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  1. The lithe white she-wolf moved through the trees, ears pinned yet loose to hear sounds, nose close to the ground and shoulders hunched as he crawled along the ground, following the scent of blood and the pungent smell of urine. Taking a deep breath as she followed the scent, it soon became overbearing, almost to the point that the strong urine almost burnt her eyes. Creeping up behind a bush, she peered through the leaves and saw the young fawn. Barely even a week old. She had been tracking a herd of deer and she spotted the young fawn. Taking the size as her advantage, she had attacked the young creature. She had ripped open the fawn's right shoulder before the mother had kicked her off. However, the foolish fawn, panicked and terrified, left the safety of the herd and ran into the trees in a blind panic, making it easier for her to hunt. And it didn't take long before the she-wolf had found the fawn. Only 4 minutes. The terrified creature had bolted, urinating in fear all the while. Now, as she stepped from the bushes, the smell of blood overpowered the acidic smell of urine and she watched the creature. It's eyes were closed, breathing shallow. It was almost dead already. The tiny thing had probably lost too much blood and went into shock. There was blood staining its short fur and the ground beneath it. As she stepped over it, her shadow shading the small beast in shadows as there was a final shuddering breath as it took its last breath and then the air whooshed from its lungs, it's life going along with it.

    The white she-wolf stared at the fawn for a moment longer before she lowered her head, lips curling upwards as she gave a soft growl of anticipation. She tore into it with a savage ferocity of most wolves. Tearing the bloody meat away from the carcass, the she-wolf quickly ate her fill and she took a few steps back, examining the torn up body of the fawn. There was still a fair bit left so she turned, kicked some dirt over it to help cover the scent before she gripped one leg in her jaws and she scrambled backwards, dragging the body with her. She moved in slow, jerky motions, finding it awkward to move it on her own, but she was used to it, after all. Never had she had an alpha. To be honest, she had barely ever come across another wolf. And the ones she had encountered, she had fled from. She didn't like strangers and fleeing was always her first option. After about an hour, she arrived at a small cave where she had to crouch to crawl in to. Dragging the food with her, she soon came to the more spacious part of the cave where 3 other wolves other than herself could fit in the cave, the ceiling about double her height. It was perfect for her. Dropping the carcass in a corner, she scrambled out of the cave, scraping as much dirt as possible inside to cover the meat as much as possible to keep the smell at bay.

    The carcass lasted her a good 5 days before she had to leave the safety of her cave, where she first found a river and lapped up the water, relishing the coolness as it slid down her throat. Her tail wagged slightly and she soon raised her head, water dribbling from her muzzle, coming away with a slight pink tinge as it washed away the last of the remnants of blood on her. she turned and padded off, wondering what she should do now. She could go hunt again and take it back to her den to save her from hunting when she was hungry. But what if it was too big to drag back? Then it would be a waste to kill. Grunting in frustration, the white she-wolf's ears flicked forward to listen out for sounds before she bolted off, deciding to see if she could find something small to take back. Half hour later, she came across a rather large hare and she stalked it for a while, before it noticed her and took off. She tore off after it, dirt spraying behind her and her claws dug into the earth to help balance herself at such a quick pace. It took a sharp turn and she followed, paws skidding on the ground and almost losing her balance. Catching herself, she kept her stride as she chased the quick footed hare. Her pale pink nose twitching as the disgusting scent of hare filled her nostrils. The small beasts smelt horrible and certainly were a stringy meat, but she was just looking for something to keep until she found something better.

    Her red eyes watched the hare, concentrating on it, not caring how much noise she made in the forest. Barely any other predator lived in it, anyway. And those that did were too slow to catch a quick wolf. She was rather large, being a werewolf (even though she could barely remember that fact - most of her human memories had faded and she'd shoved into the darkness of her mind, not wanting to remember). But despite her size, she was quick. Very quick. She soon started to catch up to the hare, however, something up ahead caught her eye and she suddenly dug her claws into the ground, skidding to a stop, the pads on her paws tearing ever so slightly at the sudden motion and as they snagged on sharp rocks. But she ignored the pain and came to a completely stop at the edge of the forest, watching as the hare bolted into the maze of buildings. Her eyes flashed and widened as she stared at the buildings before she whined. The picture of buildings tugged at her mind but she took no notice. The place was strange. She didn't like strange things. In the corner of her eye, she thought she may have saw a human and the wolf stumbled over her own paws to spin around, almost nose planting into the ground before she took off, back into the safety of the trees.

