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    This is a GROUP Roleplay !
    Changelings are born into a highly intelligent group of members. They can only be put in this group by blood. In other words, if you aren't born from a Forskingg parent, you simply aren't Forskingg.
    But, Forskingg are forbidden to be allowed to live in the kingdom until they reach 16. Until then, they are put into a human family. The babies are switched at birth and the human goes to live in the kingdom and become servants.
    When they reach the age of sixteen, they are taken home by what people refer to as 'Trackers.' Trackers have no special abilities, they are simply humans lucky enough to be born in the town where Forskingg is located.
    The Royal Forskingg (countesses, Markos, Queens, Kings, Princes, Princesses etc.) are born with special powers.. Some can persuade, or make someone do something with force of the mind. Others are telekenic. And some read minds. If you aren't royalty, you're either a changeling, tracker, or a troll. A changeling is simply the human child takes the place of the royal child. A troll is not some three foot midget with pink hair. Trolls in Forsklingg are just like Nymphs in ancient Greece and Roman myths.
    Anywho. The Princess of Forsklingg (future Queen of the kingdom) is living her normal human life with her brother, and Aunt. But her Tracker shows up at her highschool to take her home.
    My character--- Taylor Marie Frescha. She is the future queen of Forsklingg. She's obviously sixteen. Taylor had always known she is out of place. When she was 10, her mother was removed from the home for trying to kill her. Her mother was very suspicious that Taylor was not her child. Since her mother was in the Mental Institution, Taylor went to live with her brother and aunt. She has wild dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes, the complete opposite of her mother and herbrothers.http://cdnimg.visual...0e9e2212d_h.jpg
    Taylor and her 'family' has often had to move because of her. She's always finding trouble wherever she goes, never really belonging. At her current school, she doesn't speak to anyone. But when her tracker shows up, she finds herself falling for him. And when she discovers her destiny as a Princess, she doesn't know how to react. Taylor is a persuader. She always has been. When she doesn't get her way, she digs her way into people's minds and make them obey her.
    Character's Needed !
    Taylor's Tracker --- ( Male Part.)
    Taylor's Changeling ----
    Queen of Forsklingg -----
    Taylor's Brother----
    Countess(es) of Forsklingg -----
    Marko(s) of Forsklingg----
    (more characters will be made.)
    Character Information :
    Name, Age, Backround or History, Powers(if Royalty.)
    This is an R rated RP. Sexual details and swearing, drug and alcohol reference are absolutely no problem. Obviously my character and the tracker will have some sort of chemistry, Boyfriends/Girlfriends are okay.c: I expect relationships between characters. No rudeness, and no godmodding. Characters will be expected to update at LEAST two or three times a week. Parts will be given to first responders. You can control three characters at the most at a time. As long as you can keep track of them.