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    Welcome to Chance Harbor!

    We wont be following the books (I haven't gotten to read them yet) and we wont be following the show.

    It's pretty much the same as the show, but we can all talk about this after we sign up or we can just go with the flow.

    No God moding
    Third Person
    You can come up with your own character
    There are only Two Blackwell children and Diana isn't the other one.
    Don't be a ass
    at least 50 words please

    There are end game couples in this. Though whatever happens in between is up to you guys.
    Here are the couples

    Diana x My OC
    Melissa x Nick
    Jake x Cassie
    Faye x (Who ever you want Faye)
    Adam x (Who ever you want Adam)

    How you look:
    Human, Witch, or Witch hunter: (If this RP lasts a bit I might add other species to the list)
    History: (At least a paragraph
    3 Strengths:
    3 Weaknesses:
    Personality: (At least a paragraph
    Power: (Nothing to weird, usually witches have elemental powers while witch hunters have heightened senses and things like tracking)
    Anything else: (Just in case you want to add a little something)

    How I look:

    Name: Amber Oscurita
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'9"
    Human, Witch, or Witch hunter: Witch
    Sexuality: Gay
    History: After her mother and Cassie's mother left Chance harbor when they were small, Amber couldn't remember a sad moment in her life until she turned 17 and her best friend Cassie turned 16. It had been like any normal day, Cassie was carpooling with Phoebe and herself on their way home (they were neighbors) when Amber suddenly got a flat and had to pull over. Once they were on the road again Amber got a call from the hospital (where their mother was currently after her heath kept declining) saying that she had died from a heart attack. It was well over an hour before Phoebe stopped crying. Amber had always known something wasn't right when her mother would avoid questions about where she came from, who her father was, why they didn't talk to her grandmother, why she left... Now after their mothers deaths Amber, Cassie and her sister Phoebe are going back to Chance Harbor.
    3 Strengths: Compassionate, Adventurous, Smart, Silly.
    3 Weaknesses: Puts others before herself to a point of exhaustion, Doesn't know how to explain her feelings, Has a short temper, Possessive and over protective of those she holds dear.
    Personality: Amber is never one to turn down a party or anything to do outside, while laid back she has a short temper, the short temper is a result of her fire ability. She is confident and kind, she puts others before herself and often forgets to do something for her. While she has stayed strong for her younger sister and best friend, the death of her mother has taken a toll on Amber. Both her sister and her best friend know how to push her buttons to get their way. Stubborn is a family trait and compassion is her middle name. Though never one to sit and talk about her feelings she listens to others and tries to help. She would do anything for those closest to her. Even those who piss her off.
    Power: Natural ability with fire, Dark magic, Light magic.
    Anything else: She found her book of Shadows already, it contains things about each family and how her mothers side were the first witches. She doesn't know about her fathers side of the family. or the fact that she and her little sister are only half sisters because they share the same mother. Also doesn't know Cassie is her other younger sister.
  2. Dibs on Cassie if we get to pick who we are. Can we be two people? I'll post character info later.
  3. Yes we can be two or three people, and Yes you can choose a person