    After about 43 minutes, the white she-wolf slowed to a stop, sides heaving as her lungs burned with effort and desperation for oxygen. Her mouth hung open, tongue out as she panted. She legs shook with effort to keep herself steady and upright before they gave way and she collapsed to the ground. The wolf crawled over to the base of a tree, a thin bush barely concealing her white fur, but she had no choice but to hide there for now. She wasn't moving for a while now. She quivered slightly before she rested her head on her paws, trying to slow her breathing. She had panicked when she saw the buildings. She didn't know why, though. Because it was strange? Unknown? she hated the unknown, after all. It always frightened her. That had to be it. Yet, she had allowed panic to set in and lead her away, which is why she now ended up like this. Growling at herself, though refusing to open her eyes, the she-wolf willed for seep to take over and let darkness consume her, but it wouldn't come, so she shifted slightly, to stretch her front legs in front of her and her back legs to one side, stretching her muscles so they didn't seize. Sighing, she opened her eyes and looked around, raising her nose and scenting the air. Something smelt wrong. the she-wolf's lips curled back in a snarl, her red eyes flashing dangerously, trying to locate the source, but coming up empty. It smelt like another wolf... And human?
  2. His body twitched as he slept. He had been dreaming the same night terror for a week now. And it was all in fast motion. Josiah was falling. Falling in his own dream, everything black around him. The nightmare always started with him falling in complete and utter darkness. But, then he would land. His back would forcefully pound on the ground, knocking the wind out of him. And, he'd never know he was newly-surrounded by chaos until he regained his breath. When he did rectify his respiration, it would hit him like a ton of brings. The ambush. It was all around him. Black Shadow members are going snout-to-snout, paw-to-paw with his fellow members in Prominence. They were fighting Prominence for land. Greedy little snakes, Josiah would think. And, then, he would try to get up. This was all the same as the other times...he couldn't get up. It was as if his body was super-glued to the ground, leaving him vulnerable and helpless. And Josiah hated feeling like that. So, he would try and try to get up, but nothing ever seemed to work. He had to watch the Prominence pack be slaughtered...former Alpha Winston, Alpha Jones, and his father included.

    When the massacre ceased, it would always get abnormally quiet. And, still, Josiah was paralyzed, not an inch of him able to move. They would begin to crowd him. The enemy pack's members would surround him, intense looks in their eyes, their fur stained with his brethren's blood. But, he could do nothing. Not even so much as scream. But, then, he'd awake. And, though he was stationary and could not move, he was no such thing on the outside of his dream. Josiah would be shaking uncontrollably, and a ferocious growl would leave him once or twice. He'd need assistance to wake up.

    This time, he was awakened with a bucket of ice-cold water, the now-unlucky person to awaken in such a way being Henderson Hooves, Jones' cousin and Josiah's Beta. Henderson heard Josiah growl from his room, and he's been trying to wake him up ever since he rushed into Josiah's room ten minutes ago. Josiah would not wake, so throwing water on him was necessary. However, Josiah wasn't in the slightest appreciative of Henderson's deed. In fact, when he was fully awake and aware of what happened, he jumped up, grabbed Henderson by his neck, and nearly roared, "What did you do that for!?" Henderson was grasping at Josiah's arm, trying to rip it off, but failed miserably.

    "If you would release my neck," Henderson began choking out, "I can tell you why I just drenched you in water." This makes Josiah reluctantly release Henderson, and Henderson bends forward, a hand rubbing his neck as he gasps for air. "Jesus--," he begins to beat out, until Josiah curtly interrupts.

    "Explain, yourself," he said.

    It takes a minute until Henderson's breathing is back to normal. When it is, he speaks. "Alright, alright. I guess you were having that dream again. I heard you growl like a maniac and ran in here. I've been trying to wake you for all of ten minutes, and nothing worked...until I threw the water on you."

    This takes a while for Josiah to register before he sighs, hanging his head. "Thanks," he says quickly before dragging his water-drenched body to his bathroom to take a shower and start the day.

    It takes Josiah all of forty-five minutes until he finally came downstairs, ready for breakfast. Kendall was, annoyingly, there setting out a plate for him, no doubt. She has attempted many types of ways to make Josiah fancy her, but he was too suspicious of the possibility that she merely wants to be Luna. He would have her pack her bags and leave his home, but she is Henderson's little sister, and he did not want to let any issues between him and his Beta arise. So, quietly, Josiah sat on a bar stool at the granite island in the kitchen. He looks at her, and she smiles seductively--he supposes--, saying, "Alpha Helix."

    "Kendall....thanks," he says gruffly before beginning to eat.

    When all the usual morning endeavors are done, Josiah finds himself outside with Beta Henderson. He was located in the backyard of his home. The forest was directly behind his house, giving him easy access in order to go for runs.

    "Two days ago, I caught the scent of a rouge. Right there, on the right end," Henderson explains, gesturing to the area in which he refers.

    Josiah stroked his chin thoughtfully, before saying, "Patrols. I want at least 4 patrols on each side of the territory, and in the middle."

    "Alpha," Henderson says, nodding and then walking off to send the word. As soon as he's out of sight, Josiah walks the width of the forest, observing it with a scrutinizing gaze. And, then he smells it. The smell of a wolf is strong, tickling at his nostrils. And, he knows that the wolf is also half human.

    In the end, he ends up following the scent. He was lead deeper into the forest. Along the way, he became just a little more dangerous, yet curious.

    After a few minutes, Josiah finally finds what he has been expecting: a rogue. But, what he didn't expect to see is the rogue in an injured state.
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  3. Growling softly in the back of her throat, the she-wolf's ears flicked back and forth, trying to locate which direction the smell was coming from, hoping it would make a noise. For the first few minutes, she couldn't hear anything and she was becoming more frustrated and worried by the second. Her fur bristled and nose twitched manically. Eventually, however, the wolf picked up a sound to the South West of where she lay and she shifted slightly from her position to face that direction. A shadow passed in her field of vision, in the distance and she gave an audible growl at the approaching creature, having no idea what it was. It smelt human and wolf at the same time and she didn't understand why that was. Confusion swept through her as she kept her red gaze trailed upon the shadow, watching as it made its way closer to her with every step. The closer it got, the more she knew it was in a human. The sight of the tall, two legged being tugged at something in her mind like it had earlier when she had seen the buildings. A vision - of a wolf approaching her from behind and she had little human hands as she played with dolls - swept through her but she shook it off, casting the vision off as something irrelevant.

