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  1. Just asking who may be interested in an RP with my character, Rain



    Without piercings


    Name|| Rain

    Age|| 18

    Gender|| Female

    Species|| Werewolf

    Personality|| Much of Rain's personality is now unknown. As a wolf, she is cautious, untrusting and defensive. She will easily run away from people, like a real wolf. When cornered, she will attack, but she prefers to retreat. As a human, she is unknown.

    History|| Rain grew up like a normal human; with her parents. She was an only child so she got rather spoilt. She had plenty of friends and the adults loved her. However, when she was 8, she was alone as both her parents were at work - her father a miner and her mother a nurse - she was out the back playing with her dolls. The backyard wasn't fenced off and it backed out onto a forest. She was just playing with her dolls and didn't notice as a wolf crept up behind her. When she finally noticed and she turned around, she saw glowing yellow eyes and sharp teeth as it lunged at her. She scrambled away and its jaws latched onto her thigh. The girl had screamed and thrashed around, trying to escape. Luckily, a neighbour heard her, grabbed his shotgun and came to her rescue, killing the beast. She was quickly taken to hospital. She was in there for a couple weeks, but the injury healed quickly. Too quickly.
    She went back home and obviously, everyone was falling over themselves to build a fence around the backyard to keep her safe, though everyone was baffled why a wolf would attack someone - they barely ever came out of the woods. A couple weeks later, her parents at work again, there was full moon. She shifted for the first time and in a panic, she crashed through the fence and ran into the forest. However, with no alpha to help her through the change, and being so young, Rain hasn't been able to change back to human. So for 10 years, Rain has been a wolf and her human self has nearly been completely lost. Until an alpha takes her in and helps her through the change which was never completed, she is stuck as a wolf.

    Plot|| I want an alpha for Rain, a few years older than her, as I don't want any teen alphas. He finds her, takes her into his pack and helps her with fitting back into the human world. Because she can't go back to her parents' place because she's supposed to be dead, she has no where to stay, so he lets her stay at his place. They could eventually fall in love if you want.

    I am really only looking for one player, but I may make exceptions depending on if we can twist the plot around to fit the other character in. But I think it would suit a one x one more than a group, sorry guys.

    Please post here if you're interested, as I'm keen to do a RP with her :)

    If you're very keen, go right ahead and post a Character Profile if you wish. I already have a starting post written up and everything, just waiting to see if someone is interested before I post it xD
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  2. (Please exclude the name 'Mat' shaved in his hair.)

    Name: Josiah Valentin Helix
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Species: Lycan (Werewolf)
    "I've witnessed loss. And the worst part is..all I could do was witness."

    Personality: At first glance, Josiah is labeled harsh. A smile seldom graces his face, and a laugh never passes his lips. He seems cold, but his heart is passionate. If one were to crack open the walnut shell, out would come weird, joke-loving, and caring persona. However, he rarely lets people in. But, there is no telling what can transpire, should someone give him the nudge he needs in order to open up.

    History: Josiah was born into a lycan clan called Prominence. He was raised by his parents Valentin and Maria-lee Helix. Valentin was the Beta of Prominence, his closest friend being the Alpha himself, Winston Hooves. Alpha Winston had a son named Jones, and his mother died giving birth to him. Jones and Josiah grew up close, naturally becoming best friends, or brothers, they rather.
    Josiah grew up with strict discipline, considering he was going to be the next Beta. Valentin began to work him to the bone as soon as Josiah turned the age of 11. He ran obstacles, took quizzes on the history of Prominence, and his skills would also be put to the test on the third to last day of every month. Winston rather liked Valentin's training methods, and adopted it for his own son, who would join Josiah in training.
    As they advanced more and more, Winston grew more weak. By the time Jones turned 18, Winston knew he could no longer be Alpha. Usually the title of Alpha is turned over to the heir at 19, however Jones' succeeded his father early due to Winston's incompetence to push on.
    Jones led his pack fairly well, and Josiah was as good a Beta as his father was.
    Four years, and Prominence was thriving. However, it was short-lived.
    Disaster struck Prominence at its heart. A rival pack called Black Shadow wanted badly to claim the Prominence territory. They planned an ambush, and it was carried out well. In the end, Winston, Jones, and Valentin were killed, along with a few of the members. It took a while before the Prominence members got the upper-hand, but they managed.
    Jones was automatically made Alpha because of his Beta status. Half-way into his first year of leading, his mother committed suicide in the woods. Though he mourned her greatly, Josiah did not let her death make him slip into a depression and poorly lead his pack. He has led Prominence for a year with a fierce, yet admirable leadership in honor of his father Valentin, his first alpha Winston, and his best friend Jones.​
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