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    Dearest Iwaku, I am tired of miserableness, crankyness, bitchyfits, snarkibutts, and other unfun things. They are killing my fragile little soul, as it soaks up everything that is fed to it. I want to feed my soul GOOD things! Nurturing things! Things that make me happy! Did you know that dwelling on the bad things makes those bad things worse? That a constant never ending pessimist point of view can actually hinder your ability to enjoy things, problem solve, and just flat out get through a day?

    It SUCKS and by golly, I am going to force feed everyone else with bright and shiny things until we meet spring with smiling faces. :D

    Starting TOMORROW, March 1st, I challenge all of Iwaku to post one happy thing in this topic every day until the 31st.

    It can be something you love about yourself.

    Something you really appreciate is in your life.

    Something that never fails to make you smile.

    A story of good cheer, hope, and faith.

    ANYTHING that is a positive thing that makes you happy.

    And if you're an AWESOME person who also wants to feel good about life, and successfully post every day a positive thing: I will freaking mail you an Iwaku sticker that confirms your awesomeness. 8D STIIIIICKEEEER. Nothing is more happy than a sticker!

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    THIS SONG. Makes me feel like I can do anything and everything is okay. SO LISTEN.

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    This song always cheered me up ^^ The funny thing is that I never checked the English lyrics before today, so I only understood what he were singing in the refrain xD The song feels so cheerful and happy :D <3
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    I am absolutely in love, infatuated, in bliss with COLOR.

    Since being a little kid and needing to have the jumbo GIANT box of crayola crayons. To prismacolor pencils. To shades of paint. Vibrant clothes. Colorful surroundings. Flowers. Art.

    The day I discovered was like pure Diana heaven. I can actually spend my entire day putting together color palettes, patterns, naming shades.

    When I see things with beautiful colors, I am instantly pleased.
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    Know what makes me happy? Clean sheets & towels. I just love it!
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    I won the NYU #iamlimitless campaign and they had a videoshoot for me today! I was so excited & felt like a celebrity the entire time!

    HAPPY c:
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    I feel good when i know I'm doing a good job and one of my patient's always tells me that she enjoys and is thankful for all we've done for her during her stay at our facility! It always makes me feel good to know i'm doing a good job :)
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    I was gifted with a panda bear tea set today along with a nice new digital camera as belated birthday gifts from my sweetheart. Not to mention more clothes for my baby boy, a beautiful bassinet, and an adorable bunny for him to love. Lots of laughter. Coffee. Red Robin burgers.

    Even though my feet are swollen and I'm exhausted from all of today's adventures... I feel nothing but happiness today.
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    I love curry. It tastes so good. So it makes me happy. That is all.
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    I get very, very excited when an author or other artist responds to a letter of mine. It makes me all goof-ball smiley.
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    Happiness is three cats getting along like best friends in a medium sized apartment.
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    You'll only understand why I put it in here if you watch the whole thing.
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    Happy good day yay! Thank you for praising me. :D
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    Day 2! It's after 1am so it's totally time for day 2. Hopeful thing? My Internet twin [MENTION=987]Celestialis[/MENTION] has been texting me love notes in the morning to help me get out of bed and remember that I AM loved.

    Everyone, a good support network for when things are all kablooey is one of the most important things. I was also really happy that one of my friends met me after work; I get off of work late and I worried she'd want to go to sleep instead of meet me. But talking to her definitely helped me get over work.
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    Day two! Okay! A story this time.

    One day in the eighth grade, I was sitting alone. New to school, I had yet to make friends. Oh, I'd tried, but it wasn't going so well. So I was sitting alone before classes waiting for breakfast to be over. This wavy haired girl walked over and looked at me. I looked up, narrowed my eyes.

    "You're at my table," she said.

    "I'm sorry, I can move."

    "No," she said. "You can stay. I'd like to make new friends."

    We've been friends ever since. She is one of the truest, most sincere people I know and I am so happy to have her in my life.
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    On day two I will share this funny french short movie x3 Don't forget to turn on the English subtitles to understand ;)

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    Waking up in the morning and knowing when you get out of bed you are going to have steak & eggs with nummy spiced coffee. A great way to start the work week.
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    A cold frosty morning, getting to stumble in to the living room and turn on the fireplace. Ora nice, quiet evening with the fire going and listening to smooth music or watching a movie. A fireplace was something I always wanted, and I am soooo happy that I have one now! We don't even bother running the heat in the winter, we just use the fireplace because I love it so much. :D