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  1. It is good to hear from you, friend.

    I'm glad you've decided to take me up on my offer.

    I assure you the evening will be enjoyable.

    For at least one of us.

    Do you like games, friend?

    Are you a good investigator?

    How well do you know your fellow dinner guests?

    Shall we find out?

    chameleon title - invert.png

    Welcome to Chameleon, a horror mystery roleplay set in the 1880s.

    You live in a decent sized town in an English-inspired forest. The name of the town and the exact location are not important. What is important is that your characters should all know of each other but may not have spoken very often. I'll leave that up to you.

    A few miles outside of this town and nestled even further into the forest is Nettlewood Manor, popular in hushed conversation for its many attached rumors. The lord is a recluse and has not been seen in many years. People swear the place is haunted. Others will mutter that Sir Bennett is a vampire or another such silly beast of legend. The rumors, of course, are fueled by the odd disappearances that happen from time to time.

    But for all the gossip and the ridiculous chatter, the townspeople can all agree on one thing: Corwin Bennett is incredibly rich. So when you, the blacksmith or the baker or the midwife or the drunkard, receive an invitation to the lord's estate with the promise of dinner and a proposal 'you shan't refuse' well...

    Curiosity, if not greed, is a powerful thing.

    Not much knowledge about the 1880s is required to join this roleplay. All you need to know is that ladies wore bustles to make their butts look big under their dress and men wore suits and loved top hats.

    Now, there is a catch to this roleplay.
    I've chosen you all as players because I know you'll be able to follow this rule well.

    At some point in the roleplay, you will be playing the villain.
    When and how will not be revealed to you until the appropriate time.
    There will be a lot of PMing involved and I need your cooperation.

    Aside from that, other things you should know:

    There will be a lot of scheming and secrets and I encourage you as players to scheme with each other in secret and to have your characters scheme as well.

    Your characters will probably die in this roleplay. So sorry~

    This is a mystery roleplay with psychological tendencies. Let's keep the atmosphere at that, shall we? Let's not have super human, fearless characters deflating the fun balloon.

    I think that's everything. If you have any questions, leave em below or PM me.

    I'm not going to put up a character sheet template. Give me as much or as little information as you want, as long as I know your name and appearance. You can also PM me your application if you want to keep seeecretssss.

    Let's aim to have these characters up by the 17th.
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  2. [​IMG]
    ~Elizabeth Carroway~
    Trader's Daughter
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  3. Father Doyle MacArthur


    Doyle is of moderate height for a gentleman of his age, which is to say that he stands about five foot and nine inches, his build is slender, skin pale, hair of the brunette variety and worn perhaps longer than he should. He wears dark somber clothes of a nice cut and certainly not the cheapest material. His sleepy eyes have bags under them and perhaps his lips are just a touch too red and his face just a touch too pale…

    Father Doyle is the new priest. He’s been there for maybe three years. His past isn’t known by the residents really and he rarely talks about where he came from. Sometimes he goes off to the city for a couple of days, saying he has people he needs to see. Not everyone believes this. He’s a decent enough priest though, he’s always got a sermon ready for Sunday and seems compassionate to his flock. He’s a bit quiet but shouldn’t a priest be solemn? However, some do not like his popularity, especially with the young women in town…​
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  4. [​IMG]
    image source: Witch - image by --JFSM --Meii | We Heart It

    Mabel Elizabeth Warren
    Madam, Lady of the Night, Painted Lady, etc.
    Appearance: Mabel is average height, roughly 5'4, and is beyond slim. "Skinny" would be an apt way to describe her frame. Her vibrant red hair falls just past her shoulders and she rarely takes the time to fully pin it back. Her wild curls aren't easy to tame, anyway. With hazel eyes and fair skin that doesn't look like it sees the sun too much it's easy to tell that she was once gorgeous. Though time, and a rough life have withered that away. Fine lines fan out from the corners of her eyes and around her mouth, and she's beginning to look aged beyond her 28 years.​
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  5. [​IMG]
    Son of the local magistrate. The wealthy Forsythe family has a long, respected legacy in their neck of the English countryside. Simon himself, on the other hand, has a less than sparkling reputation. Two years ago, a maidservant accused him of trying to strangle her. She later recanted and moved away from town, but the whispers never quite left with her...