    The shadows were soon cast off of the human as it stepped through the trees, only a few metres from her. Her eyes were wide as she growled at the creature, wanting it to leave. Pushing herself to her paws, she whined softly at the sudden flare of pain in her paws and she lowered her head, licking the pads of her front right paw, tasting blood. She had forgotten she had torn them pretty badly in her rush to stop from leaving the forest and turn and run. And the adrenaline from earlier had worn off, leaving her to feel the pain that swept over her. The good thing, however, was that she had managed to catch her breath and her lungs were no longer burning with the desperate need for air. She watched the human for a moment longer, studying it. It smelt male, however the scent of wolf still clung to him and it sent her mind reeling back in confusion. Her fur bristled once again, red eyes watching the man closely for his reaction, testing how much weight she could put on each of her paws. Her ears flicked back against her skull, teeth bared. However, more than trying to challenge him, she was just trying to keep him where he was, to not come any closer to her.

    Suddenly, she turned slightly and ran off with a whine, making sure to keep her steps as light and as quick as possible to not injure herself any more. What did the human want? Why was he so deep in the forest? And the main question which haunted her mind; Why did he smell like a wolf? He didn't have the smell of a human which had come into contact with a wolf. No, it had smelt like he was a wolf and she didn't understand and the insistent tugging in her mind was giving her a head ache. So slowed after a few minutes, hoping she had lost him. After all, a human couldn't keep up with her, so she should be safe. She laid down once again, releasing the pressure off her injured pads and she gingerly licked at them, tail lashing from side to side. Her ears flicked forward, listening for sounds in front of her, figuring she'd be safe from a mere human. Their legs weren't able to keep up with a wolf's. That thought made her relax and think she was safe.
  4. Josiah had heard the rogue softly growl when he was approaching. However, he did not let that stop him from continuing to walk. Many shadows of the forest were cast over him, concealing his identity for mere moments until he steps out of those shadows. He takes on a slow pace, taking his time getting to the rogue. He wondered to himself if he should kill it, head-on. However, he shook the idea off, considering the rogue was injured already, anyway.

    When he completely stepped out of the shadows, the were-wolf growled. Purely white fur was the rogue's coat. The fur was graceful, comparable to silk, and Josiah knew it was a female. However, there was a problem. He smelled blood, and when he looked over the rogue, he noted that it was bleeding from the paws. And, despite the fact that she was wounded, she merely looked confused. This made him tilt his head to the right, confused himself. Has she not seen another werewolf before? he thought to himself.

    It surprised him when she bared her teeth at him. At first, he saw it as a challenge, but something told him that it couldn't be that. Given her state, she couldn't possibly be challenging anyone, right? Josiah reflected. What peaked his interest and surprised him more was when she stood to her paws and softly padded away. And, he let her go...for a while. Josiah waited for a while, but he never left the forest. Why he didn't leave and come back, he does not know. But, he did know he was going to go after her.

    After a few more minutes, he began to strip off his clothes. Once everything was on the ground, he stood tall, waiting. Josiah thought of transforming into his wolf, a black and white coated, a-bit-larger-than-the-average-werewolf specimen. And, he gradually became this wolf. His claws and canines extended out, his fur growing out from the pores or his skin. His bones began to crack and shift, taking a new form. Soon, he was a whole new being.

    Josiah used his mouth to pick up and carry his clothing as he ran. He utilized his sense of smell, tracking the rogue's smell, and it took no time before he was following her invisible trail. It took a time before he finally stumbled upon her. Her furry back was to him as she laid on her side. She was licking her paws, attempting in getting rid of the blood. Josiah dropped the clothing from his mouth, though made no other movements. He decided to keep his distance, yet make himself known. Since he could not communicate through speech, he settled for a low, guttural growl.
  5. She paused from cleaning her wounds for a moment, raising her head. Scenting the air, the wolf came up blank of any potential threats and she figured that the human had lost interest and left, or possibly was unable to find her. Maybe it had lost its way in the forest and didn't know where to go. That thought, however, provided little comfort to the she-wolf. After all, that meant he was still around and could quite possibly stumble upon her. That made her shift uncomfortably, not at all liking the thought of a human finding her. What if it decided to try and harm her? She knew the dangers of humans and how much damage they could do to a wolf. He had probably hidden some sort of weapon on his person, waiting to attack her. Shuddering, she forced herself relax and she lowered her head to continue licking her paws. The blood was slowly seeping into the white fur on her paws and she tried her best to clean it off, huffing in annoyance when it was being stubborn about coming out. It finally came out and she wagged her tail ever so slightly in satisfaction before she looked down at each of her paws. They had basically stopped bleeding now, which she was thankful for.

