GROUP RP PLOTTING Changeling: The Joining

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  1. In the small Nevada town of Treeage (Triage) the local courts have done something no Changeling organization has done before. Safety. Haven. A shield erected with the joined Wyrd of every changeling in the city to bar the Gentry from entry blocking off all but two sanctioned entries to the Hedge. All of it was made possible by the current Autumn Queen, Aurora, who has shocked the community with her second act of authority after the shield, the abolishing of all Courts.

    The resounding shock wave has sent the Summer Court into a tailspin, whispers of assassination and rebellion on their lips. The Spring Court scrambles to maintain order, all uneasy with the sudden change of rules. The Winter court has held back its position, biding their time while they watch the streets of their city bristle with barely restrained hostility. The Autumn court holds true to Aurora, and have taken to soliciting the unaligned Changelings in the city for support. The more who join the Oath, the stronger and larger the shield becomes.

    This was the situation last Friday.

    On Tuesday the 15th, in June, the body of the former Summer King, Garrick Stonebone, was found mutilated in a back alley. The murder weapon was a dagger of cold iron, lodged in his chest, but perhaps most gruesome was the absence of his heart...carved from his still warm body sometime in the early dawn. Now nothing is safe. The Summer Court has taken up active hostility against the Autumn court which is striving desperately to uncover the secret behind Stonebone's murder. The Spring Court has taken casualties and is divided on sides as active warfare erupts between Autumn and Summer. Winter has all but vanished, scuttling back into their safe havens and holes, watching and waiting for the smoke to clear. The shield is fractured, but still stands, but as more changelings in the oath die, it grows weaker. Aurora is trying to maintain order until the next Autumn arrives and the oath can be renewed, but she is fraying, her support wavering, and strangers have answered the call of such momentous Lost politics, arriving in droves to Treeage to join the fray, observe, or manipulate the chaos to their own ends.

    Some have gone missing, giving rise to the rumor a Loyalist or more have set up shop, using the infighting as cover to smuggle out unsuspecting Lost to their former Fey masters.

    No one is safe, no one. And as Summer wanes, the conflict has intensified.

    Which side will you choose? What impact will you leave?

    Will you resist? Or will you the Joining?

    The idea is to loosely base this game off the WoD system "Changeling: The Lost" There will be no dice rolls associated with this game, and the sheets will be used as guidlines to measure abilities, contracts, and inventory.

    Anyone interested in playing? I need at least five or so to get this off the ground.
  2. Tentative interest...

    but not sure how often I can post.
  3. This isn't going to have violent consequences. What could possibly go wrong?

    I should refresh my changeling knowledge and begin plotting.
  4. I think using the WoD system as an outline but doing away with dice rolls and what-not might make this game a whole lot easier, actually. Good plan.

    Also, I fucking love Changeling. So you know I'm up for this shit.
  5. This looks entertaining! I admire the wod systems, but never got a chance to play it online before. I'm not entirely sure how often I can post just yet though.
  6. What the fuck are you talking about, Jack?
  7. Hm .. The Dresden Files ..
  8. Changeling system, for those who do not know, is a system that is built around the concept of escape. You, at one time, were a normal human. All of that changed when a Fey stole you away from the mortal world to serve it in Arcadia. Unspeakable tortures and work befell you there. Time itself meant little. The only fact similar between you and the other Changelings of this roleplay is that you have all escaped, worked your way back through the Hedge that divides our world from Arcadia. Your fey masters are likely looking for you, they want you to return, and upon your arrival in the found you were different, changed. A Changeling is no longer human, transformed by fey magic they are...different. Some have access to unique powers but few every find their way home again. Sometimes their family has already moved on without them, other times the fey have left someone to take their place...a thing of sticks, stones, and shadows called a fetch.

    This roleplay is built around those Changeling who have found solace and purpose interacting with each other.

    A quick breakdown of the courts.

    Spring Court (Desire): The Emerald Court rejects the pain and sorrow of their time in Arcadia, drawing power from desire and joie de vivre.

    Summer Court (Wrath): The Crimson Court draws power from the anger they bear toward their captors, gathering strength to fight against anyone who would enslave them again.

    Autumn Court (Fear): The Ashen Court finds its strength in fae magic, drawing the Glamour they need for their sorcery from the fears of mortals.

    Winter Court (Sorrow): The Onyx Court hides under layers of deception like a seed under snow-covered ground, hardening themselves on a diet of midwinter sorrow.

    Courtless: Those who choose to go their own path are sometimes said to belong to the Colorless Court, outsiders in a dangerous world.

    Changelings have powers...abilities called 'contracts'. These are like agreements with certain purview that grant them abilities. They take their energy from the emotion of mortals and some of the strongest can even inspire such emotion in mobs of people. They all have access to the Hedge, a mystical realm that serves as a connection between the world of mortals and Arcadia. Here in the twisting maze, there are wonders and dangers untold. Some changelings work for the fae, avoiding recapture by supplying others to the whims of the Gentry, but most just try to live with the changes within them, coming to terms with the familiar and yet distant world around them...even as they try to survive the dangers their eyes have been forcibly open to.

    If anyone wants to comment more details about the system, I'd welcome the assistance.

    Changeling Wiki
  9. Four of the five needed to get the plot clicking.
  10. *discusses with Brian Froud in the background*
  11. *Bars Gelflings from his game*
  12. *SEES*



  13. Hmmm. Most intriguing, if there is a spot open I would love to give it a shot. I will have to brush up on the brief knowledge of changelings I have.
  14. Alright. We have the interest!

    *Pulls out his sourcebook and begins constructing*
  15. Jacks talking about the World of Darkness Changling: The Lost Clockworks.

  16. I figured that seeing as it was in the first post. Thank you however for the clarification? To be honest I didn't know I had to add "The Lost" to the end of Changeling for the implication to be there. For future reference I'll be clearer. Thank you.
  17. There were two changeling systems. Old world had Changeling: The Dreaming and new world is Changeling: The Lost
  18. Ah- I didn't know though I should have expected what with vampire system also having one old and one new. Never the less I blame this on a communication error on your part Jack seeing as all my knowledge from changeling stems directly from you. I also have a stipulation- upon my joining of this game. I should be allowed to play Eddison queen of the fairies seeing as how the hedge fun times with Adrian France fits perfectly into this equation. Now I know what your thinking, and let me tell you that a majority of that is the disquiet talking and I shall promptly inform you not to worry that all shall be well because I do not see you for about a week so it should die down. Maybe. We can hope you don't go catatonic and walk off the side of a boat.
  19. ...Damnit.

    I know you.

    This can only go downhill from here.
  20. Such as the way things normally go with things. I thought about not saying who I was but I thought to myself ...."What is the harm in sharing?"