Champions Errant. An Original Medieval Fantasy RP.

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  1. Quick Summary:

    A group of champions representing factions of the recently formed 'Union Court', A fragile diplomatic organization consisting of the few civil sects, set out out to find a rare artifact out in the barbaric frontier. Whomever returns alive with artifact in hand wins their respective faction the right to invade a nascent city-state.

    The players, as these champions, are encouraged to work with and against each other as they try to survive the harsh frontier and retrieve the artifact. Chivalry, forbidden love, unlikely alliances, backstabbing and soul-crushing politics are all front and center.

    Other info:

    Factions: In the context of the RP, a faction is simply a civil group of people. Your characters may represent an expansive empire, a forest kingdom, an independent merchant city, a religious organization or even powerful and respectable individuals such wizards or dragons who may see the ordeal as a chance for some valuable land but aren't arsed to put themselves in danger and do it themselves.

    Hell you can even represent the unnamed city-state in a desperate bid to avoid invasion.

    Available races: The world is human dominated, but a whole plethora of creatures inhabit it. You can really play anything as long as it's humanoid and of reasonable proportions.

    Magic: Magic is present, but only the rare wizard or magical beast commands it with any proficiency. Players are granted a few magic boons from their sponsors, whether equipment or abilities, but they are mostly going to solve problems with the strength of their sword arm.

    Technology: Mid-Medieval, with a bias towards Europe. Plate armor is expensive, but can be worn with little discomfort. Mechanically, nothing exists more complex than an expensive lock or an arbalest.

    Other?: Feel free to ask questions or make suggestions. A lot of details are up in the air the moment (faction names, what the world looks like, how the 'Union Court' came to be... ect).
  2. I am interested in championing the cause of a nascent city-state, if this gains more momentum I will perhaps contribute some effort into creating said state.
  3. Didn't think the nascent city-state role would be taken so quickly. Then again, I guess it's the only real 'good' role.

    Let's hope some more interest picks up quickly
  4. I was in the appropriate mood for it, and yes I am looking forward to this.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.