    A low, gutteral growl came to her sensitive ears and her head snapped and she stared in shock at the black and white wolf that stood only a short distance behind her. Leapin to her paws, doing her best to ignore her injuries, her ears flicked back, uncertain of this stranger wolf. She noticed it stood quite a fair bit taller than her and that intimidated her. She had ran into other wolves, but none her size. Seeing one bigger than her frightened her. She scented the air, however he was downwind from her, so she couldn't smell his scent. Who was he? Her red gaze flicked down to the clothes by his paws and she looked at them in confusion. Why did he have human clothes? And they looked similiar, if not the same as the clothes the human who had approached her had worn. She watched the wolf for a moment before her curiousity got the best of her and she took a step towards him, then another.

    She lowered her head and tail to try and show she meant no harm to him. When she was close enough to smell him, she stopped dead in her tracks. Her eyes flicked up to the wolf and then the clothes beside him, eyes wide. He smelt like a wolf, however, he had that telltale scent of the human from earlier. She may have passed it off as the clothes beside him, however the scent was too strong for just that. And she saw no blood upon the male's coat. She tensed, staring up at the male wolf for a long while, completely and utterly confused before she stumbled backwards and her back paw struck a rather sharp and fairly big rock upon the ground and a yelp escaped her maw, yanking her paw off the rock quickly. However her gaze never left the male wolf, wanting to know what was going on.
  6. Josiah waited for her reaction after his growl. He watched as her head turned sharply to look at him. And, he observed how she hopped to her feet immediately. Not once did he make a movement to kill or otherwise. He noted that she was confused when she looked down to see the clothes he had once worn moments ago. This was sign to him that she was still confused about he and his wolf being one in the same. However, his opinion changed when she submitted and came close. She had caught his scent, he knew. And her eyes grew wide. So, maybe she is making a connection, Josiah thought amongst his psyche.

    Unfortunately, he then had to withdraw his new logic. Now, she was back to her utterly confused state. I do believe she needs a nudge at the truth. I have nothing to hide from her, anyhow, he decided. So, he stepped forward in her direction. Josiah stretched his paws out, followed by his hind legs. He was slowly beginning to shift into the human he was moments ago. When he was fully transformed, Josiah stands tall, rolling his shoulders back.

    "What business do you have on my territory, rouge?" he says as he retrieved his pants, beginning to put them on. Once he finished, he continued to speak. "Do you know this is grounds for imprisonment? Shift," he said harsh and low, his last word a demand rather than request.
  7. She watched him closely for a moment as he stretched his forepaws in front of him and then his back legs soon followed. She watched in confusion as his body started to shift and change. A moment later, the human from earlier stood in the massive wolf's place and she gave a soft whine. She now understood why he smelt like a human and a wolf. But she didn't understand how it was possible. But then she pictured something in her mind. She was a human again and there was a flash of white hot pain and then she was a wolf, breaking the wooden fence and racing into the forest. Shaking her head, she cleared her thought and stared at the man, listening as he spoke to her. Her ears flicked back as he mentioned territory. She had been here for 10 years and yet she had never come into contact with this.. man.. Wolf? Before.. How could that be?

    Watching as he pulled his pants on and then spoke to her again, his words harsh and low. The last word, 'Shift' was filled with more authority than she had ever heard before. However she didn't understand it. What did it mean? However, a flash of pain spread throughout her body and she gave a quiet yelp. She fell to the ground, curling into herself, wishing for the uncomfortable, painful feeling to vanish. It seemed like her whole body was changing. Then, out of no where, the pain subsided and she was fine. No pain, no uncomfortableness. She was normal.

    Sitting up, she looked down and her eyes widened. She saw pale, hairless legs and arms with human hands. A hand reached up and she touched her face gingerly. She was human. Completely and utterly human. Se ran a hand through her hair in confusion. Her red eyes flicked up to the man, completely confused. Slowly, on shaky, unsure legs, she pushed herself to her feet like how the man stood and she stared at her hands, noticing they were cut up and injured like her paws were. She could feel a stinging pain under her feet and she knew they were injured as well. So this wasn't a dream. She turned her gaze to look up at the man, confused as to how this happened. She tried to step back, however, because she wasn't used to her human legs yet, they gave way and she fell back to the ground and she sucked in a sharp hiss of breath as she caught herself with her hands.
  8. Realization! It had finally hit her that Josiah and his wolf are one. He caught the soft whine she made, confirming his belief. And, he was rather sure now that she most certainly hasn't seen another specimen like her. But, he said nothing about it. He said nothing at all at this moment in time. All that he did was wait for her to comply to his demand, his dark brown eyes becoming harder and harder by the second. And, when she looked puzzled about the concept of shifting, his eyes softened, displaying some confusion of his own. She hasn't shifted into her human yet? Josiah thought, perplexed.

    He mulled this over in his head. Now, he was the truly puzzled one. Right then and there, he decided to neither kill or imprison her. Josiah decided on taking her back to his house and asking her questions. Surely, she was no threat to him, she couldn't be. During this determination, he neglected to notice that she began to shift. However, a yelp made him grasp on to his awareness of his surroundings again. Josiah looked down and saw that she was, indeed, shifting. It must have been the demand, Josiah thought. Her difficulty in shifting at that moment verified that she seldom transformed back and forth.

