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  1. Set in a world where all races mingle and New things are found everyday, a small and homely shop has appeared. Welcome to Chamomile's! Come on in! Its always the right temperature inside, and we serve all sorts of teas and coffees. You name it we've got it. Come sip a hot cup of green tea in our lounge, where traditional meets new age. Or down a cup of esspresso to help you on those sleepy winter mornings. Its a great place to bring your friends and hang out, or to catch up on a little studying. Come say hi!

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  2. The girl stood outside the shop, carrying nothing but a small rucksack and a leather jacket. Her wide green eyes observed the entrance while she twisted a strand of red hair round her finger. Her tattered and mucky clothing suggested she had been walking for a while; the exaughstion was evident in her face. Jingling the last of her change in her pocket, Jade entered the cafe in search for warmth and rest.
  3. Stepping off the damp streets onto the cracked sidewalk in front of a small cafe, Carmichael coughed lightly into his fist. It had been an exceptionally early morning for the aging businessman. An international flight plus a 3 layover had left him deprived of any energy and in the need of what he estimated as at least 4 large coffees. Shaking off the chill, the man opened the door to the cafe and immediately removed the black-brimmed fedora from his head - an action that sprinkled water across the floor before him.

    He looked over the room and noticed a young girl approaching the counter to place an order and he followed suit. His dress shoes tapped an even rhythm against the floor beneath them as he got in line.
  4. Jack the cat liked to roam the coffee shop, being a stray cat it was the only thing he could do anyways. He walked up to someone drinking and layed down in front of them.
  5. Chamomile greeted everyone in the little cafe with her english accented voice. "Hello all and welcome! Please make your selves comfortable and i'll be right by to take your order." She turned to the girl in tattered clothing, and murmered " Oh you poor dear. Come take a seat by the fire. Its such a dreary day out. Shall I get you some hot co coa to warm you up?" She led the girl to a spring green bean bag chair right next to the warm flames.
  6. hi.jpg Jack got up scared as he heard someone yelling he dashed a crossed the shop behind the counter and into the back room where all the coffee grains were.
  7. Carmichael raised an eyebrow as the girl was led to the fire and sighed as the cat ran past him. He quickly brushed his leg with his free hand hoping not to get any cat fur on his suit pants. He looked around and moved towards a rickety wooden chair beside the window. He sat down with a restrained grumble, placing his hat on a small table in front of him. His eyes moved from the two girls out to the street, blinking slowly as the rain began picking up again.
  8. "I'd like a Dectuple Jasmine Espresso, if you please." said Soren as he entered the shop, his silver hair and ears springing up from his now removed hood, which flopped down the back of his dark satin trench coat.
    "Excuse me, milady, is there any need of assistance in this area? I was told by my employer to come here, just in case something was needed."
  9. Jack was scurrying around the back room for some water before he was caught and thrown out of the shop. He found some water in the back, but it was steaming hot, so he tipped it over and it all came spilling down all over the floor.
  10. Jade thanked the woman and sipped her warm drink. It had been a long time since she had felt this warm, a long time since she had felt this feeling of security. She gratefully sank into her chair and relaxed for the first time in months.
  11. A man rustled something in his pants pocket as he walked into the small coffee shop. It was homey and warm, just the way he liked it. He was a tall man in his thirties. Despite that, he had yellowish skin and white hair, much like an old man would have, but no wrinkles of any kind. His chin sported a little beard and his ears small rings. He wore black pants and shoes, a cobalt dress shirt, striped light brown vest and a white tie. As he entered the coffee shop, he caught the eyes of most people not due to his physical appearance or clothing, but because of a steel mask sitting in front of his eyes. The mask had three horizontal red lights, which were on. He walked up to the counter and started leaning on it, not saying or doing anything else. He seemed to be enjoying the atmosphere.

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