    Apprentice undertaker. Marcus was always a bit of an odd duck, and sentiments haven't changed since he entered his uncle's funerary profession. His main jobs, presently, are to paint the corpses and arrange decorations for the services, as well as taking notes and running various errands in his uncle's stead. He doesn't deal often with people outside of the families of his customers or the other tradesmen he deals with in the course of his work.​
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  6. [​IMG]

    Victoria Gilmore

    Old Money

    Ten years back a wizened old hag came into town. She had two things with her, a lot of money, and a your granddaughter with white hair. Many called her a witch, but few could argue with her coin which she used to but an old townhouse and renovate it into a comfortable home for them both. Very little was known about either, every week Elizabeth would deliver a note of groceries needed to the market to deliver. They would arrive to find the money waiting, and Elizabeth there to take the parcel.

    That changed 3 months ago. Marcus found Elizabeth, now grown into a woman silently watching him. "She is dead." were her first words. "Please come and get her."

    No one came to the funeral except Elizabeth and rubberneckers, but since then now free of her guardian Elizabeth has been seen around town, buying groceries, and attending church, something neither did before then. She refuses to talk about the crone, meeting questions with silence.
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  7. Roland Augustus Durand IV (open)
    About 5'6. His hair is usually just a little disheveled, and he often has dark circles under his eyes, as if a good night's rest is a rare occurrence for him.

    Heir to a somewhat small-- but slowly flourishing-- merchant company. As such, Roland has lived under the thumb of his demanding father and mother to ensure the future of the family fortune. Unfortunately for them, Roland has little interests beyond his own whims, which are often sex, alcohol, and the... less than occasional narcotic. His parents have promised not to forcibly step into his affairs as often if he can attend the Bennett Estate dinner, make a good name of their family, and not make an ass of himself.


    Mirian Olivea Durand (open)
    Stands at about 5'4, her lower back length dark hair is usually tied up in a messy bun. Her blue-gray eyes always seem just a little sad.

    Mirian is Roland's cousin, her late father having been younger brother to Roland's father. Mirian is quiet and bookish, and wants nothing more than to become a writer, but her mother is pressuring her to take her cousin's place as heir of the family business, as she sees the drunkard as wildly incompetent. Mirian, too meek to protest her mother's will, has no choice but to attend the uncomfortable event that is a social dinner, where her mother is encouraging her to draw the attention of any worthy suitors.
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  8. Okay! Some things of note:

    We've got two Elizabeths, which of course is perfectly fine. We can work around that with nicknames or using the first letter of their surnames.

    Shiny's Roland and Arcadia's Elizabeth C. are both merchant's kids. That means rivalry! Or a partnership! You guys can decide.

    A gentle reminder for those who've posted characters so far to watch this thread so you get notifications!
    @Arcadia @Saint Tribs @Zombie Turtle @Astaroth @Vay @Shiny
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  9. [​IMG]
    Doctor Ashley Adler

    A dozen or so years back Dr. Adler arrived in town with very little in his possession. He had his medical equipment, enough money to purchase a house, and his infant daughter. Coin spent, he wasted no time setting up his practise. While a friendly enough man, any inquiry about the girl’s mother will completely change his demeanor into one of coldness and hostility. Ashley is a well preserved man, despite nearing the end of his fourth decade. He is tall and always dressed neatly.
    Lillian Lightwood

    Lillian is the daughter of a skilled woodworker and a seamstress. Once an outgoing child, she has rarely been seen by anyone other than her family for the past several years. The exception being that she had continued to accompany her parents to church, up until the most recent year when that too stopped and she remained exclusively at her parents’ house. Of course, whatever her reasons for seclusion there was no way someone of her status was going to pass up such an invitation.
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  10. Hey guys. So I've been ill. It started with a round of depression and then when I finally got over that, I got hit with physical sicknesses, one at a time, and each time I'm about to get over one, something new hits me. I've had a string of terrible luck and I barely feel human right now. But that's not me looking for pity. I just want you guys to know why I haven't started the RP and why I won't be able to. I can't GM right now. I'm so sorry to do this after you guys were so quick with your characters and excited to play. ): I hope ya'll can forgive me. I just can't do the thing right now but maybe in the near future I'll attempt this RP again, when I'm feeling better. <3
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  11. We love you and totally understand!

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