    And she was done shifting. There, in place of the white wolf, was a pale-skinned girl. She stood to her feet, shock and bewilderment written all over her face. Stepping back, the girl ended up falling because she wasn't accustomed to her legs just yet. He walked to her and placed his hands a few inches above her hips, pulling her up to her feet. Josiah couldn't help his eyes taking a stroll up and down her body when he backed away, but as soon as he knew what he was doing, he snapped his head to the side, averting his eyes. Turning around, he picks up the black V-neck he had on, and hands it to the girl. "Here, put this on," he said. "You will need to stay off those cuts on your feet and hands until they've healed. And whoever was responsible for you should be obliterated for not teaching you how to shift between wolf and human."
  9. She heard leaves crunching under feet and she glanced up to see the man walking towards her. She tilted her head back slightly as he stood over her and then leaned down, placing his hand above her hips. she glanced down at his hands as he lifted her up and then placed her on her feet. Watching as he stepped back, she noticed as his eyes raked over her before he quickly looked away. Looking down at her body, she noticed her flat stomach and her not small but not large breasts and her long, silvery white hair. She looked back up at the man as he held out his shirt he had worn earlier, telling her to put it on. She reached out and grabbed the shirt, pulling it towards her. She looked at it for a moment, before she pulled it over her head and putting her arms through the sleeves, just knowing how to put it on. She tugged at the edge of the shirt, looking down at it.

    When he spoke again, telling her to keep off her hands and feet, she turned her gaze back up to him. He went on to talk about whoever was responsible for her should be obliterated for not teaching her to shift. She looked at him in confusion when she remembered being bitten by the wolf and then it being shot and killed by her neighbour. Was that who he was talking about? That was the only one she could think of who could be 'responsible' for her. she turned her palms upwards, looking at them as the blood had stopped and started to dry. She felt so confused right now and yet she knew that the 'visions' she was seeing were memories. She didn't know how she knew, she just did.

    "He was... killed," she said slowly, her tongue feeling heavy and the words, foreign, yet her voice was soft and uncertain. She just hoped her assumption was correct about who he had been taking about. She dropped her hands to her side and returned her gaze to the man, having no idea what she was going to do now.. She was no longer a wolf and she didn't know how to 'shift' back. So she had no where to go or live. She knew a human couldn't live in the forest. The ones that had tried living in this forest, she had soon found them injured or going back to their buildings.
  10. Josiah held his breath as he waited for her to take the shirt and slip it on. She had only just realized that she was bare of any clothing. When she looked up, she grabbed his shirt and began to slip it on. Only when the shirt was completely on did he release his breath. It was a bit large for her size, the hem of the shirt reaching a few inches above her knees. She tugged at the hem uncomfortably, and he blinked. It was almost comical to see her in his shirt, and the thought of it being funny made a smirk form from his lips. And, realizing that he was smirking, he quickly found his scowl again.

    Then, the girl told him that the one to show such irresponsibility was killed. Josiah said nothing, did nothing but stare into her eyes. Seconds upon seconds pass until he says, "Very well, then." He doesn't say more as he goes to pick her up and off her feet. He held her bridal style and avoided eye contact with her. Though her bleeding has ceased, by walking on the wounds on her feet would hinder the healing process. So, he figured he'd just carry her to his house himself. And so he began to walk the way he had come.

    He walked with a nonchalant, slow pace. Josiah found no reason to be in a rush. He held the girl tight so he would not drop her, and all the while he wonder about her. "Name," he said gruffly. The male did not take the time to glance at her. He avoided looking at her at all times, his eyes trained on the direction he was walking.
  11. She had glanced up just in time to see the smirk on his lips before a scowl quickly replaced it and she wondered what he had been smirking about. She noticed him watched her intently and she quickly looked to the side, unable to hold his gaze. She didn't know why, but she just couldn't hold his gaze as he stared at her. However, when he spoke,she peeked at him fro under her lashes and her eyes quickly widen in surprise, a gasp escaping her as he picks her up off the ground. What was he doing? She looked down at the ground before she looked back at the man's face in question. But he does not provide an answer, nor would he look down at her. And she was very aware of the fact that their skin was touching in places. It was warm and foreign to her. It was diferent to having something touch her as a wolf, where she had fur. This was different and unusual, but she didn't quite hate it.

    She looked down at the ground again as he walked through the forest. She watched as the ground passed them by and she suddenly wished for the feel of the solid ground beneath her feet. Being carried was something she wasn't used to and she didn't overly like it. She turned her gaze away from the ground, looking up at the man. Barely even a second later, he demanded her for her name. The girl's brows furrowed for a moment, thinking. What was her name? For a minute or so, she was silent, trying to remember, willing her memories she had locked away to surface again. But all that came to her mind was a voice, feminine yet firm, saying, 'Rain! Come here!' and she knew it then. Her name must be Rain. It had to be. But she didn't know who that voice beonged to. At least not yet.

