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Change one Word

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by CaptianDahlia, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Okay, this game is rather simple. I will make a sentence, and then the person after me will change one word of it, and then the next person will change another, and so on. Let's see just how funny this one sentence can get.

    person 1: The apple is red
    person 2: The apple is blue
    person 3: The sky is blue

    But, with more detailed sentences.

    Starting sentence.

    Dolphins live in the ocean.
  2. Dolphins live in the water
  3. Fish live in the water.
  4. Fish drive in the water.
  5. Boats drive in the water.
  6. Boats drive on the water
  7. Frogs drive on the water.
  8. frogs drive on fire
  9. Frogs cry on fire.
  10. Frogs are on fire.
  11. Frogs jump on fire.
  12. Frogs jump on land.
  13. Frogs jump on di...dictionaries.
  14. Frogs sleep on dictionaries.
  15. Frogs sleep on ponds.
  16. Cocks sleep on ponds.
  17. Cocks sleep above ponds.
  18. Crows sleep above ponds.
  19. You ​sleep above ponds.
  20. Kitties sleep above ponds.