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  1. The Island Alt resort is a popular place. Located near a series of islands which form a nation called Eahan, most go there to enjoy the clean waters on white sandy beaches, the rooms and room service that treat you like royalty, and many activities on the vast island owned of course by altcorp.

    But then there's one such spectialty of the island. Other resorts may offer magic and voodoo practices alone, others boasting adventures with pirates and treasure among other things.

    Island Alt boasts the ability to take on a new form and life. Any kind, really. Just send off a request note to the front lobby, whether it be random or specific...


    The basic gist of the RP is that you play a character that has taken on a new temporary identity/form (in other words they physically become another character) that could be a change of species/gender/color/etc. The personality does not have to tie with the body. Characters are allowed amnesia upon the changes and can come to a full decision on the permanent status of the change. All in all this is where you can make and try out characters you rarely play.

    Feel free to have more than one character or switch around.



    It wasn't all so easy to remember. At least not for the female form rising from off the sand one fine morning. She had awoke to find herself under the sun while lounging about in swimwear. Off to the side was a half filled glass and a pitcher of ice cold fruit punch.

    For a good moment, she considered what to do next. Firstly though, she needed a name to present others with, lest she be given all kinds of annoying nicknames. The young woman of at least 16 by way of physical appearance took a long gulp of juice from her glass.

    She decided to go with Naze for now.

    Then it was back to deciding what to do. It was awfully comfortable in this spot, and she had just woke up. It would have also been a waste to leave the fruit juice there, so she decided to stay a little longer.

    "F%$k it." She cursed, taking a rather large gulp. "I feel like absolute shit because I probably slept too long. But I feel an incredible surge of fabulousness, so I'll just chill for another few winks..."





    It wasn't exactly everyday you found a funny suit in a box sent up by room service. But when you randomly request a prespective on the world to try and understand how much bigger it was than the life of one high school football player with letterman jacket and all, this was certainly something else.

    But here he was. Smaller than small, and well capable of becoming even smaller if he wanted to. But it felt rather reassuring to retain size equal to that of an ant, at least.

    Terry Studling scanned the room around him as he peered out the window. Next to him was the remains of a tick he had bashed to death, Terry still possessing much of the strength of his normal size and then some in this bizarro size switcharoo.

    He turned over to the window, and after some work, was able to get it open so he could escape. He crawled along the outside wall slowly, the suit providing the ability to latch on that he required. It also housed several other features, but he didn't bother with all of them at once.

    "I'm never going to the big city." He huffed, slipping off some of his helmet to breath. "Too big."

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