    She took a deep breath, "Rain.. It's Rain," she told him, watching for the man's reaction before she lowered it to the shirt she wore and she bunched the material in her hands, her mind spinning as she felt a headache coming on. It was too confusing. Too much to take in. She had no clue about anything and it frustrated her. And all she wanted to do was run, yet the man was holding her, resitricting her from fleeing and whenever he asked her something, his tone was so demanding she couldn't deny him the answers. To be honest, she wasn't sure what she thought of this man. He kind of scared her.
  12. They were nearing his house, he knew. Though, when she left to go into the forest, she didn't go too far. This reminds Josiah that he had left his shoes behind. No matter, he reasoned. He wasn't exactly up for retrieving them, so he continued to walk. Josiah still awaited a name. He took a chance, stealing a glance of the mystery girl he presently held. And he could not help but wonder just what exactly her story was. But, he shook away any scenarios he may have in his head, tilting his head, cracking his neck. The inquisition can come later in my office, Josiah concluded.

    "Rain," she began to say. "It's Rain." It took her quite a time before she actually answered. Did she not know her name at first, having to dig threw her brain for answers? And if so, is it possible that she truly doesn't know anything about herself at all? This girl is a true mystery, concluded he.

    "Rain," he repeated in an exploratory manner. This was the moment that he actually allowed himself to look upon her, catching her eyes. Unfortunately, it was merely brief. He was looking onward again, exiting the forest. He made his way to the sliding doors which was the back entrance to the house. Josiah used his foot to slide the left door open, walking in. The entrance led to the kitchen, and he found Beta Henderson and Kendall arguing over whether or not one or the other drunk the last of the orange juice.

    Both Henderson and Kendall stop what they're doing. Kendall was holding a spatula, ready to strike. Mid-swat, her head as well as Henderson's turned to analyze Josiah's situation. Josiah set the newly named girl, Rain, down to her feet as he frowned at the two siblings. Kendall looked rather upset while Henderson looked both impressed and confused. "Uh, Alpha, you do know that's the rogue scent I've been picking up lately, right?" Josiah merely nods, saying nothing more.

    He turned his head toward Rain, saying, "Follow me. Put minimum pressure on your feet as possible. Walk on your toes if you must." And, with that, he walks off towards his office on the second floor.
  13. Rain's gaze flickered up to the man's for a mere moment as he repeated her name, seeing that he had looked down at her for a mere moment before looking up at where he was going again. She turned her gaze to the house that they approached and she tensed. She didn't know what to think of going inside of a house. But she didn't have much of a choice. They got to the sliding doors and she looked down, watching as he opened it with his foot before he walked inside. She heard voices and soon saw a man and a woman arguing over something she didn't quite catch on to. She watched them as they turned to look at her and the man who held her. She dtudied them, seeing the girl held a spatula mid-air and she intantly wondered what would've happened if they hadn't come in at that moment. They turned to look at them slowly, each expression different.

    The man set her down and she straightened herself, releasing the material of the shirt from her grasp and looking back at the pair as the other man spoke, saying she was the rogue he had smelt earlier. She also noticed that he had called the man Alpha. She craned her neck slightly to look up at the man. He was an Alpha? Well, that would explain why she couldn't deny him. Her red eyes flicked over to the woman, seeing her upset expression and Rain cocked her head to the side in confusion. The man merely nodded before he turned his attention to her, looking down to meet her gaze.

    The man ordered her to follow him and to stay off her feet as much as possible, to walk on her toes if she must, She watched him as he walked off before she looked over at the other two who were still staring at them before she turned and followed the man slowly, getting used to her legs, trying not to fall. It was harder to do so when she was trying to keep off her injuries as much as possible. However, she did eventually make it up the stairs and she looekd over at the man and followed him into a room, looking around and wondering just where she was. This was his home, right? So who were the other people she had seen earlier? She turned her attention onto the man before her, both confused and curious at the same time.
  14. He did not check to make certain she was following, he didn't need to. All that Josiah did was lead the way to his office. When he got there, he didn't hesitate to open the door and walk in, turning on the light. There was a large, steel gray desk with a glass top surface posted in front of a wheeled, black leather chair. Five portfolios were scattered across the desk and around the computer that sat on the desk. The back wall had a tall book shelf, and the wall with the entrance door had two settees against, both posted on either side of the door. There was also two chairs directly in front of the desk. Josiah point to one of the chairs, saying "Sit down." His voice took on a more calm voice, but void of emotion.

    Josiah walked around his desk and sat in the chair. Opening up a drawer in his desk, he pulls out a binder labeled 'Rouge Reports'. He set upon his desk and opened it, just as Henderson and Kendall come bounding in. "Hurray, it's a party," he stated in an unenthusiastic manner. He picks up a black ink pen on his desk and begins to write the new report. The form required a name, pack from which they came, date in which they were found on the territory, and their respective punishment. He eyed Rain with an eyebrow raised before writing 'Not Applicable' for the pack name and punishment.

    Kendall bounces over to Josiah's desk, propping herself on it. "Who's the newbie?" she asked with a scrutinizing gaze. This makes Josiah grit his teeth and growl.

    "Who she is does not concern you. Would you please wait outside while Beta Henderson and I chat with her." Josiah grounded out. Kendall pouts slightly as she complies, but not before glaring at Rain. Henderson was spread out on the left couch, and he stuck his tongue out at his sister as she leaves.

    "She's a cute rouge. Do tell me you won't kill or imprison her, Josiah," Henderson teases, standing up to walk over to the desk. He stands next to the empty chair beside the one Rain sits upon.

