Challenge for me.

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  1. Ok… So I am challenging myself. Here is the thing. I need people to name an emotion. It has to be the first emotion you think of. Once one is said. I will do the poem. Then cross that emotion off. And it can’t be picked anymore. So come on people! I need emotions!
  2. Depranger (Amalgamation of Depression and Rage)
  3. Ok…. no mixing emotions together. I meant a source emotion. Which both of those are. So… just choose one.
  4. Then i choose the emotion one would feel over losing their home planet
  5. So. Depression. I can work off of that. Be back in a minute. :3 Although just to let you know. this is going to express the emotion, it’s not going to be exactly what caused it. The emotion is just a base of operations to start on.
  6. Rain of tears.

    Heavy rain.
    Pain with nothing to gain.
    His loss is his sorrow.
    He wonders if there will be light tomorrow.

    But, for now there is just the rain.
    The emotional torture hitting him like a train.
    His love, his flame, put out by the rain.

    Night falls and he is still there.
    His pain he could not bear.
    He tied a noose of whitened lace.
    His thoughts. Clear on his face.
    He kicked the chair.
    The sounds of choking.
    The color in his eyes lost.
    The tears on his face lost.
    The rain wiping them away.

    The pain he could not bear.
    In front of the grave his heart, he had to tear.
    For the lost was to great.
    He let himself meet his fate.
    The rain went on and on.
    The crying.
    You can still hear.
    His rain of tears.

  7. It's cool
  8. hmmmmm I guess i could do that one. :P Give me a little while because I am working on things ^^
  9. Nice poem~

    How about jealousy? :D
  10. So you have your work cut out for ou PB ^^ :P how about………. Anger >:3 Go for it. four poems for chu ^^
  11. Sorry I forgot to post it ^^” But here is the curiosity poem. I kinda had a hard time coming up with something. So sorry ^^””"

    That thing!

    What is that? That thing right there!
    Is it a bat?
    A cat?
    Or is it some weird hat?
    It whirls around. So close yet so far. A blur.
    I must catch it!
    The thing moving like a shooting star.
    Does it have fur?
    I don’t know.

    But that thing right there.
    It draws me.
    I want it for all to see!
    Oh I wonder what it is!
    I want to show you this!
    It is the thing that draws me!
    It struck my curiosity.

  12. Ok. next up. Fear ^^
  13. Ok here it is. My fear poem.

    The darkness

    It’s terrifying.
    It’s unknown.
    I don’t know what lurks in there but I am frightened.
    I see things that aren’t there.
    Imagination heightened.
    I pull the blanket over me.
    Just my upper head is out.
    So I can see.

    I see something move.
    Mommy! Mommy!
    She walks in.
    What is it Tommy?

    She walks towards the closet.
    The darkness envelopes her.
    She is gone.
    I am alone.
    I can’t call the cops with no phone.
    I wait and I wait.
    Then I see the breath.
    The warm air, signifying death.

    It drops a hand.
    A dismembered hand.
    The monster in the shadows.
    The frightening beast.
    I am scared.
    Fear unleashed
  14. That's really good! :D
  15. Ty ^^ I am just glad you enjoyed it ^^
  16. I don't know what the feeling is called, but it's like when a leader thinks he's felt like he's done his troops good... I think I have a word for it. Respect.
  17. That would actually be pride or satisfaction myr.