides Powers)
      Weaknesses (Balance Strengths AND Powers)
      Brief Bio (Give at least three major events - Alphas/Leaders need a FULL BIO)
      NPCs (Alphas & Guardians Only)

      To Copy & Paste (open)

      Face Claim
      Human Appearance
      Eye Color
      Hair Color
      Animal Appearance
      Eye Color
      Written Descriptions
      Sexual Orientation
      Points Used
      Basic [Points Used]
      Advanced [Points Used]
      Unique [Points Used]
      Brief Bio

    • Below is a list of all accepted characters (updated ASAP) as well as the links to the characters.​

      Dragon - Chroi Chang


      Aiden - Small Rodent Ulfric

      Alejandro - AKA Jag - Jungle Cats Nimrah (Ulfric)

      Adira - Small Rodents Healer

      Blake - Canine Beta

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  2. Reporting for duty! *salutes and sparkles brightly*

    I do have something to add, from the Interest Check, those who made claims have the right to apply for the position they claimed (their Apps still need to pass) But they do have a reservation.

    As follows:
    Rough Cast Claims:
    2 Alphas: Mountain Cats (Cougar), and Jungle Cats -> Need an Omega
    2 Omega: Mountain Cats (Cougar), and Jungle Cats -> Need an Alpha
    2 Leaders: Herd(Bull), and Birds(Raven) -> Do NOT need an Omega
    2 Guardian: Bear, Birds (Eagle)
    2 Healer: Small Rodents (Sugar Glider), ____

    *Keep in Mind: These are not promised, you all still hafta get your apps/bios passed before you're cemented into the role*

    Players signed up so far:

    @B l u E s
    @Where's Tavros

    AS A NOTE: Mowkie's and my own characters are not part of the limits (that way it's open for more folks)
    But between the two of us we have (or are planning to have)
    Dragon: the Chroi Chang: DA BOSS
    Aiden: Leader of Small Rodents: Hippty hop.
    Karma: Clan Share of Small Rodents: Hoppty Hip
    Selki: Guardian from the Seal clan: splish splash.
    Ulric: Alpha of the Canines: He's top dog!
    and finally Keona: Omega of the Canines: ....I have no smart thing for this.

    Feel free to work with each other and establish some inner clan relationships or backstory connections. Have fun! Maybe get together after your clans are formed and open up the discussion about your clan's culture. Mowkie and I love to hear new ideas.

    I think that's all I have to say right now.

    Hope to see all of you around, thanks for reading!

    PLEASE. PLEASE. If you're gonna play, vote on the combat system. (or forever hold your peace)


    Okay. I think I'm done for real this time.

    *sparkles out*

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  3. My only question about the combat system is what's going to be the difference between the three systems? I just want to know that before I vote
  4. It was in the update tab in Mowkie's Opening:

    We're officially open for sign-ups! YAY!!!


    So, in the Interest Check, the majority vote for our combat system was for the Open Dice, meaning everyone will be rolling for combat. Now that this has been decided, we just need to see how much effort everyone would like to put forth when using the different powers, etc. Below, we have three different systems to choose from. If you have an opinion on one of these and would like to vote for it, please do so in the poll at the top! I'll leave it open for two weeks.

    Possible Combat Systems

    • The Simple System: Battle is broken down into move-by-move basis (one move per post), an attack counting as a move. Each attack requires a roll of a d20, whereas a 20 is a guaranteed hit and a 1 is a possible chance to hit yourself or someone near you. Power bonuses will be divided up and given according to what stage the Changeling has. For example, Stage 3 Bite/Scratch would give an automatic 15, no matter what is rolled. Each enemy will have the required roll placed in the GM post written. Damage is default, and the number of hits required is given in GM post.
      • Example of GM post: Enemy Name - Required Roll to Hit - Required Hits to be Defeated [Risen Shambler - Required Roll of 10 to Hit - 5 Hits to Defeat]
    • The Intermediate System: Battle is broken down into a scene-by-scene basis, where each post can have up to three moves at a time. Each attack still requires a roll of a d20, where as a 20 is a critical hit (bonus damage) and a 1 is damage to self or someone very near the character. Power bonuses are still given, but are not as powerful a difference (example, Stage 3 Bite/Scratch only counts for an automatic of 8 out of 20). Enemy required roll to be hit is still in the GM post, but instead of a required number of hits, there is a required damage amount. If the player rolls a hit, they are then to roll a d6 for damage (some powers give bonus damage such as Bite/Scratch), the number of which is taken from the set HP of the enemy in the next GM post. Once the enemy reaches 0 Health, that enemy is defeated.
      • Example of GM post: Enemy Name - Required RtH - Given HP [Risen Shambler - Required Roll of 10 to Hit - 50 HP]
    • The Advanced System: Battle remains at scene-by-scene basis - three moves per post. This system is much like the Intermediate system, save for a few added bonuses such as Initiative (rolling a d10 before the battle actually starts to see who moves fastest) with bonuses such as Sight, Speed, and Ghostly now playing into effect in the battle rolls. Each power will be assigned a certain damage die for more or less damage depending on what it’s used against (Example, Fire would have an advantage to a Risen Shambler, and thus would use a d10 instead of standard d6 to damage). If desired, strengths could be used as perks in battle to give another edge. This system is by far the most complicated, but it is also the system that will use the powers more for what they are made to do than just for show. GM posts will look the same as Intermediate system with possible add-ons to enemy bonuses (such as powers, strengths, and weaknesses)
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  5. Must have missed it when she posted this bit thanks. Honestly I'm for either the basic or intermediate system.
  6. The first post will have all of the information you need. And thank you, Beta GM Sparkle Bunny! I'll get that added in at a more reasonable hour. Also, as a side note, my bunny will be Clan's Share, as she's not yet completed the Change. Any character who has not yet completed the Change cannot have any other rank in the clan, as there is still a high possibility of death.

    Everyone be sure to check the updates tab regularly!! That's where anything from polls to random information to rule changes will be posted for you to see. If you don't see it, and it's in my updates tab, that's on you and not me or my GM squad.

    Oh, and we missed someone in that tag list. @dapet is the player who will have the Jungle Cat Omega. Who also happens to be a weaver. So bonus! She's an Omega and a Healer. XD
  7. Okies, got that fixed. I thought I was spacing something.
  8. Will peek around here a bit later. For now.. Work. *dies*
  9. Oh my gosh there is so much to read, I love it! I have a bunch to do today (Meeting my recruiter and work) but Ill be reading through all this when I can! Congrats on the baby @Mowkie
  10. Thank ya, @Honorific ~ I look forward to seeing what you decide to play!
  11. I will get the Jungle Cat Alpha up after the baby shower and the like. dapet will have his Omega up not long after that. So, this is my place holder for such...
  12. I'll get my eagle guardian up as soon as I can
  13. I'm gonna wait around and see what spots are taken and what characters there are before joining.
  14. I'm at work but will look this over tomorrow if spots are open tomorrow that is. Congratz Mow btw.
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  15. Can I have a clear understanding of ages? What's the difference between Original Changelings and Original Lycanthropes? I'm assuming Original Changelings were human when the bombs happened and Original Lycans were Lycans before becoming changelings?
  16. You would be spot on, my friend! The lycanthropes could have lived longer, while if you want a younger looking Changeling, you're looking at having a char who has spent most of their life in war.
  17. Are there any wolf characters thus far?
  18. Silver and I are playing the Alpha and Omega, but other than that, I'm pretty sure there are no other requests for wolves.
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  19. @Vaila

    Loool we didn't even get notified o.o should have two character sheets somewhat this week
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  20. Yeah, but numbers, gimme numbers xD
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