    "Shut up, this is a serious matter. And I won't be doing either. She's not a threat to us," said Josiah, turning to Rain next, "What business did you have on the territory?"
  15. Rain looked at the office, taking in the desk, computer, chairs, portfolios and the shelf on the back room. She studied the room for a while longer before she heard the man order her to sit down, gesturing to a chair. As he walked around the desk, she hesitantly took a seat, perched near the edge, feeling the urge to run deep in her chest. But she shoved it down, knowing she'd be stopped before she could escape. He pulled out a binder and she read the words on the front before she heard people come up behind her. She turned slightly to look at the pair who came inside. She heard Josiah mutter something, but decided to ignore it and she watched him as the man spread himself out on one of the couches and the woman came to sit upon the desk and ask who she was, her gaze scrutinizing and judgemental. Her gaze flicked over to their Alpha as he growled. Her eyes widened slightly and she looked back at the woman as he speaks to her.

    So the man was the Beta and his name was Henderson. She shrunk slightly under the woman's glare and watched as she left the room as the Beta stuck his tongue out at her. That was rather immature. The Beta went on to talk and her eyes widened slightly when he mentioned being killed or imprisoned. She eyes flashed to their Alpha, hoping she was going to be fine. He wouldn't kill her.. Would he? She didn't know. She didn't know the man. However, he told the Beta to shut up and that he wasn't going to do either and she visibly relaxed and a sigh escaped her.

    But then he asked what she was doing on their territory.. Her head tilted to the side slightly and she stared at him before she glanced at Henderson who stood beside the chair beside her own. She glanced between the two for a swift moment before she settled her gaze upon their Alpha. ".. I did not mean anything by it.." she said slowly, trying to figure out the right words after not talking for such a long time. "I had no where else to go after I was.." she thought for a moment, pausing, "bit," she wondered if she should tell them when it was.. What would they think if a 'rogue' had gone undetected for 10 years? She decided it would be best.. And she kind of wanted to see their reactions. She looked between the two, "Ten years ago," she added, curious as to what their reactions were going to be. She hoped that would sate their curiosity, as she didn't remember much else about her past, so she couldn't say anything even if they wanted to know more. She hoped, however, that she would remember within time. If she was now going to be stuck as a human, she didn't want to have no memories.
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  16. Josiah noticed that she was tense at the mention of her undergoing harsh punishment. But, when he had stated that he wouldn't have her executed or lock away, she relaxed. He also caught a sigh of relief leave her. And so, she should be relieved, Josiah thought to himself. Josiah had asked her what she was doing on the territory, and he awaited her response to his inquiry. And her answer stunned him. Not simply by the fact that she was bitten rather than born. This he concluded for himself. But, it was the fact that she had been on the territory for ten years. Ten years! Ten years ago, Josiah's father, Jones, and Winston were still alive. Ten years ago, Josiah was still in training with Jones. Ten years ago, Winston was still Alpha and Valentin was still Beta.

    His head snapped to Henderson, and Henderson's eyes were wide. Josiah said, "What the hell!? She's been here for ten years and we never noticed?" Henderson shrugs in shock and Josiah turns his her back to Rain. "How old are you?" he asked her. This was hardly believable to him, and Beta Henderson was just as bewildered. How could the Prominence patrols miss her? Did they miss her at all. Or did they take notice of her, but never said anything? Many questions moved this way and that in Josiah's head, he was truly stumped. He stares intently into her eyes before giving her a once-over. To him, she could be no more than 19 years of age.
  17. Rain's gaze flicked between Henderson and their Alpha, watching as the realisation sunk in. She wondered if it hurt their pride as a Pack that she had managed to go undetected for ten years. If it had been up to her, she would have chosen to go longer with out being seen. To live her life in peace. That's all she wanted. To be left alone. She studied the two men, watching as the Alpha's head snapped up to look at Henderson and the tone in his voice made her flinch. However, she couldn't help the slight wave of pride that washes over her. A whole pack hadn't found her. She had been able to keep her scent away from them. Maybe it was a good thing she had covered her tracks as much as possible. She hadn't been slack. Hands clenching into fists, the material of the shirt bunching up in her hands, she watched the man sitting behind the desk as he turned to face his back to her. What was he going to do? She was nervous, thinking maybe he would change his mind about the punishment. She didn't want to be imprisoned or killed. It wasn't like she had harmed anyone.

    Before her mind could wander too far, the man asked how old she was and she blinked in surprise. She honestly hadn't expected that. "Umm.." she started, thinking for a short moment, "I would be.. Eighteen," she told him, her gaze lifting to the ceiling momentarily as she thought. Yes. The memory she had of changing into her wolf form for the first time had provided the information that she had been eight at the time. She had been in the forest for Ten years, so if she added that together, she'd be eighteen. She lowered her gaze to look at the man again and gave a confirming nod. She was definitely eighteen. She forced herself to relax and opened her hands and absentmindedly smoothed out the material of the shirt as she glanced between the Alpha and Henderson. If they decided they wanted her dead, she wouldn't stand a chance. Even she knew that. She trusted her instincts enough to know that she'd be trapped before she could escape. "I promise I won't try to hurt anyone.. If that's what you're worried about," she said quickly, voice quiet, glancing between the two of them, hoping they'd let her go. Not that she had any idea how to become a wolf again.
  18. Josiah's face grew blank as she finally answered his question. Eighteen. She was eighteen years old, meaning she was eight when she stumbled upon the Prominence territory. Unlike naturally born werewolves, bitten werewolves shift instantly. Born werewolves have a set date in which the transformation takes place, the shift being the only way for the human and wolf sides of a werewolf to fully connect. The set date was at age 12, however some are said to have shifted earlier or later. Josiah shifted at the age of 10, deep in the forest when he was climbing trees with Jones. He had started to feel the agonizing pain, starting at his spine, making him fall from the tree. On the way down, his shirt got caught on a thick branch, and a deep, jagged scar was formed, starting from the right side of his abdomen and traveling diagonally to stop mid-stomach. That same scar marred his body, healed. He placed a hand there, shuddering as he recalled the experience. It was horrible. And, just then he realized he still wasn't wearing a shirt. But, Josiah paid no mind to it, shook away those thoughts, and returned to the matter at hand.

