Challenger: A Role play!

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  1. Welcome!

    I'm your (not so) humble host Enezrel!

    Have you ever felt the urge to role-play, the urge so great you just had to find one!
    But all you could find was an unstructured simple game with little to no plot!
    I'm here to solve all your problems!
    This structured system built by Dave Dostalr.
    Available for free in E-book format!
    Wondering if anyone wanted to do a role-play run though online about it.
    Free E book link ( )
    I'll be Gm, and you be the players. I'd like at least 5 people who can post at least once a day.
    at maximum I'd like 8. and At minimum I'd like 3. For the dice rolls Just roll a dice at
    1d20 = 1 min 20 max
    Honesty is not only encouraged but severely demanded if we want to make this fun for everybody.

    Save a spot
    Read the book
    type out a character
    post your character!

    pm me for details or more info.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.