Challenge of the Elements: Wind

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  1. So the goal here is to cover all 5 chance elements, one element a week, and then on the sixth week to have a ‘combination’ of them. This week’s theme, wind!

    Wind energy is everywhere around us, the wind could even function as propulsion for us in terms of some kind of gliding car if we put our fantasy minds to it. Your challenge is to build a society that uses wind for its main energy source, and livelihood. Consider the location, the level of advanced technology, and many more aspects as you write and as always have fun!
  2. Damien was not at all pleased with his father decision. Everybody knew that fire and water didn't mix so why his father pushing him so hard about this peace treaty? His eyes widened. " Wait, your not trying to make me date the girl are you?!?!" He slammed his palms against the table, making the table rattle from impact.

    " A girl? I was talking about the prince of the water kingdom. You thought he was a she?" His father asked him, bemused at his son error. Where did he get that idea from? Surely it wasn't him.

    " What? She's a dude?! I'm done with this" He bowed his head to his father before walking away, not once looking back at him.

    " Young man you better stop walking away and listen to what I have to say!" Now he was upset, he's son refused to listen to him even when it might affect his future with his kingdom.

    "What?" He asked, not even looking back but he did stop walking.

    " I want you and him to hang out.....get to know each other"

    "I'm not hanging out with some water punk especially not the water prince"

    "Son we have a duty to do and people to protect. Our two kingdoms have been at each others throat since the dawning of time. Don't you think it's time we change that?"

    Damien eyes widened slightly as he said that, his father was right. He had to protect his people and fellow soldiers.

    " Your right father but what if we get along? Fire is fiery and aggressive while water is calm and soothing. We don't mix father and we never will! This is like a suicide mission"

    " Why do you have to be so damn hard headed! Your going to meet the son and hang out with him, that's my final order! Now, leave my office at once!" He turned around so his back was facing his son.

    " Whatever" Damien rolled his eyes and walked out the room, mentally cursing at his father.
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