    He sat back in his chair, the cool leather meeting his warm back. Lifting a hand, Josiah covered his eyes from any view. He breathed in deeply before letting it out in one big huff. Henderson was a bit skeptical about speaking, but he decided to take his chances. "Josiah--," he began, but was quickly cut off when Josiah slammed a balled fist on his desk, making the desk shake, however the glass remained in tact.

    "If she can slip by without any detection whatsoever for ten years, then who knows what other rogues are living on the territory? I want the patrols doing a sweep over Prominence area, making sure there are't anymore stray werewolves. And, if this happens again, I will make sure you and the patrols passionately regret it," Josiah says, his voice the epitome of tranquility. Then, he turns to Rain to address once again. "As for you, I do not want promises. I want your loyalty. Considering I have pushed aside a punishment for you, you will make an addition to the Prominence pack." Seconds later, he hears the slam of a door, but ignores it, his eyes trained on Rain.
  19. Rain waited, confused when his face became blank; devoid of any emotion. A few minutes of tense, agonising silence passed and she watched as he lifted a hand to touch something on his stomach, however the desk blocked her view from what ever it was. Her eyes rose again as she noticed a shudder pass through the man and she cocked her head to the side, curious as to what was going through his mind. She tore her gaze away from the man as he leaned against his chair, hand moving to cover his eyes. She looked at Henderson, studying him for a second as he spoke and it was then that she finally knew the Alpha's name. Josiah. Looking back at him, she was quickly yanked from her musings as he slammed his fists against the desk, causing her to shrink back slightly, wishing the chair would swallow her up so she wouldn't have to be there. She lowered her gaze to stare at her lap, thinking about what had happened through out the day. Josiah had found her and showed her what he was before commanding her to shift. After 10 years, she was finally a human again and she had gotten a couple of her memories back. Now she was at Josiah's house answering questions and she was uncertain of what the future was going to hold for her.

    Josiah's voice towards his Beta made her shudder and she looked up at Henderson. Josiah's tranquil tone kind of frightened her, but she was trying not to show it. She watched Henderson for a short moment, curious as to what he thought about his Alpha's choice of words, but quickly looked back at Josiah as he addressed her. His words caused her eyes to widen in surprise. She hadn't expected him to say that. She didn't know what she had expected, but it definitely wasn't that. The slamming of a door somewhere in the house startled her and she jumped, glancing back at the door momentarily, wondering what had happened, before looking back at Josiah, trying to determine whether he was serious about her joining his pack or not. However, his expression was completely serious and she could see no humour in his eyes. He really wanted her to join his pack. But why? Why someone like her? She barely understood who she was let alone what she was and he wanted her in his pack? The idea was Ludacris.

    She stayed silent for a moment, unsure of how to answer him. She didn't want to. She knew that, but she didn't have much of a choice right now. "But," she starts and then stops herself. She wanted to ask why, but was it really the right time? Probably not. She gave a gentle sigh, almost inaudible, "Alright," she said to him, watching him for a moment before her gaze lowered to the floor. Only because I don't have a choice in the matter Rain added silently in her head. But.. She thought It might be nice..
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  20. Josiah saw that he had scared her when he slammed his fist to the desk. She had shrunk back a bit, her gaze averted. He scowled. However, it was not toward Rain nor Henderson. It was directed at himself. Ever since the battle with Black Shadow, he hasn't been himself. Before the ambush, he was fun. Funny. Weird. Actually pleasant to be around. But, in the aftermath, Josiah turned cold and closed-off. Never did he intend for that to happen, it merely happened naturally. His face then displays his agony. I need to find myself again, and quick. I can't let my pack live in fear of me, he thought. Leaning forward, his elbows sit on his thighs. His left hand dangled while his right hand ran threw his hair as he sighed.

    He sat up again,his face taking on a new look. Josiah was dejected. And, to be honest, he was pretty disappointed in himself. Sighing once again, Josiah stood up from his chair. His voice was, too, changed as he spoke. "Considering you've really had no place to go, you will stay here. Beta, would you please show her to a guest room?" And that was all. Josiah walked from around his desk and walked out, he planned to go to his room to shower. When he got there, Josiah closed his door and proceeded to his bathroom. BAck in the office, Henderson was stunned by the sudden change in mood. However, he just shook his head and turned to Rain.

    "Alright, so a room for the lady. Follow me then," he said before turning to head to the door.